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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday: The Overnighter

Hello & good morning to all of you BB addicts! :D Happy Sunday to y'all! Yesterday the BB16 houseguests had their Veto Comp where comp beast Donny won! Donny will be taking Jocasta off the block (he's already told her) and then Derrick will be putting up Devin as the replacement nom, making it Devin/Caleb on the block this week. This weeks target is most definitely still Devin, though Caleb's name has been thrown out there a few times last night as a thought, but then those thoughts were quickly dismissed. Could that change? Well, with these flip-flopper houseguests, anything is possible. lol That's what I love about this season. ;)

Okay, so last night the Have Not's were revealed...

Have Not's are:
They food America picked was "Awful Burritos", which includes tripe, tortilla's, and tomatilos. 

Alrighty, let's dive into the Overnighter, shall we?! :D

**Everything I post below can be watched by using the flashback feature on the live feeds.

7:30pm BBT:
Living Room
With their newly patched up relationship, Derrick tells Donny that he Devin just talked to him in the HOH room and said that he doesn't plan on campaigning this week. Derrick thinks he will for sure and warned Donny, but that the plan is still to get Devin out.

A few minutes later, Derrick warns Caleb about Devin saying he won't campagin but he thinks he will.

Derrick: "As sure as I am pale, he will campaign."
Caleb: "Ha!"

8:00pm BBT:
HOH Room
Your daily Victoria sighting!
Derrick starts to set up the Team America's rumor of Zach being BB15's Amanda's cousin. (He's not.) Derrick tells her he has to wait until he gets all the facts before telling her..
Derrick: "But you're gonna be the only one I tell this to."

Victoria seems confused. lol
Victoria leaves to get a bowl.

Derrick to BB: "You guys are killin' me! I need to know if I can complete this mission. You guys gotta hook me up and let me know the logistics. Please?"
BB hears him loud & clear.
BB: "Derrick, please go to the Diary Room."

8:10pm BBT:
Derrick tells Victoria the Team America's rumor of Zach being Amanda's cousin.

Derrick: "Just ask Brittany. Don't tell her you heard it from me, that Zach is related to Amanda. And you can even say that Pao Pao told Donny that before she left. Donny's the one who told me. Don't ask her with anyone around."
Victoria: "That's so weird. It makes sense though..they're both Jewish and from Florida, and both are annoying as hell."

Around 8:35pm BBT, Victoria asks if there's an alliance of 8. Derrick denies it. Derrick also discussed why they should keep Caleb: sucks at mental comps & he's loyal.

9:28pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Donny goes & grabs Nicole from her convo with Jocasta in the backyard.
Donny: "I feel weird about doing that, but I guess that happens all the time." (re: pulling HG's from convos to talk.)
Nicole: "All the time."

Donny then tells Nicole the Team America "Zach is related to Amanda" rumor.
Donny: "(Pao) told me to watch out for 'douchebag' (Zach) because he's Amanda Zuckerman's cousin. They're both from Florida. I don't know if this is something she made up, or.."
Nicole: "Alright..??"
Donny: "What do you think?"
Nicole: "I dunno.."
Donny: "Maybe mention it to Christine, and only her, to see what she thinks."
Nicole: "Wouldn't that be somethin'. Yikes'erna. I could see that!"

9:35pm BBT:
Frankie: "Soooo..what's up?"
Nicole: "I think there's an America's Player in here." (*LOL!)
Christine: "Really?!"
Nicole: "I dunno. I'm just paranoid. Just watch out for it, that's all."
Frankie: "I don't think they'd do it this early with so many twists."

11:10pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Frankie reassures Amber that Devin will be the one leaving this week. She hopes so. Frankie said it'll be a "cleansing of the house" when he leaves, like burning sage.

Frankie: "Anyone who throws Devin a vote (to stay) will be the next person to go."

They talk about who they can trust in the house. They talk about Donny and how they love him as a person but don't know what kind of game he's playing.
Amber: "Can I trust you, Frankie?"
Frankie says yes.

12:19am BBT:
Backyard Lounge
Donny hugs Jocasta. Cody pats him on the head and tells him he's awesome.
Donny: "Glad you're feeling better, Jocasta!"
Jocasta: "Thank you, Donny."
Amber to Donny: "Come on, babe."
They hug.
Donny: "Those hugs are gettin' better & better. From all of ya!"
Cody: "I will give ya a hug one day. We'll get there, Don!"
Donny: "Alright! I'll take it!"

Donny heads into the Storage Room with Frankie.

Donny tells him that he told Nicole the Team America rumor, but that he's not that good at lying, but thinks it went okay. Frankie asks Donny if he's still using the Veto on Jocasta. Donny confirms he is and that Devin will be going home this week.

1:10am BBT:
They (minus Amber) are talking badly about Donny. They mention that Donny tried to get Nicole to put up Christine and how close Chr/Nic are and that was crazy.

Christine: "He tried to get Nicole to put me up! Nicole's my friend, Hayden."

Christine continue to bash Donny and Amber says she doesn't wanna talk about him & "start anything". The others don't stop, so Amber gets up and walks away. A few minutes later, Nicole tells the hammock crew what Donny said (about the Team America rumor) and that she thinks there's a twist.

Nicole: "(Donny) told me to tell 1 person, and I'm not. So don't tell anyone."
Victoria: "Why would I tell anyone! Everything is confidential with me."

1:23am BBT:
Beehive Room
They were talking about if Donny would or wouldn't use the veto and the possibility of Caleb going home instead of Devin. They both agree to not even talk about it until after the POV Ceremony tomorrow.

1:37am BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie wakes up Derrick to ask him if there's a plan to get out Caleb instead of Devin.
Derrick: "100% no."
Frankie: "Because if there is, then it's smart."
Derrick: "I don't think it's smart."

Derrick goes on to say that Devin is as strong as Caleb, but Devin is "by far a way stronger mental player".
Derrick: "He's beat me in 2 mental comps. There's nothing we can do about it. People are gonna vote the way they're gonna vote."

Derrick says Donny will use the veto to pull off Jocasta and how she was crying when Donny told her he's saving her. There's no way he'd go back on that. Derrick asks if Frankie was just wondering, or if people are talking about getting Caleb out instead.

Frankie: "I've heard it from a couple different people that the wheels are in motion."

By 2:14am BBT, Zach has joined Frankie/Derrick's convo.

Derrick tells Zach that if Devin stays and wins HOH, he'll be gunning after Zach "for sure" and that Devin is good in comps. He goes on to say that if Devin stays, then he (Derrick) would also get put up on the block next to Zach for trying to get him (Devin) out this week.

Derrick: "Dude, Devin HATES you! Hates you. So me and you, we'd be hanging out (on the block) next week."
Zach: "Okay, let's send Devin home."

He also mentions how loyal Caleb is and won't put up any of the Bomb Squad members.

Derrick said that while he's pretty sure Donny is going to pull of Jocasta, if he doesn't, then Caleb will go home and they'll have to work around that next week. Zach said he agrees with everything Derrick is saying and says he's the "smartest player in the house". Derrick said he sees Zach as 'his little brother'. (*Aww.)

3:30am BBT:
Caleb: "If I'm not your date to the finale, I'm gonna be mad. You could go ahead and say yes to that, though. You could be my date to the finale."
Amber: "Yea, possibly."
Caleb: "What else do I have to do?? Geez! Do we have to go over how important (me saving you this week) was? I don't think you fully understand."
Amber: "I understand."
Caleb: "Amber..if it takes more than $500,000 a chance of me going home to get you to say yes to a date, there's nothing else I can do. That's all I got."

They go back & forth for a little while longer. It's a good flashback moment to watch if you have the time.

**Okay, and that's it for the Overnighter! The only other thing worth mentioning was a convo at 5:10am BBT between Cody/Derrick/Caleb/Zach. They're talking about various things. (Brit doesn't trust Cody anymore, Donny is gonna look like a hero taking Jocasta off the block, etc.) After that, the "LTA" alliance ( Los Tres Amigos) of Zach/Cody/Derrick had a meeting at 5:14am BBT.

Today is Summer Sunday for this blogging gal! The 1 day a week I go and do summer stuff, get outside, get some sun, go for a bike ride, whatever my lil summer loving heart desires! :D I'll be back tonight with a new post for tonight's BB episode at 8pm ET. See y'all then! :D 

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Stay tuned...
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Z said...

Alright Caleb is being a little weird with Amber- "I saved you this week therefore you have to be my date to the finale." He's basically blackmailing her!

Anonymous said...

jocasta made an amazing recovery! as soon a donny won the veto and promised to use it to take her off the block...voilĂ ! she's up again, walking around, talking with the other's a miracle! she's saved!

Razldazlrr said...

ok north - that was pretty funny and probably true!

Anonymous said...

Whether Devin really even thinks he's being serious about not campaigning this week or saying it for strategy the DR will make him try to campaign for the purposes of the TV show. Many have claimed the same thing in past seasons and everyone at least is made to make some kind of an effort before the week is up just so they have something to create some semblance of intrigue as to which way people will vote.

Honestly I agree with Frankie and think it is a smart play to get rid of Caleb this week. Both are strong competitors but everyone in the house hates Devin and his personality seems to be such that he will not be able to repair those relationships and just continue to make more enemies. This just seems like a perfect opportunity to completely blindside a strong player in Caleb when he'd never see it coming and still have everyone in the house wanting Devin out next week which would guarantee everyone at least another week barring Devin doesn't win a comp.

Plus I just love to see someone go home when they do something so stupid as volunteer to go up on the block. And in this instance it was doubly dumb as he also either threw or would've thrown the BOB if possible to keep himself on the block all to help win the affections of a girl he's known for a few weeks and has clearly shown no interest in him in that way.


Anonymous said...

The team America Rumor is soooo stupid. Yes every jew in s FL is related anyway. How did Victoria with her stupid, annoying personality ever get cast

Andy Tatnall said...

Caleb is one of those "Nice Guys" who seem to think that if you're "nice" enough to a girl, you're entitled to have her fall madly in love with you. Not how it works, guy.

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