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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Sunday to all of you BB addicts! :D Hope you're having a nice, relaxing weekend! As I posted last night, Devin won the Veto yesterday. This means that he 100% controls his own nominations and can take any of them (Brittany/Paola) off the block and replace them with another HG (most likely Victoria).

Devin picked the Have Nots for the week:

(There was no Have Nots Comp this week.)

Let's jump right on in & see what went down last night!!

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9:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Shortly after the feeds came back on last night from the HG's having their Veto Comp, Devin pulled Brittany into the HOH room to talk. (**This is an important convo to flashback to.) The convo starts out as a clearing of the air talk then quickly escalates.

Brittany: "You make comments, and I bite my tongue..and then at the challenge, you said 'Oh look, Brittany's on tv' and it was cows!"
Devin: "Wait, what?! When?"
Brittany: "At the challenge! I heard you, you were sitting right behind me!"
Devin is dumfounded & said he had "8 jello shots" during that challenge.

Sidenote: Other HG's have commented a couple days ago about how Devin made a gun sign with his hand and pointed it at Brittany during the same comp. Hoping we get to see that on tonight's BB episode.

Devin: "I actually brought you up here to ask if I should use the veto on you and to work with me. And you sit there and put your foot in your mouth time & time again!
Brittany: "..I'm gonna be honest with you, you are the biggest target in the house.."
Devin: "I know that! Brittany, I know that! Why do you think I clap when I win veto? Why do you think I clap when I win HOH? I know that!" (**He's being very condescending at this point.)

Fast forward to 9:50pm BBT....

Devin is telling Brittany how she promised Paola that he'd take her off the block if she threw the BOB comp (and she did) and that he'd replace her with Victoria.

Devin: "That was the plan. So, if I do use the veto on you, I would put Victoria up in your place. If it's Pao & Victoria, who are you voting out?"
Brittany: "Honestly, I don't care which one goes."

Brittany starts telling Devin what he wants to hear..
Brittany: "If you tell me which way you want me to vote, I'll vote that way."

Devin said he'd protect Brittany if she were ever put on the block "and would band the guys together to save" her.

Devin: "If you give me your word that we (protect each other) until jury...if I put that veto around your neck..."
Brittany: "I'm not gonna say I'm gonna instantly trust you, but you have my word that jury play your game, I'll play mine. All we have is our loyalty. And loyalty, to me, is huge."

Whether or not Devin will actually save Brittany, who knows.

During the Devin/Brit convo...

9:07pm BBT:
Derrick is telling Caleb/Frankie that Devin/Brit are in the HOH rom talking and thinks Devin might be making a deal with Brittany. Caleb said that Devin shouldn't go against his whole alliance.

9:20pm BBT:
Storage Room

Zach is having a meltdown..

Frankie: "What are you having a nervous breakdown about?"
Zach said him/Devin talked and Devin said "I don't trust you, I don't trust you".

Zach thinks that other people are talking about him (Z) to Devin & how from now on, he's just gonna keep his mouth shut.

Frankie: "How many times have I told you to just be f**king cool? You told him you disagreed with him (Devin) and that you wanted Brittany to stay. Nobody said sh*t about YOU to him, YOU said sh*t to him!"

Zach: "But I didn't lie, though."
Frankie is getting really frustrated with Zach.
Frankie: "RIGHT! WHY aren't you LYING!? Why are you telling the truth?! I don't understand. You told him you wanted to go against what he wanted to do, so now..he doesn't trust you. It's very simple."

Frankie tells Zach that the whole house is against Devin. Zach says 'that doesn't feel like the case anymore'.
Frankie: "Why?"
Zach: "I dunno."

Frankie warns Zach that Caleb & Devin are "100% together" and that anything that gets back to Caleb, will get back Devin. Zach wonders if the whole blowup between Caleb/Devin the other night was real. Frankie says it was, but that they're "bros to the end" and that's Caleb's game.

Frankie spends some time calming Zach down and reassures him that he (Z) can trust him (F).

9:39pm BBT:
Beehive Room

Zach: "There's nothing we can do about it...Devin's taking Paola off the block and putting Victoria up." (**That was the original plan a couple days ago that Devin promised Pao.)

Caleb/Frankie: "He's not doing that anymore."
Zach: "Then what is he doing??"
Caleb: "He's pulling Brittany off the block & putting Victoria up, and sending Victoria home."

Zach: "Well I respect him for that."

**After this convo, Frankie/Zach talked. Frankie told him he just told him (Z) what to do (*to keep his mouth shut) and then he finds him talking to Caleb about Devin in the BeeHive Room.

10:15pm BBT:
Living Room

Christine: "Donny, what was your longest relationship?"
Donny: "I guess this one, been 2 years."
Christine: "No way! Really?"
Donny: "Yea! I was in a drought in my 20's."
Christine: "How did you two meet?"
Donny: "We work together. She works in the office, I work on the field."

Donny said that there was an auction type event at the event and Christine (his now girlfriend) asked all the maintenance guys if they wanted tickets to go. Donny, having nobody to go with, said no. He then told his buddy that he should've said 'I'll go if you come with him'. His buddy then talked to Christine and she text him saying she had 2 more tickets and asked if he was interested, so he got up the nerve to say "I'll go if you come with me!" and she said yes. The rest is history. :)

Christine: "Oh my God that is so cute!! I love that!!" (**Me too!!)

10:55pm BBT:
Devin promised Pao Pao that she's safe, after his convo finally ended with Brittany telling her that she'll "Have that veto around her neck" this week. So as of now, it looks like Brit will indeed come off the block & Victoria will go up & out.

11:19pm BBT:
Living Room

Hayden: "I did tell her (Nicole) that I'd take her out on a date after the show."
Nicole: "You're gonna have so many girls knocking down your door (after BB)!"
Hayden: "Doesn't matter, I only want one girl." (*Awww!!!)

Nicole: "I don't know how to react because I don't want to be like awww, and then you be like 'I'm just kidding'."
Hayden: "I'm not kidding!"
Nicole: "You'll take me out on a date?"
Hayden: "Yea! I'm taking you on a date."

Hayden jokes he'll have to wait "18 dates before a kiss" from Nicole.
Nicole: "Not 18 dates."

These 2 are just too cute! :D

11:30pm BBT:
Zach is still freaking out. He said he has to win HOH because he thinks he's on peoples radar.

12:47am BBT:

Victoria said she'll self-evict if she goes up on the block. Christine/Nicole tell her not to and warn her that if she does, she won't get her stipend from BB. Nicole tells her that nobody has ever self-evicted in the history of Big Brother because they lose their stipend, and usually the DR talks them out of it.

12:45am BBT:
Beehive Room
Derrick said that Brittany made a deal with Devin for sure.
Derrick: "They were up there for over an hour, dude. They made a deal. From what I heard, they're taking Brittany off the block & putting up Victoria."

Derrick doesn't like that plan, thinks that Pao should go because she's the biggest floater in the house and everyone keeps saying they wanna get rid of floaters. Derrick wonders if Devin exposed his alliance to Brittany.

Derrick: "I'm gonna find out."
Derrick goes on to say that if he wins HOH, Pao is going up on the block. He wants her gone.

1:29am BBT:
Have Nots Room
Zach's meltdown continues.
They toy with the idea of getting Pao sent home instead of Victoria and talk about votes. Derrick thinks they could pull it off.

1:50am BBT:
As planned, Derrick did some recon on Brittany to see if her/Devin did in fact make a deal & to see what the plan is this week, and also to push for Pao to go this week.

Derrick: "Let me guess, he's gonna pull you off the block, put Victoria up, and send her home. Am I close?"
Brittany: "Mm hmm."
Derrick: "I know him like a book. But here's the thing, we gotta send Pao home. Because (Devin) is playing you against Pao. He had Pao throw the BOB comp so that you would go home."
Brittany: "Mm hmm."

Derrick warns her that becuase of her long conversation with Devin, she's gonna get questioned by a lot of people because "it looks sketchy".

Derrick: "They're gonna assume you guys made a deal." 

3:05am BBT:
The boys are talking about how they're out of the Bomb Squad will go after Devin/Caleb/Amber. Zach said that Frankie wants to ride out the Bomb Squad alliance. Cody mentions how Frankie is the safest because he has the BS alliance, a Final 4 with Caleb/Christine/Amber, and then a Final 5 with them + Christine.

At 3:53am BBT, Brittany/Zach/Derrick/Cody talked about how they need to send Pao home because she's working with Devin.
They reassure Brittany that no matter what, she's safe this week.

At 5:38am BBT, it was just Cody/Brittany and Cody told her to only trust him & Derrick. 

And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D

This morning, there's a few things that already happened while I was busy doing the Overnighter that are worth mentioning:

*Devin asked Donny if it was Victoria VS Pao on the block, which one would he vote to stay. Donny said Pao.

*Frankie/Devin talked in the HOH room at 10:34am BBT. Frankie said he's with him (Dev) and Caleb.

Devin is toying with the idea of putting up Zach. Frankie tells him that only people that would be "mad at him" for doing that, would be Derrick and Cody.

Devin: "I don't wanna turn on an allaince member, but he's a loose cannon." (re: Zach)
Frankie: "I know."

Frankie: "Our alliance is you, me, Caleb, Amber, Christine. Derrick also, but..Derrick is smart. Cody is the next one to explode."

At around 11:35am BBT, Devin asked Zach to talk and again, Zach blew him off. Devin walked away talking to himself saying "You're going up, f**er."

So today will be a very interesting day!! The honeymoon phase of BB16 is now definitely ovahhh. lol Let the games begin! Muahahah! ;) Today is my Summer Sunday, where I enjoy my 1 afternoon off a week from work & blogging. I'll be back with a new post tonight 30 mins before tonight's BB16 Sunday Night show, so make sure to come back then. Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds!! :D (Don't have them? Try'em out for 2 FREE days!!!)

Stay tuned...
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Dolly Smith said...

I cannot watch the feeds or BBAD these last few days because Devin is ALWAYS there talking. If not, people are speaking in such hushed whispers I can't understand. Anyhow, I am sick of his voice.

He may be a great dad and blah blah blah, but, enough.

RCW504 said...

I wonder if he lied to Brit. I hope not, she really has the potential to go far in the game. Plus, Devin knows his ass if toasted next week anyways.

Buhnessuh said...

Dolly, I completely agree with you. So sick of hearing his voice over and over. I am so ready for him to go home already.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, it gives a great overview of all the important live feed events. I just have one teeeeeeny request! Would it be possible to post what calendar day you're talking about in your little intro to every post? Because you say afternoon and give flashback times, but never dates, so readers like myself need to look around trying to figure out what day the times are relevant to :)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, it gives a great overview of all the important live feed events. I just have one teeeeeeny request! Would it be possible to post what calendar day you're talking about in your little intro to every post? Because you say afternoon and give flashback times, but never dates, so readers like myself need to look around trying to figure out what day the times are relevant to :)

Susie said...

Devin says to respect women so why did he get his baby mama pregnant

Skeeter Bug said...


Buhnessuh said...

WOW! What a night!! I can't wait to see how this all turns out.

JimA. said...

I keep wondering how the Have nots are surviving in that freezing room. Lol.

Jen P said...

Good gravy. Can Devin be any more annoying? He is so cocky. Unfortunately, his ability to win comps overrides his poor social game.They will need to backdoor him if they hope to get him out in the future.

I go back and forth on Zach. I didnt like his intro at the beginning of the season and he made a few social blunders in the first week...but he hasn't been the jerk I thought he'd be. But now with the meltdown??

JimA. said...

Just so I understand the ice room is not actually cold right.

JimA. said...

Dont they have to replace Joey for Team America?

Kristin Wilson said...

Ok so my wonderful boyfriend cancelled my DVR and forgot to retape it so now I am screwed!! Im so pissed, do I have to wait until tomorrow to watch it on Please help.

Jamie said...

Sadly yes. Should be up in the morning. :)

Anonymous said...


Yes they will replace Joey as this week 2 HGs will be added to go along with Donny to bring Team America to a full 3 members.


OA said...

@Susie How is getting someone pregnant disrespectful? Last time I checked it takes 2 to tango. Look Devin is a moron but no need to get ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Right Zach the best way in BB to get off people's radars is to win HOH LOL

Also as a fact check on Nicole Evel Dick self evicted in S13 due to personal reasons.


Susie said...

OA yes it takes two but I am 80 yrs old and think they should be married or use protection, so old school old fashioned, yes I was a virgin .....

Brandon Colcord said...

Watch the exclusive Winners Tell All Chats featuring Jordan, Rachel, Hayden, and Ian @

JimA. said...


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