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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Sunday to y'all!! :D As I posted last night, Brittany/Nicole/Cody got their punishments from the Veto Comp yesterday. (Caleb won $5k, Zach won a trip for 2 to Germany). Brittany & Cody's punishments are for 24 hours, while Nicole's (wearing a Germa-tard) is for the week.

Earlier last night, Caleb asked Zach if he would trade prizes with him so that he (Caleb) could take Amber to Germany where she's from. Zach said he'd love to trade as long as BB let's them.

Later on in the night, Caleb said he wants to "get down on one knee" and propose to Amber at the hospital she was born at. *face plam* I just can't with this kid anymore. lol

There was a lot that happened last night, so I'm gonna do some cliffnotes to get us started:
*Cody is not happy that he has to put up Donny on the target and making an enemy with him, but he doesn't have any other options right now to ensure Brit goes home (which is his goal).

*Caleb started to fight for Brittany to stay (because that's what Amber wants) but then later in the night, changed his mind to wanting to get Brittany out like the rest of their alliance wants.

*Donny kept Brit company a lot of the night while she had to kick goals. Hayden/Jocasta/Amber also kept her company here & there.

*Frankie told Zach to play nice with Amber just in case she wins HOH next week.

*Cody & Derrick are not happy with the way Zach's been treating Brittany last night. Cody said just because she's going home, doesn't mean she deserves to be treated like that. (Zach was taking verbal jabs at Brit, but nothing too bad. Just little remarks here and there.)

*Nicole's mad that people feel more bad for Brit's punishment than her Germatard punishment. 

*Frankie/Amber had a talk in the HOH room (8:25pm BBT)....

..and afterwards, Amber told Caleb about their talk. (Frankie told Amber that Cody said it was okay to nominate her this week, he placed the blame on Cody.) Caleb then told Cody that Frankie was talking shit about him. Cody confronted Frankie and Frankie said he was just doing damage control so that she didn't start drama and that they can get rid of her next week. At 10:32pm BBT, Christine tells Cody that Frankie is blaming Cody for having Amber on the block by saying Cody said it was okay to put her up as a pawn.

Cody: "(Frankie) is sleeping right now, but I can't wait to confront him on that."

At 10:18pm BBT, Caleb is having more delusional thoughts about Amber and is asking Derrick how much his wedding costs. Derrick said it takes a lot of money and that him/his wife saved up for 3 yrs.
Caleb: "I wanna take her to the hospital she was born at (in Germany) and get down on that one knee."
Derrick: "Oooo boy! Ohhhh boy. You better f**kin' win that $500 g's! You're gonna need it. (Wedding's) aren't cheap. It's expensive..for a wedding."
Caleb: "That's just the engagement. How much was your wedding?"
Derrick: "Like $20,000. Saved up for 3 years."

Sidenote: Right before they started talking about weddings, Caleb saw that Cody was sleeping in the backyard and talked into his mic to "give Cody the shoe, he's sleeping".

At 10:58pm BBT, Hayden/Derrick were talking in the kitchen.
Hayden mentioned how Caleb walked into the bathroom where him & a few houseguests were and said  "You guys are looking at the richest man in the house right now." (*for winning $5k at veto comp.) Hayden said that pissed him off.

Derrick: "His time will come, my friend. Gotta be patient. Let's see how he feels next week when Amber goes home."

Around 4:15am BBT this morning, Zach/Frankie spent a lot of time talking. They talked a mixture of game talk and personal stuff.
*Zach feels bad that Donny is going up on the block as the renom.
*Frankie said Donny will stay for sure, not 1 vote will be for him to leave.
*Zach said if he was in jury, he'd fight to get votes for Frankie to win the $500k.
*Frankie thinks Cody could turn his back on The Detonators alliance at some point.
*Frankie still trusts Cody, just thinks he could turn on them & make a power move.
*Z/F talked about if they won dual HOH's, they'd hope to get Caleb/Amber (Caleb via backdoor).
*They said Caleb would be pissed if he goes next week, wouldn't go to jury like he wants.
*Zach likes Jocasta, but she "has to go". Frankie said him/Jo don't really jive.

Then Zach asked some personal questions about Frankie's sexuality.

Frankie: "Sexuality is certainly not black & white. It's very gray. I love that I'm gay, a gay man, but I'm a MAN that's gay."
Zach: "You're a bro!"
Frankie: "I'm a bro, that's gay! Sometimes I'm gaying out, sometimes I'm straight."
Zach: "You've only had sex with a girl once?
Frankie: "Mmm hmm."
Zach: "And you enjoyed it?"
Frankie: "I was drunk, but yea. I enjoyed that I was giving them pleasure."
Zach: "How was it the 1st time you had sex with a guy?"
Frankie: "I was terrifeid."
Zach: "Was it like 'I'm really going through with this'?"
Frankie: "The first time I hooked up with a guy, was amazing."

5:23am BBT:
Cody/Zach/Frankie were sleeping in the HOH bed when BB's "Penalty kick!" sounded over the loudspeaker. Cody went downstairs (Frankie did too) to do his 10 kicks. Brittany was outside sleeping.
Brittany: "I didn't even heard them call you."
Cody: "I feel like I'm being spanked in front of millions of people. It's so embarrassing."

Cody said he doesn't want Brit to sleep outside alone. Brit said she's fine. Cody said every time he goes back upstairs, they call him back downstairs. Brittany says her feet hurt really bad. Cody & Frankie go back inside. Cody says he feel bad that Brit is outside all by herself. Frankie hugs Cody..

Frankie: "You're a good man!"

8:34am BBT:
Brittany is up & kicking goals again.

Donny: "Can I offer you a piece of toast?"
Brittany declines but asks if he can get her black boots inside for her because her feet and ankle are hurting her so bad.

Brittany: "Oh my God...oh my God...I feel like my toes are broken."

9:35am BBT:
Donny is still keeping Brittany company as she continues to strive to get her 2400 goals in 24 hrs.
Brittany: "As of now, I'm not gonna make (2400 goals)." (She has 1,112 right now.)

CORRECTION: If Brittany doesn't complete her task, she can't play in veto next week (not Frankie). (Not that it matters since she's going home this week anyway.)

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D Today is my Summer Sunday where I go outside & enjoy my 1 afternoon off and enjoy a summer day. I'll be back tonight with a new post before the show at 8pm ET, so check back later for a new post. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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shhhhhh... said...

Omg ... caleb is a complete mental case. She won't even go as his date to the finale and he thinks it's appropriate to ask her to go on a romantic trip to Germany where he wants to propose. He seriously needs help. This obsession has gone past creepy into scary territory. #restrainingorder

Z said...

Why didn't Cody tell her to kick with the inside of her foot?

mellie said...

I don't understand why they would get Amber out first. Caleb is so caught up on her that he would have no clue what was happening before it was to late to do anything about it. Come on Derrick it's time for you to pull the strings and get Caleb out.

Buhnessuh said...

Caleb has LOST it. It has gotten to a point now that he looks so CREEPY! I feel bad for Amber being stuck in the house with him planning their engagement and wedding when she has told him repetedly that she doesn't like him that way. Dude has problems.

Ashley said...

Caleb is so delusional right now! He is making Gina Marie from last season look completely normal with her obsession with Nick. Poor Amber! I think he is not only being a total stalker creeper but he's really hurting her game!

Anonymous said...

jamie wrote: "How was it the 1st time you had Zach with a guy?"

your freudian slip is showing, jamie. ;) thanks for the huge laugh!

Jamie said...

haha i meant SEX not ZACH..but yes, I do think Zach wants Frankie, so my subconscious was probably playing a role in that slip up ;) glad it made ya laugh!!

Anne Donovan said...

I heard Derrick say to Frankie that he had "come clean" about some of his past. Can you tell me when that was? I am very curious to watch that conversation.

shhhhhh... said...

Cody should have stayed out there with her....donny is the "good man" he is the gentleman out there supporting her...cody is just whining about it with frankie like a couple of little donny all the way!!!!!

shhhhhh... said...

Jamie ... quick ?? Why don't comments go right through ...why do they have to be approved??

Anonymous said...

Very seriously: Caleb is being a complete misogynist here. He not only feels that Amber "owes" him for getting duped (by others) into throwing a comp, but that he owns her. He gets angry when she doesn't comply with his demands. He monitors who she associates with (stalking). He asks her "what more do I have to do?" when she refuses his offer of a date. He is, in essence, trying to buy her compliance. If he gives up on her, he will terrorize her (more than he is now). This is what's known as "nice guy" behavior. It's a tactic used to force women into doing what a man wants by pretending to be nice then using strong-arm tactics when they don't comply. I mention this because I am not certain the viewing public or CBS realizes just how dangerous Caleb is becoming.

The question of whether Caleb should be back-doored this week is a no-brainer. He should be removed from the house as a threat to her safety, as far as I'm concerned. #restrainingorder is only half of it. He needs to be removed from her presence. Unfortunately, even then he'll have access to the live feeds so he can obsess over them. I shudder to think what his reaction would be if he were out of the house and Amber was with Cody on the inside...

Razldazlrr said...

I wondered what the punishment was if she didn't do the kicks - donny is definitely the nicest one there, that's why they will have to eliminiate him. I'm not sure he will even care.
I was not getting the germa costomer until I realized it's germany and not germs - right? LOL
I guess this had some soccer component to it. I'm slow - I know!

AmiLrn said...

Caleb is this season's GinaMarie. What is it about that house that makes people lose their minds? LOL

Anonymous said...

All of the punishments are World Cup related. None of the HG's have put it together.

Anonymous said...

hey, raz! if she fails, she loses a chance to play in the next veto competition. unlikely she'll be around that long, so even more kudos to brittany for trying to complete the punishment.

2400 goals is severe, especially when you're likely to go home after you've done it. that said, let's face it, brittany brought much of her fate on herself - she didn't make many friends in the house, complained constantly, was perceived as acting superior (until she was in trouble, then she was all charm to anyone in power) - she learned nothing from her first time on the block.

these, combined with not doing any research on a 15yo established and well-documented competition for half a million... not a smart plan going in! did she think no one else would know how to play?

Unknown said...

I also think Caleb is getting way out of control. I don't understand why they wouldn't take this opportunity to get him out. No one in the alliance would be upset and its a chance to get a stronger player out. Although, he has only won one comp. Did anyone else see what Caleb did this past week when he decided he was mad at Amber for the night? He said he was going to smash a banana in her face, told her she had nappy hair and then slapped his hand on the table right behind her head as if he was going to hit her (her back was to the table) BB went to fish and came back a couple minutes later and Caleb was gone for a while. It scared me. Frankie and Zach (and maybe Cody) were talking about starting a rumor that Amber tried to kiss Cody, to piss Caleb off this next week. I think that could get ugly really fast.
Christina K

mellie said...

I agree I am becoming more concerned for the safety of both Amber and Cody. I really hope CBS is monitoring this and is not helping it along so we know they do sometimes. Jamie do you know if they do a post show psych evaluation?

ashley said...

I'm starting to feel really sorry for Brittany! Especially listening to some of the others talk about how easy it would be for them!

C.Montes said...

2 things.
Caleb is crayazayyyyyyy
Zach is obviously questioning himself and about how he feels towards Frankie.


Tony Akinremi said...

Caleb Amber situation seems alarming but I hope it just for the cameras. I'm sure CBS /BB wouldn't let this go into seneario that anyone would be harmed.

Zach questioning Frankie about his sexual orientation and experiences seen odd. Maybe Zach is trying to reveal stuff to himself and family back home.

Auburn tiger said...

Season 2 had a crazy, Justin, that got kicked out for his behavior. I can see this years situation getting worse than that though. It is very likely that Caleb will continue this behavior outside of the house when the show is over. I'm not saying he is, but, he shows the classic signs of a man that will not stop until she says yes and if she says no then no one can have her. Unfortunately, these house guests don't seem to recognize that or they are too blinded by the game. I would think Derrick would pick up on it. But like I said, he's playing a hard game for half million.

Anonymous said...

@Auburn tiger

In S2 Justin held a knife to a girl's throat which is obviously way past anything Caleb has done to threaten Amber's or anyone's physical safety. For the most part really Caleb is only guilty of ridiculous delusional fantasies.


Auburn tiger said...

And up til the knife incident he did little things that was always getting him in trouble. I don't equate what Justin did with what Caleb is doing. I do, however, think that Caleb could continue this obsession outside of the house. Which sometimes leads to very bad results, left unchecked. I've seen those looks he gives Amber and Cody when he is mad at them. They are not something to trifle with I'll tell you.

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