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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Evening in the BB House: Punishments!!

Good evening, BB addicts! :D Just a quickie post to let y'all know that Brittany, Cody & Nicole's punishments have begun!!!

Brittany's punishment is that she has to kick 2400 goals in the next 24 hours.

Brittany: "My ankle's already hurting."

Cody's punishment is that whenever BB plays a sound, he has to pull a cord with a sneaker on the end of it and "kick himself" in the butt! lol

Cody: "I can already tell my butt is gonna be sore after this."

8:30pm BBT:
Nicole got her Germatard!

She has to carry her props with her at all times. Her stein currently has beer in it and has to have "a liquid" in it at all times.

Nicole: "It's pretty comfortable! Carrying these things around is gonna get old real quick. I love my boots though!"

 8:40pm BBT:
Time for another round of Cody getting his a** kicked by a shoe! lol He pulls down his pants, Nicole & Christine are right behind him sitting.

Cody: "You like that? Huh? You like that?"

Nicole/Christine: "Ooo!!"

After 10 kicks in the behind, he's done (for now).
Cody: "F**king shoe."

**Turn on your live feeds guys & gals! :D It's gonna be a long night of punishments!!

Stay tuned...
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