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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday: The Overnighter

Happy Sunday Funday, BB addicts!! :D In case this is your first time on the blog in a couple of days, let me get you caught up to speed:

Frankie is this weeks sole HOH, he nominated Jocasta/Victoria for eviction. Hayden won Veto yesterday and will be taking Victoria off the block. Frankie's plan is to backdoor Amber after Hayden takes Victoria off the block tomorrow at the POV Ceremony.

Frankie's original plan was to tell Caleb the night before the POV Ceremony that Amber doesn't like him and that she never did, the whole house knows it, etc etc. Frankie was hoping that this would make it easier for Caleb to vote her out. Last night, Caleb brought up the idea (to "teach Amber a lesson" so she can "learn her role") to put her up on the block, but not vote her out. (*She's still gonna be voted out, though.) Caleb's thinking in all of this was that Amber will see, somehow, that only Caleb could save her and that would make her come running to him. Folks, I cannot make this stuff up even if I tried. His delusions are off the chart.

Let's start the Overnighter with that Caleb/Frankie convo and go from there.

**Everything I post below can be watched by using the Flashback feature on the live feeds. (They're only $9.99/month now. Super duper cheap!)

10:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Caleb: "I just think it'll be good to scare Amber back to her place because I think she's forgettin' it.
Frankie: "It's very important that nobody speaks to Amber about it."
Caleb: "It'll be a HUGE move and the world will be like, whoa-I cannot believe the romantic cowboy puts the girl up. Hey, (she's) gotta prove (her) loyalty..." (to their alliance.)

Caleb goes on & on about how Amber keeps "whispering to all the girls" downstairs but their "army" (aka alliance) is bigger and can keep her better protected.

Caleb: "I think she'll straighten up!"
Frankie: "It's gonna be great tv! Wow...I think it's a great idea! Beast Mode Cowboy is back! This is the man I wanna play this game with!"

Frankie hugs Caleb.
Caleb: "She thinks she's safer than a dog, just walking around here...first look how she's treatin' me...I think she's forgettin' her place! And I think that's incorrect! At the end of the day, we don't vote her out. But we'll make her talk to Julie (by nominating her)."

Caleb just wants to scare Amber. Frankie is gonna backdoor her. Caleb is unaware of this right now, but Frankie said he will tell Caleb on Weds night that he'd be the only vote for her to stay. Frankie is letting Caleb think this is all his idea.

Caleb then went and told Hayden about all of this. (Frankie gave him the okay on that.)

11:17pm BBT:
HOH Room
Derrick tells Cody that Hayden wants them two (Der/Co) to be an alliance with him (Hay)/Nicole/Christine.
Cody: "Dude, this season is gonna be known for all the alliances. We look like jokes."

Derrick: "(Hayden) is scary-smart, and he's athletic. He could be a problem for us down the road."
Derrick & Cody affirm with each other that they are on-lock with their Final 2 and Derrick said after a few more people leave, they're gonna have to start thinking more ahead to get themselves to F2. Cody agreed.

Derrick & Cody then laugh at the fact that Caleb thinks getting Amber on the block is his idea, all to "scare her".

Cody: "Dude he's gonna be flippin' sh*t when she goes home."
Cody said he's gonna throw Amber under the bus to Caleb to "put the nail in the coffin".

Cody tells Derrick that if he (Cody) wins HOH, he's going after Caleb 1st Frankie 2nd.

**This is a good convo to flashback to on the feeds.

11:41pm BBT:
They can't believe that Caleb thought of putting up on Amber and how he thinks he's a genius now.

Frankie: "I love it. Are you on board with using it on Jocasta (instead of Victoria)?"
Hayden: "No. I can't. I gotta use it on Victoria."

Frankie said he could make a safety deal with Jocasta: they'd pull her off and if she won HOH, they'd be safe, including during a double eviction. Hayden said the chances of Jocasta winning HOH are "slim". Hayden doesn't wanna pull off Jocasta because he's already promised Vic that he'd take her off.

12:20am BBT:
Hayden said he has to do what's best for him (with the veto). Amber is trying to get Hayden to not use the veto at all.

Amber: "Just say, out of respect for HOH and my game, I wanna keep the nominations the same..Frankie has choosen you (two)'ll keep blood off your hands. But you won, you kicked butt out there.."
Hayden: "Yea I don't really know (what I'm gonna do)..." (*he's just blowing smoke.)

Hayden said he has to talk to Frankie first because he'd have to put up a renom if he used the veto.

1:07am BBT:
Cody started to dance with Christine..

He asked Amber next to dance with him, she declines.
Cody picked up Christine and headed inside the house.
Cody: "We'll be right back!"
Zach: "Dude she's married!"

1:13am BBT:
Beehive Room
Cody: "Caleb thinks he's her knight in shinning armor. When he finds out she's going home before jury, he's gonna blow a gasket."

Christine said that she'll work on Amber to get her to totally ignore Caleb so that Caleb stays mad at her.
Christine: "He's not the comp beast he says he is."

1:36am BBT:
Cody fell out of the hammock and Jocasta, too.
Jocasta: "CODY!!!"

Frankie thinks that this will air at the beginning of a future BB episode, complete with Jocasta screaming at Cody. lol

**That's about it for The Overnighter! The rest of the late night was filled with Nicole complaining about Victoria (follows her around, always hanging on Hayden, etc), Cody/Derrick talked game (2:00am BBT) about various things (Christine is playing a floaters game & won't win HOH until later in the game), Nicole/Cody talked game & about Caleb and how Cody thinks only them 2 would put him up on the block (2:20am BBT), and some pranks were pulled again (3:10am BBT). I'll be back tonight for the 8pm ET BB16 episode! Until then, enjoy your Summer Sunday & the live feeds!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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daryl42 said...

Looks like some good drama up ahead. #smh@caleb

KNicole said...

I feel so bad for Amber. I hope BB gives her some secret power to save her. This season is so one sided, predictable and boring. I do think however haydens plan with saving Victoria is to increase his numbers with Nicole, Christine, Donny and possibly jocasta to take over power in the house. I hope he does and that they put frankie, Zach, Cody and derrick on the block or at the very least some combo of those 4 to take them down a peg.

Jaded_one_ftw said...

LOL Caleb is going to be so pissed it will be glorious :D

Unknown said...

I had to keep shutting the feeds off and on last night as it was hard to stomach all of this. I really have a problem with whats going on with Amber. From the moment Caleb laid eyes on her, her game was done. And to have a whole house of people using that kind of sick thinking for their benefit is just so wrong to me. I don't know if anyone else heard the conversation between Zach and Amber last night, but Amber told Zach that she was going through something before she came in the house that has made it hard for her to cope with all of this. She said that was the reason she was so emotional during her first HOH. Zach gave her every opportunity to throw Caleb under the bus and she didn't. She told him that she has told Caleb that she is not interested in him that way and she doesn't want to hurt or embarrass him. Anyway, I have watched BB since season 1 and this situation is really bothering me... more than anything that has gone on so far. Caleb was up until after 6 am this morning, pacing and talking to himself. I think they have only begun to see him self destruct.

Razldazlrr said...

I'm not a big Amber fan but I hate seeing the females getting pick off one by one. What is their problem with her anyway? I thought last week they wanted to get Caleb out. Do they think they can control Caleb more than Amber?

Briget said...

Unknown -- I completely agree. I'm really disturbed about his need to "put her in her place" just because she doesn't return his affections. He needs counseling and she's going to need a restraining order. But her game is doomed because of him and the rest are all going along with it...

Briget said...

Unknown -- I completely agree. I'm really disturbed about his need to "put her in her place" just because she doesn't return his affections. He needs counseling and she's going to need a restraining order. But her game is doomed because of him and the rest are all going along with it...

Razldazlrr said...

I was goofing around and read the convo between Zach and Frankie in the bed - they keep telling each other they love each other and cuddling. And Zach thinks he's straight??? LMAO

KathyM said...

Whether Amber or Victoria go, Iwould hope that Hayden and Donny would team up with Jocasta, Nicole, Christine and Vist/Amber. Otherwise I see Derrick picking them off..Jocasta, Victoria, Nicole, Christine, Hayden, Donny....Something needs to shake up the house because its putting me to sleep.

RCW504 said...


Anonymous said...


Of course they think they can control Caleb more than Amber. Caleb has clearly proven to not be too bright thus far in this game. They've spent all this time plotting and planning the difficult task of getting Caleb to be cool with putting up Amber and he makes it all for naught and comes to them with the idea himself. I'm sure before eviction night they'll have him wanting to vote her out and thinking the whole thing was his idea. Also if Caleb wins HOH I don't see anyway he'd target any of the guys as he's totally still snowed thinking the Bomb Squad still exists.

Amber on the other hand I believe would def put up 2 guys and prob a 3rd if she needed a renom. Because she has wisely figured out since these guys she's supposedly in an alliance with keep putting her up either she's not really in the alliance or they clearly don't value her at all or they wouldn't keep risking her safety this early with many other options.

And that right there is the reason they want to evict Amber this week. It has absolutely nothing to do with Caleb's obsession with her. It is purely game related. Amber realizes she's not really a part of the alliance with those guys and would thus target them if she won HOH and Caleb doesn't realize this and would thus keep them safe.

On another note I'm not sure why they want Hayden to use POV on Jocasta instead of Victoria. I think it'd be much easier to get Caleb to go along with Amber being evicted against Jocasta because he's always trashing Victoria that she doesn't deserve to be there and seems like his #1 target. Also Victoria seems like she would be much easier to control if she somehow won HOH as opposed to if Jocasta somehow won HOH.


Alea Marie said...

@razldazlrr I am sooo glad someone has brought up that convo between Franky & Zach.
Yep, he's straight alright, said NO ONE watchin this show!! Haha
Seriously though, is he being serious with Franky? If he is, well good luck to BB's newest couple & showmance of this season...ohhh dear!

Patricia Grosse said...

This season is a complete bust. It is following the same pattern exactly as season 12. If the 3 male strong horses don't get evicted it's going to be the same ending.

The only difference in season 12 was Britney. There is no one except Donny with a likable presence in this house. The 2 HOH twist is bad and keeps one side in power. BB might be doing all right now but come no women in the house or personality than it's a goner with ratings too. This season to me is done unless something changes and soon.

AmiLrn said...

I'm stuck in the hospital and having a hard time keeping up with things. What's going on with Team America? Didn't they have to get people to fight during a ceremony? How is that going?

latishadanielle said...

I don't have the feeds, just follow this blog and such. Are they voting Amber out just because of the drama caused by Caleb or do they actually see her as a threat against their alliance?

Ms. T said...

Oh goodness! That whole "Punish her" and "Put her in her place" is all kinds of frightening.

Calling himself "romantic cowboy" is hysterical, delusional and also frightening...He actually believes his stalking his romantic?

Heeby Jeebies all around!

Beverly said...

I don't know why in the world they plan on telling Caleb about Amber's eviction ahead of time. It would make more sense, and be a lot more fun to watch him melt-down on live TV!

Yvellise Mendosa said...

For the duo hoh twist what i think would have been a good idea is if they split the house in half 8 and 8 and the only time the two sides of house see each other is in competitions. For the hoh comp one person from each side of the house wins which means 4 people still go up a week, And one of the competitions should be kind of like the bob but it determines which side of the house is safe for the week. Like Say Frankie and Jocasta were the two hoh's if Frankie's noms win he still stays hoh for the week but his side of the house will be safe, and jocasta will stay hoh also but someone from her side will going home. But a little bit before the halfway point of the show they should merge the houseguest, and it'll make everything unpredictable because now new alliances may form and more back stabbing and lying. This probably didnt come out as good as it did in my head but yeah lol.

Anonymous said...

@KNicole wow that's a really good plan that I hadn't thought of before. But they (hay,nic,chris) better act quickly before some of there floater votes, like Vic and Jo are gone. Maybe after Amber would be a good time. But I wonder why Hayden invited Cody/Derrick into their alliance. Hoping for a Hayden Nicole HOH week.

Tony Akinremi said...

How is Amber such a major threat? I thought getting Caleb was the major threat. I wish Zach had won HoH would've made this week nominations interesting.

KNicole said...

I agree. Its disgusting and making me not want to watch. Why was it by ok to mistreat Victoria but is ok to gang up on Amber.

Anonymous said...


They plan on telling Caleb ahead of time because they don't care so much about making good TV except maybe Zach LOL. They care about him not being pissed at them if he wins HOH and coming after them over it. That's why Amber is a bigger target to them right now then Caleb because she would put them up and he wouldn't. If they are going to anger Caleb in the process then they may decide it's not worth it to get rid of Amber this week since he's such a strong physical player to risk turning against them.


Alea Marie said...

Although your idea has some potential, it could never happen because that would mean BB would have to have 2 BB houses essentially and too many "Survivor" similarities for both games sharing the same network, but good thinkin...

Thorn105 said...

I completely agree with UNKNOWN. I am concerned and worried for Amber. And I haven't seen anyone else say this, so by God, I'm going to. Derrick is a freaking POLICE OFFICER. They are specially trained to deal with domestic violence and the fact that he continues to let this crap slide makes me rethink my opinion of him. I know he isn't on duty, but seriously??? I am disappointed that he hasn't tried to nip this in the bud. I'm sorry, but sometimes what is best for your game has to take a backseat when dealing with someone as dangerously unhinged as Caleb. Poor Amber - I hope they use this opportunity to backdoor Caleb instead of Amber. Bless her heart.

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