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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Afternoon in the BB House + Veto Winner

At 2:37pm BBT, the live feeds switched off for the Veto Comp. At 4:20pm BBT, the feeds came back and..

Winner of the Veto Comp is:

4:20pm BBT:
HOH Room

Frankie: "In order to backdoor Amber, I need Caleb on board. Because if not, at double eviction, he'll come for me."
Hayden: "I'm gonna use it on Victoria.."
Frankie: "Okay, that's fine!"
Hayden: "She chose me (to play in veto) plus Jocasta's already been taken off before...I'll say I wish I can take you both off..."

Frankie: "Sunday night, I'm gonna bring Caleb and tell him 100% everything about Amber, how she doesn't give a sh*t about him.."
Hayden: "We should be all be here for that..he's not gonna trust just YOU saying all of that.."

Frankie agrees.
Frankie: "I'm gonna tell him she's making him out to be a fool."

4:31pm BBT:
Last night Caleb was Jocasta that Amber didn't deserve to "hear his voice" anymore because she hasn't thanked him for anything he's done for her. Today, he's asking Cody to get Amber to talk to him. He instructs him to tell her that she needs to talk to him instead of just walking by him not saying anything.

4:35pm BBT:
Meanwhile in the living room...

Nicole is complaining of stomach issues due to slop and said she hasn't been able to poo yet today.

4:38pm BBT:
HOH Room
The boys talked about how Jocasta is now on slop due to the comp. They then talk about this weeks possibilities of using the veto.

Cody: "If we put Caleb up, it'll be hell. If we put up Amber, it'll be.."
Frankie: "..a controllable hell."

Frankie tells Cody his plan of telling Caleb the truth about Amber and the outcome of that conversation will determine who he puts up (Caleb or Amber).They go over the pros and cons of sending either of them home.

Frankie: "The only way I'd put Caleb up is if he blew up at me during the conversation (about Amber)."
Hayden: "No matter who you put up, Amber or Caleb, the house will be in agreement to get them out."
Frankie seems relieved.

4:47pm BBT:
HOH Room
Zach is trying to patch things up with Nicole and Christine for his bashing speech to them at the Nomination Ceremony. Nicole said it's fine and she's safe this week, so it doesn't matter.

Nicole leaves.
Christine/Zach went back & forth about something Zach supposidly said and Zach is claiming he didn't.
Christine: "I don't wanna work with someone who runs their mouth!"
Zach: "Fine! Then one of us has to go!"

They calm down a little bit and start talking again. 

Caleb enters.

Christine gets up & hugs Zach. All is well between them now.
Caleb is complaining about Amber. (Shocker, I know. lol)
Zach/Caleb start fake fighting.

Caleb: "Try to backdoor me, watch watch happens."
Zach: "I WILL!"
Cody runs up the stairs, Derrick's right behind him.
Cody: "What the f**k was that!?"
Everyone starts laughing.

5:01pm BBT:
HOH Room
Caleb is doing more Amber bashing and said that Amber said she'll blow up the Bomb Squad if she gets backdoored. Christine is in shock.

Caleb: "I have literally done everything (for her)."

Amber/Nicole enter.
Amber asks Frankie how his butt feels (he hurt during the Veto Comp).
Frankie goes downstairs to make slop for Christine.

They talk about the fake fight and how funny it was.
Amber leaves.
Nicole asks Christine is her & Zach are better now.
Christine: "I still don't like him as a person, but yea. He's mean!"
Caleb goes on again about Amber and how he doesn't wanna talk to her for the rest of the game.

5:12pm BBT:
Cody/Zach are there in the HOH room with Caleb/Nicole/Christine.
Caleb is still going on and on about Amber.

Caleb: "She walks by and just keeps walkin'! I haven't said nothing (to her). Then she goes up to Derrick and says and she thinks I'm mad at her. How about she comes up to me and talks to me."

Amber enters again.
A minute later, Caleb leaves.
Zach: "Yo Amber, what's goin' on with you & Caleb?"
Cody: "Yea. You might have to talk to him."

Amber's talking but it's hard to hear here over Christine saying Frankie's name over & over again because he re-entered the HOH room to get something and is fussing in his HOH fridge.

5:31pm BBT:
Now Caleb is trying to get Zach to get Amber to talk to him.
Zach: "Want me to say anything else?"
Caleb: "Yea. Say that I'm a beast in this house and if we're not talking, and (I) win a comp, that's what (she) should be afraid of."

Caleb goes on telling Zach to tell Amber how he's put all of his trust in her and that it's pretty ridiculous what she's doing to him.

Caleb: "Just go up to her and be like 'Hey, would it hurt for you and Caleb to just talk?'"
Zach: "I asked her to and she said she's already tried and she said she tried asking you if you were okay."
Caleb: "I know but that's not talkin' to me."

Caleb specifically wants Amber to pull him into the Beehive to talk and ask him what's the matter, not a walk-by "Are you okay?".

5:38pm BBT:
Feeds on fishies..

6:03pm BBT:
Feeds are back! The Have Not's got their food for the week....

Deep Fish Pizza!!

Derrick: "THANK YOU AMERICA!!" (*He's being serious. lol)
Nicole thinks it's gross.
Derrick said they can take the fish off the pizza and cook it.

Derrick: "We got hooked up!"

Caleb bit the head off of a fish...

All HG's: "OHHH!!!!!!"

The pizza crust is gluten-free, which make Christine happy. (She can't have anything gluten.)

6:10pm BBT:
Beehive Room

Zach is telling Cody about how Caleb asked him to talk to Amber for him and is making fun of him because he said "I'm the beast mode cowboy and I'm best competitor in this game!"
Cody: "Ah geez."

Zach: "He picked me to be the middle man. That's SCARY!"
They both leave.

6:15pm BBT:
Storage Room
Zach is telling Derrick how Caleb wants him to talk to Amber, and he will, but it's not gonna go the way Caleb wants. He's gonna make Caleb hate Amber so that he votes her out on Thursday.

Zach: "I'm gonna talk to her, but everything I tell him is gonna be misconstrued right to him!"
Derrick: "You're on point. You're gettin' fans right now!"

**Okay guys & gals, that's it for the night! I'll see y'all back here tomorrow with the Overnighter. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!! (They're only $9.99/month now & comes with 2 day free trial to see what I see everyday! :D)

Stay tuned...
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Christi said...

Caleb does look like a fool but he did that to himself. He will continue to even when she is gone!!

Susie said...

I hope Caleb goes out the backdoor

Anonymous said...

I totally would've believed Zach and Caleb were really having a fight and ran upstairs if I were Cody and Derrick too. Especially since they were just talking about the possibility of actually backdooring Caleb. Zach is such a wildcard I wouldn't put anything past him at this point.


PS I wasn't around this afternoon but it was very nice of Frankie to pick Amber to host the POV that she had no idea was basically 100% guaranteed to end in her being backdoored LOL

Christi said...

I bet Calebs family and friends are cringing. Lol

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I was really hoping amber would stay around long enough to do an endurance comp. they are my favorite and I have a feeling so would be awesome at one. I hope she stays this week. I should try out for BB. Then I can be a girl in the house with a clue, don't let the guy pick you off one by one and think you're special and they won't come after you once all the other girls are gone!

sheenabug said...

Im glad amber is not a pushover just because caleb considers himself a beast...I believe the other hg would have felt differently about her if it wasnt for caleb.she would make it way further if the hg didnt have him talking about her 24-7. I wish he would go first.....hes like a stalker ex boyfriend who cant move on

Alea Marie said...

Jamie, you're a beast mode cowgirl at this blog, Darlin.

Jamie said...

haha thanks Alea!! ;)

Jamie said...

sheena, i can't believe that Caleb is getting worse by the day with his obsession with amber. im curious to see how he does in the game without her. either he'll be crushed & talk non stop about her (like he does now lol) or he'll actually focus on the game. curious to which route he'll go.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Who in their right mind goes to Zach to be a go between and voice of reason to help you solve an issue with another person? Although I guess Caleb has shown quite often that he's clearly not in his right mind LOL. This should be good!


Jamie said...

lol right?!! can't wait to see this hot mess blossom! ;) Zach has grown on me a lot lately. He's so unpredictable, i love it!

PaulaMcCormack said...

Hey Jamie,
you said the other day that christine's hubby was none too pleased about her cuddling with cody and said something about it on twitter. What is his twitter addy. I'm feeling nosey. LOL

Paula B.

Karen-Ron Gamble said...

This is by far the most boring BB season ever, hopefully it'll get better after they start chipping away at the 11 person alliance...rofl. Why is everybody n this house jus lettin Caled bully & harass Amber. Someone shud tel him it's not romantic to get me out of trouble if u put me into He shud get therapy when he get home. If it's this bad & he know he's onair imagine n his real life. :( I wish they wud livin things up & get rid of Caleb instead of Amber then we might actually get a showmance with Cody who is apparently scared of crazy I'll start watching again n a month.

Anonymous said...

I love Zach. He's kinda clueless 90% of the time, but there's something weirdly endearing about him. I'm still fangirling over Zankie saying they love each other.

Tony Akinremi said...

Can't wait to see what's Caleb like when Amber leaves. Zach has added a lot of craziness to the house. He's better than go along get along Frankie. Christine being mad at Zach is rich.

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