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Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Overnighter: Devin Calls a House Meeting

Good morning & Happy Thursday, BB addicts! :D Last night, Devin called a house meeting to tell everyone that it was he, in fact, who wanted Donny up on the block & pushed Caleb to make Donny a nominee for eviction. He went on to say how horrible he felt for doing that because Donny is such a sweet & caring man. Before he called the house meeting, Devin went to Donny first and told him all of this, in which Donny being the awesome guy he is, forgave Devin. If you already have the live feeds, go ahead & go to 11:17pm BBT on Cams 3 & 4 to watch it.

Let's get started with The Overnighter!!

10:59pm BBT:
Rock Bedroom
Devin asks to talk to Donny privately.

Donny: "Right here?"
Devin: "Yea that's fine. After this, I'm gonna talk to the house."

Devin: "Last week, you being on the block, was because of me. I wanted to let you know.."

Devin goes on to say that he told Caleb he thinks they should put up Donny because he thinks he's a threat & someone that he's not.

Devin: "And I 100% expect you to be disappointed in me and feel betrayed...and the only thing that matters to me, is being a good role model for my daughter." 

Devin told Donny that if he (Donny) wins HOH, he fully expects be put on the block because of this.
Donny: "Am I still a target for you?"
Devin: "No. No, I knew I made a mistake & it's been eating away at me....and no amount of money should allow someone to pass judgement on someone, and I passed judgement on you & I'm very, very sorry for that, and it breaks my heart.."

Donny: "I appreciate ya tellin' me, I appreciate that! You said Caleb (didn't want to nominate me) right?"
Devin: "Right."
Donny: "Okay well that makes me feel better!"

Donny: "It's already forgiven!..Water under the bridge. You have told the truth." (**Oh how I love Donny!)

This is such a great conversation to watch on  Flashback Feeds when you have a few minutes. For now, I gotta press on with The Overnighter before I have to go to work.

11:17pm BBT:
Beehive Room
This was a clearing of the air for Amber to Caleb about how she's heard (about her supposedly thinking that Caleb was full of himself) is not true & that they're cool, no hard feelings. They went on to share a few laughs as Caleb was happy to have a little attention from Amber one-on-one, which I'm sure will only fuel his obsession with her. The conversation itself was a nice one, though. They're on good terms.

Meanwhile, in the living room...

11:17pm BBT:
All HG's except Donny (sleeping)/Caleb & Amber (in Beehive Room talking)
Devin calls a house meeting.

Devin: "I just wanna get something off my chest, sorry if I'm a little emotional, but umm.." (starts crying)

Devin: "This is not game play, this is real talk, so you can take it for what it is, you don't have to respect me for it after it's done."

Devin tells them what he told Donny: how he wanted to come in the BB house and play an all-honest game, no matter how far that got him in the game and that he wanted to play with integrity. He went on to say that as soon as he stepped in the BB house and thought about how all the great players of BB won the game, and how dishonest they had to be, he tried to play that way but that's not who he is. He mentioned his daughter again and how he wants to be a good role model for her and that's all he cares about.

He confessed to the other HG's that he was the sole reason for Donny being put up on the block. He said his heart breaks because he knows how sweet & nice of a guy Donny is. 

Devin: "I forced Caleb's hand to putting up Donny, Caleb had nothing to do it."
Devin said he thought Donny was someone that he's really not & how he passed judgment on him.

**Can we just take a moment to look at Frankie snacking away during this speech like he's watching a really good movie? lol I just found this hilarious..
At the end of his speech, the HG's clapped. Jocasta thanked him for the speech.

Devin then went to the bathroom to cry for awhile.
Most of the HG's (especially Frankie/Zach who went into the storage room to celebrate) were happy that Devin just made himself a bigger target in the game.

**And that's it for the Overnighter! Sorry that it had to be a quickie post, as I have to go to work soon. One thing that became very clear over last night was that pretty much everyone wants Devin out of the house next. It'll be interesting to see what happens if Devin actually wins HOH. Tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT, it all goes down! Can't wait!!! :D I'll be back later on with an afternoon post. Until then, enjoy the feeds!

Stay tuned...
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Carlos Danger said...

If everyone in the world was like Donny, there would world peace. I hope he wins. He is the sweetest man I've ever seen.


Everything about Devin from his attitude, dining habits, to his physique screams "Me!me!me!"

Ashaw20 said...

Craig, I agree. He seems very self centered and I'm glad everyone wants him out next week.

I want to see more of Donny on the feeds. There needs to be a screen completely dedicated to him. I hope he sticks around for quite some time!

Lindsay said...

I'm not sure if this has been answered yet or not - but will there be two HOHs again this week and a Battle of the Noms?? Is that a continuous thing or was it just week 1?!?

Lindsay said...

I'm not sure if this has been answered yet or not - but will there be two HOHs again this week and a Battle of the Noms?? Is that a continuous thing or was it just week 1?!?

Razldazlrr said...

Devin really is a wreck and needs to leave soon!
I hope Donny doesn't become too much of a threat - he will get voted out because people know he would win.

Shelley OBrien said...

Donny should get Americas Favorite hands down this year unlike last year favorite that was one-sided that no other HG stood a chance of winning.

Nicole said...

Pow pow is growing on me after last nights episode. And so love Donny, and please get rid of Devin... he is nutso.

Gross said...

I start to feel crazy when I watch devin and Caleb on the feeds....

Wonder how they're gonna ditch devin. Put 4 pawns up and pray devin doesn't win veto? Oh lawdddd...


Anonymous said...

Do you think BB will give Devin his meds back? I hate this new 2 Hoh thing. It makes no logical sense. Plus adding another comp means even less time for the stuff going on around the house. Its week 1 and I already feel more than ever, the live feeds and the TV broadcast are on 2 separate tracks and out of sync. The description above seems to point that this event is important to televise and also would make good television. We've seen almost zero of what goes on... Even worse than in the past. The cast so far is also a bit boring. The house hasn't really split into warring factions yet and I'm tired of the Frankie Show. Also seems more contestants pasts ate being exposed. Devin apparently has had numerous arrests, including burglary. Topless photos of Amber are on Twitter too

Patricia Grosse said...

This season has the tone of season 11 where Jordon won the game. We have the villains: Devin aka. Jesse, Amber aka. Natalie, Frankie aka. Kevin. We have stronger nice players emerging: Cody aka. Jeff, Nicole aka. Jordan. We have nut jobs galore in this group. I am hoping that the good win out this year. That an Ian type player with come along and get Devin and his alliance out. This can be a good year if the good players actually start playing.

I'm glad your dog is doing better. Have a good holiday Jaime.

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