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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday Night Live Eviction Show (Spoilers)

Happy Live Eviction Day, y'all!! :D Yayyy it's our first live eviction of the BB16 season & I'm so excited!! So as it stands, Joey will be going out the door tonight. If you haven't yet seen The Overnighter, then I highly recommend you check it out. Last night, Devin confessed to Donny that it was indeed him that got Caleb to nominate him. After getting Donny's forgiveness, Devin then held a house meeting & told all the HG's (minus Caleb/Amber, they were chatting in the lounge room) how he felt so bad for getting Donny nominated and how nice of a guy he is, etc. The only thing Devin accomplished in that house meeting was putting an even bigger target on his back, not that he needed one.

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Nothing has happened this afternoon on the feeds, except seeing Frankie nearly naked. lol At 11:18am BBT, Cam 3, Devin was telling Amber how his speech last night about Donny had nothing to do with throwing Caleb under the bus and would be surprised that anyone who was there (as Amber & Caleb were not) would take it that way. And then, out comes Frankie from the HOH bathroom...

Frankie: "You have my full support!"

Speaking of Frankie, his sister tweeted today that she was leaving New York to go to Florida where their grandparents are.
Their grandfather has cancer. According to a tweet (that seems to have been deleted?) that Ariana tweeted out, their grandfather is getting both chemo & radiation and is having a hard time with it. :(

Moving on...

Tonight's BB live eviction episode starts at 9pm ET/8pm CT, so make sure to get your snacks & drink(s) of choice ready and then join us BB addicts in the chat room right here on the blog! :D (it's the blue "Chat Room" button on the right side.)

See y'all tonight at 9pm ET!!!

The Live Show Spoilers:

9:01pm ET:
Show has begun!! :D

Votes To Evict:
*Devin votes to evict...Joey
*Derrick votes to evict...Joey
*Frankie votes to evict...Joey
*Cody votes to evict...Joey
*Zach votes to evict...Joey
*Brittany votes to evict...Joey
*Nicole votes to evict...Joey
---It's official Joey is evicted---
*Christine votes to evict...Joey
*Victoria votes to evict...Joey
*Jocasta votes to evict...Joey
*Hayden votes to evict...Joey
*Amber votes to evict...Joey
*Donny votes to evict...Joey

1st HG Evicted from the BB16 House is:

9:32pm ET:
Julie is interviewing Joey. She was surprised everyone voted to evict her. 

9:36pm ET:
HOH Comp is next...
 9:40pm ET:
1st HOH Comp: all women
2nd HOH Comp: all men

Rules: HG's have to make their way across beam to kegs at other end. Move kegs across the beam and stack them. The men on the building can throw frisbies at the HG's. lol

1st HOH is:
2nd HOH Comp:
2nd HOH is:
(Cody hit the ground before hitting his button, so he's disqualified)

Team America: 
DONNY is now in Team America!! 

Okay guys, I'm outta here to go watch the aftermath on the live feeds!! :D Have a great night & I'll see y'all back here tomorrow with The Overnighter!!

Stay tuned...
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Jill Blevins said...

sure wish I could watch live feeds. unfortunately, we have extremely limited bandwidth. sure appreciate you keeping us up to date!

Micheala Sears said...

Just a heads up but for the people in the middle of hurricane Arthur, instead of Big Brother, the channel that CBS is on will be showing a meeting about the hurricane.

dg848579 said...

Is anyone else annoyed by the condescending way Devin and Caleb spoke to Joey when she apologized to them.......and what was up with those apologies......she should have stood her ground and not shown weakness.....she made a didn't work.....BFD........

Lindsey Mercer said...

I really didn't want Devin to win :(

Nicole Mouawad said...

Ahhhh! I don't want Devin as hoh. Hopefully he gets dethroned!!!

RCW504 said...

I don't think no1 wanted him to win. This is gonna be a interesting week

deedee1123 said...

What is the new schedule like? Is nominations tonight since Battle for HOH is tomorrow?

Anyone know?

Angie J. said...

With how paranoid Devin is about Donnie, I'm really starting to think Team America should have been called "America, guess who is going home next week!" Really hoping Devin gets knocked off the hoh throne.

Trisha Simmons said...

When did "I gotta vote with the house cause I can't think for myself or I might become a target" become the norm? It wasn't like this every past season was it?

Angie J. said...

Trisha, that seemed to really start last season, I think. They were constantly voting unanimously for most of last season. Not sure if the "so I don't become a target" thing was actually said last season, though. Kind of ridiculous way to think, though. I mean, It is Big Brother. There is only ONE winner. EVERYONE should be your target.

Anonymous said...

@ Trisha & Angie

Voting with the house has been a thing for quite awhile although perhaps its gotten more prevalent and cliché as the seasons have gone on.

Really though it's mostly just an excuse to vote someone out without taking responsibility to the person's face for why you are voting them out and instead putting the blame on the mysterious house. I mean how could it be possible for like 10 or more people to say to you "I'd love to vote to keep you but I have to vote with the house"? I mean if "the house" is supposed to be the majority and the majority are telling you that they want to keep you then shouldn't "the house" be in your favor? LOL

Also voting with the house especially early in the game could often be I don't really have too strong of an opinion on which 1 of you 2 should go home, I may like you both or be indifferent or even like 1 more than the other but regardless I'm not sticking my neck out for either of you when people are searching for any possible reason to target someone and certainly not when it won't even make a difference in who goes home. I mean the final vote being 13-0 or 10-3 or 7-6 does nothing for the person who's still going home anyway so you may as well just go with the flow and try not to unnecessarily stand out rather than potentially hurt your game to accomplish nothing.



Yeah I don't remember voting with the house very often before BB15. I think the twists they threw in last year freaked people out and suddenly it was real important not to ruffle any feathers.

Tony Akinremi said...

Voting with the house has always been a part of BB. I think as hg get to know the game they see. That the easiest way not to standout is to vote the way the house does. Sucks for the audience but the players play what best for them.

KathyKaay said...

Totally agree. Typical women can't join together and make their own alliance. Kudos to Joey for trying!

KathyKaay said...

Totally agree about Joey being punished ridiculously. She had the nerve to create an big female alliance but women as usual just can't band together! Kudos Joey for trying.

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