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Friday, July 4, 2014

The Overnighter

Happy Friday & Happy 4th of July to everybody!! :D Last night, a lot happened in the BB16 house. Sorry I haven't been able to post the Overnighter earlier but I had to get up early & go to work this morning. Real life stinks when it gets in the way of BB season. ;) lol

As we saw on last night's live eviction show, Devin & Amber both won HOH.

Devin nominated: Brittany/Paola
Amber nominated: Nicole/Hayden

The Battle of the Block comp was already played.
Hayden/Nicole won, making Devin the sole HOH this week.

This weeks target was supposed to be Devin, but now that he's the sole HOH, he has another week to stick around. So who is most likely to go home this week? So far, it's looking like Paola will. I kinda hope she does go home so that she's not a go-to nom every week. That can get boring really quick.

Oddly enough, last night Amber was saying that she didn't even want to be HOH because she didn't want blood on her hands & didn't wanna hurt any of the HG's feelings by nominating them. (Why she even tried to win HOH then, I have no idea.)

As of 10:26am BBT, Donny is the only HG up.
Everyone else is sleeping since they've been up all night. (This also means there will be no early afternoon post since everyone will be sleeping for awhile today.) 

Let me go gather up some details from last night & I'll start posting them below! :D

10:30pm BBT:
HOH Room
Amber wasn't sure who to nominate for eviction. Derrick pushed for Nicole to go up & said she's being a floater because she never talks game. Amber said whatever she does, she can't put up 2 girls because then it'd expose her alliance..she has to put up 1 girl/1 guy. Amber said she's not putting up anyone from the Bomb Squad, nor Donny, so she'll put up Hayden.

11:02pm BBT:
HOH Room #2
Devin told Cody that he was serious about what he said about Donny and how he's not putting him up and that he trusts Donny. In addition, he also said he trusts Jocasta and if the Bomb Squad would ever wanna bring in 2 outsiders, he'd like those 2 to be Donny/Jocasta because she trusts them both. Cody agreed.

Devin: "Everyone else (not in Bomb Squad, or Donny/Jocasta) is a casualty. I'm sorry but that's just the game."

Devin told Cody that there's things that he did with Donny that he's not proud of, such as putting Sprite on his face in the storage room last week to make it look like he was crying. Cody laughed. Devin said that Donny is a good man and he's sorry he did that.

12:16am BBT:
Have Nots Room
Devin asked Pao Pao to throw the Battle of the Block comp and he promised to keep her safe this week & next week.

12:20am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Amber: "I already got what I wanted out of HOH, a letter from my mom and to see pictures of my family."

Amber says she's nervous about making nominations & that she doesn't want blood on her hands. Frankie tells her that people won't think she made the nominations herself and to tell her noms that "it's nothing personal", people will think Devin had a hand in pressuring her who to nominate, which is good because then her hands are clean. He also tells her how Devin is already going around announcing who the noms are (**which BB told him not to do, but then he did it again anyway) so it's believable that he has a hand in her noms.

2:17am BBT:
Yep..this is still happening. lol #TheObession

2:13am BBT:Storage Room
(**This was before the battle of the block comp.)
Derrick/Cody talking about if Devin came off of HOH, they'd still like to send him packing. Zach told Derrick about his/Christine/Cody's plan on bringing Donny & Brittany into their alliance next week.

2:18am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Cody & Christine were talking about how much they dislike Devin & Caleb.

Cody: "I'm so sick of (Devin's) high & might stuff. Ugh it makes me sick that he won HOH..."
Christine: "Me too!"
Cody: "...I can't be in an alliance (Bomb Squad) and send people like Nicole & Hayden home."
Christine: "No way, no way."
Cody: "I WILL try to talk to people to send Pao Pao home..this (has become) a dictator alliance." (re; Devin & Caleb)

2:35am BBT:
Christine tells Paola that Amber's noms where controlled by Devin.

3:03am BBT:
Over the BB loudspeakers, "Party Foul" and "Oh, he's streaking the quad! & "I just wanna dance all night long" were said. This was most likely for the Battle of the Block comp.

3:30am BBT:
"Ahh! I broke a heel!" comes on over the loudspeaker.

4:25am BBT:
Living Room
Caleb is talking about Amber, of course. He said he'd like to kiss her but not on tv. He said she's a "Great, genuine person."

He then talked about if he wins HOH again, he's gonna cry like a baby if the letter is from his mom.

4:41am BBT:
Beehive Room
Derrick is telling Amber that everyone is blaming Devin for her nominations, so her hands are clean.

Derrick: "They're putting all the heat on (Devin). So you're golden. You're golden."

4:55am-6:30am BBT:
Battle of the Block was played.
Hayden & Nicole won.

7:05am BBT:
Beehive Room
Cody thinks that Donny will be with Devin still. Zach disagrees and says that Donny was "talking sh*t about Devin" to him today. Zach goes on to say that "they" are safe this week and that Devin will most likely go home next week, so they're golden.

Derrick says that he wants Paola out this week because she's a floater & bad at the game. Zach agrees and said they'll "reel in" Brittany into their alliance. Cody wants to find out if Amber is running back to Caleb with info from their alliance. Zach says he doesn't think she is.

7:25am BBT:
Paola is telling Brittany how much she "hates Victoria" while they're in the kitchen. (Not sure what happened..maybe something during comp.)

**And that's it for The Overnighter! By 10am BBT, all HG's were finally in bed sleeping. Donny was up this morning already but just recently went back to bed. I'll do an afternoon report sometime today whenever they get up and moving. Until then, enjoy your 4th!! :D

Oh! One more thing...
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Stay tuned...
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Gross said...

I secretly hope they vote differently than what devin wants .... Just to see the look on his face on Thursday....

Trisha Simmons said...

Thanks Jamie!! :)

krstn423 said...

I was watching Paola flip out about Victoria this morning. I think it was brewing for awhile and then it blew up today. It sounded like it had something to do with the beds/sleeping arrangements. The bigger issue is Victoria constantly acting like a princess. Paola was going to go confront Victoria and Jocasta stopped her.

Anonymous said...

If the entire house is in am Alliance, is it still an alliance? How is anyone a 'floster' right now. There are no sides. Why r they afraid of Pao if she's do bad at comps... Don't you wanna keep that person in for a while? Can't stand Devin. But I HATE this double hoh more than anything. It's so stupid & last thing we need is a half episode dedicated to another stupid comp. Makes it impossible to really strategies... Leave that out & spend time showing us the HG so viewers get to know people beyond Frankie. They HAVE to show that Devin/Donny tbing;its great TV. The broadcast is do way behind and off

Anonymous said...

Victoria is so unlikable. At least get some conflict... You knew the girls all being friendly couldn't last. At some point on some show, girls will learn sticking together is a good move. Everyone makes fun of Joey but Devin/Cody basically did the same thing. Almost all guys and then add 2 random girls for no reason and start off with an 8 person Alliance. Why was it so stupid to have the girls knock a few guys out. As it turns out, the girls are likely to be the first 2 gone. Its also interesting how the boys are so bro with Frank.. Hopefully no homophobia which would be sone progress but he can get super annoying

Anonymous said...

I love these people already in an 8 person alliance talking about adding 2 more people to the group.


Sean Lorenzen said...

All BB fans are jumping on the "Devin Hate" bandwagon and its getting annoying. Granted, he's not a nice guy and did quite a few poor gameplay moves, but he's been controlling the first two weeks of the game, and I'd say thats pretty respectable. I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for this, but I'd rather root for Devin over another dumb floater like Nicole or Hayden

Brandy said...

I'm confused , the bomb squad is now everyone with the exception of Paola, Nichole and Hayden and the #1 target is the person who thinks he is running the alliance (Devin). I can't wait to see what happens 2 weeks from now when they only have alliance members to evict. I give Devin another day and he will have the rest of the house in his alliance. I think Caleb realized a little last that he should've auditioned for the bachelor instead of bb. Amber isn't interested move on.

liz smith said...

Hi Jamie! Welcome back hun!

I was so excited to find your blog again this year! You have no idea how much I appreciate all of your hard work throughout the summers! You make me laugh, smile, and help keep my anxiety in check lol when I am stressing to know what is happening in the house! As always, your updates and posts are so thorough, knowledgeable, and respectful!

Sorry this message is late, but with all the same sentiment, I wish you a very happy and safe 4th of July weekend! I send the same wishes to your other American followers as well!

Many thanks, as always,
your Canadian friend Liz


The problem with Devin is that he is always talking, sometimes even to the point where it seems like he is out of breath. Every conversation has to be repeated a million times so people will understand what an honest, earnest, cunning, loyal, dude, bro, daddy he is. It is like the more he talks, the more in control he feels. Don't even get me started on Caleb.

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