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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tues: The Overnighter

Good morning BB addicts & Happy Tuesday to y'all!! :D I've been preoccupied this morning because today is my dog (Bella's) birthday!! She's 6 yrs old! I adopted Bella right after BB season 10 ended, I can't believe it's been 6 yrs already! For her birthday, I'm taking her to Petco tonight to have her pick out her birthday present and in a few days, she'll be getting this new toy as well that I picked out for her. ;) hehe

Okay, so yesterday I posted about all the chaos in the BB16 house that happened. This Overnighter will be an extension/aftermath of all of that. Amber will still be going home & most likely with a unanimous vote. While I'm sure Caleb would love to give Amber a vote to stay (he's been rallying to save her last night), Derrick told him it's best to not make waves and just go with the house vote. So we'll see where he stands on Thursday (not that it matters at this point anyway).

Okie dokie, let's get to the Overnighter! :D

**Everything I post below, you can watch by using the flashback feature on the live feeds.

8:57pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Victoria, who seems to think she's on the Bachelor, is telling Derrick that Nicole is jealous of her/Hayden. She goes on & on about why she thinks this.

Victoria: "I need Hayden in this game, like..I need him." (*For what?? lol)
Victoria goes on to say that she just can't stop talking to Hayden that he's "good for her game", that supposedly she has.

9:14pm BBT:
Pool Table
Derrick/Zach had made a bet: if Zach lost 4 games of pool with Derrick in a row, he would have to jump in the pool with his clothes on.

Derrick: "That pool is lookin' mighty cold!"
Derrick tells Zach he has to wear his socks and slippers if he jumps in.
Zach: "I'm takin' the slippers off."
Derrick laughs.
Derrick: "He's already planning for..takin' his slippers off." 

Zach takes his final shot...
Derrick: "There it is! GAME! Go jump in that f**king pool. Go jump in that pool!"

Derrick: "You're a man of your word, I'll give ya that!"
10:30pm BBT:
Beehive Room

Caleb spent a lot of his night fighting for Amber to stay. (He still thinks it was "his" plan to get Amber on the block and now feels guilty because she's going home, so now he's trying to save her.)

Caleb tells Hayden that Amber isn't trying to align herself with the girls, she deserves to be in the jury house, and how Amber isn't going after Zach...

Hayden: "She told me she was (going after Zach). She told me that today."
Caleb: "...they said you're voting (to keep) Jocasta because you straight up trust her.."
Hayden: "Nothing is set in stone but.." (*it really is, though.)

10:35pm BBT:
HOH Room
Cody said if he wins HOH during the double eviction, he's putting up Caleb. Cody said the POV will be super fast and he (Cody) will go hard trying to win it. Frankie/Zach think that they'd have to backdoor Caleb. Frankie thinks that if Victoria played in veto, they could get her to throw it to one of them. (Cody would nominate Victoria/Jocasta, backdoor Caleb.)

Christine: "I hope it's a double eviction this week."

By 10:49pm BBT, Nicole is in the HOH room. Nicole asks them if they think Victoria has a crush on Hayden. She said she's tired of Vic saying that Hayden is "like a brother" to her and playing dumb about Hayden.

10:53pm BBT:
Beehive Room
The boys are wrapping up their convo (finally). Caleb wants Jocasta to leave this week, Amber to stay, and then for Zach to leave next week. Hayden said he's gonna do what's best for his game and "vote with the house" this week.

11:15pm BBT:
Cody is telling Derrick about his convo with Donny from earlier and how Donny said he'd put up Victoria/Caleb, and when Cody asked Donny what about Frankie, he said he has to go soon. (*Donny said he wouldn't put Frankie up if he was HOH but he'd definitely vote Frankie out if he was on the block.)

Cody: "(Donny) also said he doesn't trust Zach and doesn't talk much around him because it's getting back to him from Christine..."
Derrick: "Dude, I know (Christine) is your girl, but she doesn't shut up. She tells you a lot, but she also tells other people a lot, too. She scares me. Every time I hear gossip, it's 'Christine told me'."

Derrick: "Not that it's a problem now, but long term, ya gotta be careful with Hayden..he's really close to Donny."

Derrick also mentioned that they might be making a mistake by getting Amber out before Jocasta or Victoria, which was their original plan. (They're still voting Amber out, though.)

11:26pm BBT:
Caleb joins Derrick/Cody and tells him that according to what everybody is telling him, they're keeping Amber. (*They're not.)
Derrick: "We'll see what happens.."
Cody: "You think everyone is being straight up?"
Caleb: "Yea.."

1:43am BBT:
Zach: "There's no way (Victoria) will win HOH."
Nicole: "She could win."
Zach: "YEAH RIGHT!! No chance! The day she wins HOH, is the day pigs will fly." (*lol)
Nicole: "ZACH!"
Zach: "What!"
Nicole: "You're being naughty."

Zach: "The HOH I won was mental..stuff that matters...I'm putting Victoria up this week. She's gonna be sitting on the block for the 4th time in a row."
Nicole: "Not in a row."
Zach: "How many times have you been on the block Victoria??"
Victoria ignores Zach.

Zach: "Oh you're ignoring me? We can just count.."
Victoria gets up and walks away pissed off.
Nicole: "Victoria, don't let him bug you."
Zach: "God I love doing sh*t like that."
Nicole: "Gahh you're an a-hole!"

Zach goes on to make fun of how Victoria called herself a "fierce competitor".

2:09am BBT:
Nicole asked Hayden if he likes Victoria and he says a bold "No!". She said she's sorry to ask him that, but Victoria is acting dumb to get attention and how she wasn't that bad when they first entered the house. Hayden said Victoria is good for them to have around because she'll do whatever Hayden tells her to do.

Nicole mentioned she doesn't wanna have to flirt with Cody anymore. Hayden said that's good for her game, though.

2:17am BBT:
Pillow-gate is now over! Caleb admitted to Amber that he thew the pillow.
Amber: "I thought it was Cody or Hayden."

They ended up talking until 4:40am BBT. Lots of stuff was said, such as Caleb saying if she gets sent home and he made it to jury, he'd give her all his jury stipend money and "write her a check". He tells her he doesn't think she's going home, though. Amber mentioned that maybe "they" are working against Caleb (to get Amber out) and doesn't even know it. Caleb doesn't think that's true at all.

At 3:54am BBT, Amber tells Caleb that Nicole said she was forced (*by Frankie) to make up a lie today, but they never put 2 & 2 together to figure out that Frankie was lying to them and that Nicole lied to cover Frankie's butt earlier in the afternoon.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! As of 10:39am BBT, most HG's are up and about. The backyard is locked down, leading the HG's to think that maybe they have a luxuary comp. (It's just about midway point in the season). So we'll see!

Stay tuned...
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Alea Marie said...

I swear I have 1 nerve left & this Caleb cat is dry humping it...
Can't stand him!!!!
For the love of Gawd when will he be evicted...

kendra colucci said...

Happy Birthday to Bella!! Coincidentally today is my sons's birthday and he also turns 6!! :)

Jamie said...

lol @ Alea!

Kendra, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son!!! :D

KNicole said...

I'm so sick of this voting with the house. Who started this herd mentality. Also the that BB allows them to tell who is going on the block. The surprise of the votes and nominated what made BB fun to watch. Now it's just plain old boring and o predictable.

KNicole said...

Hayden can take over power if he, Nicole, Christine, Victoria and Donny vote to keep Amber. They will have the numbers and at least 3.5 people who can win comps.

Andy Tatnall said...

Why is no one in this house making deals to ensure their safety? Is it just because most of the victims so far have been non-fans, and they don't know that strategy?

I have to say, I understand where BB was going with putting fewer superfans in the house this season, but I think it was a big mistake to go half and half. They don't understand the strategy element, and the fan houseguests are wiping the floor with them.

NerdfighterDeb said...

It's hilarious that Victoria thinks she's playing the game

Anonymous said...

what? caleb told amber his plan just minutes after the veto ceremony, and has been constantly running his mouth to everyone in the house until their ears bleed? he won’t shut up until they tell him exactly what he wants to hear?

it works, just like his approach to winning amber's heart - you wear them down long enough, and they give in to what you want! (or tell you what you want to hear) i'll say it again, this guy is such a tool...who could have ever seen this coming. (eyeroll)

good news for zach, with caleb and amber freaking out, almost everyone’s forgotten about his nasty rant. :)

happy birthday bella, free belly scratches all day for you!

Christi said...

I don't think if they keep amber she will be with them. She will still be with the other. Better off keeping jacosta at least she is definitely on their side.

Christi said...

I hope two of them win hoh and put up all the power players.

dianamorden said...

So I agree that this year has been kinda boring as everyone is voting with the house and the players that have left thus far (other than Devin) have just been boring as well, but I think that the second half of the season will be so much better. Once the huge alliance has to start turning on each other there will be no choice but to have tons of scheming and flipping sides. All these guys have more than one side alliance going on and it will all be out soon enough. I also think that most if not all of the houseguests this year were very likeable people, probably to make up for last year's catastrophe of a cast. Which is making the game play boring to watch.

KNicole said...

She might because they would be going against the house to save her and she's pissed at the house I.e. Frankie and friends. Also Caleb would follow suit.

westexer said...

I actually like this year very much. I stopped watching last year. I just said "enough" and turned it off.

Husky Fever said...

The same people go up on the block week after week. It's beyond boring. I have been watching BBUK this season on youtube and it's far more exciting to watch than BBUS. Personally I think BBUS has jumped the shark, hope I'm wrong, hope things spice up in the house soon right now it's a snooze fest. Cody saying he would backdoor Caleb, child please!! He had his chance and wimped out! Frankie and Zach need to go on the block.

Anonymous said...

It def seems to me after last year's debacle BB cast a bunch of safe, bland personalities this season... and Zach LOL. If BB did in fact change the rules for TA's challenge this week it may have been only fair since with this group the only way they could get 2 people to fight at a ceremony would be to get Zach to argue with himself.


Fred Kilmartin said...

I think as soon as they have to turn on each other it will be a much better show. Every one is friends now, and they are afraid to make a power move. I also think Nicole and Hayden could be this years Jordon and Jeff.

Amanda Scheiber said...

Nicole and Donnie are super fans and they aren't in the alliance that is running the house. I don't like how they've been putting non fans in the house. It seems like they are the biggest floaters bcuz they don't know how to play.

SAgirlie 2013 said...

I think it would be entertaining to have all non fans for a season...but you have to do ALL or nothing - half and half is not interesting...zzzzzzzz

Stacie Olson said...

Happy birthday to Bella - great day for a birthday, mine too!!

Dereck Rogers said...

Happy birthday Bella!!! Jamie I literally love you for keeping up with the feeds and this blog at the same time! Without out you, I would be so lost haha. Thank you!!!

Jamie said...

lol my pleasure, Dereck!


Alea Marie said...


UnionGrl said...

My fantasy is for Caleb and Donny to win HOH and put up Derrick & Cody against Frankie & Zack. That could be an epic fight and one of those jerk would be *hopefully* going home. I agree with KNicole that if Vic, Hayden, Christine, Donny, and Nicole voted to keep Amber they would prevail. Then we might see some action!

Tony Akinremi said...

Donnie shouldn't trust Nicole and Christine. Remember when Donnie approached Nicole that other HG's could have /are in an alliance she ran to Christine to tell her everything. He can't trust them it hopefully they will be tired of being pawns or just pickoff one by one.

Anonymous said...

Lol I am dying over the fact that Victoria needs Hayden in the game. Girl you don't need Hayden, you need a brain!

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