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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thurs: The Overnighter

Happy Live Eviction Thursday!!! :D It's finally here yayyy!!! I swear I thought this week would never end. lol Knowing that Devin's the one to be going home since Saturday, has left the past few days to seem twice as long. Tonight, we will get 2 new HOH's and along with that, new dramaaaa! ;)

Since I have to work a double shift today (don't worry, I'll be home hours before the live eviction tonight), and nothing monumental happened on the live feeds last night, I'm going to be a summary Overnighter. I'll be sure to include all the important time stamps for you guys to use the flashback feature with.

With Devin having 1 foot out the door already, most of the houseguests spent the night talking about who they would put up and want out this upcoming week if they won HOH. In addition, Zach told Frankie (8:08pm BBT) in the Storage Room about his LTA alliance with Derrick/Cody/himself. He told Frankie to not say anything because then they'd know it was Zach who told and they both (F/Z) would be screwed.
Frankie/Zach think they're in great spots in the house with their alliances. They hug & leave the storage room.

At 9:15pm BBT, Caleb was complaining to Devin in the kitchen about his peck glands being "backed up" from eating too many carbs (**Can that happen?? lol).

In the HOH room (9:36pm BBT) Caleb was talking about his interview with Rachel (pre-season) and how handsome she thought he was. He then started to talk about how he asked BB for an "estrogen" blocker because of how sore his pecks are because of the food he's been eating.

Caleb: "I'll start trying to eat more gluten free noodles."

He then asked Derrick/Frankie to touch it to feel how swollen it is. Derrick feels it and sees what Caleb's talking about.
Derrick: "What the f**k, dude!"
Caleb: "See?"

Caleb then talked about how "famous" he's gonna be after the show. Derrick switches the topic to game talk. They all agree that Jocasta will be the next target..but not because of her game play (or lack of), it's because she's Donny's only ally.

Meanwhile, outside the HOH room, Donny/Hayden are talking game.

(Derrick saw them on the spy screen in the HOH room. He could tell that they were game talking because they were whispering.)

They go over the HG's that they would nominate if they won HOH. Hayden says: Amber/Jocasta/Victoria/Brittany. Donny agreed about Victoria but didn't like that Hayden named his friend, Jocasta, as a possible nom. Donny said he's noticed Derrick/Cody getting close lately (they have a F2 alliance, "The Hitmen"). Donny again mentions how he thinks Derrick is the "leader" of things in the house.

In the HOH room (10:46pm BBT) with Caleb/Derrick/Hayden, Caleb thinks it's gonna be a "12-0" vote (**he means 11-0) and if anyone threw a vote to Devin to stay, he'd find out who it was.

(**Nicole/Christine are still planning to give Devin their vote to throw some chaos in the house.)

Devin took at a bath in the HOH bathroom (12:30am BBT) while talking to Cody.
Derrick told Cody to reel in Amber and how Amber wants Cody to move out by here and even live with her after the show, she'll get him some modeling jobs, etc. Derrick mentions how Brit/Amber fight for Cody's attention. They both agree that Brittany still doesn't trust them, despite them saving her last week.

Amber/Jocasta/Brittany talked in the Beehive Room (1:13am BBT) about who to trust in the house.

Amber mentions that she's been trying to be distant from Caleb. They talk about starting a rumor and having Amber tell it to 1 female and 1 male in the house (who she doesn't trust) to see who gossips and see who they can trust. They agree to wait until after Devin is evicted, which the girls are super excited about and plan on having a "Girls Night" after he leaves.

**And that's it for the Overnighter! So to recap: Caleb's breasts are sore, Victoria/Jocasta are on most HG's hit lists, Donny's trying to protect Jocasta, Devin's leaving tonight, Christine/Nicole plan to throw 2 votes to Devin to stir up stuff in the house, and Zach blabbed about the LTA alliance to Frankie. lol

I am soooooo excited for tonight!!! I'm still pulling for a Jocasta/Donny win tonight because I think that would cause all the HG's that feel safe to scramble. I will make a new post for tonight's show and include a link to watch the East Coast airing. If you won't be by a computer or TV to watch, you can always check the blog for live spoiler updates as I will be live blogging tonight's show.

See y'all tonight 1 hr before the show begins at 9pm ET!! :D
PS If tonight is an endurance comp, you'll definitely wanna get the live feeds so you can watch it after the show ends. (If it's not tonight, it'll be most likely next week. Either way, you'll be covered.)

Stay tuned...
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KNicole said...

These houseguests talk too much. Also, I'm confused about Derrick. He say he's loyal to team America but throws Donny under the bus along with everyone else. He's putting a target on Donny. How will that help them win TA challenges?

Skeeter Bug said...

Are Nicole and Christine still planning to throw a couple of rogue votes to keep Devin? That'll be interesting.

Razldazlrr said...

I'm getting tired of the boys (started to write men and decided boys was better) running everything - I liked Derrick but now he's being too aggressive. I think I would like to see Jacosta, Donny or maybe Brittany win HOH and shake the boys game up!

Anonymous said...

raz, you got it right. the guys always seem to be better at aligning to pick off the girls, while the girls are busy arguing about who used who's makeup, and who isn't washing dishes.

i'm not saying that these girls aren't competitive or capable, they aren't bonding to take out the competition. several have become too destracted by the house, and lost focus on the game - soon it'll be too late.

just listen to the guy's plans for noms - amber, brittany, victoria, jocasta - their goal is clear.

Anonymous said...

raz, you got it right. the guys always seem to be better at aligning to pick off the girls, while the girls are busy arguing about who used who's makeup, and who isn't washing dishes.

i'm not saying that these girls aren't competitive or capable, they aren't bonding to take out the competition. several have become too destracted by the house, and lost focus on the game - soon it'll be too late.

just listen to the guy's plans for noms - amber, brittany, victoria, jocasta - they are clear about their goal.

michelaine said...

Caleb, honey, I only think that happens when you're lactating. lol

Anonymous said...

Gay porn director chi chi LaRue has said she'd gladly film Caleb. I love the hg delusions

Anonymous said...

You can't play BB based on emotion, which many girls (and caleb) often fall into. It's a big human chess board

Ashley Tullie said...

Donny is the worst! He keeps throwing Derrick under the bus for some odd reason. I mean did he not get the memo that they're on Team America together?? Still trying to figure out why everyone loves him so much. If u ask me his game play sucks...if ur not gonna be able to win comps u should align yourself with someone that can and Jocosta is not that person.

westexer said...

Forget about TA challenges. They're just $5000. The real prize is the top prize at the end.

Anne Donovan said...

Hi Jamie,

I have a niggling question and I know you'll know the answer. Has Frankie told anyone (outright) about his sister? We thought we heard him telling Victoria (or she guessed) but not a word since.....what say you?



Stephanie Kitchens said...

I said this last year and it's still so true. Girls can never work together in a house like that. You may get one or two that become close friends and try to work together but us women as a whole are very petty when it comes to other women. I hate to say it but its true.

KNicole said...

Sad but true.

KNicole said...

Derrick is doing the same to Donny.

Rachel said...

I love Donny! He doesn't trust Derrick cuz he had an alliance with the bomb squad and Donny thinks he's still in it. Derrick keeps throwing Donny under the bus and making him a target. I think they need to keep TA safe so they can win easy money on the way. There's other ppl that need out first. I think Donny is playing a great game, he's not showing his cards which pisses off the guys but too bad..he's out smarting them. Idk why Donny likes Jocasta so much she's a floater but he is a nice guy and prolly likes to root for under dogs instead of the guys in the house that act like they own the game. I use to like Derrick but he's pissing me off, he's starting to act like Devin, like he runs the house and everyone's game. I wish the girls wld get their head out of their asses and play! Fight back against the stupid guys like Der,Caleb,Cody,zach and Frankie! Frankie is starting to annoy me too, I don't like the Andy the rat game he's playing. I'm team Donny!!!


Derrick has gone out of his way not to ruffle feathers, he doesn't dictate but states every pro and con and lets people make up their own minds. Not to say he isn't trying to influence anybody, but he isn't strong arming anyone like Devin did, and you can tell by the lack of conflict in the house this week. Donny is still beating that dead horse about the Bomb Squad which vaporized last week. He might actually try playing with Derrick instead of trying to undermine him. Maybe people feel threatened by his mental acuity, but it still shouldn't take him an hour and a half to trim his fingernails like it did last night.

Tony Akinremi said...

Derrick says he distrust Donny because Donny won't show his cards to him. But Derrick hasn't shown Donny all his cards either. To be honest I think their both playing the game in a smart way.

But I'm starting to dislike Derrick because he just as paranoid as Devin when it comes to Donny. He keeps plotting to get Donny out of the house. Which isn't right.
I'm pretty sure Donny has pickup on it.

Don't get why the girls seem to be throwing comps. Maybe so they don't get blood on their hands but this makes it easy for the guys to run things.

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