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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Live Eviction Episode

It's live eviction day!!! :D Yayy!! Tonight at 9pm ET, we will see Devin leave the BB16 house with either a 11-0 vote, or a 9-2 vote if Christine/Nicole go through with their plan of throwing 2 wonky votes in hopes of Donny/Jocasta taking the blame for them.

After Devin's departure tonight, we will then see the houseguests battle it out for the 2 new HOH spots! Will it be an endurance comp? Physical comp? Mental comp? Who knows!! What I do know is that the houseguests have been on lockdown since early afternoon yesterday, which is usually a sign of endurance. Either way, I'll be ready to go with my live feeds after the show ends! :D

Okie dokie, the show begins at 9pm ET/8pm CT!!
Let's get this party started!! :D

Show begins...

Jeff is interviewing Donny's parents. They're as adorable as you'd imagine them to be. lol
And Donny's girlfriend is a cutie! (Sorry I wasn't able to grab a pic.)

Julie: "There will be no Have Nots this week."
Instead, the next group of Have Not's will be picked by their tracking bracelets.

Voting begins!

The Votes:
*Jocasta votes to evict...Devin
*Donny votes to evict...Devin
*Nicole votes to evict...Devin (*no wonky vote after all.)
*Hayden votes to evict...Devin
*Zach votes to evict...Devin
*Cody votes to evict...Devin (*it's official, Devin is out.)
*Victoria votes to evict...Devin
*Frankie votes to evict...Devin
*Amber votes to evict...Devin
*Christine votes to evict...Devin
*Brittany votes to evict...Devin

Evicted from the BB House is:

The HOH Comp:
The HG's have been paired up randomly:
Victoria - Christine 
Caleb - Nicole 
Brittany - Jocasta 
Amber - Zach 
Donny - Hayden 
Cody - Frankie

**Whichever duo wins, are the 2 HOH's!**

They have to move 12 eggs through the chicken wire fencing and through the course.

Team America's 2nd Mission is:

The 2 New HOH's are:

**Ya gotta turn on the live feeds to watch the HOH Comp!!! :D Don't have the feeds yet?? Get your 2 day FREE pass here!!!! 

(I'll update this post when the comp is over with the names of the new HOH's.)

Stay tuned...
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Jeremy said...

Did Caleb seriously leave his shirt unbuttoned? He is a piece of work. He is the definition of a creep. I am over him and would have liked to see him go and Devin stay. Luckily for us, we get to watch him make a complete fool of himself and maybe cause some drama.

Kyla Miller said...

Hi Jamie,
My live feeds have Jeff and past events. Do I have to wait until the live show plays here in California to see the HOH comp?!

Jamie said...

not sure, they should be on now, im guessing they'll be on soon though.

sheenabug said...

Am I the only one tired of these people using the word "beast"?

Lolli said...

Not at all

C.Montes said...

Just sad cause Victoria and Christine; Brittany and Jacosta never had a chance.
I wonder if a Frankie will do the same as last time. Nominating Brittany and Victoria and getting dethroned again.


Auburn tiger said...

The way Caleb looks at Cody sometimes is scary. Psycho stalker dude needs to go!

Tanya said...

It looks like Team America's challenge is a "Gimme" this week, since one of them got HoH

JimA. said...

Its hard to imagine Caleb not being the target this week.

sheenabug said...

I really hope this week isnt as predictable as I think otherwise its gonna be another boring week waiting for new hohs

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I don't see Frankie nominating a "strong" person. I see him nominating two women. Most likely Victoria and Britney. I wonder if Team America still completes the mission if Cody were to nominate Caleb.

Anonymous said...

He's gonna be famous don't you know? Gay porn producers have already welcomed him with open arms.
Ugh Frankie..... So over him

Razldazlrr said...

ugh - I didn't want those two to win - I wanted two to win that would shake it up - these two won't. I really thought this was a girls challenge to win. (hmmm LOL)

Anonymous said...

That's why it's so stupid...

Anonymous said...

These houseguest are really boring. This is like last season with Amanda and McRae. At least Amanda was buts and provided entertainment. I love Derrick and Frankie but somebody needs to shake things up. Are they really just gonna let them ride to the end? All these unanimous votes are ridiculous too.

Tony Akinremi said...

I think most of the girls are throw comps so as to not get blood on their hands. This comp really seemed more kin for a girl to win. I guess we will find out on Sunday.

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