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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Live Eviction (Spoilers)

It's here!! It's here!! It's finally Thursday, live eviction day!!!!! :D Yayyy! I swear this week went by soooo slow. haha Tonight we will see Brittany get evicted (should be a 10-0 vote) and then we get to watch the houseguests battle it out for the title of 2 new HOH's! Who do you want to win?

After the show is over, I'm gonna head back to watching them all on the live feeds! Speaking of, you only have days left to get your SEASON PASS!! You get 24/7 access to the house cams, flashback to see what ya missed, chat, exclusive videos & live chats with BB alumni, watch live endurance comps all season long, post-BB16 interviews, and nothing to cancel! What more could you ask for?!!

(free for 2 days to see whatcha been missing!)

Okie dokie, I'll be live blogging tonight's BB16 live show, so if you don't wanna be spoiled, you've been warned. ;)

The show starts at 9pm ET, so grab your snackies & I'll see y'all then!! w00t!!!! :D

Show begins...

The houseguests that are the most "lazy" according to their fitness tracking moniors, will be the Have Nots:

 The Have Not's are:

If any one of them wins HOH, then they won't be a Have Not anymore.

Brittany & Donny are giving their speeches.

The Votes:
*Jocasta votes to evict...Brittany
*Nicole votes to evict...Brittany
*Hayden votes to evict...Brittany
*Amber votes to evict...Brittany
*Derrick votes to evict...Brittany
*Caleb votes to evict...Brittany
*Christine votes to evict...Brittany
*Victoria votes to evict...Brittany
*Zach votes to evict...Brittany
*Frankie votes to evict...Brittany

Evicted from the BB16 House is:
Awww Brittany's kids were there!

Time for the HOH Comp!!

The 2 New HOH's are: 

(Derrick threw the comp to Frankie so that he could see pics of his grandpa.)

Team America's Next Mission is:

**Okay guys & gals, tomorrow is the Nomination Ceremony & the Battle of the Block Comp! I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter. Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds all night!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Steve Robbins said...

I want Christine to go. I get the feeling she's a floater with too much confidence in her own safety. This have-nots assignment confirms it, along with Nicole.

Toast said...

How is the order of the voters decided?

Casey Hahn said...

Kind of shocked that Caleb is lazy. Look at him lol.

Laura Hale said...

Caleb is lazy because he just sits around and watches Amber all day long!! #kindacrazy

Ms. T said...

He doesn't have time to work out, amber stalking is a full time job. Who knows when he'll have to "save her" or when a cody may attack her?

Ms. T said...

A big thank you for your live blogging Jamie. I don't know how I'd be up to date without it. It's currently 2:48 am and I feel like I'm watching along!

Steve Robbins said...

Damnit, neither Donny or Jo are HOH. This upsets me.

Steve Robbins said...

"You wanna see your Grandfather?"
What the hell, Derrick?!

Beverly said...

Darn! Another boring week with the same people as HOH. Whom will they pick off next? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Ms. T said...

Noooo....but at least there will probably be tons of zankie cuddles in the hoh room

Jessica Williams said...

UGH... so wanted Donnie or Jocasta to win and have something different happened this week... another boring week though. :(

Jamie said...

Yayy Ms T!! :D

KNicole said...

Another boring week ahead. I was hoping for a change in power if only for a moment.

Katherine Warner said...

I'm getting so tired of this one-sided game. Come on production, throw a wrench in the bomb squad, I mean detonators. I wish Donnie, Jocasta, or Victoria (even though I can't stand her) would win HOH to shake things up!!

Jamie McCleary said...

I just became a huge Derrick fan!!!

Christy Kibbe said...

This game is becoming very repetitive! Boring & dull!

Chicagogirl said...

I think Derrick threw the hoh comp, because he didn't want to be hoh. Think about it, he can make all of the decisions and wouldn't get any blood on his hands.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw that HOH comp it was obvious to me that we were going to have 2 Detonators as HOH. Just from the nature of the comp where the winner picks who goes up next 1 of the outsiders would've had to keep running the table winning a battle every other time to win. And lets face it I knew there was no chance in hell Victoria was going to even win 1 battle rd let alone like 5. And I didn't have that much more faith in Jocasta either. So really it was all on Donny. And Derrick, Frankie, Zach and Christine were all very good at the game so it'd been near impossible to get past all of them.

As far as the Team America challenge that was the 1 I thought and was hoping it would be. Although I kind of expect this to be the 1st task they fail at as it is easily the hardest so far. However their one saving grace could be Zach. That dude has a screw loose and would definitely be their best chance to convince to make a spectacle of himself at a house-wide ceremony like that. I just don't know who they would get him to start an argument with and why? I guess Victoria would be the safest option as there's the least fear of repercussion as she's not only a weak player but no one else really likes her at all. I suppose there's an outside shot at Caleb during POV if they were backdooring him but I don't think they'd want to risk poking that bear.


Unknown said...

Derrick is slick. Why would he want HOH? He controls everything and gets no blood on his hands. A genuine person would have just thrown it to Frankie, not announced it to everyone. He knows he has the house in his hands, now he wants America in there as well.
I think Zach "could" shake things up.... I am hoping!! I think he could put Caleb up there.
*Jaime? How is Bella? Is she back to 100%? I hope so :)
- ChristinaK

Anonymous said...

God, watching bbad is driving me nuts! Caleb HAS to go this week. All this amber garbage is freakin weird and extremely annoying. He's honestly throwing so many people, including Frankie and Derrick who I'm hoping make it to final 3 with Donny, under the bus. I really don't want him in jury either because I think he'd get rapey with Amber and they don't have nearly as much staff and people that can run in and help her in the jury house. Ugh just so creepy. PLEASE send him home!!!

~*Jen*~ said...

How on earth is Victoria not a Have Not?! I mean, really? I didn't know doing your hair or sleeping in bed all day long was considered vigorous activity!

Punkinbugg said...

Imo, Derrick isn't the only one throwing comps tonight. I think Christine did, too. I watched it twice. Being a HN is literally the first "title" she's held so far. No HOH, BOB, POV, NADA nothing.

Cheryl Young said...

Sad...but I think you are completely correct.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Exactly what I was thinking width Zach starting the arguement. All it would take is Derrick and Frankie convincing him it would be good for their game to call out whomever at the VETO ceromony. I think they have a good shot.

Leah Pants said...

@gigi, I completely agree with you

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Anybody else think Victorias speech when she was voting Brit out was so bratty? She seems so superficial and immature. I think she's obviously jealous of Brit.

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