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Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday: The Overnighter

Happy Friday, BB addicts!! WOWZERS were the live feeds insane last night!!! Zach/Frankie won dual HOH and today we will have the Nomination Ceremony & BOTB Comp where 1 of them will be dethroned.

So much happened last night that I'm just gonna start from 12am BBT and go from there. Let's dive in!! :D 

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12:00am BBT:
HOH Room
The plan is to backdoor Caleb this week. Frankie/Zach were going over who they could nominate in order to make that happen. Frankie suggested one his (F) noms be Donny/Jocasta, while Zach's noms could be Vic/Nicole. Zach wants Christine/Nicole up on the block. Derrick said if he (Z) wants to make a point to Christine that she has to start doing stuff in the game, then do it. (**Earlier in the night, Zach asked Christine if she'd be okay with going up as a pawn and she threw a fit all night about it. Zach is pissed at Christine because she hasn't done anything in the game thus far and wouldn't "take one for the team".) Zach said that the plan right now is for Frankie to nominate Vic/Donny and he'll nominate Jocasta/Christine. (**Nomination possibilities switched constantly last night.)

During this convo, Derrick puts Team America's task into motion by telling Zach to blow up at someone at the Nomination Ceremony. Zach says he will.

12:33am BBT:
HOH Room
Victoria is begging Zach not to go on the block. He tells her he's not putting her up and that he wants Christine up because she "does nothing" in the game. Victoria continues to beg, Zach says again he's not putting her up. Victoria is worried that Frankie will, though. Victoria goes on and on about how she doesn't wanna be on the block every week and she's fighting to stay there, etc etc.

Zach says he wants to ask Christine to throw the BOTB Comp and if she says no, then she'll go up with Nicole.

Zach: "I don't care anymore!"
Victoria: "If Frankie puts me up, I'm so over it. I won't trust him or respect him as a game player."

Victoria keeps saying it's not fair that she (V) keeps going up every week while Christine does nothing and skates through the game. Zach said he's 100% on her side & agrees.

12:40am BBT:
HOH Room
Victoria is telling Frankie that she's tired of putting put up on the block as a pawn and it's a "sucky feeling". She's upset that her family will see her up every week. Frankie is honest with her and tells her that she's an easy option because she's been up so many times and it gets "less blood on their hands" by nominating her every week.

Frankie: "Honestly I wasn't thinking about putting you up at all. If Zach puts up the 2 people that I wanna put up, then I'll be f**ked, but..he's had 75 different targets in the past 5 mins." (*pretty much. lol)

1:11am BBT:
HOH Room
Zach is talking about Christine, but he doesn't wanna put up Nicole or Victoria because he told them he wouldn't. (Cody tells Zach during this convo that he's drunk with power. Zach said he doesn't care.)

Zach: "If Christine would just (go up) and throw the f**king comp, that's all she has to do!"
Cody: "You're throwing a lot of people's names under the bus. And it's getting back to them."
Zach: "Good!"
Cody: "It's gotten back to me, already. You threw my name out."

Cody: "..that you said I told you to put up Christine/Nicole."
Zach: "Never said that. Never said that. What would I gain from saying that??"

They go back & forth for a minute but then they move on.

FYI: As of this morning, the nominations should be: Zach to nom Nicole/Christine and Frankie to nom Jocasta/Victoria. Just wanted to clear that up since there's so many names being thrown around. lol

**I'm gonna have to stop the Overnighter here since the HG's are up and game talking already. Starting a new post right now!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Stephanie Kitchens said...

I so hope Zach puts Christine up! I would die of happiness. She constantly bad mouths the other girls and thinks she's so safe. Plus, I think it's weird how she lets Cody flirt with her and cuddle her knowing her husband is watching.

Chris Provost said...

Zach will bring all the drama for everyone this week! He may blow up the alliance without meaning too!

Razldazlrr said...

Ok - so messing around while I'm on hold and found Devin's twitter page - I think he has a pic of donny on it with just a small beard - he looks good! Is that him?

Razldazlrr said...

Ok - so messing around while I'm on hold and found Devin's twitter page - I think he has a pic of donny on it with just a small beard - he looks good! Is that him?

Tony Akinremi said...

Jamie I hope Bella is doing well.

Looks like Frankie going back to the same well for his nominations. Glad Zach is going to shakeup the house.
I don't get why people are,upset about being pawns especially when they have a chance of getting Caleb out the house.

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