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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday, BB addicts! Today's Overnighter is going to be a summary version because I have to take my dog to the vet. (She hasn't been feeling well the past 48 hrs again). So bare with me for the Overnighter and I should be back to live-blog this afternoon sometime.

Okay, yesterday all hell broke loose! lol I'm gonna cover what I can and leading up through the night.

As we know from the Afternoon Post yesterday, Devin took Brittany off the block and Zach is the renom. Devin gave a speech about how Brittany is a single parent and he'll be dammed if he let's her sit up on the block (even though he's the one who put her there lol). Why the sudden change of heart? Believe it or not, Devin actually has a little crush on Brittany. Odd, I know.

During the Veto Speech, Zach pretty much blew up everybody's game and even mentioned the medications that Devin is on. Whatever else was said, we'll have to wait for BB to show us.

Frankie wants Zach gone and was going around from room to room in this "I can't believe he did that" mood. Zach then told Hayden on the backyard patio about the Bomb Squad, this is at the same time that Derrick & Cody were trying to do damage control from Zach's speech at the POV Ceremony. Immediatley after the POV Ceremony and as hell was breaking loose, Caleb spent a lot of time by himself in the Beehive Room. He was pissed that Devin would put one the Bomb Squad members on the block. Later on during his rounds of "Let's get Zach out", Frankie went and talked to Caleb to get him on his side to get Zach booted this week.

Hayden/Derrick/Cody want to keep Zach, and Christine/Nicole will vote how Hayden votes, so there's 5 votes right there for Zach to stay. Donny also seems to be on board with keeping Zach, making it 6 votes. Meanwhile, Frankie is trying to get Caleb/Amber/Jocasta/Victoria to get him out.

Sidenote: At some point in the night (I didn't see what time it was), I saw Frankie go over to Zach during a convo Zach was having with Derrick/Hayden/Cody and he (F) put his arms around Zach and promised his vote.

Derrick, who was on major damage control all day & night yesterday (and did a heck of a job, by the way), talked with Frankie and tried to figure out what to do. So they thought maybe they can get Zach to patch things up with Devin/Caleb (**Frankie just tried this the other night and it didn't work. Not sure why he thought it'd work now). So Derrick talked to Caleb and told him that Zach was sorry about flipping out at the POV Ceremony, he got overly excited, etc etc. Caleb wasn't buying it. Plan=failed.

At 1:30am BBT, Frankie/Zach talked.
Zach started off telling Frankie to not let Devin (the "Tyrant" and "Bully") control him or the house anymore. Frankie said that he has to act like he's still with Caleb/Devin for his own game and making it look like he wants Zach out, but that he will in fact vote for Zach to stay...he'll blame the wonky vote on Jocasta or Victoria. 

So while we are 2 days away from the live eviction, I actually think that Zach will stay this week. Here's the votes breakdown:

Derrick/Cody/Frankie/Hayden/Christine/Nicole/Brittany for Zach to STAY. (*As long as Frankie isn't lying, which I actually don't think he is.) That's 7 votes, and that's all he needs. Will that change? It's very possible. Let's see what the next day or two has in store.

If you need a break from the insanity that happened yesterday, go to 4:30am BBT last night on Cam 1:

Devin told Brittany that he likes her. lol
Brittany's reaction? She laughed. It was a little awkward, and funny, to watch.

Devin: "Looks are great, looks are fine, but looks fade over time. I like you for who you are, your personality."

Devin told Brittany that it happened when the had a talk in the HOH room the other day and he got to know Brittany. He told her he originally prejudged her and he was sorry for that, but he really does like her. She had very little feedback, except for...

Brittany: "So does this mean you won't put me on slop next time?"

Brittany says that it's like back in school where if you like someone, you're mean to them. (Referring to Devin being mean to her.) Devin said he doesn't know how else to react so if he does that, it doesn't mean to.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! I will be back at some point this afternoon to live-blog, I promise. (If I had to guess, it'd be around 2pm'ish BBT.) See y'all then!

Stay tuned...
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Ashaw20 said...

I CANNOT wait to see what everyone has to say about all of this in DR. And Devin's crush on Brittany?!? WHAT?1 Where did that even come from??

Nicole Mouawad said...

Praying for your precious Bella!!! <3

Anna Jose said...

Hayden, Derrick, Cody and Zack could be the new Brigade... with Nicole and Frankie as their Brittany and Ragan.. I can see it now

Leslie George said...

Agreed about DR! And lol, the crush on Brittany, well Dev has been changing meds sounds like, so maybe he's hormonal:)

Tony Akinremi said...

Nut Job Devin your tables ready!

Tony Akinremi said...

I'm surprised Britney's jaw didn't physically drop after their convo.

You like me! Ooooh

Anonymous said...


They form the new Brigade and once again "Hayden" wins the game LOL


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear miss bella's recovery has stalled, hope all goes well at the vet, and best wishes for her recovery.

Dereck Rogers said...

I hope your dog is okay jamie :)

Jamie said...

Thanks everyone!! I'm thinking it's a side effect of her meds. We'll see. I'll keep you all posted! :)

Razldazlrr said...

yep jamie - I'm betting it's a side effect too. sometimes just like humans different drugs don't cooperate with the body. Praying she will be ok!

Devin - good lord! i think the guys are girls this year! LOL

RCW504 said...

I knew he had a crush on he would make a cute couple but Devin is nutts plus he's going home next week...

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