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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Afternoon in the BB16 House

Today has been rather uneventful in the BB16 house so far. Drama hangovers perhaps. lol I'll cover a couple things from the morning that we missed before diving into the Afternoon Post.

Morning Quickie Recap:

8:55am BBT:
Donny waved Cody over to talk.

Donny: "I don't think we have the numbers."
Cody: "What makes you think that?"
Donny: "Well, it's just my gut (feeling). Between me & you, I don't know nothin', it's just my gut feeling. Devin/Caleb/Amber/Frankie has probably got a Final 4 (deal). Would you doubt that?"
Cody: "No."
Donny: "...nobody what any of them say, you can't believe it. They're gonna protect themselves."
Cody: "Mm hmm. I agree."
Donny: "You say you got Christine, but I think Frankie's got Christine."

Donny: "I didn't want to give you any of this info in front of Zach because he'll blow it up. I trust you (Cody) more anybody in this game. I wanna win this game. If I don't win this game, I'll vote for you..if I have a vote. But, there's a lot of people watching this game and I think they like us for good reasons, so any time good can overcome bad, that's a good thing. But we're out numbered."

This is a good convo to go back to on the Flashback Feeds if you have the time. It goes on for awhile (until 10am BBT.)

10:15am BBT:
Frankie & Donny have a good game chat.

Frankie said he thinks he has to vote Zach out because it's gonna blow up his game if he doesn't. He thinks Donny/Derrick would have a target on their back if they vote Paola out. Frankie thinks as of now, it'd be a 6/6 tie.

Frankie: "We are the swing votes. Whichever way we vote, the house will vote. It's 6/6 right now."
Donny: "Okay."

Donny said he's concerned about Caleb/Devin staying and how they can't win with them. Frankie said there are plenty of other people in the house that will get "them" (C/D) out. Frankie said that "they" have already started to turn on each other.

Frankie: "Caleb hates Devin. Devin hates Caleb."

Okay, let's dive into the Afternoon Post, shall we?!

Currently on the live feeds ...

4:20pm BBT:
Living Room
Nicole is talking about where she lives to Caleb/Devin. (Other HG's in the house can be heard in the background.)

Nicole: "I'm 2 1/2 hrs from Detroit."
Devin is talking about "lake effect snow" (*We get that up here in Milwaukee, it sucks. lol)

4:22pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Pao: "Oh what to do today. I'm gonna campaign today. Donny can I have your vote?"
Donny doesn't give a firm answer.
Amber goes inside.

Pao: "Jocasta can I have your vote?"
Jocasta: (silence)
Pao: "Dang, guys!"

4:25pm BBT:
Donny: "It's not gonna be a unanimous vote like last week."
Pao: "Do you think Zach has a shot at staying?"
Donny: "I can only speak for one person." (aka himself)
Jocasta: "If people think it will help their game to keep (Zach), they'll keep him."
Pao: "He's the one who wants to go home. He said he's just gonna sleep for the rest of the game. If he wins HOH, you guys don't know he's gonna do. That's my speech! If I win HOH, you guys know you'd be safe."
Donny: "I appreciate that."

Pao: "I went to Vicotoria & praised her for sticking up for herself."
Donny: "Why, what did (Zach) say?"
Pao: "He said 'I wish I could slap her face'."
Jocasta: "I told him you have a MOTHER at home, which even if you talk to your mom like that and I hope you don't, you shouldn't ever call a woman the b word."

Jocasta said Zach respects her now after putting him in his place for talking about a woman the way he does.
Jocasta: "You just don't do that!"

4:37pm BBT:
Donny/Pao talk.
Pao: "So you think it could be 50/50?"
Donny: "It could. It could go either way."

Donny doesn't wanna sit there and whisper and have other houseguests wonder what they're talking about. Pao keeps pushing. Donny says that he's out of the loop and doesn't know what's going to happen. Pao asked if Zach campaigned to him yet, he says yes but that he expected him to.

Pao is talking about the BOB comp that Devin wanted her to throw and how she didn't throw it.
Donny: "What have you eaten besides cereal?"
Pao: "Nothing. I don't know how to cook."
Donny: "Me neither!"

4:59pm BBT:
Quad Cam check...
Cams 1 & 2: Frankie/Amber/Caleb/Jocasta are talking in the Fire Room. (No game talk, just fun chatter.)

Cams 3 & 4: Nicole/Christine are playing around with Cody (stealing his covers, telling him it's later than it is, etc.) Devin comes in and jumps on him..

Cody: "Devin's junk is on my face! AGHH!!"

5:07pm BBT:
Amber is sitting right beside Cody, as Caleb gives Cody this look..
**This is probably my favorite screencap of all time. lol

5:21pm BBT:
Backyard Patio
Devin is telling Pao that he wanted to take Brittany off the block because she's a single mother and he's sorry. (*I came into this convo late.)

5:42pm BBT:
Backyard Lounge
As Frankie/Caleb tan, they start talking. Frankie tells Caleb that Nicole wants Zach to stay and she won't change her mind.

Frankie: "My gut tells me that it's gonna be 6/6."

5:45pm BBT:
Storage Room
Christine says that she wants Zach to stay. Jocasta wants Zach to go. Christine tells Nicole that they need to convince Victoria to vote Zach out, so Nicole will pretend she's voting Zach out to her. Christine wants a 7-5 vote to create confusion.

Christine: "It might look good if Victoria votes Zach out, then it'd be 5 against 7 & nobody will know how everyone voted."

5:55pm BBT:
Beehive Room

Derrick is telling Brittany that keeping Zach is safer for both of their games if he were to stay over Pao.

Brittany: "I don't trust Frankie at all anymore."
Derrick: "Yea, (Frankie's) neutral. I think he'd put up someone like Nicole (if he won HOH). don't have to worry about her ratting you out."
Brittany: "I think Nicole would be scared to put me up. She'd put Zach up."
Derrick: "Zach, I don't think he'd put either of us up."
Brittany: "Yea."
Derrick: "But Pao would put us both up. And that's why Devin wants to keep her, because he made a deal with her."
Brittany: "I want her gone because I know (Devin) wants to keep her. He told me he wants to keep her. Caleb sat her and told me he wants to keep her."

6:03pm BBT:
Donny: "There was (a comp) that shot tennis balls out of them, wasn't there?"
Caleb says yea & starts to describe the comp Donny's talking about.

Donny: "That breeeeeze feels goooood."

6:05pm BBT:
HOH Room

Frankie: "I told him I 100% don't think Hayden is voting with us, so I'm sure that's what he wants to talk to you about."

Devin is doing some Caleb bashing about how self-centered he is and interrupts peoples stories with whatever is on his mind. Devin tells Frankie that he trusts him (F) the most in the house.

6:16pm BBT:
Frankie said that "they" have to stick together, including Devin being cool with Caleb. Frankie said the line in the sand has been drawn, time to fight. Devin said he's fine with Caleb from a game standpoint.

Frankie: "All (Caleb) does is talk about Amber or how he's gonna win everything. That's a good person to have on your side; he's distracted with Amber but focused on comps."

**Okie dokie, I think we're all caught up to speed now. I'll see y'all tomorrow with the Overnighter! I have to work in the morning, so look for it around 8am BBT'ish. Until then, enjoy watching the ever-interesting live feeds!! (Pss...they come with a 2 day FREE trial so you can see what I see!)

Stay tuned...
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Gross said...

How is Bella?

I have a weird feeling zach is going to go home this week. I hope I'm wrong though.

Razldazlrr said...

wow - look at that - there's jacosta in the pic (and without that stupid bow tie LOL)

jamie - what's the update on poochie?

Jamie said...

The vet said he doesn't know why she's acting this way and he put her back on another week of antibiodics to see if that helps. He said sometimes they need a couple/few rounds to kick something out. I'm supposed to call him on Friday with an update.

She's not eating much at all, sleeping 100% of the time now. I'm letting her just rest and fight this thing off.

The vet doc did an ultrasound on her and didn't see any cancer, so that's good news, but his machine is really old and recommended I get an ultrasound at some point in the future to make sure everything is clear. He said that with Bella being almost 6 yrs old (this month), and a female Golden Retriever, he worries this could be cancer starting to form somewhere and thinks we should do a blood panel to see (that would be in a week or so if shes not better by then).

So I just have to play the waiting game for now. Sucks. I just want my fur daughter to feel good. :( She felt FANTASTIC on Friday/Saturday! Then Sunday, boom..took a turn for the worse again.

Gross said...

Antibiotics can be rough on the stomach....maybe she isn't eating cuz she feels queasy. Ill be thinking about you guys!!!

Jamie said...

Yea it's a side effect listed on her meds (loss of appetite/upset stomach). It's her energy more than anything that has me concerned. She just sleeps and sleeps. Lethargic. When I get home, she just lays there..doesn't greet me with licks on my face. :( Breaks my heart to see her so down & out right now. Hoping she gets better super fast. I want my baby back to normal.

Susie said...

Maybe Bella is allergic to the pills, I have been allergice to 2 or 3 antibiotics and I just went off them. Have her testing done when you can afford it and then go back on a different anti biotic if need be.

Micheala Sears said...

I feel like that the Caleb Screenshot should be a meme (Creepy Caleb? *twirls evil mustache*)

Tony Akinremi said...

Jaime sorry to hear that Bella not feeling well. Pray she gets better soon.

This group is a mess, it's only three weeks in and groups are falling apart fights and distrust, just plain craziness.

Razldazlrr said...

yep jamie - get the blood panel done when you can. I used to give my golden's plain yogurt for the stomach upset. You know you can do a little pepto bismo tab too.
Sometimes they are just like humans and need to sleep to fight off the yuk.

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