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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday to all of you BB addicts! :D Last night in the BB16 house, nothing much game wise happened. Devin is still going home on Thursday and there's nothing that can change that at this point. Devin knows he's going home and is mostly okay with that. He did some campaigning per the Diary Room's suggestion (probably for editing purposes so that they can make it seem like he at least tried), but all of it was shot down.

If you haven't seen last night's Afternoon: Part 2 post, it's worth a read to see what the houseguests were up to.

Okay, let's see what happened last night in the BB house!

9:09pm BBT:
Frankie is telling Zach about how Devin told him maybe he should campaign to stay. Frankie warned Devin that if he "made waves", he might walk out of the house with people hating him and it'd be a unanimous vote for him to go. Zach asks what are Devin's chances of staying...

Frankie: "None, whatsoever. It's done, it's over, it's finished. Thank God. He's such a monster."
Zach: "He's a monster and a half!"
Frankie: "I know."

9:16pm BBT:
Talk continues.
Frankie: "I think our 8 is strong.
Zach: "It's the strongest it's ever been!"
Frankie: "I agree."

Frankie: "Even if one of us has to go up on the block...hopefully not as a target.."
Zach: "I think the top 2 targets in our alliance are Amber and Caleb, then Cody and Christine are the next 2 targets..only because they rub people the wrong way."
Frankie: "Caleb hates Cody."
Zach: "He does, doesn't he. And nobody in our alliance hates us, which is great."
Frankie: "Nobody...the only people in this house that don't talk to me are Brittany and Jocasta. Actually, Brittany does. I lied."

Frankie thinks worst case scenario for them would be if Brittany/Jocasta won HOH because they wouldn't know who they'd target. They think no matter what, Victoria will go up on the block next week because she doesn't do anything in the house (game wise). Zach is still thinking about throwing the HOH comp on Thursday because he doesn't feel like he needs to win it.

10:07pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
Most HG's

Frankie is talking in a Brittish accent again (he does this often lol) and giving a sex ed course to the other houseguests.

Zach: "I'm specifically (concerned) about oral fixation.."
Frankie: "Yea, you can chew it...
Frankie: " gum. It's great. Tastes just like gum."

Frankie tells Derrick to pull his what-what out so he can demonstrate. Derrick wants no part of it. lol
**This is one of those moments that blogging about it does not do it justice. Definitley watch this on the live feeds by using the flashback feature.
(click the calendar icon by the "live" button to bring up the flashback feature.
clicking the pic will take ya to the feeds.)

10:29pm BBT:
Backyard Lounger
Brittany is talking about how she has to take Victoria in "small doses" because she gets so irritated by her.
Brittany: "I try so hard not to (get irritated) but it's hard not to."

10:34pm BBT:
Brittany's favorite houseguest walks over and sits near them and complains she's craving something sweet to eat.

Victoria: "I'm craving something sweet. I don't know what I should do."
Nicole: "Eat what Brittany makes."
Victoria: "NO! That's a definite no."

Brittany stops plucking her eyebrows to look at Victoria for saying that.
Brittany: "Okay. I'm not making it for you."
Victoria: "No I love your food, Brit. It just scares me." (*??)
Brittany: "I dunno what to tell you."

There's obvious tension between Victoria/Brit during this convo as Victoria asks for suggestions on how to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Nicole: "Eat one of my yogurts."
Victoria: "I'm not eating your yogurts."

Victoria gets up & walks away.

11:19am BBT:
Pool Table
Zach is giving Donny false hope of being in a (fake) 4 person alliance (Cody/Zach/Hayden/Donny).

11:39pm BBT:
HOH Room
Zach is telling Derrick about him/Donny/Hayden's convo at the pool table.
Zach: "Donny said he didn't talk game until Day 18..."
Derrick: "That's not true though because he talked game with Devin on Day 3, so he's lying to you right there." (*Double D alliance)

Zach: "You're right. But I don't think that alliance was real."
Derrick: "But he still talked game on Day 3."

Zach tells Derrick how Donny said he trusts Zach/Hayden/Cody. Zach said he went along with it.
Caleb enters.

11:47pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Hayden and Nicole are cuddling under the blankets.

Hayden: "When I walk out of here, I'm gonna tell everyone we made out."
Nicole: "Shut up."
Hayden laughs.

11:48pm BBT:
HOH Room
Talk is about doing other shows.
Caleb: "(CBS) wanted me to do Survivor first but I wanted to do (BB) first."

Line of the night:
Caleb: "I wanna do "Naked & Afraid"." (*show on Discovery)
Frankie: "Why don't you get Naked now and I'll make you afraid." (*LOL)

1:06am BBT:
HOH Room
Caleb is trying to get Amber to commit to talking "at least once a week" when they get out of the house.
Caleb: "All ya gotta do is say yes."
Amber: "Maybe."
Caleb: "I didn't say 'maybe' I'd keep you safe this week.."
Amber: "I told you not to! I didn't ask for that."
Caleb: "You said "you keep me safe, I'll keep you safe."
Amber: "Yea, in the game!"
Caleb: "So? How's that different!"

1:25am BBT:
Pool Table
Derrick: "It's gonna be us 3 (Zach/Cody/Derrick) at the end...unless Donny gets us all out."
They laugh.
Zach: "Dude, Donny is a beast!"
Derrick: "He is a beast."

Talk turns to about Victoria & how she's not even close to being a threat.
Derrick: "Victoria doesn't even know she's playing a game called Big Brother." (*lol)

Zach gets called to the D.R.
Cody joins Derrick at the pool table. They talk about how Caleb just "doesn't get it" that Amber isn't interested in him.

1:44am BBT:
Pool Table

Game talk.
Derrick thinks that Victoria wouldn't put any of the 3 of them up, but Brittany would "have the balls" to do it. Zach suggest maybe bringing Brit in with their alliance so that they're not targeted by her, Derrick said she won't do it.

Zach: "I'll be honest with you, I'd flip on the Bomb Squad in a second because.."
Derrick: "The Bomb Squad doesn't exist!"
Cody: "It's out."
Derrick: "It (only) exists if we're on the block and need the numbers."

Zach: "I'm throwing this (HOH) for sure. I just think Caleb/Amber is not a good look for us."
Derrick: "I don't think it even looks like we're all together."
Zach: "Caleb hates you (Cody). Because Amber likes you and she hates him."

They think Victoria will be going up on the block this week and that she doesn't even know what's going on.  Zach said he doesn't wanna win HOH because then he'll have to get blood on his hands and Caleb will want him to put up Donny and Zach won't do that. Cody says 'so what? what's (Caleb) gonna do?'

This is a long convo but I must press on with The Overnighter.

2:40am BBT:
HOH Room
Cody is mad that Zach made the comment that he'd flip on the BS members in a second & that he plans on throwing the HOH comp this week.

Cody: "I'm not throwing the (HOH) comp. I'm at a point right now that I don't know where the house is at...I have to protect myself."

They talk about Brittany.
Derrick: "I don't think she even knows what game she's playing yet."
Cody: "She said she was approached and didn't know anything about the game."

They end up talking about how Caleb/Amber need to go soon, Zach is a "loose canon" and Victoria/Christine are bad for their game. Cody said if he won HOH and put up Brittany, he'd tell her it's because she's playing both sides of the house. He also said he could put up Victoria. Derrick said he can't put up Vic, but he could put up Christine because they never talk game together. Cody said he can't put up Christine.

Derrick said his biggest threat right now is Donny because Donny didn't mention his name when he said he trusts Cody/Zach/Hayden. He thinks Donny could go after him because he (Don) might think that he (Der) is the head of the Bomb Squad.

Cody & Derrick think it'd be a good thing if Victoria won HOH because they could influence her who to put up/send home. They mention how Christine wants Donny out. Cody wonders why, Derrick said he doesn't know and that's a good question.

(This is a very long convo, defintiley watch this on the  Flashback Feeds. Tons of game talk!)

**And that's it for the Overnighter!! :D I'll be back this afternoon with a new top post for y'all around 2pm BBT. (I have errands to run that I havent' been able to do for a couple weeks now. lol) Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Michelle Drake said...

This house is so boring and one sided I wish Devin would stay atleast there would be someone to fight to make move and to shake up the house

Michelle Drake said...

No one in the house can think for themselves I can see it already everyone will vote the same to the end because they are to afraid to make a splash they all might as well hand the money to Derrick

Gilbert said...

If last yr gm booted amanda then clueless victoria can send derrick home...she wouldn't know it...but she could just saying.


It's only week 3, last week people were making the same complaints about Devin. He's cancer, cut him out.

KNicole said...

Well said Michelle

Razldazlrr said...

lunch break for me - these people have made so many alliances, how can they keep track?

I don't like it that they recruit people for the game.

I can see Caleb on Survivor, that probably would have been a better show for his craziness!

Ok that Frankie comment to Caleb was pretty funny!

This is a boring bunch - that's for sure. We went from total crazy last year - to snooze this year.

RCW504 said...

Even though Devin is annoying he does make the house a little more interesting. I most how BB was played before when everyone voted how they wanted to vote. BB is about getting blood on ur hands. Donny is the only 1 so far that deserves to win. But who knows whats gonna happen in a couple of weeks.

Curtis Vanzandt said...

Anybody else think they should take this chance to get out a strong competitor in Caleb? I would understand a unanimous decision if Devin was up with Jocasta, Victoria, etc.. But Caleb is good at comps. Devin will remain a target no matter what.

Casey Hahn said...

I don't really like Frankie and I shockingly like Zach he has some good game techniques.

Angel Peugh said...

Why is Derrick always downing Donny? I thought that Derrick, Donny and Frankie were in a true alliance after being named as America's players?

Tony Akinremi said...

I think it silly to get rid of Devin or Caleb. They both make great bad guys and I couldn't imagine either winning BB.

brittany b said...


I think you should create a poll for everyone to vote on who they would rather like to see in a Showmance: Hayden/Nicole, Amber/Cody or Amber/Caleb :) HA! I think it would be fun to see the results!


Many a person has been sent home because they neglected to get rid of the obvious danger when they had the chance. They over think things because they have way too much time on their hands and their paranoia and that of the other HGs causes them to second guess themselves. It takes a disciplined and logical mind like Derrick's to resist the temptation to alter the plan. Devin is the target, evict him. Caleb is whipped so if you can control Amber you can manipulate him. Besides, he says he's a beast but that only showed in the first HOH comp.

DeniseG said...

Devin is really good at challenges and switches loyalties too much; Derrick is a really good player and realizes that he has to go now while they can

mellie said...

I love Derrick but why is he putting a target on Donny by talking about him to everyone? If i was Donny I wouldnt trust Derrick either. So much for Team America

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