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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon in the BB16 House

Good afternoon, y'all! Hope your Tuesday has been good so far. Since I wasn't able to be around this afternoon to blog, I'll do an Afternoon post to get us all caught up to speed.

"But first..."
Episode 3 of the BB16 Saga from Wil Heuser is up!! :D
(*This is my favorite one so far this season. lol Hilarious!!)

The Afternoon Post:
This week is pretty much done, everyone (including us fans) are just waiting until Thursday for the eviction show to take place. Devin even knows he's a goner. With that being said, he did some campaigning today.

At 12:09pm BBT, Devin went up to the HOH room to talk to Derrick about staying.
Devin: "I know Caleb volunteered to be go up on the block..I know you don't have a vote, but you have a lot of pull in this house..but if Amber was ever on the block next to you..(feeds switch to fishes)...
Derrick: "People are gonna do what they think is good for them, I don't have as much influence as you think. They could turn around and vote Caleb out..wouldn't shock me at all."
Devin: "I love this game..I'm not a superfan like you, but I don't wanna go home no matter how much I miss my daughter."

Devin tries his best & does make some good points (my fav being that the BS alliance is now nothing and it's a free-for-all) but ultimately, he's unable to gain traction.

1:18pm BBT:
Even Cody & Hayden agreed that Devin made valid points but there's "no way" he can stay at this point. As Cody/Hayden were discussing Devin's campaigning, inside the house Devin was in the bathroom trying to get Donny's vote to stay. 
Devin tells Donny he'd be loyal to Donny and that when the alliance (Bomb Squad) fell apart, he went to him (Donny) first to tell him. Devin reveals that he had Pao throw the last BOB comp. Donny asks Devin if she thew the swinging BOB comp, he says no. (*he didn't.) He said she just was really bad at swinging. lol
Donny listened to Devin but again, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

At 1:41pm BBT, Devin talked to Brittany in the kitchen.
Devin asked Brittany if his campaigning if working, wonders if anyone might be changing their votes to keeping him. Brittany says that everyone is too scared to change their vote, despite Devin having good points to stay over Caleb. She doesn't think the votes are gonna change. Brittany mentions that she doesn't know why some HG's listen to other HG's, she (B) votes the way she wants to and plays her own game. Devin brings up a good point that if any of the girls are up next to Amber, Caleb is gonna fight for Amber to stay.

At the same time Devin/Brittany were talking, Donny & Jocasta were outside talking game.
Donny warns Jocasta that they (Donny/Jocasta/Brittany/Victoria) are targets in the house and that he thinks they even have a "pecking order" for them & suggest that the 3 of them (D/J/B) agree to not nominate each other if they win HOH.

Jocasta: "So they got it all figured out..not even knowing who's gonna win anything."
Donny: "My girlfriend talked me into this. I'm gonna have to have a loooong talk with her."
Jocasta laughs.

They talk about Cody. They think if Cody won HOH, he wouldn't put her (Jo) up.
Derrick comes out to take HOH pics..
Donny: "I think him (Derrick) right there is the ring leader."
Jocasta: "I do too, Donny."

Speaking of HOH pics..

Hayden had the camera in the pool as Amber was getting in.
Amber: "Hayden, you're not takin' dirty pictures, are you?!"
Cody: "He is."

And here's your daily Victoria sighting..
2:40 pm BBT:
HOH pics are still being taken around the house.
2:47pm BBT:
Devin is still on his campaign trail. This time, it's to Zach.
Devin tells Zach he'd never put him up on the block and that making the alliance on Day 2 was a mistake. Devin tells Zach that if he's relying on Caleb to win HOH to keep him safe, it'd only be in physical comps..while he (Devin) could win any kind of comp (he's good at all of them. Very smart. But it makes him a bigger threat than Caleb because of that.)

Zach: "Here's my response: I agree with every f**king thing you're saying. And if the house was more 50/50, I'd for sure vote to keep you. Without a doubt. I'm not f**king lying to you. Because..Caleb's not gonna take me to Final 4.  I know that. You? I'm not so sure, but I have more confidence in you than him."

Devin: "It's just food for thought...I got PARANOID, bro. It's hard not to and be in that big of an alliance. I need 6 votes. But I mean, if there are 6 people that will keep me, I'll do whatever it takes. I wish I could go back and (play) differently."

**And that's it for the Afternoon Post!! I'm really hoping that with all these talks Devin's having with the houseguests, it gets a new train of thought going with them. Mix up the house, flip some votes, kick up the excitement a notch or two. Thursday is still 2 days away, so there's still plenty of time in BB land for some stuff hit the fan. I'm hopeful! lol

I'll be back tomorrow morning with The Overnighter. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! (**PS..a huge thank you to everyone who has signed up for the feeds through the blog and/or have donated to help keep it running. I REALLY appreciate all of y'all support this season, so thank you!!!)

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Stay tuned...
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Jennifer Winchel said...

it's so sad when wil's videos are my favorite part of the show...I'd love him on all stars, but would miss his "take" on things too much!

Lori Bell said...

Omg I love wils videos!!! Hilariously accurate

C.Montes said...

Whoa I missed so much in the last couple days. My daughter was unfortunately back in the hospital again and now Im tryna find out what's going on with BB. thanks Jamie for making it so easy for me to catch up and stay informed with my addiction.


Stephanie Kitchens said...

Hqhahha Wil does an excellent Donny! Spot on! just like he did an amazing Elissa last year! God he is so funny.

Gilbert said...

LOVE this blog thank u!!! I want zach to win hoh but only cuz i want some zankie panky in the hoh room!!!

Patricia Grosse said...

This year I'm keeping up the game on your great blog Jaime. I have a sister who is battling breast cancer whom I am helping. (She has a good prognosis thankfully!)

I love this show and miss the craziness of it. I am grateful for all of your hard work to keep us up to date on the house.

Thanks for the good work!

KNicole said...

Patricia my prayers for your sister. My mom is a survivor. Just keep good positive thoughts.

Jamie said...

Aww Pat! I'm so sorry to hear about your sis, but glad it's a good outlook! Yayy! :D You're amazing for taking such good care of her.


Razldazlrr said...

oh my c montes - so sorry about your daughter - I hope she is feeling much better

And Pat - your poor sister - glad to hear it's a good prognosis.

OK - the video is so funny! Wil is really talented!

Jamie said...

C Monte
aww hunny, I hope your daughter is feeling better! :(

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