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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Happy Tuesday, BB addicts!! Today in the BB16 house, Cody will be getting his HOH camera to take pics in the house and also will be doing his HOH blog. Other than that, it's just a waiting game until Thursday when Brittany will be going out the door. In case you missed it yesterday, Victoria pulled herself off the block and Donny was the renom, making it Brittany/Donny on the block this week. Brittany will most definitely be the one going home.

In other news, it appears that the live feeds glitch is now fixed! Yayy!! At least on my end it is. (I tested it out in 3 browsers and all of them worked flawlessly). Ahhh it's good to have my feeds back. Let the feeds addiction continue. ;) hehe

Okay, so last night nothing much happened. The houseguests were relaxing, shooting pool...
..telling stories around the hot tub, taking naps, and cleaning up the messy kitchen that has recently become a hot destination resort for ants. lol
There were little snippets of game talk throughout the night, such as between Frankie & Derrick (8:39pm BBT). Derrick said that Frankie was the one who got the last word in with Cody pre-veto ceremony.
Derrick said that Caleb has "no idea how close Caleb came to being evicted this week". Frankie then talked about taking Derrick to see a Broadway show and how much the lead in Broadway shows make in New York ($10k-$30k/week depending on who the lead is). Frankie suggests Derrick see "Wicked" as his first musical. 

Meanwhile across the yard...
Zach and Victoria (who thinks she's actually part of the BB game now that she has "won" a comp..even though it was literally handed to her after Caleb took her $5k prize from her and she ended up with the veto by accident lol) has been talking game to a few people last night.
Zach: "If I win HOH, I'm putting up Jocasta and Amber. Who would you put up?"
Victoria: "Probably them. Can't stand Amber. I don't know about Jocasta, but Amber for sure."

At 9:49pm BBT, comp beast Victoria was talking to Derrick in the backyard.
Derrick was trying to get info from her to see where her heads at and what she's heard. Derrick tells Vic that Brittany's going home this week. Victoria then bashed on Brittany saying she was "vicious" and "rude". Derrick tells Vic to be careful of what she tells Zach (he saw them talking in the hammock earlier).

10:32pm BBT, Zankie is hanging out on the hammock talking a little bit of game. Zach is hoping they both win HOH on Thursday.
Frankie said he wants Amber to get backdoored but Zach would have to do that, he can't. They go over who else they'd put up (basically everyone not in their alliance).

Cody/Donny had a talk in the Fire Bedroom (11:50pm BBT). Cody was doing damage control from nominating Donny after telling him minutes before the veto ceremony that he wouldn't.
Cody: "You're not going anywhere, you're NOT going home."
Donny: "Well I'm just gonna talk about non-game things."

Cody says that Brittany is so paranoid that she's "digging her own grave".
Cody said that he picked Donny to ensure that Brittany goes home. Donny said if that's the case, then he understands why he was the replacement nom, though he's not happy about it.

In the HOH room later on in the night (1:26am BBT), Derrick & Cody talked to Caleb (Frankie was there as well).
Cody told Caleb that Victoria/Donny were wondering why he (Caleb) felt safe enough to not take the veto and to take the $5k instead. Caleb wants Victoria to go next. Derrick said he wouldn't care who goes home next week: Jocasta/Donny/Victoria.

Derrick said that if Brit/Jocasta would've won HOH, at least "2 of them" (the boys) would've been put up on the block this week.  Derrick is happy that they still have the numbers in the house and that if 2 of them ended up on the block, they'd most likely win the BOB comp. Derrick thinks Victoria would put one of them up, but not him (Der) and that he controls her vote.

**That's it for The Overnighter!! :D I'll be back later on for the Morning/Afternoon post. Currently (8:44am BBT), all houseguests are snoozing on the live feeds.

Stay tuned...
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Ashley said...

I hate that Derrick keeps throwing Donny under the bus! He doesn't seem to be very committed to team America... I wouldn't mind seeing him go soon!

loveaustintx said...

I wonder if Derrick throwing Donny under the bus is on purpose to keep any suspicion from arising that he and Donny are in an alliance. He can not throw Frankie under the bus because of the big alliance they are both in and Donny is not apart of.


Team America is an alliance of convenience, a way to make easy money. I don't think anybody takes it really seriously despite what they say. They will honor it as long as it lasts.

DeniseG said...

I don't really understand why so many people really like Donny. I don't dislike him, but why is he America's favorite?

Andy Tatnall said...

I really wish someone not in the Detonators would win (and retain) HOH. I like several of its members, but we need some drama badly this season.

Casey Hahn said...

Can't stand Cody he's a disappointment. I was Nicole to win but Derrick is really good that this game. And I can't stand Frankie!! Ugh

Anonymous said...

Lol, Victoria would put up Jocasta and Amber? Honestly what does she think is going on? The rest of the season is so predictable, Jocasta and Donny will follow Victoria, and after that Caleb and Amber (although maybe Amber will stay another couple weeks if she can distance herself from Caleb). Then the trio of Nicole Hayden and Christine will probably go, unless Christine ditches the other 2. We need an HoH like Jocasta to finally nominate some of the guys, or this season will become so monotonous.

AmiLrn said...

He's my fav because he just seems so sincere and earnest. Also he seems very compassionate and cares about people

Anonymous said...

I think people like Donny because in a game where people lie, cheat and generally treat each other like garbage, Donny plays a smart game while still retaining his humanity. He's kind to people and tries to play fairly honest. I appreciate that quality. I love me some drama but I enjoy watching someone play with compassion and no need to bully or berate people.

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