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Monday, July 21, 2014

Afternoon: Part 2

Good evening, ladies & gents! As I posted earlier, the Veto Ceremony was held today. Victoria, veto winner, took herself off the block and then Cody replaced her with Donny. Now, this wouldn't have been too much of a shocker if Cody had not promised Donny just minutes prior to the Veto Ceremony starting that he would not put him up. (He was going to put up Caleb.) With that being said, Donny has his eyes set on Derrick if he wins HOH. Jocasta as well. They're both on to Derrick as well for being the "head of the snake".

Speaking of Jocasta/Donny, there was a conversation this afternoon at 4:53pm BBT on the feeds that I wanted to share with you guys.

4:53pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Camera 2
Donny: "There's 4 people that haven't been on the block yet."
Jocasta: "Christine..Frankie..Cody..and..."
Donny: "Derrick."
Jocasta: "..Derrick."
Donny: "They don't know what it feels like. Well you just think before Thursday night who you'd put up there if you won Head of Household."
Jocasta: "Mm hmm."

Donny decides to get up and help Hayden out with something before going on his backyard walk. Jocasta goes to the hammock to read her bible.

In other news from today...
*Cody is trying to distance himself from Zach because he's becoming too big of a target.
*Derrick said Donny being the renom is the "Nail in the coffin" for Brit, she's for sure going home.
*Cody told Hayden that if Caleb doesn't win HOH, he'll be drawing "a line in the sand" with Caleb.
*Donny told Brit that the other side of the house is gunning for him/Vic/Jocasta/Brit.
*Cody is not happy with nominating Donny, he "feels like a b*tch" for not putting up Caleb.
*Amber told Cody she hopes her/Caleb aren't alone in the jury house together, though Amber is "staying close" to Caleb for game purposes, per Brittany's advice.
*Donny told Victoria (7:36pm BBT) that he's not mad at Cody for putting him up and hopes Cody's not sad.

And last but not least...

BB16 Saga: Episode 4

**LOL!!! Loved what he did with Victoria!! Hilarious!

Okie dokie, I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter!! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Suzie Thomson said...

I wonder if Amber gets evicted if Caleb will push for himself to be evicted next, just to be with her in the jury house.

Wil's "Victoria" was hilarious! LOL!

Angie J. said...

Ah, the forgotten houseguest. Poor Victoria. lol I love Wil's BB parodies. Hilarious!

Razldazlrr said...

OK - Wil was hysterical - that might be one of his best! Jacosta with the tongues and the Victoria sightings! LOL

Stephanie Williams said...

Not at jury point yet

Jamie said...

yea, Jury will start not this week but the next i believe.

Robert Chambers said...

Derrick is starting to become my least favorite!

UnionGrl said...

The mistake of not taking Caleb out before jury will haunt this house until the end of the show. Amber has good reason to be concerned about sharing the jury house with that nut ball.

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