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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Water Balloon Fight!!

Hello BB addicts! I have a late night treat for y'all!! I was gonna post this in the Overnighter but figured this was too fun to not post tonight. lol

This is all started when Amber & Brittany were going through the condoms in the house and found some missing. (They joked it was Frankie/Zach that used them. lol) Then they got the brilliant idea to have a water-balloon/condom fight. The rest is history! (FYI: I'm not sure what the white powder is...baking flour? I missed that part.)

**You can watch all of this on the Flashback Feeds! (Pss..comes with a 2 day free trial to see what I see everyday!)

7:22pm BBT:
All Cams

 *in Australian crocodile hunter voice*
"The hunter captures it's prey, with it firmly in its grasp.."

 Caleb then follows Amber into the bathroom to help her clean up.

It's so nice to see the HG's be able to put game aside and have fun together, especially after all the drama yesterday. lol Good times! :D Back to the feeds I go & then it's bedtime for this chicky!

Stay tuned...
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Gina Barkoo said...

Hi there does anyone know if I can access the online live feeds on my smartphone without having to download software? Thx

Richard Welch said...

What kind of phone do you got

Richard Welch said...

What kind of phone do you got

Skeeter Bug said...

Your crocodile hunter commentary made my day... hahaha!!!

DeniseG said...

On BBAD last night Caleb mentioned that he got to help Amber clean her hair, now I know what he was talking about! He's still infatuated with her.

Love this blog!

amethyst427 said...

Gina, you should be able to go to the CBS website, log in to your account and watch the live feeds

Gina Barkoo said...


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