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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weds Night BB16 Episode

Good evening, ladies & gents! I just got back near a computer for tonight's BB16 episode. Tonight's show will have the Veto Comp & POV Ceremony, where Victoria (veto winner) will take herself off the block. We'll also see the conversations that Cody has with Donny, where he tells him he won't put him up as the replacement nom, and then how Cody was talked out of it just minutes before the ceremony began.

See y'all in the comment section!!

At 4:59pm BBT on the live feeds, Frankie was crying because BB informed him that his grandpa passed away. :(
Frankie's grandpa didn't want Frankie to quit the show, so Frankie is staying. My condolences to him and their family.

All the houseguests (minus Caleb, he was sleeping) were there to offer their sympathy and support as Frankie read the letter his family wrote him. 

Frankie: "He was an amazing man. His name was Frank." 

Stay tuned...
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Jared said... seems like you've had an extremely long day! Relax tonight, grab a beer, take a break, and go to bed early! Can't blog if you die of exhaustion!

A.S. said...

Frankie's Grandfather died will they tell him?

Razldazlrr said...

ohhh - that's really sad!!!
jamie - i couldn't get into chat tonite for the show - booooo

Jamie said...

Jared: will do! (I don't drink, though lol I'll grab an iced tea instead haha ;))

Raz: yea the chat room was broken tonight but it's fixed! I'll test it out an hour before the show to make sure it's still ready to go! :D

Anonymous said...

Very strange choice by Nicole trading for POV instead of the trip to Germany when she had no use for it and Victoria was still in the comp so it was guaranteed to be taken from her.


DeniseG said...

Watching BBAD and Frankie's talk about his grandpa. Tears in my eyes now.


On BBAD, real classy of BB roduction to chastise Victoria and Zach right in the middle of Frankie's eulogy for his grandpa. Kudos to TVGN for giving him time without commercial interruption.

Lori Bell said...

This season everyone seems to want to avoid winning competitions and just all be floaters. I wish they had more competitor blood in them.

Anonymous said...

It was the correct move by Nicole. She's nominally part of an alliance, and to stay on their good side, taking the veto is the right game move. Not only that, but it's the very best way to ensure that she's not used as a pawn. Admittedly, someone was going to take it out of her hands... But then you have idiot players like Caleb, so there's always a chance greed will let you keep the veto. (Although I acknowledge that in this particular instance, Victoria wasn't going to allow Nicole to keep it no matter what, it was still the right move to be seen as a team player.)

Also: I'm sad that Frankie is going to have to deal with the loss of his grandfather. If it was agreed upon beforehand that he wouldn't quit the game to go to the funeral, I suppose the best way to honor those wishes is to stay.

Anonymous said...


The only alliance I consider Nicole a part of is with Hayden and Christine. She was never even in the now defunct Bomb Squad. And even if you say she just wanted to stay in the good graces of those in power no one is going to give her much if any credit at all for taking POV that 100% was going to be taken from her in the end and to the best of my knowledge no one did.


Stephanie Kitchens said...


I think the only person who even mentioned Nicoke trying to get the veto was Cody. He said he wouldn't even consider putting her up because she faught hard for the veto. But I doubt putting her up was ever even an option for him. She doesn't seem to be on anybody's radar.

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