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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weds: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday to y'al!! :D The Overnighter is gonna be short & sweet because I have to go to work in about 45 mins. Luckily, I was up all night watching the feeds (and was Tweeting all night on Twitter) so I have my screenshots ready to go!

Okay, so yesterday Brittany did a lot of campaigning..
..but it hasn't helped her at all. She'll still be going out the door tomorrow. Last night, there was a little bit of drama, a lot of awkwardness, and some alcohol fueled laughs. Oh, and Caleb tweaked his knee while running in the backyard, but shortly afterwards he was okay and walking around just fine.

Let's get to The Overnighter, shall we?! :D

**Everything I post below, can be watch by using the Flashback Feeds feature that comes with your live feeds pass!

At 7:19pm BBT, Jocasta and Cody were in the HOH room talking for awhile when she then grabbed her Bible and started to "save" Cody. She read him passages in her bible, made him read some passages...

 ...and by the end of it all, he was saved!
Jocasta was so happy, she cried. They had a nice, long hug at the end.
(I'm not sure what prompted all of this, as I came into the conversation late from watching other cams.)

7:38pm BBT:
With the hopes that they would get a nice sized booze delivery from BB, the HG's started to dress up for the night. Caleb walked into the bathroom and saw Amber nicely dressed up for the evening and that just made his obsession with her get that much more intense. He told Frankie that he would "marry that girl, in the backyard".
7:58pm BBT:
Let the drama begin!! Zach, who tends to be self-destructive when he's "bored" (his words, not mine), has been having fun with Brittany by making her think that she's staying this week. (This also pissed Cody off later on in the night because he doesn't think it's funny.)

Zach went up to the HOH room, laughing about how he just told Brittany (while she was campaigning to him) for her to call a house meeting about who's voting for whom and why she should stay, etc. Cody was LIVID!!!!
He was pissed at Zach because the only repercussions that could happen from a house meeting, would fall solely on him and mess up his game.
Zach didn't think it was a big deal, but then quickly saw how mad Cody truly was at him and tried to diffuse the situation by saying he'd tell Brittany not to hold the house meeting.
Frankie was there for most of this. When Zach left at one point, Frankie locked the door so that him and Cody could talk. Cody told Frankie that Zach's gonna screw up all their games and that he's "f**king up BAD!" Frankie said he knows.

8:33pm BBT:
Zach told Derrick about how he tried to get Brittany to hold a house meeting and how pissed off Cody was for him trying to do that.
A minute later, Zach went and diffused the situation by telling Brittany to not hold a house meeting. She agreed.
Afterwards, he went and told Cody that everything is cool now, he told Brittany not to hold the meeting and she agreed.
9:26pm BBT:
Let the festivities begin!! :D Frankie went as an alter ego, "Frank", complete with a Brooklyn accent. (This isn't the first time he's become this character. All the girls love "Frank"!)

BB gave them 16 beers and 2 bottles of wine. (A far cry from the usual 6 beers & 2 bottles of wine.)

**Fun Fact: Derrick tried to get us feed watchers to get #MoreBooze trending on Twitter in hopes that BB would give them more alcohol. Within about 10-20 mins, it was a Worldwide Trending Topic! Well done, BB fans!! :D 

Before the night could barely start, Caleb asked Amber in front of all the houseguests if she'd go join him for a date in the backyard and that he had a place set up for them already. With everyone looking at her and feeling pressured, she said "FINE!" and off they went.
I could only stand to watch about 20 mins of their date before I couldn't stomach it anymore. lol It was extremely awkward, totally one-sided, and filled with stories about Caleb's life.
If he said one thing, and Amber disagreed, he'd quickly change his story to match hers. It was not pretty to watch. lol

Okay, I have like 5 more mins before I have to jet off to work, so let me sum up the rest of the night:

*Caleb said that was "the best date" he's ever been on
*Amber hated it & told Jocasta she wants to find a way to tell Caleb to stop pursuing her without it screwing with her game and without pissing him off to the point where he blows up
*Cody patched things up Zach, on the surface, but still is ticked at him
*Victoria got drunk last night and was all over "Frank"
*Frank kissed Victoria (no tongue action, per Frankie's description lol)
*Frank also kissed Brittany on the lips

**Okie dokie, that's it for The Overnighter!! Hopefully I covered the juicy & important stuff. Last night was the 1st night this season that I was absolutely glued to the feeds!! I couldn't stop watching. It was GREAT!! lol Hopefully we have many, many more nights like last night ahead of us. We're not even at the half-way point yet, jury hasn't started, and there's still soooo much game left to be played. I have a feeling that this season has only just begun with drama and awkwardness. ;) lol

Alrighty, I'll be back with an Afternoon Post later on! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!!

Stay tuned...
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Janie Daily ~ Intuitive Coach for All areas of your Life said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sweetpea884 said...

Both Brittany and Amber were all over Cody last night it was ridiculous. Amber got super jealous that Brittany was sleeping in the HOH room with Cody

Janie Daily ~ Intuitive Coach for All areas of your Life said...

Now I can post! Yay! Caleb is an example of how some people only want to see what they see! I agree with you, Jamie! Difficult to watch the "date".. I hope it gets more exciting and people start playing the game. Donny's smarter than the HG think.. I'm hoping he plays some major game! Have a great day!

Joni said...

Do you know what they normally do when a family member passes away? Just saw Ariana Grande's tweet that her gpa died yesterday. Gpa said not to pull frankie out of BB, but do they tell him?

Micheala Sears said...


ugghhh, caleb just needs to stop...

ps way to go for derrick getting #morebooze trending XD thats funny

brittany b said...

Frankie's grandfather passed away last night. Do you think producers will tell Frankie? Will they show any of this?

Ricky said...

Calebs Uncle passed away last week and they haven't told him yet either

Steve Robbins said...

IMHO, Caleb is displaying an awful lot of sexual predator red flags over how he interacts with or about Amber.
Cody not putting up Caleb, and the Brit hate is only another week putting both Amber and Caleb in the Jury House together, where I can't imagine there's nearly as much scrutiny.

I'm sorry if I'm coming off as alarmist, it's just that Caleb's actions alarm me with each passing day.

Anonymous said...

Looks like BB at least recognizes things have been pretty boring these last couple weeks and pumped the house with extra booze to spice things up.


Anonymous said...


At least once in the Jury House Amber can freely tell Caleb look dude back off I'm totally not interested in you without fear of repercussions in the game. While they're still in the BB house she feels she can't do that without it hurting her game which has fueled his delusional obsession by giving him hope.


AuntRoniRocks said...

I SOOO wish they would have backdoored Caleb - He's just gone psycho... He's WAY to into Amber and maybe that IS part of his game, but it's not cool to make her feel that uncomfortable. Then again, she keeps playing with him, too, so she's not Miss Innocent... She could have fought harder to make the move, but she just let it ride because she's so focused on Britt.

I'd LOVE if they kicked out Amber JUST so that Caleb would go nuts and they'd HAVE to vote him out... Oh wishful thinking...

Riverdale Mom said...

According to TMZ...Frankie has been left in the dark. Maybe the family pre - decided this...of not, it is just plain wrong.

DeniseG said...

BB needs to make sure Caleb and Amber aren't alone in the jury house-he scares me.

Also, does anyone know what Brittany did to make e wry one want her out? She seems fairly harmless.

Drea said...

Hey don't worry Steve, I think there are so many people who agree with you. He has displayed so many red flags it's very scary. Hope they don't end up in jury together even though they are well protected the sooner they get apart the better for both, and us it's hard to watch. I am sure Amber is scared and that's the reason she has not blown up with his actions. Guess we will have to wait and see!


As far as Caleb is concerned, he's in an environment where nobody is going to tell him no. Once outside, he will be among people that will tell him he's been an idiot from the start, he will be able to watch his idiocy evolve by watching the tapes. Hopefully that will shake him out of his delusion. Hopefully he will be evicted before jury and have plenty of time to clear his head once he finds out it isn't red carpets and limos. Hopefully.

Anonymous said...

I think it is incredibly immoral that Frankie's family has chosen not to tell him. This is just a game and Frankie is very family oriented. I have no doubt in my mind he would want to be with his family and say good bye to his grandpa. If they don't tell him and let him decide for himself I think it will cause him a lifetime of regret and something he will never forgive them for.

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