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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weds: The Overnighter

Goooood morning, BB addicts!! :D It's Wednesday, which means tomorrow we will have 2 new HOH's in the house and new houseguests scrambling to save themselves. I'm pulling for a Jocasta win, only because nobody knows what she would do and it would make a majority of the house go into freak-out mode. hehe ;) On the other hand, if Jocasta won HOH tomorrow, she could very well go after Derrick (one of my favs this season).

As I was gathering up the Overnighter this morning, I turned on the live feeds and saw Derrick/Cody were still up talking. They were trying to come up with a name for their Final 2 alliance. Ladies and gents, I present to you...
The "Hitmen"Alliance
After they finally came up with their name (6:18am BBT), Derrick then talked to us live feed watchers to tell us where his head's at:
*Derrick is hoping someone in one of his alliances wins HOH tomorrow
*he hopes he's playing a good game
*didn't know how much sleep he'd lose in the house, mind is racing
*thinks Cody is loyal "to the end"
*he's loyal to Cody & Team America
*thinks "The Deteonators" alliance (Der/Co/Zach/Fra/Chri) could work, couple of weak spots
*the "LTA" alliance (Der/Cod/Zach) is a joke, something Zach made up.
*the "Bomb Squad" alliance is a joke, always has been.
*he's trying to not be seen as a threat in the house (**Donny/Jocasta have their eyes set on him.)

If you wanna flashback to Derrick's long talk, go to around 6:30am BBT this morning on cams 1 & 2 on the Flashback Feeds.

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll post it below!

5:20pm BBT:
HOH Room

Yesterday, Zach/Derrick/Cody talked about how they don't trust Brittany and don't know who she'd put up if she won HOH, so they thought about maybe making an alliance with her to ensure their safety this week. So Zach/Derrick made an "alliance"..more like a deal...with Brittany, to never put each other up. This was just their attempt at covering yet another base before tomorrow's HOH comp. They then talked about Victoria.

Zach: "Does she talk game to you?"
Brittany: "No!"
Zach: "She's an idiot."
Brittany: "I don't know what she's here for."
Zach: "Does she know we're playing a game??"
Brittany: "No. She thinks 'Oh my God I'm on TV, let me do my hair 15 times a day'."
Zach: "I cannot stand her. CANNOT stand her. I CANNOT STAND VICTORIA."

Brittany said she makes her blood boil.

8:06pm BBT:
HOH Room
Zach fills in Cody about him/Derrick's convo with Brittany.

Zach: "Brittany was like 'I only trust you three, we should be in an alliance'. I would've said yes right there but I look at Derrick and he said 'it's not my call, it's Calzone's' (Cody).' It's not a real alliance, know what I mean."

9:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Zach tells Victoria that he wants Frankie & Caleb gone. He said Frankie's social game is good and has power of people in the house. Zach said he trusts Brittany.

Zach: "I don't see you as a threat. You and Nicole are literally the last 2 people I want gone." (*lol)
Zach: "I'm not out to get Frankie, but he needs to sooner than later."
Victoria said she's scared of Donny winning HOH because

Zach: "Do you talk game to Frankie?"
Victoria: "Yea."
Zach: "What does he say?"
Victoria: "I don't wanna say."
Zach: "Donny/Jocasta are together. You talk to Amber at all?"
Victoria: "We were kinda close, game wise, when Pao was still here."

Zach: "It's week 4 now and you need to know who's on your side and who's not. I'm trying to figure it out.."
Zach: "I hope we both win HOH. I'd put up Amber/Donny, you put up Caleb/Frankie.." (*Way to lay the ground work, Zach.)

9:16pm BBT:
A little Hayden/Nicole flirting.
Hayden won't give Nicole her water bottle back. lol
 Hayden: "It's like 4th grade all over again! Ribbit...ribbit..ribbit.."

11:00pm BBT:
Amber is telling Cody that it sucks with Caleb being so obsessed with her and how she feels like she can't even talk to Cody one on one without there being a problem.

Cody: "You shouldn't have to feel like that."
Amber: "It sucks."
Cody: "I'm over the fact that he's pissed when we talk."

11:04pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
The girls plan on throwing 2 votes (to save Devin) so that people think it was Donny & Jocasta (or possibly Brittany). (**Oooo this has potential for some drama! :D) They'll make the vote 10-2.
Christine: "Let's do it!"
*giggles all around*

11:35pm BBT:
Cody/Amber have been talking and flirting. (**Since Cody flirts with every girl in the house, I don't ever read into his flirtations..but how cute would they be together!)

Cody: "Eww you just stuck your toe in my ear!"
Amber: "You loved it."

1:00am BBT:
Storage Room
Cody is filling Zach in with his convo with Amber. Zach tells him that Caleb was watching them the whole time.

Cody: "Really??...that's annoying. Like, let it go dude."
Zach: "It's not in the cards for you (Caleb), bro."
Cody: "It's not like I'm sittin' there sayin 'Yeaaa let's f**kin' hookup!', I know that's what's in his head."

Zach tells Cody he's throwing HOH tomorrow. Cody tells him to not say that outloud to anyone.

Cody: "I'm not throwin' it because I don't wanna be on the block. At this point, who the f**k knows who's gonna be put up! People might start being like who hasn't been on the block..(and nominate them)...I'd put Victoria up in a second. And Jocasta."
Zach: "Think it'll be endurance?"
Cody: "I dunno."

They talk about Brittany. Cody wants to be able to trust Brit, but she's an "ass kisser" and makes him not trust her. Both boys agree to not put up Donny if they win HOH.

Zach: "I'm not puttin' up Donny. He's my boy."
Cody: "Yea me neither."

Cody farts.
Cody: "Ooo, excuse me." (*lol)

**This is a long convo that is definitely worth the look on the Flashback Feeds.

2:00am BBT:
Caleb alone in the backyard, looking sad. (No doubt because of Amber/Cody talking for awhile on the hammock.)

3:00am BBT:
Caleb is complaining about Amber. Again.
Caleb: "I'm not saying I wanna go home, I'm just saying I can't wait to be home and be around people that love me and hang out with me. When I look in their face, I know how they feel. In here, anyone can be lying to you. Know what I mean?"

He tells Frankie about his convo in the HOH room the other day. (I already covered that.) He said he put $500,000 on the line for her but how she didn't ask him to do that.

Caleb: "At the end of the day, I think umm..who knows, I guess."
Frankie: "You gotta put yourself first though."
Caleb: "She says all this stuff and I dunno if she means it or not. I gotta keep my head in the's a bit irritating."

By 3:20am BBT, Devin/Caleb were in the Have Nots room talking. Devin warns Caleb that Amber could be using him for her game and that even Frankie agreed on that. Caleb said he's about to play the game just for himself. Devin tells him to focus on the mental comps because there's gonna be more mental than physical comps, so get his head into the game. (**Good advice, Devin!)

Devin: "This isn't the place to find love. You find love after you win $500,000 grand."

3:47am BBT:
HOH Room
The Detonators alliance is formed!
Frankie/Derrick/Zach/Christine/Cody. They all did their 'turn the keys & watch it explode' handshake thingy.

Derrick: "Please let's not screw this alliance up."
Zach: "Yea, or else we're gonna look like a**holes."
Derrick: "We already look like a**holes." (*lol)

**And that's it for The Overnighter! The rest of the night was "Who would you put up if you won HOH?" talks with various HG's but as we all know, that change in a heartbeat in that house. Some of the convos are repeated conversations that I've already covered anyway (mostly rehashing/retells). I'll be back in a few hours once the HG's wake up & there's more to cover! :D

Stay tuned...
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Kenzie Clay said...

I don't understand Donny. If he's so loyal to the TA alliance then why is he always painting targets on Derrick's back?

westexer said...

I think Zach and Frankie have a good final 2 deal too. They are going in some very different directions yet keeping each other informed...well now they are anyway.

Tony Akinremi said...

Donny knows he can't trust Derrick or Frankie, they've both lied to him.

Hope Donny keeps winning challenges. If he doesn't it looks like Frankie and Derrick will try to get him out soon.

I hope Jocasta and Donny win HoH. They would definitely shakeup the house.

Kaycee14 said...

Derrick is the one who interpreted TA as America wanting them to be in an alliance. I think Donny agreed to it, but didn't really buy into it. Donny thinks the Bomb Squad is still active and that Derrick is the leader, so he doesn't see the TA alliance as real.

Razldazlrr said...

Early lunch break! OK - Brit talking about Victoria below was so funny - she doesn't know she's in a game! LOL I believe it

These people have so many alliances, how can they even keep them straight? Christine and Nicole are pretty tricky - I think they are a force if they work it smart.

Do we have any back story on Cody? Does he have a gf at home? He seems like a guy that always has a gf.

Jamie said...

Raz!!! :D Happy early lunch to ya!
Yea im not sure if Cody is single or not (I'd have to go back and watch his interview with Jeff). He was telling Amber last night that he had a girl of 2 yrs but are broke up now. Not sure if that's his latest break up or not though.

KNicole said...

That would be dumb of them. They would miss out on some easy money from team America challenges.

Punkinbugg said...

Frankie did an amazing, hilarious improv last night around 9:31 BBT. First he was a frat boy arguing with another frat boy (Hayden) about hooking up with a girl named Rachel, using their battery packs like cell phones. Then he became Rachel, a drunk sorority girl, then that morphed into his Southern Belle mama voice, and it turns out she was Rachel's mother. As the parent of an actress, I'm impressed with his concentration & attention to detail. He will have a bigger career after BB16, that's for sure.

C.Montes said...

Am I the only one that wishes they could Evict 2 people a week for the first few weeks? Lol I wish we could lose the people that are just sitting there wasting space. Aka Jacosta, Victoria. Paola and Joey should've left in the same week. Lol


Jamie said...

Catty..omg me too!!! lol it'd kick the show into high gear from the beginning.

The Real Sports Line said...

This is just random but does anyone think Caleb looks like Russel from the show survivor?

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