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Friday, August 15, 2014

Afternoon in the BB16 House

Happy TGIFriday, y'all! :D There's no Overnighter today because I had to work all morning (just got home) and the Nominations Ceremony is currently underway. Before I left for work, it looked like it should be Christine/Donny per Derrick, and Cody/Caleb per Frankie. (They made the decision of who to go up by drawing skittles last night.) Christine is supposed to throw the BOB Comp today so that Donny remains on the block and as long as he doesn't win veto, he'll be the one evicted this week.

As soon as the feeds come back on, I'll post the confirmed nominations.

Nominated for Eviction are:
Donny/Christine & Cody/Caleb
11:54am BBT:
Feeds are back!

Frankie is talking about his sister, again. Victoria is in the kitchen. Derrick has just joined everyone in the Rock bedroom. (Feeds keep going on/off from fishies.)

12:02pm BBT:
Donny is eating.
Frankie is talking YouTube'er, Jenna Marbles and how she "probably makes $50k a month".

12:03pm BBT:
Frankie: " sister" (*hits mute button*)

12:06pm BBT:
Frankie leaves bedroom. (*un-mutes feeds*)
Caleb is talking about wildebeests & lions.
Christine: "I can't listen to this! I will cry & throw up!"

Caleb is trying to compare animals to humans so that Christine can see the story of the baby wildebeest VS the lion (the baby lived and was reunited with its family, the lions ran off). Christine said you can't compare animals to humans and she understands it's nature but doesn't wanna hear it.

12:13pm BBT:
Christine is running her fingers on Derrick's arm/elbow.
Derrick/Caleb/Christine/Cody are having a light hearted conversation about talking dogs.

Caleb: "Dogs are smarter than animals. Animals are smart, dude. Not all of'em!"
Caleb is now talking about someone he knows that punched a horse in his mouth. (*I can't listen to this.)

**Nothing is really happening. Caleb & Frankie keep telling stories that are making the feeds go to fishies and I don't expect any game talk to happen until after the BOB Comp later on today. If anything happens, I'll update this post, so check back here & there. :)

Stay tuned...
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James said...

It would be awesome if somehow (like last week) it would be possible to win BOB by yourself irregardless if Christine throws it and Cody Caleb were the nominees. Then somehow Caleb wins POV and Derrick goes up after Frankie flips. I would love to see Der/Cod on the block, although unlikely to happen. Der would probably stay and good riddance Cody.

James D.

Andy Tatnall said...

As we saw in BB14, simply being the puppetmaster doesn't get you the win. If Derrick wants to win at the end (assuming he makes it), he's going to need at least one major move to his credit to impress the other houseguests. This week would be a great time to pull that move off, and eject someone like Frankie (assuming Christine goes through with the plan to throw BOB). Of course, there's the risk that the person he kicks out could come back in, but he also won't be able to play for HOH next week, meaning it'll be down to 6 players by the time he can win again, and that might be too late.

shana said...

I'm so disappointed in the HOH's and their nominations, Both are TA and per Derricks own words he's TA all the way but still turns on Donny who has nobody in the house that has his back! They don't include him in anything. I absolutely love Donny and I hope he can win BOB and stay safe, I know it's a game and Derricks game play is awesome if he takes Donny to the end he still would win but they are so scared of ONE person I mean come on these kids can run circles around Donny. What a waste of HOH

Kern's Kreations said...

Noooooooo Derrick. Get that skank-o-pottomus off your elbow dude.

Unknown said...

If you all want a good laugh, flashback to (last night) August 15, 2:06 am (Cam 3). Caleb tries to do a bicycle kick and falls. I watched it over and over I was laughing so hard I was crying!! He has been pretty full of himself since he got some food in his system! I really hope Donny can pull a win out on his own today :)


Angela Foster said...


wake me up when something exciting happens...

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Shana - Derrick isn't really Team America all the way. If he could hand-pick his final 3, it would be him, Cody, and Victoria. He's never really been for keeping Donny long-term; he just has avoided getting that blood on his hands (using TA as the reason).

Angela said...

Ha! I was thinking the same thing. Gross

michelaine said...

Skank-o-pottomus! LOL! That's my new favorite word!

Anonymous said...

Caleb disgusts me whenever he talks about animals. I have to turn off the feeds or switch cameras

Ste ven said...

People will never learn that purposely being on the block often backfires. Christine, as the only girl, in that Bros Alliance, will get her throats slashed pretty fast. Please someone get rid of Frankie and spare us. His ego soon will not be able to be contained within that house

Ste ven said...

Don't know what BOB is but hopefully Christine has learned that throwing = playing and sabotaging vs sitting down. I want to know what the rule book says. If it's a challenge that requires 2 people ie the swinging and throwing liquid into the glasses, what would happen if someone refused to participated. Would they just forfeit? Would they be punished? BB counts on those comps to fill a significant amount of airtime on the show

Gwen Keaton said...

I read another post which makes sense. How can they evict one of TA? Don't they know America voted for them to be TA.? Another reason to not like Frankie & Derrick, even though he's playing a good game. I would like to know that if one of TA goes do the remaining 2 get to keep playing or is TA over??

Rachel said...

They shld be penalized for throwing hoh's or bob's and pov's. This is such bs. Donny has been targeted since the first week he's nvr included in anything, it's actually sad that that keep picking on him. Go after other ppl like Frankie Caleb or Christine! Get them out now! Especially self absorbed Frankie and I came to bb to have an affair Christine! Those two have done more harm in the house and to others hand than poor Donny! Christine is stupid to throw the bob cuz if Donny wins pov she will b goin home! Poor Donny. I pray he wins pov and Hayden comes back and those two do some major damage in the house! Take stupid Derrick out so that pathetic Vic will be left crying with no where to turn lol that wld be excellent! Plus codys game wld b weakened too. We need a change up BB!! I need my ass on the show! I wld nvr let guys run my game! I made it to the finals when I tried out a few years ago but I wasnt a fan of the show then and didn't lno much about it so that's why I think I didbt get picked. But now it seems they don't care if you've nvr seen the show lol.

DeniseG said...

Jamie--love this blog, and your comments-lol!
CBS showed relatively little of Frankie's big reveal. I loved that Victoria blew off the question from Julie.

I'm hoping for Derrick to win it all!!

Gwen Keaton said...

One more thing, why doesn't Derrick and Frankie include Donnie in the TA planning?? So annoyed

kwood said...

Ok so Caleb drank a beer at 2pm before BOB. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't someone in a past season get disqualified for doing this prior to a POV.

Gordon Harkless said...

Hey Jamie, if you go back and look. A short time after 10:2am some guy from production is seen walking around the house.

Catie Williamson said...

Donny's breaking my heart in there. He seems so lonely

Alea Marie said...

@Kern ELL O ELL! Thumbs up on that one!! Ha ha ha HA!!!

Zumba Dancer said...

What are some of the reasons feeds go to fishes?

Carlos Danger said...

Most boring season ever with the most wimpiest, stupidiest HGs ever. U know about an alliance u r not in and u just sit there and watch picked off HGs outside the alliance? I'm over it. blah-buh-blah and Derrick wins. Peace out. Probably will never watch BB again. Survivors ready? Can't wait.


Joey was the first member of Team America, and also the first HG evicted.

Donny is often asleep when everybody else is playing. It almost seems that he plays the game only when he is required to, ie, BOB, POV, HOH comps, then he goes to bed at 10pm.
When the important decisions are being formulated he's sawing logs.

Susie said...

Someone else can help but I think the feeds go to the fish when they do things and talk about things they are not supposed to.

Tony Akinremi said...

@ Susie I believe you are correct.

The Team America is a fail. They have had five missions. Two have been successful and three they have failed. Joey was the first TA member but she got evicted before the other members wore ever revealed. It was doomed from the start.

I feel for Donny and hope the guy gets a break either wins BOTB or POV.

Anonymous said...


Wow I totally forgot Joey was the 1st choice to be on TA. What the hell were people thinking with that 1?


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