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Friday, August 15, 2014

Team America Mission + BOTB Comp

Good evening, ladies & gents! The feeds have been super boring this afternoon. Lots of naps and non-game chatter. Nothing to write home about. The only thing worth mentioning is that Derrick/Frankie talked about their new Team America mission. (Donny was downstairs in the living room talking to Caleb).

2:08pm BBT:
HOH Room
Derrick: "You're gonna have to go into the D.R. soon for details, I just told Donny."
Frankie: "Okay."
Derrick: "I just ran this by we take a personal item from each one of them, it has to be all 3 of us participating, long story short..we take all the personal items, put it in a trash bag and tie it up, put in in the trash can below the actual trash bag."
Frankie: "Ok. Nobody ever takes the trash out anyway."
Derrick: "Right. Because they (BB?) they always do. One of us, write a message on the mirror "Watch your stuff for the next 24 hrs", but it can't look like it's part of the saboteur, but the house can think it's just a prank."

Derrick said all 3 of them will take different shifts. Frankie thinks it'll be good for Donny to take the morning shift, since he's 1st up anyway. Derrick said the hard part is getting at least 3 people to be the "neighborhood watch" part.

Derrick: "We also have to talk about which item we're taking, and why."
Frankie mentions the bunny slippers from Caleb, Derrick's grey beanie, a necklace from Victoria..
Frankie: "Christine's glasses.."
They both laugh.

Derrick: "Wouldn't that be great? We have to take the glasses!" (*lol!)

They talk about taking a sweater from Cody, Zach's gator shirt, and Donny's visor.

6:10pm BBT:
Feeds are back from the BOTB Comp!

Winners of the BOTB Comp are:

Donny is scraped up from a chain link fence in the comp. Christine is covered in stuff, so is Derrick (probably from being something being dumped on him as he was dethroned as HOH this week.)

7:16pm BBT:
Caleb is taking a shower and called Donny a "comp beast". 

7:19pm BBT:
A look at the quad cam, not much talking going on.
Cody's waiting his turn to shower.
7:25pm BBT:
Caleb to Cody: "Well, me and you are on the chopping block. Veto tomorrow."

7:34pm BBT:
 Derrick tells Donny that Victoria is the target & he hopes he (Der) get to play in veto to make sure he's safe for the week, too.

7:37pm BBT:
Christine: "I pretended to not find a bone, (Donny's) gonna know something is up." (*guess she did try to throw the comp as planned.)

Christine hugs Cody.

Christine: "I tried....America hates me. I'm so screwed." (??)

7:42pm BBT:

Donny is crying tears of joys that he's safe for the week. (*Yayy Donny! Way to go, comp beast!!)

**So it looks like Victoria will go this week, depending on the veto tomorrow. If Victoria wins veto (or Donny wins it & doesn't use it), things can get really interesting this week! Enjoy watching the live feeds tonight! See y'all back here with The Overnighter! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Well after another long delay to start the comp we'll see if it matters if Christine is "sick" or not. BOB might just happen to be something 2 big athletic dudes like Caleb/Cody will struggle at. Although since most like Donny I doubt many will complain and will be totally cool with it this time LOL


KNicole said...

Christine is is Dumb a**. If they lose, I hope Donny wins pov and they vote her out. Some superfan she is. Ugh!!!!!

Christi said...

I hope he gets pov and they get her out too!!! They may backdoor Frankie though too. I just hope Donny stays . They are going to keep coming after him though and its so sad. Give him a week off geez poor guy.

Catie Williamson said...

This battle of the block has got to go. Makes it way too predictable and too easy to throw. Poor Donny. Hope he can pull it off somehow.

Tony Akinremi said...

Hope Donny win POV and Christine gets put on.
Can't wait to see her quirmning.

Matt T said...

Now that Donny and Christine won they will have to turn on each other. Now true colors come out

Janely Castro said...

Yes go Donny

Ashley said...

I just screamed with excitement over Donny's win!!!!!! One week free of him having to worry!!!! NOW it's time for everyone to start turning on each other!!!

Alea Marie said...

Depending on who wins veto of course, but I would LOVE to see Zach win it so that it forces one of Derrick's aliance peeps up & OUT...may be Victoria if Frankie puts her up....HAHA
Or the lame Butt mode cowboy, either way I'm fine with it....

Christi said...

Omggggggg yayyyyyyyyy

BBFan9891 said...

YES!!!!! Way to go Donny!!! Now it'd be amazing if Victoria somehow won veto...imagine the chaos thatd ensue! HAHA!!!

Allen Smith said...

Sad to say but unless Donny or Victoria win the POV, Victoria will go up and out.

C.Montes (Cattyana) said...

You guys think Derrick will keep Victoria over one of his bros? I know he was dethroned but he's always the puppet master.

DirkKouglas said...

It would be so awesome for Comp beast Donny to win Veto tomorrow.

Unfortunately I don't see Donny winning HoH next with it being an endurance comp, so hopefully one of those returning can pull out the win and start shaking things up.

C.Montes (Cattyana) said...

Wow. Christine thinks America wants Donny out?!?!

Kevin Robbins said...

That makes me happy!! If they were smart they would back door derrick!!!!

Micheala Sears said...

I want Victoria to win POV just to fu-mess stuff up because then Derrick, Cody, Caleb and Christine will freak out XD

Janely Castro said...

I wanted to scream to but I'm at work so I can't lol.. I'm hoping to the guys turn on each other to and that no one who will use the veto wins it.... Although Victoria needs to go home since she does not deserve to be there it be more fun if Caleb and Cody stay on the block

Kevin Robbins said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryee said...

I think Christine meant that America hates her because they all know that all the fans love Donny and his underdog story and since she tried to throw it, we all be lookin' at home girl like 💩

Ryee said...

I want Donny and Victoria in F2 so bad. they are the only 2 HouseGuest's in the dark and I think it would be so epic if they made it all the way to the end together. btw could you imagine Jocasta coming back in the house and winning HOH how crazy that would be!! what the heck would she do?!??! lmfao

Jamie said...

haha!! Ryee, I actually thought about that earlier tonight. Wth would Jocasta do if she returned?! LOL

Riverdale Mom said...

I agree about Derrick, but don't think this house is smart enough. Who else giggled when Donny thwarted him. They refuse to believe he is a groundskeeper again.

Ryee said...

RIGHT!! omg I'm so excited, I hope its either Nicole or Hayden though! omg Jamie I wish we could text lmfao I could talk bb all dayyy

Ryee said...

Derrick going out on Jocasta's HOH..... now that would be Big Brother Gold ;p

Anonymous said...

Well Christine says she threw the comp. it sounds like it was something in the dark so we will see on Sun if she really did.

As far as it looking like Victoria will go this week I wouldn't be so sure of that as that's not what Derrick will want and he's yet to not get what he wants this season. If he gets the opportunity I'm sure he's going to try to get Zach to go up and out. However we'll see how hard he fights for Victoria to stay if he's vulnerable to go up as she's really just a vote as she'll never win anything to help him out. If Derrick wins POV then I'd imagine he'd feel more secure to try and work his magic. He's already planted seeds that getting rid of Victoria this week would be a waste of an HOH.


Ste ven said...

I'd love for Victoria to win or donny use it on her. C'mon BB, make a comp that she can win. Well if Frank is still hoh, that means he CAN get evicted next week (cross fingers)... Wonder if Christine really threw it. Time for the guys to flip. Stop all being nest friends and someone open ur eyes to Derrick... Well if it's likely endurance, can Nicole beat Hayden?

Ste ven said...

I didn't like how the twist worked, esp since both Hoh always worked together

Amy said...

I screamed too!! I can't believe it, yay for Donny!! Makes me so sad to see him cry :(

Ste ven said...


Ste ven said...

Victoria is the most solid vote he has and he can always claim well get her out next week. But she'd be a vote for him in jury. But they should get one of the guys out. It was more fun when the guys turned on Frankie for 12 hours

Ste ven said...

At least Frankie can't compete so maybe he can get back doors

Ste ven said...

But they're not. I never get why they're in such a hurry to get rid of the weakest link.

Erika C. said...

Please stop Caleb & Zac from " rapping " (and I use that term loosely). PLEASE!!!

Rachel said...

Beyond excited that Donny is safe!! He is AMAZING!!! I sooooo love that him and Christine beat Caleb and Cody! Hilarious!! Not sure if I believe Christine was stupid enuf to throw the comp knowing she cld be goin this week if they did lose and Donny won pov. Anxious to see Sundays episode! I can't wait for all the guys to start turning on each other! Plz backdoor Derrick and let it be Hayden that comes back in the game!!!

AmiLrn said...

Yay Donny yay Donny yay Donny!!!!!

Gordon Harkless said...

Well they picked the Veto players already. So maybe they will get Zingbot tomorrow before the Veto comp. Derrick is hosting while Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Donny, Christine, and POV Best Victoria play with Zach on the side lines.

Also Christine was up in the HOH complaining that Donny knows she threw the comp and is now a target of Donny's. Derrick mean while calls her on it and says look Donny doesn't hate you. He just doesn't trust you and he is right. You have been in an alliance the whole game.

Also I don't think Frankie would put Victoria up if Caleb or Cody comes off the block. He thinks she is a vote for him.

Ashley said...

I'm changing my name to Ashley 1 since there two Ashley's posting. :-)
I wouldn't be surprised at all if Victoria doesn't get voted out.
Derrick has wanted to take her to the end.
Christine "kind of" figured out with Nicole that the guys are controlling the game and her days are numbered anyway.
If Cody wins veto and/or Derrick doesn't replace him, Cody has also been working with Derrick to keep Victoria.
Zach is a mystery in who he will vote for from day to day (if he doesn't end up being the replacement nom himself).
Donny has Derrick's numbers and also knows that the guys are working together.
If Caleb wins veto, with a certainty he will go with whatever the house does.
If Victoria isn't the replacement nom (and I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Frankie leaving it the way it is if he wins POV), we know she will do whatever Derrick says unless she knows the "guys" are breaking up and she's in trouble. She hasn't had a clue up until now.
With Frankie being HOH, he's one that everyone will be kissing up to and he can lie through his teeth and tell people someone said this and someone said that. I'm sure he would have no problem voting Cody out. Now, that would be interesting to see Derrick lose his biggest ally.
I don't want to see Victoria go to the end because she has done nothing to deserve it but I would definitely like to see just one of the guys finally go and change the numbers.
It all comes down to whether someone has the balls to change things up.
Can't wait to see who comes back in!

pgh fan said...

Donny wins veto, boys stay up but caleb goes home, Hayden or Nicole comes back and gets Derrick out but he is beast at this game. I just like Donny best! Derrick will win if they don't get him out.

Sara Cassidy said...

I agree derrick is playing like Dan flying right by everyone and controlling what happens yet no ones glued it together. What is up with just because Donnie has won comps 'no way he's a janitor or groundskeeper'?? OK under that logic why the hell is military Caleb not winning lol

Becky Hebert said...

Go Team DONNY!! And for what its worth.. Christine's husband should dump her. Rat floater Christine. Shame on you..

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