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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Afternoon Post: Part 2

Happy Saturday Afternoon, BB addicts! Today is the Veto Comp & I'm anxiously awaiting Zingbot to enter the BB house to zing the houseguests. Can't wait!! Let's get caught up with what happened in the BB house this afternoon since my last post.

2:03pm BBT:
Team America Meeting
They're planning on what take from each HG (I posted most of this in the Overnighter today). They plan to take Caleb's (actually, Amber's) bunny slippers, Zach's gators tshirt, Cody's blue hat or sweatshirt, Derrick will give up his college tshirt, Donny will give up his visor, (I missed Frankie's item), a scarf from Victoria and Derrick's gonna ask production if they can take Christine's glasses. (*That'd be hilarious. lol) If not her glasses, then her stuffed animal she has. Derrick said it's gonna be really hard to get Zach's gators shirt because he wears it all the time, but that it's gonna be his personal goal to get it.

They're gonna get the items and hide them first, then write "Watch your stuff!" on the bathroom mirror. Frankie said that Caleb's gonna go nuts with his bunny slippers missing because he wears them all day. They have between to get 3 houseguests to do "neighborhood watch" for items being stolen. They all agree that'll be the hardest part to complete the Team America mission.

2:23pm BBT:
After their meeting, Derrick left the HOH, leaving Donny/Frankie to talk for a minute.
Sidenote: In case you haven't been on the blog yet today, just know that Zach told Donny this morning that Frankie is the 'head of the snake' and making all the decisions.

They praise each other for being good in comps, Donny says he respects Frankie's game, Frankie says the same about Donny's. Donny said he'd like to go to the end with Frankie, but doesn't mean they have to make a Final 2 deal. Donny gave an example of a previous season of Survivor of a contestant choosing to bring the best to the end, instead of a weaker player. 

Donny said he wants to stay there as long as possible, Frankie said he wants him to stay in the house. Donny says he's not his target. Frankie then said they'll see what happens with veto & that there might be opportunity for them to do something this week. Donny leaves, Frankie stuffs his ears with cotton balls (a trick he learned from former BB houseguest, Renny) and then takes another nap.

2:58pm BBT:
Current look at the live feeds...

Nothing much going on at the moment. 

**I'll update this post throughout the afternoon, so keep checking back periodically. :)

Stay tuned...
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Ste ven said...

I wish zingbot would wait till Thurs hoh so he could also zing Nicole & Hayden, and Jocasta.. ZB is one of the best parts of BB.. follow him on Twitter for more zing... This team America might finally bring some good TV... I hope Zach does a lot of laundry cuz he's always in that gator shirt

kayla neal said...

Please let Victoria win!

That Slingshot Life said...

When is the veto?

Anonymous said...

If Team America can't take Christine's glasses they could always take her wedding ring, then again she probably wouldn't even notice that it's missing!


Jamie said...

lol Brian!!!

Ashley said...

Hilarious, Brian, good one!

Kern's Kreations said...

Bwahahahaha great one Brian.

Unknown said...

Oh how I wish they would take Victoria's tweezers ;) OR her makeup brush.... can you imagine?!


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