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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Morning/Early Afternoon Post

Today the houseguests will play in the veto comp. The players are: Frankie/Cody/Caleb/Christine/Donny/Victoria. Derrick is hosting. I'm expecting Zingbot to enter the house pre-veto comp and I look forward to hearing the houseguests talk about their zings later.

This morning has been uneventful thus far, with the exception of a conversation that Zach/Donny had in the kitchen.

10:01am BBT:
Donny: "The week Hayden went home, was I the target or was he?"
Zach: "It was either of you guys."
Donny: "Either one?"
Zach: "Either one. As long as it was one of you."
Donny: "If I won HOH, would are the 2 biggest anti-Donny's?"
Zach: "Definitely Christine. Without a doubt. I don't know who the 2nd one would be. It'd be between Frankie/Cody/Caleb and Derrick."
Donny: "That's good. I won't dwell on it. Everyone's gonna go home and everyone's gonna say 'why did you gang up on that good ol' man."
Zach: "For sure. Or they won't if you come home with $500k."
Donny: "I can't win (every comp) every time. They're gonna catch up with me eventually. And there's too many of them."
Zach: "4 more Thursday's to get through. You only have to get through 3 more and you're there the last week. This week's probably gonna be a double eviction."
Donny: "You think?"
Zach: "If I win HOH, (I'm not putting you up). Bigger fish to fry."
Donny: "Same here."

Zach asks Donny if he can hear production building the comp outside. Donny says yes.

Donny: "Once it gets down to Final 5, are they just gonna see how the chips fall?"
Zach nods his head yes.
Zach: "Yep. Exactly how it's gonna be."
Donny: "There's nothin' we can do about it now. There's not enough of us."
Zach: "If you win the veto today, that's one of them down."
Donny: "Mm hmm. Cody shafted us, didn't he."
Zach: "Mm hm. Yep."
Donny: "I mean, there's been talk about me and you being in an alliance a long time ago."
Zach: "Really."

Donny: "Yea. That's what Hayden came and told me everybody thinks you and me's lined (up). They think I'm back (in the bedrooms) scheming up stuff, because I come through here without my contacts on. They think I'm reading minds. I'm just a normal person. A good hearted, normal person. And they're so against me. I can't believe they wouldn't wanna use a person to get their friends out. Have they never watched the show?"

Donny: "Who makes most of the decisions? Who's the head?"
Zach: "Frankie. Frankie, for sure."
Donny: "Hopefully things go as planned this week. I'll still be their target next week. If you can make it, Zach, you will have my vote."
Zach: "Thank you. I don't want it to get there, though."
Donny: "Maybe they'll wanna use you to get their friends out, because you're not their next target. I am. Nicole was talkin' before she left, she doesn't know who to give the money to, she doesn't wanna give it to none of them and we both laughed and looked at each other and said "Zach"."

Zach laughs.
Donny: "That'd be ironic for her, but that's who she said."
Zach: "That would be."

Donny: "Well I'm gonna go to the bathroom and go back to bed."
Zach: "Yea, I'm gonna go brush my teeth."

10:12am BBT:
Cam 3
Right before he brushes his teeth, Zach looks in the mirror (Donny's in the bathroom) and mouths "Win the veto!" and something else I can't make out. (If you watch it on flashback, let me know what you think he says.)

Donny comes out.
Zach whispers: "Win the veto!"
Donny: "It's just to easy for them to say they were gonna put Victoria up."
Zach whispers: "They're LYING to you! You're not stupid. They wanted you out!"
Donny: "Oh of course they wanted me out. But they can't get me out this week. I hope they don't go for you. I don't think they wanna get (Victoria) up because she's weak in comps. They wanna keep her around."
Zach: "Right. Right."
Donny: "But don't say nothin' to them...I'll try my best. I'll try my best." (to win Veto to make sure Zach's safe this week).
Donny: "Just don't say nothin' about me."
Zach: "I won't. I swear to God."
Donny: "No matter how mad ya get."
Zach: "Never. Don't worry, don't worry. I got your back."

Donny goes back to bed. Zach follows a couple mins later, but gets called to the Diary Room as soon as he gets comfy. After Zach's D.R. session, Donny got called.

11:21am BBT:
All cams are on sleeping houseguests.
Frankie is up, freshly showered. Getting dressed.
Caleb has just been called to the D.R.

11:41am BBT:
The "social media mogul" is now back in bed.
All other HG's are still sleeping.

12:06pm BBT:
HG's to report to the HOH room. (Production probably setting up Have Nots Food downstairs.)
Feeds should be back up soon.

1:18pm BBT:
Feeds are back!
Houseguests got a smaller table & Have Nots food.
Victoria/Christine are Have Not's.
Have Not's food is blood sausage, onions, canned pumpkin.

Frankie: "When is this veto? Do I stay up? Do I go back to bed?"

1:20pm BBT:
Rock Bedroom
Derrick is telling Cody that he has to take himself off but even if he doesn't, he'll be safe. He said they might have to "show their cards".

Derrick: "If Victoria wins it, I'll get her to pull you off and put up Zach."

1:21pm BBT:
Storage Room
Zach said if Victoria wins veto, one of them's going home and that can't happen.
Frankie leaves.
Zach asks Derrick if Zach goes up on the block against Caleb, does he have his vote. Derrick says yes.

1:28pm BBT:
Feeds at the moment..
Christine & Cody are flirting in the living room.

Christine: "Can't wait to show who's boss." (re: Veto Comp)
Cody: "Can't wait to let you know who daddy is."
Christine: "I'd like to know!" (giggle giggle giggle)

**Bloggy break!! I've been attached to my laptop for the past 9 hrs now, I need a break. lol I'll be back when Zingbot arrives and/or anything interesting happens. (I'll start a new post either way.) So stick around & check back in a little bit! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

we're down to that familiar time in the house - the table gets smaller, everyone has their own bed, and, while hoh can be nice, it makes needless enemies during the noms - pov is the real power.

Amy said...

Social media mogul! Hahaha I laughed so hard when he said that!

Tony Akinremi said...

I hope it's a final three of Derrick, Donny and Zach.

Glad Donny and Zach are working together. Hopefully Hayden makes it back in the house. Could really turn things around .


I remember how Zingbot and baby Zingbot almost got heatstroke in the POV last year that Amanda won, so I would think it might take place in the evening?

Christi said...

Christine is disgusting. I hope her husband packs up. Maybe they have a swinger thing. Cody though... Gross u can do better.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Oh Christine. I wonder if she will try to get Cody to come live with her and her husband after the show. It can be a big happy family.

Tanya said...

You would think if Frankie was such a "Social Media Mogul" At least 1 of the 16 people in the house, and even some of us fans of your blog would have heard of him before he came to the house.

Jess Ashford said...

His 1.5 million followers! So annoying how he hypes it up! He only has 250k followers and that's only because he tags his sister in his videos and people are obsessed with her not him.

Did u catch the part where Derrick (I think) told frankie that someone out of the big brother lot yelled we love u zach! Thank frankie said let's not get crazy it was just one fan!! Made me lmao! Frankie is so full of himself!

Kern's Kreations said...


Can I send you the bill for my laptop since I just spit milk all over it laughing at your post? :D


Becky Norman said...

Finally I am commenting here. Jamie, thanks for all you do. you are AWESOME! Brian, I also love all your comments.
I'm praying Zach works with Donny. Team Zachonny! Go get em boys! I'm rooting for Nicole or Hayden to get back in. Team up then get Derek, Christine and Frankie out. If not, Derek has it in the bag. He is playing the BEST game. GO Zachonny!!

Becky Hebert said...

And Christine makes me want to throw up in my mouth! If I were her husband, I would kick her to the curb..barista NUDIST?? Please KEEP YOUR NASTY TATTS covered.

Becky Hebert said...

Frankie is such a snooze-fest. Zzzzzoh did someone say Frankie? Zzzz Donny has the right idea...zzzz

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