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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Have Nots are...

At 4:43pm BBT, the live feeds came back from a short break as BB delivered their Have Not's Food for the week.

Have Nots Food:
Peanut Butter & Jellyfish

Have Nots:

Zach's pretty much have looked like this today, defeated.

**I'll be back with a new post when the feeds go off for the Veto Comp!

Stay tuned...
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Grandma in the south said...

Why oh why did it not be frankiepants?

Lisa said...

Poor rance pants, hope things turn for you,,
I sure don't like to see my Zach so blue.
Hang in there tight,
With all your might,
and you will be good,
Thursday night

Alea Marie said...

Sorry you're feeling down, bro
But, ya kinda solidified this
And now you'll probably go
You shouldn't have paired with the BB assclown
Whose become the laughin stock of the town
Sorry for your luck
on your way outta the house
can ya please tell Frankie to shut the F..k up
at least ya won't get boo'd by us
Even though YOU are clearly a Dingus!!!

Susie said...

I don't like BB controling the game and that they let Frankie say who he was, this is not far as America's vote, I am not voting for Frankie........I do not know his sister or him.......I am an old adult

Dawn Matusz said...

:) aww nice Lisa! I really like this Zach. I hope he stays real for the rest of the game. (If he stays)

Ste ven said...

It's fair for anyone to say what they want - truth or lie. Derrick can say he's a cop or lie. This happens every year. Casting someone, however with a sense of public notoriety for himself and his sister is not fair when viewers are voting for a prize. All the HG will be mad when they find out. We'll never know if F would've been chosen for that extra cash. All friends /family use social media to beg people to vote for their lived ones but all their followers combined dont equal anything like frank and Ariana do. But codys modeling shots are sexier

Lisa said...

Thanks Dawn,
I really don't care who wins, its how you play the game. At the end of the day, or game, I don't judge , unless you walk in that house, who really knows

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