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Monday, August 4, 2014

BB16 Blog: Afternoon Quickie Post

Happy Monday Afternoon!! Hopefully y'all arel having a great day! :D I just got back from work and had dinner, ready to blog for the Afternoon Post but there's 2 problems with that: (1) nearly everyone is sleeping in the house (2) my feeds are BARELY working :( I contacted CBS a few days ago about how a lot of fans (myself included) were having feed issues and they said they were working on them and aware of the problem. Today the feeds seem to be more wonky than ever on my end. I'm really hoping they get this problem fixed soon.

In other news, CBS Press Express had a press release today saying that BB16 Finale is:

September 24th, 2014 at 9:30pm ET-11pm ET 
(90 min finale)

Back to BB..
This morning, the feeds came back from the houseguests having their veto ceremony...

Christine did NOT use the Veto

At 12:35pm BBT, Derrick/Victoria talked a little bit of game worth mentioning.
Victoria said that Hayden/Christine will vote Zach out and that Nicole wants Zach out. Derrick says Donny will never vote Jocasta out, so he'll vote Zach out as well, which means that they (Der/Vic) will "have to" vote Zach out too, so that they don't go against the house. (*Well played, Derrick.)

Derrick, who has a (fake) Final 2 deal with Victoria, says that he wants to "get to the end" with her and that they can get to the end if they get our bigger targets.

Currently at 3:27pm BBT, Hayden is talking to Donny on the BY couches talking about how they're voting out Zach and Hayden said "I think everyone else is" too. 
Hayden: "You take away Zach, you take away a piece of Frankie. We're not gonna say anything (re: Zach leaving) because we don't want Frankie running around running his mouth."

(Sorry about the Quad Cam screenshot for the Don/Hay convo, it's the only cam that worked for longer than 2 seconds for me. lol)

Hayden goes on to say that he doesn't trust Christine and is "sketched out" by her. 
Hayden: "If I win (HOH), Frankie or Christine are going home."

Hayden said that he's not really sure how Christine will actually vote because she's saying 2 different things and he doesn't know why she's doing that. He said he wouldn't be surprised if Christine is "a plant in the house".

3:42pm BBT:
Hayden said the only person that's gonna be shocked & sad, is Frankie. Hayden then said that they can blame Zach going home all on Christine (to Frankie) for flipping the votes to get him out and then Frankie will gun after Christine.

Most of the HG's have been sleeping all day, so nothing has been going on today.  It looks like Zach will have more than enough votes to get evicted on Thursday. If my feeds get fixed in the next few hours, I'll do some live blogging for you guys & gals, so please check back later! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Between last years horrendously offensive cast and this years snooze fest, Big brother is on it's way to getting cancelled. I wonder if production will convince them to keep Zach. They have to know he's keeping this season afloat.

Susie said...

In the previous post about all the guys going shirtless in the house. I understand Calif is very hot this past week and most of these guys are from the East coast. Hayden is the only CA guy. Plus for us "girls" it is eye candy.

Janely Castro said...

If production wants to do something they will they've done it before!

Jeremy said...

I couldn't agree more. Zach is the only one making things interesting. I'm waiting for Cody or Hayden to go, I dislike them both.

lmcniven said...

Fingers crossed they do. He's the best part of the house now.

sunny said...

If production wanted to keep things interesting they should have made an attempt to get the vetoed used. They should have gotten team America to work harder on Christine. Then perhaps Frankie would be sitting up there. Now it just would not be fair to Jacosta.

Curtis Vanzandt said...

I think the live feeds may be a bit boring, but the shows look much different, let's not forget that. People forget that even the more popular seasons aren't always interesting on the feeds. We're watching people for 3 months in a house where they have no phones, no contact with the outside world, nothing. They're gonna be pretty boring 90% of the time, which Zach is as well with his constant sleeping.

Debbie Sutterfield said...

I sure hope that Zach goes home. He is so offensive, and treats women terribly. I believe there should be consequences for people's actions instead of glorifying such reprehensible behavior. So cya l8r Zach!

Anonymous said...

Kern's Kreations said...

I don't get the over-the-top Zach love. Sure his rants are comical, but more in an "aww that guy is special" way than an "oh man he just totally unloaded there" way. Other than that and sleep what has he done in the game?

Now, I'd love to see someone make a big move this season and it looks like this could be the start of it. Not because getting Zach out is a big feat, but because damaging Frankie, and splitting the Detonators is.

Anyhow, I'm having a great time this season, much more so than last summer with those awful people, and am really enjoying the cast.

Ashley said...

I agree, Curtis. It does look differently as a TV show. Even though Zach may be "interesting", I hate to see Jocasta go just yet. Donny needs her to remain in the house for a vote to hopefully evict Frankie soon. At least she's another one that would put some of the guys up.
Oh, why didn't Donny and Nicole put up four guys when they had a chance? They still could have voted one of them out then. For that reason, maybe Donny doesn't deserve to win but I'm still rooting for him.
BTW, is a floater someone who lays low? Is a "winner" someone who votes with the house to stay alive because that's what they've all been doing up until now? Maybe this week there will be a split vote finally so we can see some action.

Candace Rikard said...

Ive been surprised by the lack of double eviction talk the last few couple days, last week it was on everyone's lips. Just seems odd. And I'm thinking Christine has sealed her fate, she's soon to walk out, I'm calling a Zankie DE, or Christine/Zack DE. Anyone else have predictions?

Casey Hahn said...

Jamie have you seen or heard about Cody and Nicole making out?

Anonymous said...

@Curtis You're spot on about how the feeds are way different than the show. And the show is what determines if it gets cancelled or not.

@Sunny How is voting out Jocasta not fair? She's in the game. That means she automatically takes a risk of being voted out, just like every other member of the household. Plus, she has no game. Zero. She's said it over and over that the only alliance she has is with Jesus. That's nice for her and all, but it's not a game strategy. She should go home.

@Debbie If misogyny is the reason you want to see Zach go home, why haven't you demanded to have Caleb backdoored this week? He's about 20 times the misogynist that Zach ever could be and is also a racist, compulsive liar, and all-around jerk. How he treated Victoria during their "48 Hours" was pretty disgusting. Comments were really nasty from him by the pool table before their punishment was up. Zach was the one who softened the blow to Victoria by saying that HE wouldn't mind being chained to Victoria.

I'd seriously rather see the stronger players in the second half than bring-alongs like Jocasta and Victoria beating out actual players like Zach and Frankie. But it is what it is. We'll know on Thursday.

Angela Foster said...

Like someone said on the comments a few post back: how is Nicole handling not getting Frankie out? I mean, I'd like for him to stay he's fun but that'd been a big move for anybody in the house. Maybe they got her on board with the Zach thing? Just makes me wonder how she isn't upset or irritated with Christine. I don't know.. we won't know until we see the DR sessions.

Hmm.. and yes, definitely better than last season. They all pissed me off and I hated last season. lol

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