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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tues: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday to all of you BB addicts!! :D Last night, there was a ton of game talk! Zach is not only definitely going home on Thursday, it looks like he'll be evicted by a unanimous vote. The only 2 people that don't know that Zach is going home on Thursday is Zach & Caleb (they'll have to tell Caleb before the eviction, though Derrick & Cody are worried about telling Caleb before Thursday). Everyone else, including Frankie, are on board to get Zach out.

Okie dokie, lets dive right on in to the Overnighter!! :D

**Everything I post below can be watched on the live feeds using the Flashback Feature.

7:21pm BBT:
HOH Room
This is a long convo that sets the tone of the night. Frankie said that Cody always talks to him (Der), Derrick says the info Cody gives him "very generalized" stuff.

Derrick: "Cody doesn't talk a lot of details because he's cool with everyone."
Frankie: "Soon we're gonna have to pick sides (of the house)...wanna stay with the Detonators."

They agree that Donny isn't for "Team America" and should go soon.
Frankie asks what happens if any of the Detonators win HOH, who to put up. Frankie said Victoria/Donny, but who would be replacement nom, Derrick said they'd have to have a meeting.

Derrick: "Tell me if I'm reading you wrong; you're feeling descension in the alliance."
Frankie: "I are the two of us gonna get to the end? I know you and Cody are a thing."
Derrick: "Zach has made it clear that he wants to work me/Cody."
Frankie: "And he's also made it clear that he wants to work with me."
Derrick: "Zach's never said final deals, just that he wants to get to the end."

Derrick: "I'd love it for me, you Donny to be Final 3 (Team America) but, as corny as it sounds, it really hurt my feelings when Donny said he's here for himself, not Team America."
Derrick: "Zach has said he wants to go to the end with you..and others..but Zach trusts you. I don't know if he trusts me. If he said (F2) with you and Christine, not sure how much I can trust him."

Frankie: "I don't feel like Cody trusts me with information. He shuts down when I walk into a room."
Derrick: "I don't think I'm cody's most trustworthy guy, that's Hayden. He's never said anything to my face about you." (*lol!)
Frankie: "I feel like he thinks I'd use (info) against him."

7:31pm BBT:
Derrick/Frankie talk continues.

Derrick says that Zach is irratic and he (D) doesn't trust Zach with information, but they need him right now. (*he's lying.)

Frankie thinks that nobody "has" Hayden except for Nicole. Derrick agrees and says neither him or Cody, or Donny, have Hayden.

Derrick: "Does Nicole wanna keep Zach?"
Frankie: "Nicole doesn't wanna keep Zach, but she understands that he's staying."

Derrick: "Tell me what you think about this...Cody doesn't know me and you are close..we have a genuine bond over the grandfather thing, seriously Frankie..I'm not gonna vote you out, or put you up on the block, I'll be HATED (by America)."
Frankie: "I feel the same way (about you). But I don't feel the same about Donny."

Derrick: "With that being said, would you be opposed to me going to Cody?..because he does confide me in a little bit, and say 'where you at with Frankie?'.."

Derrick is trying to set up a meeting with Frankie/Cody to hash things out.
Frankie: "Doesn't need to be set up, I can just grab him and talk to him."
Derrick: "I"ll tell him dude talk to Frankie because he has your back."

Derrick  asks Frankie if they "need" Zach and Frankie said yes.
Derrick: "Do you wanna talk to Cody yourself?"
Frankie: "Yea, I guess."

Frankie is struggling to say something, Derrick tells him it's just them two talking and just spit it out.
Frankie: "There's no final 3 alliance (Der/Cody/Zach)..?"
Derrick: "Absoltley not. I aleady told you, Zach came to us while we were playing pool..want me to continue or not?"
Frankie: "No, that's fine.
Derrick: "You don't believe me, though.."
Frankie: "Well then Zach is really good at lying."
Derrick: "I'll tell you exactly what happened..this was WEEKS ago..he said listen, I trust you (Der) and you (Cody) long as one of us 3 win, I'll be okay."
Frankie: "Was there a name?"
Derrick: "LTA."

Sidenote: Derrick already knew that Frankie knew about the LTA alliance (via Christine to Cody yesterday), so he used that as a way to gain Frankie's trust, and he passed the test with flying colors with Frankie for (seemingly) being "honest" about the LTA alliance. This gained Frankie's trust for Derrick
in this convo, plus the fact that Derrick kept using the TA and "grandfather bond" thing as well.

Nicole enters the HOH room and temporarily breaks up thier convo.
Nicole exits.

At 7:47pm BBT, talk continues.

Frankie says he knew about the LTA alliance. Derrick asks why he didn't come to him and ask before, Frankie said he just did now. Derrick said Zach brought up the idea of the alliance and the name of it. Derrick didn't know what to do so he just went along with it.

Derrick: "By me telling you the name (LTA), should make you believe me." (Derrick is denying he was truly in the alliance with Zach.)

Frankie said he believes him.
Derrick said that Cody wasn't really in it either & says that after Zach left the backyard that night, Cody laughed at Zach.

Frankie: "Do you still wanna go to the Final 5 with the Detonators?"
Derrick: "Do we have a choice?
Frankie: "We don't."

Derrick starts to spin the LTA alliance back on Zach and how he was the "sole person" that intiated that alliance and who knows if he was honest or trying to seperate Frankie from people.

At this point, Frankie seems to be 100% trusting in Derrick.

Derrick tells Frankie he senses that he's thinking/worried about Zach being manipulative. Frankie says yes, it's in the back of his mind, but not enough to get him this week. (*This will eventually change, keep reading.)

Frankie: "(Zach) has created the 3-2 in the Detonators, in my mind."
Derrick: "Sooo...." (smiling, hinting that maybe Frankie would wanna vote Zach out this week.)

Derrick is planting seeds that Zach is the one who created tension between Cody/Frankie and has caused problems.

In this convo:
*Derrick planted seeds of doubt with Zach to Frankie
*solidified "going to the end" with Frankie (in Frankie's mind, anyway)
*gained Frankie's trust

Derrick said he'll go talk to Cody and let Frankie know whats up.

8:35pm BBT:
Derrick: "Dude all of our prayers have been answered, I have to fill you in on so much..Frankie knew about the LTA, he wants to trust you 100%, he wants to talk to us becuase he thinks Zach's playing all of us..dude it was a perfect conversation! He said he felt like me and you were going against him (Frankie) because he knew about the LTA. We're saving face with the Detonators and we're saving face with Nicole."

Derrick then goes & tells Nicole that he thinks Frankie might be on board with getting Zach out this week and how that's good for them because then their alliance is still hidden.

Nicole is happy but warns Derrick that Frankie has said that he's gunning for Cody. Derrick said that Frankie and Cody are gonna talk later.

9:15pm BBT:
Have Nots Room
Cody: "I feel like Zach's starting sh*t up."
Frankie: "He is! he pitting us against each other?"
Cody: "Yes, that's what I thought."
Frankie: "He is. He's telling me sh*t about you, and telling you sh*t about me. And it's f**king us up. and I feel it."

Cody says that Zach has said that Frankie's gotta go and that he (Frankie) is coming for him (Cody).
Frankie: "He told me about LTA. He made me feel like I had to come for you!"
Cody: "He's trying to take you and me so we cross each other."

Frankie says he's terrified of Zach staying and what it'll do to their alliance and has been scared of Zach since their dual HOH's. Frankie thinks Cody/Derrick/himself/Christine need to have a talk because there's stuff Christine has concerns about, too. Cody said he was scared that Frankie would backdoor him the 1st chance he got. Frankie said he wouldn't.

Frankie: "(Zach) can NOT get any wind of this! Because if we make a decision, he cannot know! Because..(makes blow up signal)
Cody: "I know, he'll blow up everything. Whether Zach stays or go, I'm not turning my back on (the alliance)."

They hug it out and leave the room.

10:42pm BBT:
Cody tells Christine the 4 of them need to talk later.

10:58pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Derrick said that crisis was diverted because they all talked everything out. Frankie said that Christine "alluded" that Zach has been talking trash on Frankie.

Frankie: "What do we do now?"
Derrick: "We vote him out."
Frankie: "I agree." (*And there it is, folks. Final nail in the coffin for Zach.)

Derrick said it's in Frankie's best interest for his own game to get Zach out this week.

Frankie tells Derrick about his convo with Cody and how they're good now and have each others backs.
Derrick said he'll talk to Cody to make sure him/Frankie are good & on board with getting Zach out. (*He is.)

Derrick: "It's Operation: Brittany all over again." (*Making Zach feel safe, blindside him on Thurs.)

Frankie leaves. Derrick gives a thumbs-up to the camera & points to it, excited that his plan worked out.

11:23pm BBT:

Cody is worried that Zach's gonna blow up their games when he goes on Thursday. Derrick said that he's gonna be blindsided. Derrick said that Frankie was gunning for him/Cody because Zach had Frankie convinced that they were gunning after him first. Derrick said both alliances (Rationales & Detonators) want Zach out now.

Christine enters.

Cody/Derrick's game talk stops. Cody does his normal flirting with Christine (*this is his way of keeping her close to him and "reeling her back in" for him to have her in his back pocket. And it works like a charm.)

12:20am BBT:
Christine mentions maybe splitting the vote 4-4 so that Zach doesn't blow up the alliance on his way out. Derrick doesn't think that's a good idea to do this week and that Zach will only have 30 seconds to "make waves" as he's leaving the house. Derrick tells Christine that the LTA alliance was made up by Zach and that everyone will see how they (Cody/Derrick) weren't really in a 3-person alliance with Zach on Thursday.

They talk about when to tell Caleb about voting Zach out on Thursday.

Christine: "(Caleb) doesn't have a good record of keeping his mouth shut. The good thing is nobody will believe we were all in an alliance.." (because Christine didn't use the veto on Zach and they're voting him out.)

Derrick asks Christine who he should nominate if he (Der) wins HOH. Christine brought up the idea of backdooring Caleb or getting Donny out. Christine said she'd put up Vic/Jocasta and backdoor Donny. If she couldn't get Donny out, then Jocasta would leave.

Christine then again brings up the 4-4 vote idea. Derrick tells her to make sure it's okay with Nicole first.

2:32am BBT:
Pool Table
Frankie tells Cody that the plan (as of now) is to do a 4-4 vote so that Zach doesn't blow up on his way out the door.

Frankie: "And then Nicole will break the tie. He'll think that Nicole/Victoria/Hayden/Donny/Caleb voted him out.."
Cody: "It'd be easier for damage control."
Frankie: "I'm heartbroken (voting Zach out)..but I knew it'd come to this."
Cody: "With Zach going?"
Frankie: "Yea."

2:35am BBT:
Derrick/Cody (& various HG's in and out)

*This is hilarious to watch, so if you need a good laugh this morning, watch this on flashback. lol

Caleb goes to bro-hug Cody before going to bed and Cody appologizes for farting and how bad it smells.
Caleb walks away..
Caleb: "Wow."
Cody: "Dude that's so bad!"
Derrick: "Goin' to bed, dude?"
Caleb: "Yea."
Derrick: "Night, bro."

Frankie walks in, talking to Cody and within 2 seconds, smells Cody's fart.
Frankie: "Finally..OOOOAHH!!!"
Zach: "Oh my GOD!"
Frankie: "Oh my God!"
They both leave the kitchen immediately,
Derrick: "Did you just put your head down in shame?" (laughing)
Christine walks in.
Christine: "Oh my God, how is that lingering?!"
They do their normal flirting..a hug Christine giggles uncontrollably.
Derrick: "You know how bad your fart smells? It smells so bad that now I have to go to the bathroom."
Cody: "Why do you have to be so mean? I'm just a Have Not!"

2:38am BBT:
Pool Table
Zach says they're in the best spot in the house right now and that Jocasta is leaving this week & hopefully Donny during the Double Eviction.

Zach: "You and I...could it be more perfect?..we couldn't be in more perfect spot right now."
This convo is kinda sad to watch because you can tell Frankie is truly heartbroken over getting Zach out this week.

2:58am BBT:
Derrick says that this weeks vote should be unanimous and that they can do damage control on Zach's way out the door. Christine is worried that Caleb will slip up to Zach that he's a goner this week, Derrick doesn't think so though and mentions how irritated Caleb's getting with Zach lately. Cody agrees.

Christine mentions maybe doing a 5-3 vote but Derrick/Cody think Caleb would get pissed for not being in the loop. Derrick said with a 5-3 vote, someone could still flip such as Victoria. Derrick says to let things unfold over the next couple days and maybe Caleb will even come to them about getting Zach out for pissing him off lately.

Christine walks away at 3:06am BBT. Derrick/Cody talk.
Derrick: "I don't trust her (Christine)."
Cody: "Holy f**king sh*t. I just realized what they're trying to do. They're trying to make it 5-3 and blame me, you and Caleb." 
Derrick: "We ain't splittin'. We ain't splittin' the votes...everyone's trying to play us."
Cody: "They think we're f**king stupid."
Derrick: "Get the f*ck outta here with your split (vote)."

3:15am BBT:
Pool Table
Derrick/Frankie are talking about getting the votes as unanimous as possible. Derrick thinks Zach will be so shocked by getting evicted, that he won't make waves before leaving. Cody disagrees and thinks Zach will blow up, but agrees that the votes need to be unanimous.

A few minutes later, Zach comes out. He said he's changed his poem/speech for Thursday's live show.
Roses are red, violets are blue.
I love each and every one of you.
You've come into my heart, and for that I am grateful.
Maybe I'll even change my ways, and not be so hateful.
Jury is in our sights, we're on the right track.
You at home, please hashtag #ZackAttack. 
Houseguests I'm begging you, please give me another chance.
The wrong choice may cost ya, when you walk into the Diary Room, (vote out Jocasta).

4:10am BBT:
The boys are still playing pool. Zach is going off about how much he doesn't like Victoria. Derrick (*lies) and says he doesn't mind Victoria.

Derrick: "Do I trust (Victoria)? No, but her parents are probably watching and are happy that someone is being nice to their daughter."
Cody: "If I had a daughter and you talked to her the way you talk to (Vic), I'd punch you in the mouth."

Zach goes on bashing Victoria and how she has no sense of reality and how her only goal in life is probably to get married and have kids. Zach wonders if he'll be hated outside the house for always talking crap about Victoria. By 4:35am BBT, Zach said that there are times in the house where he feels like his tank is on empty and how he misses his brother, see his mom, and pet his dog. 

4:38am BBT:
Frankie/Zach go to bed.
Cody/Derrick stay outside to talk game.
Derrick said that finally they can talk and that other houseguests don't want them to talk because they can wreck so many peoples games if they end up talking (which they do anyway).

Derrick: "We don't trust Christine or Frankie...Christine is playing everyone."

Derrick: "Hayden said Christine he (lied) to Christine and said he's voting to keep Zach. We don't have to trust anyone but each other. People are starting to know we're close, it's becoming apparent, it was bound to happen."

Cody said that Nicole/Christine are both playing each other. Derrick agrees.

At 4:46am BBT, Frankie rejoins the guys briefly and says that Zach is falling apart but it's making his decision to get him out on Thursday even easier.

Frankie also mentioned that he can keep Zach under control on Thursday if he blows up from being blindsided.

Frankie goes back inside to go to bed.

4:50am BBT:
Derrick: "We just crippled Frankie this week with getting Zach out. He's a 1 fin fish now. He tried to get Victoria on his side but I got her..I didn't try to, she always comes up to me and so instead of me always running away from her...I'm f**kin' sitting with her in the hammock for an hour wanting to hang myself." (*lol)

Derrick: "You know the reason I don't talk sh*t about Victoria? Because of Frankie. I don't want it getting back to (her)."

Derrick again mentions they can't trust Christine and that she's playing the female version of Frankie's game.
Derrick mentions that they (Cody/Derrick) are playing just like Dan/Memphis did and that 1 of them will win $50,000 and the other will win the $500k.

This convo is super long and unless I start to wrap up this Overnighter, it's gonna turn into a book! lol Derrick mentioned that they (C/D) have to survive the DE and send Donny home if they win HOH. Derrick says his perfect Final 3 would be him/Cody/and either Vic/Jo/Caleb as the 3rd person to take to the end, and for a F5: him/Cody/Caleb/Vic/Joc.

Derrick hopes they (D/C) are never on the block together and that they don't lose each other in the game. Derrick said if he loses Cody, his (Der) game is over. 

***Finally the Overnighter is complete!! Pheww!! That one took like 3 hours to put together. lol Lots and lots of game talk. Okie dokie, I'll be back with the Afternoon Post in the early afternoon.

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Stay tuned...
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michelaine said...

Wow! You were awake and typing away early today! Thanks for your dedication, Jamie!

Chris Provost said...

Derrick should be called the Puppet Master. Love him or hate him, he is the best player in this game. He is playing both sides and has Victoria (comp beast) in his side pocket. I hope he can pull it off and win. He has an unfair advantage of being an undercover cop, but this was great type casting on Big Brother's part.

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Derrick is so good at getting people to go along with what he's thinking. And he does all while making the other person feel like it was their idea in the first place!

Jamie said...

up & at'em early today thanks to a client of mine canceling his appointment last minute! I had the time today yayy!! lol :D

Jamie said...

Derrick is BY FAR playing the best game this season and probably the best player in a couple of seasons, actually. He's amazing to watch him work his magic!

Anonymous said...

sorry for the cancellation, but happy for the long overnighter, it was great!

derrick is my favorite to win right now, but i don't think pulling victoria and jocasta to the end will work - i suspect they will be gone to jury soon when hard choices need to be made.

Curtis Vanzandt said...

Wow. Derrick is really impressive lately. My only hope is that his game doesn't blow up too early, ala Helen. But as of now, I think he has a good 40-50% chance of winning.

Lisa said...

I'm just sad they want to get Donny out. I guess I just like him for the genuine man he is.

Angela Foster said...

I serioulsy love Derrick. When he said he use to be an undercover cop I told my fiance he would be good at this and he sure has! And like ya'll said, he makes people believe it was their ideas. Ahh, I really hope he wins!! :)

And yes, thanks Jamie for the long overnighter :)

Anonymous said...

What does LTA stand for? And how the heck did I miss that? *scratches head*

Jen said...

I like Derrick but hate him right now for working to get Zach out! I love Zach and his antics!

Ashley said...

Jamie, you rock! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

Derrick is going to win this game! I just hope that Donny is sitting next to him at the end and is able to at least win the $50,000. I doubt that will happen, but a girl can dream right?

AuntRoniRocks said...

@Curtis - What a good point - I'd totally forgotten about Helen... Der has really grown on me, but I feel the same way - like he's getting just that touch too comfortable...

Anonymous said...

@sarah collins

lta = los tres amigos = the three amigos ;)

JP said...

It's so hilarious to me that Derrick is "upset" Donny said he's here for himself and not TA because Derrick and Frankie have not been looking out for Donny, nor include him in any game play outside of their missions. That has not gone unnoticed in Donny's eyes. He has always been on the outskirts and as he said, at the end of the day he's got to look out for himself because there is no one looking out for him.


I think LTA stands for Los Tres Amigos. Derrick has an incredibly analytical mind, he's playing 3 dimensional chess while the others are playing checkers. If he can avoid crippling paranoia, he may take this game.

KNicole said...

Los Tres Amigos

karen said...

How is your puppy doing Jamie? I am a nurse practitioner and l used to hate when a patient would cancel at the last minute and I would be up early for no reason.

Chris Provost said...

JP, Derrick is using that as a ploy to get Frankie to trust him. All three have been out for themselves and I don't blame them. Derrick knows Frankie doesn't trust Donny so he uses it to his advantage. They both know, they would not win versus Donny at the end because he is so well liked by the house guest. Derrick has been playing the best game, and they are starting to catch up to it. The one thing that may come back and byte him, is the fact he is not that good at physical competitions. He may have been slacking on purpose though.

AuntRoniRocks said...

I'm a little disappointed in the TA 'twist' - They should have given them tasks like 'hide someone's shoes for 48 hours' or 'say/adopt this phrase' ... Like the rumor task - that was hilarious! The last one was too risky and made no sense at this point in the game so I'm glad Donny said so and didn't just lay down and go with it. I just think it could have been more fun to watch and participate in if it were more just fun prank-like tasks..

Alea Marie said...

I sooo agree %100 with y'all sayin Derrick is playin the game the best this season & also in awhile.
Buh bye Zach, don't let that door hit ya in the ass on your way out!!!
Betcha don't have a poem for THAT ATTACK!!! Haha

Alea Marie said...

I was wondering if anyone else caught that...but, it's all good...

Rachel said...

I agree!! Donny didn't wana do one mission cuz it wlda seemed super suspicious for him up call out someone for changing their vote or stirring up trouble. Donny is very chill and doesn't call ppl out. He only talks to game to Hayden so it wlda looked suspicious if he did it. He's there to win 500k and I wldnt wana risk it for another 5k. He's already a target and has been since week one! I want Donny to win it all. To me he's most deserving.

Anonymous said...

the idea of another HOUSE vote thats unanimous is soooo boring

Derick , if he wins comps later on, deserves to win. He's just too good for this game. Surivor has shown that cops are great at reading people.

I hope Zach does blow up some alliances if only to add some drama. I hope the double eviction gets someone good out...It will be so disappointing if someone like Jo or Vic goes out second. BLINDSIDE PEOPLE....

All i saw was all the sex talk in the backyard last night on BBAD which was kinda entertaining. Its nice sometimes to see the real houseguests chatting outside game play - esp since that stuff is never shown on the broadcast

Ste ven said...

Derrick is great but he's doing the same thing the guy who won Survivor did - He was also an undercover cop. They definitely have skills that are transferable to this type of reality show. The other HG are going to be surprised to learn that D is a cop and that F has a famous sister. D was smart not to tell anyone and without winning any comps, he has no blood and no one dislikes him. Add to that , his grandpas death for more sympathy

Ste ven said...

@Aunt Roni

The last task was because producers were getting desperate at how boring the show was getting with all the unanimous house votes. They were trying to force some drama into the show so it wouldn't be so predictable. Donny didnt take the bait. Team America isn't fair when it affects the game so much. Frankie's casting was totally unfair because there was no way someone whose sister has 16 million Twitter followers and who himself is somewhat well known on social media would not get one of the 3 slots. Does TA end if one of them gets voted out? Frankie is as much of a threat as Donny cuz they're friendly with everybody

Kaski444 said...

Derrick is playing like DAN and he is now my favorite. Derrick for the win all the way. So glad zach is going maybe this will be the beginning of some real gameplay where unanimous votes STOPS. Hoping the dual HOH/BOB ends this week as well. So predictable

Tony Akinremi said...

Don't understand why Derrick n Frankie are upset about the TA chellenge. They should've just did it on their own.

I hope there's a change in the votes Thursday. Weak players should be voted out. Zach is nuts and off the rails he should stay longer.

Tony Akinremi said...

Don't understand why Derrick n Frankie are upset about the TA chellenge. They should've just did it on their own.

I hope there's a change in the votes Thursday. Weak players should be voted out. Zach is nuts and off the rails he should stay longer.

JP said...

I know that, but he's also mentioned it in the diary room. He talked about how he's "Team America" and yet his actions don't match up to his words.

Anonymous said...


The 2 of them couldn't complete the task without Donny because it required both Derrick and Donny to vote against the majority (not Frankie since he was HOH) and all 3 members to participate in calling 2 people out after the vote.


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