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Thursday, August 21, 2014

BB16 Thursday Night Live Eviction

Happy Live Eviction Night, everybody!! On tonight's live show, we will see Zach get evicted and then Zach/Nicole/Hayden/Jocasta will battle it out in this comp:
..and the winner will be the returning juror. (CBS released this pic earlier today.) Looks like some kind of shuffleboard setup. Total crapshoot comp.

As to what the HOH comp will be, that's anybody's guess. We'll have to wait & see! It should be one heck of a night & I'll have my live feeds ready to go for all the aftermath!

**West Coasters, you can watch along with us right here!

Here we go!! :D

9:00pm ET:
Show begins...

9:10pm ET:
Team America mission was successfully completed.

9:20pm ET:
Julie announces that the BOB Comp & dual HOH comps are over for the season.

9:22pm ET:
Cody/Zach give their speeches.
Zach: "I dislike you all, only hate 1 of you...see you in a minute, Julie." (He means Victoria.)

The Votes:
*Derrick votes to evict...Zach
*Christine votes to evict...Zach
*Donny votes to evict...Zach
*Caleb votes to evict...Zach
*Some girl with brown hair votes to evict...Zach

Evicted from the BB16 House is:

When Zach was getting evicted, he got up on the coffee table and tossed fruit loops on all the houseguests! lol
  Julie asked Zach who he would target if he got back in the game and he said he doesn't know. 

9:40pm ET:
Jury House footage. Hayden's really happy to see Nicole again..aww!

9:44pm ET:The 4 jurors go back into the house and then head to the backyard a minute later to play the returning juror comp!

9:49pm ET:
Time for the returning juror comp!

Returning Juror Comp Winner is:

The HOH comp will happen probably tonight.

9:58pm ET:
Julie Chen did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge live on the air:
Julie nominated every former BB houseguest to do the challenge.


Back to the live feeds I go! Make sure to follow me on Twitter! I'll post over there if/when BB tells the houseguests when the HOH comp is.

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Please god no divine intervention for Jocasta tonight!


Anonymous said...

So much for Donny promising Zach his vote to stay no matter what. That lying snake LOL

Does anybody know what Zach was in the baggie Zach was tossing around at the other HGs? That was another memorable funny moment from Zach. Hopefully it's not the last and he wins this comp to return.


Christina said...

hahahahaha, some girl with brown hair. You're awesome!

Jamie said...

Brian, Zach told Donny to NOT vote of him because it'll make him a bigger target.

Anonymous said...

Never mind thanks Jamie it was froot loops I should've figured duh. The look on his face when Victoria showed the hat she destroyed was priceless. I need a screen shot. How on earth could Zach say he would throw the HOH comp when everyone just voted him out???


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jamie I didn't see that but I was only kidding about the Donny being a lying snake comment obviously though


Ms. T said...

Lol I just noticed more people would want Jocasta and Victoria to win than christine!

Dereck Rogers said...

I think it was fruit loops!! It was so funny haha.

KNicole said...

Zach told Donny to vote him out so he wasn't the only one.

KNicole said...

Way too close for comfort

Janely Castro said...

Good thing HE didn't come back!

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you Nicole pulled it out on that last disk. Did you see how happy everyone was when they thought it was worthless Jocasta coming back in? I had a feeling Nicole was going to win when I saw the comp cause I figured the 2 guys across from each other would toss too hard and knock each other off. I also have a strong feeling she's going to double up and win this HOH as well. Especially since I think it may be the counting comp.


Janely Castro said...

Probably because Christine is basically cheating on her husband in the house lol!

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Can't believe Jocasta almost won!

The Real Sports Line said...

Go Nicole hope she stays!

Catie Williamson said...

Ahh I hope Nicole or Donny win hoh!

Ashley said...

What a good show tonight and great chat room!

Go, Nicole. Play smart and get out the ones that count, meaning not Christine right away. Those four guys need to be broken up first.

Have a good night, Jamie. You're so sweet for keeping us posted for times when we can't keep up ourselves!


KNicole said...

I wonder what Zach was saying while waiting to be evicted. He was very animated and I could see he was saying something about 3 months.

Ashley said...

Loved the fruit loops! What a memorable exit. So glad it's Nicole back in and not Jocasta! And Julie doing the ice bucket challenge live was amazing!

Christi said...

If you watch he told him to.

Christi said...

Oh i guess i should have kept reading already said :)

Christi said...

I wanted him to win til i saw that and his target Victoria. Bigger fish to fry before her. Her soon though i hope!!!

christie nicholson said...

I was gonna be happy as long as jocasta didnt get back in the house....she was just too boring and didn't really seem to be playing the much as I want Derrick to win it all, I do believe Nicole is the only other person able to beat him at the end

Gordon Harkless said...

While watching the total crapshoot as round 5 ended. I was NOOOOO not Jocosta please no. No offense to her, but we needed one of the others back. Other wise this would of been a total waste. So we have Nicole back which was my second choice. Now hopefully she will trust Donny and work with him. Let's hope this doesn't end up like Judd a total waste.

Becky Norman said...

That was close. I wanted Hayden after I say his comments in the jury house. He had bigger targets! I hope he talked to Nicole!! Zach mentioned Vic...really. get. Derek & Frankie out first. Derek lost all my respect in yhe last couple days. He WAS playing the best game. I think Donny didn't get enough air time.

Becky Norman said...

Phew Brian! I was a bit worried, cause I LOVE your comments. I was sad to see Zach leave cause I think he would've teamed up with Donny. Then he talked about going after Vic..what's her face? Really??

kwood said...

Thought I would share. GinaMarie tweeted that Julie did the #aclicebucketchallenge... anyone heard of it? LOL oh poor GinaMarie

Marjorie Ott said...

There wasn't even ICE in the bucket what a disappointment


A star is born. Whatever your feelings about Zach, I thought his eviction and exit interview was the best I've ever seen. He was totally at ease and spontaneous and he and Julie seemed to have a great rapport. I'll bet CBS will be looking at him in much the same way they employ Rachel and Jeff Schroeder.

For a second I was sure Jocasta was going back in, but congratulations to Nicole. I'm sure Derrick is in damage control mode, which isn't the same as panic. Sorry folks, he's not evil, he's trying to win a game that doesn't reward the impossible standards you try to hold them to. I know that if Donny's plans were coming together he would be as ruthless as anybody in there. Everything will depend on the outcome of the HOH comp.

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