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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Evening in the BB House (UPDATED!!)

Wow! What a show! Zach tossed some fruit loops on the houseguests as he was getting evicted, then us fans watched the 4 jurors battle it out to win a spot back in the game..with Jocasta coming close to winning, but Nicole won & is now back in the BB16 house!

Ever since the live feeds came back on, Derrick has been in full-blown panic mode!

He rallied up the boys (Cody/Frankie/Caleb) and told them they can do rumor control all week with Nicole being the house, the target is still Donny and that if any of them win HOH, they'll put up Donny VS Nicole. Derrick doesn't want any of them to go off in the Beehive Room talking to Nicole and said if they do, they'll assume that they're throwing one of their own under the bus.

Meanwhile, Donny is back to his happy self with having his friend and ally, Nicole, back in the house!

Just a little bit ago, Donny & Nicole finally got a chance to talk alone.
Nicole said if she won HOH, she'd put up Derrick/Cody. (In Nicole's interviews pre-jury house, she said she'd gun after Christine, but I'm guessing after spending time with Hayden, he got her to see that Derrick/Cody need to go.)

Tonight is the HOH comp, as confirmed by Derrick in his convo with the boys. I haven't heard of a possible time, so make sure to keep checking back here and on Twitter (@BBaddictedJamie) for updates in between posts. (I post snippets of convos & screencaps over there as well.)

UPDATED: Caleb just said BB said the comp would start "in a couple of hours" and it was 7pm when they said that, so that'd be 9pm BBT/12am ET.

UPDATE #2: HOH Comp is underway!!! (feeds went off at 8:50pm BBT.) I will start a new post shortly!

More to come as soon the info comes in! :D Turn on the live feeds!! (Comes with a 2 day free trial!!)

Stay tuned...
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Christi said...

I hope she wins hoh. Donny can relaxxxx a week...and she puts up derrick and cody. They will be so mean.

jackie davis said...

Well I am hoping Derrick, Cody, or Caleb win hoh so Donny and Nicole can go up on the block

Marjorie Ott said...

Help I just signed up for live feeds today and everytime I go to starts out at same one!!! Nothing live

Jamie said...

thats okay, that's becuase the feeds are off right now for the HOH comp! :D (they play Jeff sesaon highlights when comps are played).

As soon as the comp is over, they LIVE feeds will come back on. Hang tight!

Christina said...

GO Nicole!! It's about time to see some boys sweat ;)

bbwatcher said...

A floater is the new HOH...Cody!


Sniffy won! I sure didn't see that coming.

Steve Robbins said...


I really like Donny and Nicole (Donny more, but that's mostly due to his humility and decency). I just can't stand that this season is nothing more than a clique knocking out weaker players left and right without any major losses. Seriously. I hope next season, CBS writes something into the rules to prevent such overwhelmingly boring gameplay.

You want to know what'll happen? Victoria laughing all the way to the bank at Final Two, because the snake, the other snake, the dumb jerk, the pretty jerk, and cheating POS act like the foul bile that seeps from their pores.

Can you tell this bothers me? I'm not entirely sure this is apparent.

@Brian - how exactly is this going to be on? It's going to be more of the same, and we as viewers will watch another likable, decent person go to jury on account that Cody barely can string a sentence together.
Really, the best case scenario is that Donny can talk to Cody directly, and convince him to put Frankie or Derrick up instead, but that's not going to happen. Cody is so disrespectful.

BTW: Jamie, I absolutely love this blog. I check it constantly on my phone, and I always eagerly await the next update! Keep up the good work!

Nicole Mouawad said...

Me too!

Ashley said...

Oh great! I sure do wish that Derrick and Cody would get their heads out of their a**** and try to use Nicole and Donny. I would think that anyone that is willing to take them under their wings would go with that team. Derrick needs to realize that he needs to go gunning for Frankie and Caleb because those two are tighter in that alliance.

If only Donny had won and made it one more week since he was so close. They may have been able to get the numbers with Christine and Victoria then. Until one of the boys goes, they can't turn the tables and now it's hopeless.

I cannot fathom how those two girls cannot see that they aren't included in the boys' convos. Who knows, we could always hope that Cody decides he's better off with his harem. Don't boo me, I can have a dream at least.

So, so sad to see things are going right back to where they were before.


Tony Akinremi said...

@bbwatcher that's so true. I hope Cody's letter from home makes him aware of how he maybe coming off. :-p

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