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Friday, August 8, 2014

Fri: The Overnighter (Summary)

Good morning & Happy Friday to all of you BB addicts out there!! Last night was craazzzyy on the live feeds!!! The Nomination Ceremony is currently underway, so I won't have time to do a full Overnighter, so it'll be more of a summary/breakdown for y'all. 

It appears that Caleb volunteered to go on the block (after Nicole didn't trust Zach to get nominated & throw the BOTB Comp), so Caleb will go up along with Frankie today in hopes that Caleb/Frankie stay on the block. Frankie is the target this week.

Here's the breakdown:

*Nicole called Christine/Frankie out when feeds came back on
*Zach taunted Nicole to the point of tears
*Zach no longer trusts Frankie (though he's not acting as if)
*Cody/Derrick told Zach that Fra/Christine wanted him (Z) out this week
*Zach is also "done" with Christine (as is Cody, still)
*Caleb told Zach/Cody that Fra/Chr have been playing both sides
*Nicole still wants to work with Derrick
*Frankie told Chri/Nic that he wants to work w/ them + Don/Vic now
*Frankie tried to get Nic/Chr to nominate Cody/Derrick/Zach/Caleb
*Nicole told Zach that Chr told her about the LTA alliance & she told him about her Rationale alliance
*Zach told Nicole "Frankie is dead to him" now
*Zach told Nic the Detonators have been around for weeks
*Zach said Christine always felt safe because she was in the Detonators
*Zach/Nicole decided to work together & Zach pushed for Fra to go this week
*T.A. got their mission (pawn to get evicted) but Derrick doesn't wanna do it
*Zach told Cody that Nic said Frankie tried to get them (Der/Co/Za/Caleb) nom'ed
*Zach also told Der/Cody/Caleb how Frankie wanted all of them nom'ed
*At that point, they were all on board to get Frankie out this week
*But then Derrick told Nicole how Zach told them everything she told him
*Der called Zach a snake (to Nicole)
*Derrick wanted Zach/Frankie on the block together (*TA mission?)
*Caleb volunteered to be nom'ed with Frankie and throw the BOTB Comp
*(Nicole didn't trust that Zach would throw it, Caleb will though.)

I'm expecting Christine to put up Zach/Donny or Derrick/Donny (Christine originally said Zach/Donny, but then changed her mind on Zach because she feels they can work with him.)

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the Nomination Ceremony spoiler in a new post!! :D 

Stay tuned...
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DeniseG said...

What are the alliances now? Are the Detonators over?
I wanted the double HOH done, but I think it makes it more interesting this week.

Angela Foster said...

SO. MUCH. DRAMA! I love it :) so glad there is something going on in this house. Still I hate that Frankie is the target BUT it's a big move for the house.

Go Nicole!

kayla neal said...

Geez, my head is spinning!! Thanks for the panning that out Jamie!

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but Christine has no idea about the plan for Caleb to throw the BOB comp right? Given that I'd be surprised if Christine didn't put up Victoria most likely with an injured Donny in order to give herself the best shot to lose BOB and remain safe as HOH for the week.


DirkKouglas said...

It'll be interesting to see how people respond to Derrick not wanting to do a TA mission as it seemed a lot of people got upset at Donny for refusing.

Anonymous said...

There's really no need for Derrick to make a decision at this point on the TA mission. But Caleb made it easy getting part 1 accomplished for him a volunteering to go up on the block so at least now he'll potentially have the option. But there's not much point putting too much thought into it when Caleb still has to go through with throwing BOB and even after that Frankie or Caleb could still win POV. If Frankie comes down depending on who goes up as renom maybe that guaranteed $5K for evicting Caleb will look a lot better. And if Caleb comes off then unless he can convince a 2nd person to volunteer to be a pawn against Frankie then the whole point is moot anyway.


Rachel said...

Leave Donny alone! Geesh! Like Donny said on the feeds last nite, he's the oldest in the house and not strong physically and he's been a target since week 1!! Leave the poor guy alone so annoying! Team Donny! Can't wait for bird face Christine to go home!

Mark Camilli said...

SO HAPPY Nicole is one of the two HoH's this week....Big Brother 16 is finally getting really interesting! Hoping Nicole can shake the house up this week and go far!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Derrick uses the Team America mission with Frankie as cover after Caleb throws the BOB. He could tell him Nicole turned Caleb against Frankie and he volunteered to go up and throw comp and Derrick didn't tell Frankie ahead of time because he wanted his reaction to be natural and he didn't want Frankie to freak out and try to stop it because they have the votes to get the votes and get rid of Caleb. So Frankie can try to win POV but either way they have the votes to get rid of Caleb and worst case scenario Frankie will get $5K for his stress of sitting on the block this week. But as long as he doesn't freak out and create waves he's all good. Derrick can even then tell Nicole he told Frankie about the plan for Caleb to throw BOB to evict Frankie but that Frankie has the votes to stay (without mentioning the TA part of course) just in case Frankie goes to Nicole to throw Derrick under the bus for telling him.


daryl42 said...

finally!!!! :-)

sweetpea884 said...

Nicole is telling zach that both Derrick and Cody told her about the detonatorsShe is only blaming it on Frankie and Christine

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