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Friday, August 8, 2014

Morning/Afternoon Post + Noms

At 10am BBT this morning, the live feeds went off for the Nomination Ceremony. As soon as the feeds come back on, I'll post the Nomination Ceremony results below & blog about the morning in the BB16 house! :D

11:35am BBT:
Feeds are back!

Nominated for Eviction are:
Frankie/Caleb per Nicole
Donny/Zach per Christine

Donny was telling Derrick that he wants to work with him and Derrick said he wants to work with him, too.
Frankie entered the Have Nots Room and convo stops.
11:40am BBT:
Apparently, Zach called Frankie/Christine out and said "F**k you" to both of them.

Zach/Derrick then told Donny in the Storage Room that Caleb is throwing the comp and that Frankie is the target and that if Frankie wins Veto, Christine will get backdoored. Donny was really happy to hear that.

11:52am BBT:

Frankie followed Zach into the bathroom and asked why he's made at him.
Zach: "I don't have to explain myself to you."
Frankie: "You don't?"
Zach: "Don't talk to me, I don't wanna talk to you anymore. I don't even wanna be in the same room as you two."

Zach leaves. Frankie follows.

Zach: "Why are you following me?!!"
Frankie: "Just so you know, you're still here because of me."

11:57am BBT:
Donny: "Does Frankie know that Caleb is throwing the BOTB?"
Zach: "No he doesn't know."

**Caleb plans to literally sit down during the BOTB comp to throw it so that they can get Frankie out this week.

Donny: "Hayden and Jocasta were my FRIENDS. Now they're gone. I don't have anybody. Hayden's target with Christine and Frankie. And Hayden was a comp beast."
Zach: "Hayden's a good guy." 

12:00pm BBT:
Zach is telling Caleb about how he just told Frankie he didn't wanna talk to him or be in the same room as him. Caleb said he's gonna say "This is for Amber" when he sits down in today's BOTB comp.

(*Sidenote: Nicole told Caleb last night that Frankie made her lie about Amber starting a girls alliance to get Amber out.)

12:10pm BBT:
HOH Room
Zach: "I just told Frankie I don't wanna talk to him anymore and he said I'm only here because of him."
Nicole: "It was his plot to get you out!..he makes a fool out of you."
Zach: "I hate him! I honestly hate him!"
Nicole: "I think we need to work together."
Zach: "We don't have a choice (we have to)."
Nicole: "I trust you, but I'm just weird about (trusting you)."
Nicole warns Zach to not "go back to him" (Frankie) and how manipulative he is.
Zach: "I don't wanna talk to him! I'm done with him."

Zach: "I told them (Fr/Ch) in front of everyone 'F**k you!'."
Nicole: "I think we'll be ok. I just wanna stay HOH. He's good at convincing people, don't listen to him."
Zach: "I'm not talking to him!"
Nicole: "OK. He plays dumb so that you can feed him info and then he tells people everything."
Zach: "I don't want you to be friends with Christine."
Nicole: "I have to be civil with her this week.."

12:15pm BBT:
Talk continues.

Nicole tells Zach how Frankie was getting the votes to get him (Z) out last week.

Zach said that Frankie told him he (Z) is only there because of him (F).
Zach: "Why would he want me out??"
Nicole: "Because you were a loose cannon and you were going after Hayden and he picked Hayden over you.
Zach: "I'm putting (Frankie) on blast today at the comp!"

*Rest in Peace, Zankie. lol

Zach/Nicole are solidifying that they are working together. (Nicole's nervous to trust Zach and thinks he could put up. Zach tells her he's told her his whole game and can't do anything more than he already has.) They both feel that they don't have a shot in the game without each other.

Zach: "My game is in your hands."

Zach: "Frankie's going home this week. If he wins the veto, Christine is going home. Christine is a f**king JOKE! She's being played by Frankie, also."
Nicole: "I know."

Nicole: "I like Derrick and Cody a lot. You have Derrick and Cody, so I don't get why you need me? You better not be screwing me over!"
Zach: "I'm not!"

12:27pm BBT:
Nicole said she's close with Donny & knows he voted her out last night, but understands because Donny/Hayden were closer.

12:31pm BBT:
Beehive Room

Derrick: "Talk to daddy, what's wrong?"

Christine is trying cover her tracks FAST! lol She's saying anytime she's talked to Frankie, she just listens and doesn't talk and she's afraid now that everyone is against Frankie, they're gonna link her to him. (*Your game is done no mater what you say. lol)

Christine: "It just sucks that I'm getting associated with (Frankie)."
Christine doesn't wanna get terrorized by Zach. 

Derrick says that the way Zach has talked to some of the girls in the house, he (Der) would not have let it happen if they weren't in the house. (He hinted that he would've handled the situation and almost slipped up about being a cop by saying "You'll see why when we leave here, but it wouldn't have happened.")

Christine feels better now talking to Derrick. Derrick said he won't let Zach terrorize her and she'll be ok.
They hug & leave the Beehive Room.

12:37pm BBT:
Derrick takes off his mic pack to lay down.

Derrick: "Goodnight."

Zach comes in 10 seconds later. lol
Zach: "I'm so heated, bro!"

Zach said he just found out how much crap Frankie has talked about him (Z) from Nicole. 
Victoria is just kinda there.

Zach: "I think I'm gonna go off on Christine later."

Derrick: "Just be careful what you say, bro."
Zach leaves.

Derrick talks to Victoira (which is kinda like talking to a child and telling them what's happening this week. lol)

Derrick: "Zach's staying this week, which is good for you, because he's a bigger target."
Victoria goes back to her bed, Derrick ties to finally get some sleep.

Stay tuned...
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Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

So far, things are looking okay for my fav Derrick this week. I hope Caleb really does throw the BOB and keeps Nicole as HOH. I think she's less likely to target Derrick right now (she'd rather go for Frankie and/or Christine) where as I could definitely see Christine putting Derrick up.

Yvellise Mendosa said...

Isnt this Frankie's first time on the block? The only reason i like Frankie is because i am a Big Fan of Ariana Grande. Even though he doesnt need the money since his Sister gets like a Billion dollars per second, i'd still like to see Frankie make it even farther then he already is in the game. I know most of you want him gone this week lol.

Anonymous said...

Botb is BS. I don't think it's fair that it relies on both people. It should be if either of them wins they both come down. It's not fair to the other person if one sucks ass or just refuses to play. Hopefully bb chooses a comp that doesn't rely on 2 ppl like the chess game or something.

Amy said...

So much DRAMA!! I love it, only thing I don't like is Derrick and Cody not being blamed for anything, I want Derrick gone

Kern's Kreations said...

I love it. I love it. I love it. What a great day for drama. Now this is why we tune into BB. Who know's how much more is gonna be stirred up this week and we're only on Friday morning. At this point, I don't even care that Zach is still here.

PS, You da (wo)man Jamie!

lmcniven said...

I am totally LOVING this switch of Zach and Nicole working together! Just get Derrick included and I honestly see them going far. Also, how could you not love Caleb after this? I hope he makes some big dramatic scene at the BotB!

Tashika White said...

Honestly im soooo glad that moves are being made and that Frankie is FINALLY in the hot seat!!!! i just wish it was four detonators up there instead of my sweetheart Donnie.

This is by far going to be the most interesting week in the bb16, and im just gonna sit back, relax and enjoy the drama!

Jessica said...

I am a big Derrick fan, but I think it would be fun to watch him on the block. Just because I want to see his strategy on campaigning to stay. He could probably talk himself off the block pretty easy!

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I want to try out for BB next summer. How awesome would it be to play this game. Every year I get more and more invested into it and I would love to take my knowledge and try to put it to use. Us feed watchers and blog followers are the true super fans! I love how everybody has a favorite "character" and everyone gets so passionate about it. That's what makes BB for me. Thank you Jamie so much for doing this blog every year! Letting us fans get together and share our thoughts on the house guests. Summer is all about big brother to me!

Anonymous said...


Come on admit it things are much more interesting in the house with Zach still there than with waste of space Jocasta. She wasn't even playing the game! And I found her DRs even more annoying than Zach's LOL


Anonymous said...


If all goes according to plan Donny as well as Zach are in the best spot possible right now being the other 2 noms. If Caleb successfully throws the BOB then they get an easy win and safety for entire week rather than having to worry about being a renom.


Kern's Kreations said...

Brian, buddy, you are correct that Zach is better tv than Jocasta every day of the week and twice on Sundays, praise Jesus, *snap the bow-tie*. :D

However, Zach still annoys the fire out of me. lol


Chris Provost said...


I am with you on the DR sessions with Jocosta! She would always talk all big and bad, but then she would back down and do nothing. Someone pegged her perfectly the first time she was put up and she was sick. Then the next time she does some chant when Amber whens the comp and saves both of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm officially over this season. I enjoy good strategies but I don't like when people are flat out assholes and just flat out lie. I like nicole because I felt she had good game while still remaining fairly honest. Now that she's resorted to telling bold face lies and encouraging bullying I'm over it. My only hope is that if Frankie leaves they will have an endurance comp for jury members to renter because Frankie will annihilate Jocasta and Hayden.

Anonymous said...

am i the only one bothered by derrick threatening to beat up someone for what they said? yes, derrick, try to beat respect into someone, see how well it works out for you.

he sounds like a crooked cop to me, and needs to go sooner than later - i'm done with him.

Andy Tatnall said...


These houseguests DO have a pulse!

Carrie said...

I'm glad the "honeymoon" is over and people are finally starting to call each other out. I mean, this is why we watch, right? 😄

Marie said...

I would prefer Christine to go this week to ensure that Hayden got back in the game - believe Frankie is a little more competitive and might be right back in BUT Hayden vs Jocasta and/or Christine??? no doubt he's right back in to stir up some revenge!!

Angela Foster said...

Did Frankie tell Nicole they were voting out Zach last week? Because If not she is totally lying to Zach (which doesn't surprise me). I like Nicole but it surprises me that she doesn't wanna put Derrick under the bus but does Frankie..hmm.

Still love Derrick though, so that's okay with me! :)

Ahhh Drama. I love it.

Kyla Miller said...

You're so right. They should be able to win for themselves.

Tashika White said...

LOL I agree with Brian with his comment @kern. Jacosta had no clue she was in the bb house, but Zach has been playing this game since he got there. He def deserved to stay.

@Brian re your comment to me. I HOPE YOUR RITE! Because up until 8:39 yesterday I thought Zach was leaving (i did not expect the unexpected lol). So I hope Nicole's plan works and Frankie gets the boot. **FINGERS CROSSED***

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what happened to have Cody, Derrick Zach on Frankie. I watched part of BBAD and Derrick was rallying the guys and saying no one mention any names or throw anybody under the bus. The next thing I know something must have happened and Frankie is telling N/Chris everything and saying he has no one and wants to work with him (and then stupidly in front of N said he wants to go to the end with Christine). Meanwhile the genius Derrick seems to have managed to avoid AGAIN having him (or Cody) on the block, which is what they were worried about. Finally the game is starting to get good where everyone is flipping out. Poor Victoria could be the Gina Marie of last season and get 50,000 just because she's beatable.

Ste ven said...

If Caleb jut sits down during BOTB , that will be the funniest thing ever - especially if its a surprise to Frankie. Would be great TV. IM shocked we still had 2 HOH this week but maybe producers wanted extra drama

Ste ven said...

what did derrick say to keep him and cody off the block again....Hes a master manipulator who can spin anybody. i hope hayden comes back into the game, but he's such a nice guy, he'd probably forgive everyone immediately anyway

Anonymous said...

No she's flat out lying at this point to turn everyone on Frankie. She told Zach it was Frankie's idea to send Zach home and that he fought to get Zach out. Really it was her plan b to get out Frankie and he was the very last person to know they were sending Zach home.

Chris Provost said...

Gigi, You are talking about people telling the truth. Frankie has lied more than anyone in the house. He is constantly ratting other people out then pinning it on someone else. Nicole just finally figured out she needed to. The only honest person in the house might be Victoria and that is only because she is clueless of what is going on. Donny even to some degree is lying in the house.

Razldazlrr said...

Interesting comments above - Derrick does a good job of keeping is cop senses to himself and not telling people what to do. He is the master manipulator, for sure. It's amazing how he has engineered so much of this with Cody and neither one of them ever goes on the block.
I'm fine with Frankie leaving - I'm tired of him.

Anonymous said...

I was pulling for Zach last week, but he's lost all my respect. I don't think he is half as smart as he thinks he is.

Anonymous said...


The thing that happened was that Nicole and Christine both won HOH so Frankie did what Frankie does and ran to the power and kissed butt and threw everyone under the bus to try to save himself. However that was a big mistake because no matter what he said Nicole already had it in her mind he's not to be trusted and wanted no part of working with him again. So she told the other guys that Frankie came to her telling the 2 of them to put up those other 4 guys. And it was a wrap from there as far as any of those guys wanting to work with Frankie either.


sweetpea884 said...

That's true that they aren't being blamed but I guess that's
Why they are so good at the game. Derrick if a good talker and Cody has a mist on all the girls in the house

Anonymous said...

I don't have to enjoy that though. Sure everyone in there lies but their lies are usually derived from some sort of truth. Frankie said nicole told him about what Amber said to cover up that Christine actually told the bomb squad that. He was still told that Amber wanted to start a girl alliance. Nicole on the other hand just completely made up from scratch that it was Frankie's idea to nominate and vote out Zach. I'm mainly annoyed that for some reason everything comes back on Frankie when it's largely Derrick. Derrick is the one that flipped the votes. Derrick told Zach and Frankie Nicole's plans yet now it was all Frankie's idea and everyone just believes that?

Anonymous said...


That's the sign of someone who's playing a top notch game thus far in Derrick. To be able to run the house is the sign of a good player but to be able to run the house and have nobody even know you're running things is the calling card of a great player.


Amy said...

You are not the only one, I can't stand his lies and how no one sees it, he is the first one to run to people pretending to be their best frien, a liar and manipulator, his job served him well, he is the biggest hipocrite, can't wait to see him gone, hopefully someone will open their eyes!!

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Sorry GiGi, I know you like Frankle and I know it totally sucks when you're favorite house guest gets the boot but Derrick is simply a much better player than Frankie. Frankie had a good social game but Derrick is a master at manipulation. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Lol sorry though.

Alea Marie said...

I agree with you.
I think our little Jamie should DEF try out for BB...she'd have mine and MANY votes for America's favorite player too...
Soooo get on it Jamie Loo....

Alea Marie said...

Ummm yeah about your comment saying Frankie would annillate Jacosta and HAYDEN...I'm sorry, but that's just funny!
There is NO WAY that Frankie could ever beat Hayden in ANY kind of endurance comp. That would NEVER happen Doll....sorry.
Maybe Frankie would have a half ass shot if it were to be any other type of a comp and that's a maybe at best, but an endurance comp? Uhhh HELL

Alea Marie said...

@northalabama, no need to assume or attack someone's lively hood by stating he sounds like a crooked cop...doubtfully so. I don't think Derrick meant that literally....just sayin

Unknown said...

It amazes me that Frankie fans seem to forget the way he orchestrated the demise of Brittney and especially Amber. IMO, he is getting much better treatment than they did, especially Amber. The reason he is such an easy target is because they have all watched him lie and manipulate to get his way before. Plus, Frankie has been the worst about making things personal by attacking people's character behind their backs... right after he says "love you!!" and they close the door ;) I am just so glad for some change! And I love that these boys are feeling the pressure for once :)

Alea Marie said...

Exactly, exxxxactly why we watch...the more the drama the better!
I'm not sure & often wonder why some people get so offended by the lies that the Houseguests at some point tell.
Every single houseguest lies at some point in the game IF they're any type of player trying to get far in the game, which is why they're on Big Brother to begin with.
Lies are just part of it....if you're someone that gets offended by this game mechanism then maybe you should tune into Sponge Bob or something else...jus sayin

Alea Marie said...

Actually that's not entirely accurate because Caleb was the last to know about getting Zach out, not Frankie. Frankie knew WAY before Caleb and Zach wasn't even Nicole's original target. It was Frankie. Soo it was several convos between Derrick, Cody AND Frankie to get Zach out....yes, Frankie wanted Zach out, bottom line....

Alea Marie said...

I do too. If there is a snake in the house it's name is Frankie. Then the sister snake would DEF be Christine. NOOO doubt about that!!!
Buh bye Frankie!!!
Evil laugh :)

Alea Marie said...

Again, are you sure you're watchin the same show as the rest of us because it was also suggested by Frankie to get Zach out!!! Frankie mentioned several times that Zach had to go sooner than later, meaning last weeks eviction.
I do agree with you about Derrick though.
I'm sorry that you do not enjoy that people lie on Big Brother, but sadly that's part of playin the game.

Alea Marie said...

Yup, pretty much what he said....haha

Dawn Matusz said...

They need to hurry up with this BoB.

Ashley said...

So, Caleb threw the comp and thinks that even if he wins the HOH comp, he doesn't need to take himself off the block??? That might be his biggest mistake if Derrick and Donny want to win the $5,000 for TA assignment. It's a long time until eviction and they could ALL change their minds by then. Derrick has always said Caleb is loyal so is it better for him to keep him there or is the $5,000 more important to him?
Glad Donny is off the block again.

I am proud of Nicole in the competitions. Her and Donny made a mistake last week not putting up two strong players. She is in real danger now and if she needs to tell some lies, well, heck, she may as well join the rest of the crowd and play the game. People are okay with Derrick's game and he has come up with some lies to tell also. Game on Nicole!

Fred Kilmartin said...

My vote for player of the season... "Derrick"...

Christi said...

A crooked cop? That is going a little far i think he was just sticking up for her...not that he is a woman beater.

slnc said...

What's up with the fish for an 1/2 hour on bbad?? Still going...

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