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Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday: The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! As we learned late last night, Derrick err..Cody won HOH and he'll be putting up Donny/Nicole with Donny as this weeks target. If Donny doesn't win veto tomorrow, he's gone this week. Pretty cut & dry this week.

Last night, not too much happened: Nicole talked about how amazing Hayden is and she really likes him. She talked about how he wrote her love notes in the jury house, he made her breakfast every morning and how he's "the nicest guy she's ever met". Super cute!

Frankie, who I don't believe has spent 1 night not in the HOH bed, asked Cody last night if he could sleep up in the HOH bed. Cody must've said no, because Frankies spent last night sleeping in the Rock Bedroom.

Speaking of Frankie, he doesn't think that Donny has any fans. (Little does he know that Donny is one of the most liked houseguest of this season.)

Christine: "Donny's fans are going to be so pissed."
Frankie: "I think it's ridiculous that Donny thinks he has any fans."

**Sidenote: Yesterday, someone hacked Frankie's twitter & instagram account. They tweeted a few times under his twitter account & then deleted his instagram account which had over 800k followers.

At 12:03am BBT, Cody got his HOH room.

Caleb looks at a pic of Cody's sister..
Caleb: "Cody, your sister's pretty!" (*Uh oh. lol)
Cody: "Yea she's gorgeous."

Cody looks at another picture he got..
Cody: "My mom looks so HOT!" (*uhhh..)

Cody's letter from home was from his hot mom, saying how proud of him she is, etc etc.

12:17am BBT:
Donny jokes (making fun of Frankie always asking the current HOH if he can sleep there all week)..
Donny: "You gonna let me sleep up here with ya tonight?"
Cody: "Yes sir! Go right ahead."
Frankie: "Umm that's weird..cuz..I sleep here. That's awkward, cuz that's where I sleep."

1:36am BBT:
HOH Room
Nicole is left by herself and she starts talking out loud about how to campaign to Cody, though she really doesn't wanna talk to him.

Nicole: "I would say I'm totally by myself (in this game), Donny and I...oh, what would I say..I'd say know I'm by myself, I just got back in, I'm not coming after you, it'd be stupid to not go after bigger targets..Christine/Frankie/Derrick...Derrick's not gonna let go of Victoria..and you guys will start cutting each others throats..I think..I never put you up, was HOH 3 times and never put you up. I learned to trust you in this game, not coming after you, no hard feelings, I'm by myself..I just got back (in), I'm weak..also, I don't see how getting down to'd be easier to get someone like Frankie out who won 4 HOH's..he won a POV by himself...Donny's won a POV by himself..very strong players..You gonna tell me that Frankie and Caleb won't come after you when they get the chance?"

1:46am BBT:
HOH Room

Nicole gives her speech to Cody.

Nicole: "I feel awkward Cody..I'm completely by myself.."

Cody tells Nicole that after she left, everyone compared notes and found out that Nicole was a bullsh*tter. Nicole continues to tell him she's alone in the game, weak, and Frankie/Caleb will go after him the 1st chance they get and he needs to use his HOH to get someone like them out, not waste it on Nicole.

Nicole: "The people that are lying and manipulating are getting further in the game."
Cody: "This week, I want Donny out. Period."

Nicole: "It's 2 VS 6, let's be honest."

They go back and forth with what Cody's heard (rumors/lies) and Nicole's trying to debunk them, but Cody doesn't seem to believe her.

Nicole: "I don't lie! It's frustrating. I'm not gonna feed you a bunch of bullcrap. I just want you to open your eyes and get someone out that's not going after you. I understand that Donny's your target because you were his, right?"
Cody: "He was saying Derrick needs to go..Cody needs to go..I think he's a schemer.."

This goes on until around 2:15am BBT
Nicole leaves the HOH room.
Frankie/Victoria/Christine immediately go up to see what Nicole talked to him about.

Cody tells Frankie he wants to sleep in the HOH room alone. Frankie whines as Cody cuddles him.
Frankie: "This is the 15th night I haven't slept in this bed."

2:57am BBT:

Derrick's been giving Victoria a pep talk. Victoria is whining that she's seen as "a waste of space" in the house. (*Well..) She mentions how rude Zach was to her, she's scared of what producers think of her, etc. Derrick seems really frustrated with the constant babysitting of Victoria. (In case you missed it the other day, Victoria was whining to Derrick about spending more time with Christine than her, that he doesn't look at her as often anymore, etc.) Derrick tells her that she's paranoid, she's tired and tries to calm her down.

3:45am BBT:
HOH Room
They're talking about how they think Donny's not really a groundskeeper and how he's probably a doctor from Harvard. (They've been saying this all season long.)

4:42am BBT:
HOH Room
Creep Mode Douchebag is talking about how they're finally gonna get Donny out this week.
Caleb: "Freakin' 8 weeks later, we're finally getting this old man grump outta here."
Cody: "Absolutely. He's gotta go."
Caleb: "My thing is though, Nicole's smart."
Cody doesn't see Nicole as a threat.

Cody says he doesn't know where Christine's at in the game..
Caleb: "I'd almost rather send (Christine) home than Victoria."
Cody: "Because we know what we have with Victoria: nothing."

Cody said that they can "cross that bridge when they come to it", regarding who to get out first (Christine or Victoria after Donny/Nicole are gone.)

**And that's it for The Overnighter! As of 10:38am BBT, Donny is talking to Cody in the HOH room.
Donny: "I've never done nothing to nobody, and to have 6 people against me, that's pathetic. If I stay here, I can help you. We only have 3-4 weeks. They'll laugh at you (*his alliance), they're using you...Caleb/Victoria. They're using y'all to get to (to the finals)."
Cody: "Mm hmm."
Donny: "Someone's gotta pull that trigger. If I was (HOH), I'd do it."

If Cody would listen to both Nicole/Donny and wake up, he'd be smart to actually gun after a bigger target this week like Frankie or Caleb, but he's so hell-bent on getting Donny out and Derrick has Cody on a short leash, that nothing will change his mind.

Stay tuned...
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Angela said...

Jamie, It's been a long time since I laughed as hard as I did when I read that Cody got a letter from his hot mom. Thanks for the early Friday belly laugh- I needed it-

Ste ven said...

As of 1pm ET, Frankie Twitter is still run by a Lord Cynical. One tweet says such my c*ck Ariana Grande

Andy Tatnall said...

Nicole's wasting her time, sadly. No one in this house will ever flip or make a big move. No one in the Detonators intends to ever make a pre-emptive strike against their allies until every non-Detonator is out of the game first, with Zach an exception only because of his conduct. Derrick and Frankie are just too much in everyone's ear.

Anonymous said...

You know the BB voice that admonishes the HG. Do they have names and warnings pre taped? It's always sounds like the same voice. Watching the beginning of BBAD, the 'boys' & Christine are being so rude, mean and annoying, had to turn it off. None of them besides Derrick or Frankie seem smart enough to flip, and usually thats the way to win.

Lindsay said...

This sucks. What a waste of letting someone back into the house. And you're right, big waste of Cody's HOH. So now the rest of the season is so predictable. Order of them going out:

And then it F3 will be Derek, Frankie, and Cody.

I think I'm done watching as I truly don't have an interest in who wins out of those 3.

Christi said...

Cody will wish he listened. That will be fun to watch!!!

Razldazlrr said...

Cody is a dunce - he's going to be sorry he didn't listen. These people have been SO predictable, I so wanted Donny or Christine to win HOH to make a move! Let's hope of one them wins veto.

And Frankie? 1. He thinks he is always supposed to sleep in the HOH room?

2. Little does he know that most people want Donny to win and love him and don't like Frankie.

3. Frankie is a star just in his mind.

OK - that's mean but also kind of funny someone hacked his instagram account. Most of the pics were of him giving that smooch face that drives me crazy! LOL

enb said...

Cody should do the smart thing and put up just Nicole and an alliance member, Donny plays POV, and wins, take Nicole off and he has to put up Victoria she goes to Jury Nicole and Donny are safe another week, and Cody will be a hero to the fans, and a doofest to his alliance everybody wins.

Janely Castro said...

Here's to hoping something anything happens because this week is such a waste. At this point they should all just give derrick the money and go home since everyone's to afraid to make a move. Who waits till every other player is gone to start going for members in the alliance? These so called fans are missing big opportunities and they will regret it.

Anonymous said...


How is it a waste of Cody's HOH if you think it's going to lead to Cody being in the F3?


Andy Tatnall said...

I think Nicole and Donny's biggest mistake is in not just approaching Derrick.

There's a good argument to be made to him: He needs to think about his endgame. If he kicks out every non-Detonator before the Detonators are forced to turn on each other, he's in essence pinning his whole game on winning that first HOH comp. And since his allies are also huge competitors all of whom have won more than him, what chance will he have? (Unless he's been throwing almost every comp this season.)

He also needs to have a big game move or two under his belt if he hopes to make any arguments to the jury about why he deserves to win. Subtle behind-the-scenes manipulation isn't enough to get you there; just ask Dan Gheesling.

Katie Forshee said...

Come on CBS bring back the coup d'Etat!!! PLEASE!!

Lindsay said...

@Brian, I guess just because getting Donny out was the plan regardless of who was HOH. It was a simple, planned move, much like most of this season.

Anonymous said...


They have gone after members of their own alliance already. They've gotten out Devin, Amber and Zach


Julie Kneuker said...

I agree! They need to talk to Derrick and pitch Frankie getting out. In all honesty Frankie is Dericks biggest threat. He wins comps!

Anonymous said...


To be fair Dan's biggest problem in F2 in BB14 was not that his big moves were subtle and behind the scenes. It was the bitter jury he created by his not subtle backstabbing in Shane and especially Frank who poisoned the rest of the lesser jury members ala Ashley, Jenn City and Chef Joe. His next biggest problem was that he'd already played and won before so many didn't want to give him the money again. Especially next to Ian which is the other big reason he lost. Everyone loved Ian and he played a quality game himself and was probably the biggest superfan to ever play BB so no one was going to beat him in F2. If Dan had been in F2 with Danielle it might have been a different story. So his subtle misting strategy was like the last of his issues as to why he didn't win.


Annette Darden said...

And what's the problem with Derrick winning? I don't understand some "fans". You bitch and moan when the winner is a rat like Andy (which I agree with) but you bitch and moan just as much when someone like Derrick is smart enough to set himself up for the win.
I happen to LOVE Derrick and have from the beginning. I hope he DOES get that check. Besides, he EARNED it in having to deal with Victoria like he has. Everyone else is borderline rude to the girl!!

Anonymous said...


But if it gets him to F3 like you think it will then I don't see how you can also think it's a bad move for him? Especially when both Donny and Nicole were going to put Cody up on the block if they won this HOH while none of the others would have.


Anonymous said...

Everyone who keep saying Cody is such an idiot for wanting to put up Donny and Nicole and evict Donny are only saying that because you like Donny and Nicole. It has nothing to do with strategy or thinking it's the best move for Cody. You could all care less about Cody you only care about keeping Donny and Nicole. And that's fine but don't talk about what a brilliant game move or how there are bigger targets in the house. How is Donny not a HUGE target to get out of the house? He's won a ton of comps all with the pressure on needing to win and he beats anyone if he gets to F2.

And I don't see how it'd be so smart for Cody to ditch 5 people he's been working with the entire game to team up with 2 people he's always been against. Especially when those 2 people were going to put him up on the block if they won this HOH. Even if he gets rid of 1 of the other 5 why would he want to make 4 enemies next week for betraying them? When if he gets rid of Donny, who he knows for a fact wanted him on the block and campaigned for him to be evicted instead of Zach, he'd have at most 1 enemy next week. And Nicole would probably have much bigger fish and not go after Cody and perhaps even try to make a deal with him.

Everyone is so upset about the house not flipping but i don't think people are morons for finding a group and sticking to it till it's just them and then battling it out. They are obviously a strong group as they keep winning basically every week to keep control. If the other side wants the house to flip win HOH and do it and when you do don't blow it. This house had a chance to flip and it was the potential turning point of the season to me that lead us down the path we are now. I've said it before and I'll say it again it's the week Donny and Nicole both won co HOH. And what did they end up accomplishing that week? They evicted freaking Jocasta! So I don't feel bad for the spots they are in right now because they did it to themselves. If they would each put up 2 of those guys with a 5th leftover for potential renom they would've guaranteed 1 went home and who knows where we'd be right now.


Andy Tatnall said...

Brian, you make good points, but I think you do underestimate a little bit the role played by Dan failing to convince the jury that he'd made big moves.

It's been a few years, but thinking back to the finale, they both got a lot of questions about their game moves. Ian succeeded in confidently asserting that the Quack Pack was his idea. Rather than trying to insist that it wasn't, Dan should have pointed out how much of the rest of what happened was orchestrated by him. I thought he did a weak job talking about that to the jurors, and you could see it in their faces.

I can't speak to whatever other motivations may have played a role in their minds off camera, and I do agree that personal bitterness played a role (far too much of one). But I do think Dan lost votes by not being as assertive about his role in events as Ian--who, let's face it, other than asking the others to form the QP, didn't do a whole lot gameplay-wise.

Anonymous said...


I definitely agree Dan could've done a better job and have been arguing against the change in the format since they made it. To me I feel like by finale night the Jury is coming into the process already knowing who they're going to vote for in a given pairing and they're not going to change their minds based on a couple 90 sec speeches and a some short answers to a few pre approved questions read off a card. However to me even with the old format although Dan would've had a fighting chance I don't think it would've ultimately made enough of a difference with that bitter Jury and up against Ian. Perhaps he could've got another vote or 2 tops if that but he lost 6-1 so ultimately it wouldn't have made a difference.


Annette Darden said...

Hayden, Lane, Enzo, Matt
Do those names ring a bell for Detonator haters? I believe a little alliance called The Brigade made Final 3 a few years ago.
FINAL 3!! That's HUGE in this game. Why is that any different than what The Detonators are attempting?
And what about The Sovereign Six? While not wildly successful, they were formidable enough that the entire alliance was brought back for All Stars.
Then we have the exact opposite alliance in the same season in The Friendship. Not wildly popular, but had great success with 2 member being the final 2 and Maggie winning the season.
Is it just me, or do fans seem to be intolerant of alliances these days? Donny isn't an underdog being beaten into submission. He's had as much opportunity as many of the others, more in some cases. Derrick has competed in exactly ONE veto comp. You can't win comps you don't participate in. He made his BB bed when he chose to sleep his social game away. I'm an early riser as well, but I can without a doubt state emphatically that I'd keep my butt awake and out there as long as everyone else was still awake.


Rachel said...

I agree!!! I'll stop watching like I did last season when Elissa left. It's so boring and predictable. It's pathetic and bs! I kno the producers are seeing all these comments why don't they do something about it?!! This twisted summer has been crap. There's been NO TWISTS!!!! The two hoh thing was lame cuz NO ONE put up big players!! I'm really sick of the same crap happening each week! How was giving an evicted person a sec chance knowing they're gona b votes right out?!?! Holy idiots in this house besides Donny and Nicole! Beyond annoyed with this show!!!

Annette Darden said...

I agree that Dan's having already won was a HUGE detriment to his game that season. Nobody wanted to give a previous winner more money. Ian truly did love his BB experience.


Anonymous said...


I totally agree! Everyone is complaining about oh just hand the check to Derrick. I'm like ok that's cool I have no issue with handing the check to the best player this season and someone's who's played an all time great game thus far. With all the seasons we've had where we've had terrible a F3 and a bad winner you're also now going to complain when it looks like the best player by far in the season is going to win? You really just want all the big targets to go right now? Ok and I've got news for everyone that definitely includes Donny who's won a ton of comps and beats anyone in F2 and even Nicole who's won her share of comps and would beat many in F2. Ok so now your F3 on Finale night is Victoria/Christine/Cody. Is that better? Would you be happy with that? I'd take a F3 of Derrick/Frankie/whoever over that any day. While I don't like Frankie much personally he's played a very good game thus far himself. I'd actually finish off a TA F3 if I could of who's played the best games but I know Donny will have to win probably more than humanly possible to get there. So I'll probably have to settle for a Caleb or Cody in F3 instead.


Angela said...

I'm with you Annette!

Anonymous said...


People complain every season about production manipulation ie this season with Frankie and the BOB he won solo. And now you are calling for production to manipulate the game somehow? Ok I got it production manipulation is only ok if it benefits a player you like and/or screws a player you don't like out of a fair shake at $500K.


Tanbucket1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tanbucket1 said...

I'm so done with the 6 Bully Brat Pack. Do they think we are that stupid that it hey don't think that will make us root for Donnie even more. Evil Dick, Janelle, and Dr. Will would be so disappointed in this group's play and gamesmanship.

Annette Darden said...

BTW Jamie, Thanks for allowing me to vent my frustrations here! I tried that in a few chat rooms and got lamblasted!!

Jezabelle said...

I've always thought that it would be more interesting if they did this with the returning jury member:

Have all four jurors return for a week, but at the end of the week, only one gets to stay.

During that week there would be no HOH, no nominations, and no POV.

To the extent that there are competitions, they are luxury comps, have and have not competitions, or an advantage comp for the four jury members that will compete to return at the end of the week. The winner would get some sort of leg up in the competition to return as a full fledged house guest.

I think this is interesting because if the jurors return on a Thursday and stay until the following Thursday, and none of them, the jurors or the house guests, know who will stay afterward, it would really cause the house guests to rethink their strategies and alliances to account for all of the variables. Also, it would be SUPER TWISTED!

On the Thursday after the return, (a week later), the jurors would compete to come back, then the winner would return to the house as a house guest, and then all of the house guests would immediately compete in a "week in a day" type show--HOH, POV, and Live Eviction.

It would really make it more interesting and make it so that the returning house guest might be more meaningful.

christie nicholson said...

Annette I have to say you make more sense than just about anyone else on here (with a few exceptions)'s so nice to see a fellow superfan who knows her stuff and analyzes the game for the game's sake and not slanted entirely toward the player you like. I agree that there have been strong alliances over the years and they have done well. I also think Donny is a very strong player who just never thought about having a social game. The nice guy never wins....unless he proves himself to be scandalous in the last few weeks :)

Andrea Santangelo said...

I agree! He's playing a heck of a game! I like Donny but he's the only person who seems aware of how Derrick is controlling things and yet, he hasn't tried to use that until just now. Of everyone there, Derrick most deserves to win.

Andrea Santangelo said...

Hear, hear!! I'm still enjoying this season. Even if it was Victoria/Christine/? In the final 3, it's still so much better than last season!

Tony Akinremi said...

Derrick is playing a good game. The thing is he become ugly in his actions and statements. I m not sure why the hate against Donny. We all think that Derrick going to be in F3 and might take it all. I wish the other HG's (other than Nicole n Donny) gave him more or a challenge and didn't look like they are just waiting for their eviction.

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