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Friday, August 22, 2014

Afternoon in the BB House + NOMS

Good afternoon, everybody! Nothing much has been happening in the house and truth be told, I don't expect much of anything to happen until next Thursday. Cody will be putting up Nicole/Donny today an tomorrow's veto comp will determine which one goes to jury this week. If Donny doesn't win veto, he'll be the one evicted. Simple as that.

Currently on the live feeds...

12:30pm BBT:
The Have Nots food for the week was revealed.

Squish Kabobs: which is compressed fish meat, clams, and bean curd. Cody made Donny and Nicole (she volunteered) to be the Have Nots for the week.

In other news, one side of Victoria's face is swollen due to a wisom tooth. (12:45pm BBT)
She's worried about how she'll look with her swollen cheek on cam, though Christine & Cody assured her that it's not swollen enough for it be noticed on cam.

Sidenote: The nominations ceremony is today and Cody will be putting up Donny/Nicole as planned. Cody wants to "call out" Donny at the nomination ceremony (*all summer long he's been threatening to call various people out but never once actually did, so I don't think he'll start now) about a comment Donny made last night in the HOH room. Donny said something about Cody being a "genius" and that "all this time, he thought he was some dumb kid". Christine is fueling Cody to call him out today at the ceremony because Donny called Cody "dumb".

2:00pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Derrick mentioned that he heard from a couple of people that Donny was coming after him and that he wants to clear the air with him because he's hurt that he's hearing Donny is after him. Derrick said that he loves being Team America with him and Frankie and he knows it's obvious to the both of them. He also Donny that he thinks it'll be them (Donny/Nicole)  going up on the block today and that he thinks they (D/N) even know it because they're "intelligent people". He told Donny that Nicole campaigned against him the last time they were on the block and...

Derrick: "As sure as I am pale, she'll do it again."

Derrick then talked about how when him/Donny were at the finals, they weren't allowed to talk to anyone but that Donny broke that rule to tell Derrick where the bathroom was and that Derrick told his wife if he gets on the show, he's gonna work 'with that guy' (Donny).

Nicole comes out and breaks up the convo.

2:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

Derrick told Cody that Nicole is a "big liar" and now doesn't trust "them" from her talking with Hayden in the jury house. They then talk about Christine. Derrick that Christine "scares" him game wise. Cody said that Christine questioned him and said she was scared he'd put her up on the block, which means she doesn't trust him.

Derrick: "That's because she has a guilty conscious."
Cody: "I'd rather have Nicole around than Christine. I'd have no idea what (Christine) would do."
Derrick: "Yea, I think if Nicole won HOH, she'd put up Frankie/Christine."

Derrick said this week, he has to put up Nicole/Donny. There's no other option with their 5 person alliance and that he needs his alliance to keep him safe next week since he can't play HOH. Cody said he's sure him/Nicole will talk again post-nomination ceremony and he'll tell her he had no other choice but to put her/Donny up.

2:50pm BBT:
Time for the Nomination Ceremony.

3:55pm BBT:
Feeds are back.

Nominated for Eviction are:

Houseguests are on indoor lockdown. Donny wonders if veto will be tonight.  

**I'm outta here for the day. Y'all enjoy your Saturday!! (If the veto is tonight, I'll let y'all know and start a new post, so check back later.)

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

why would donny and nicole volunteer to be have nots? That makes no sense, they are already going on the block. How about frankie as a have not? seriously, i want to jump in the tv and shake them! LOL

Jay said...

Just curious if anyone thinks it would be a good game move for Donny to expose Team America to Cody, Christine, Nicole, and Victoria? He knows his days are numbered so he may only have 1 Team America task left anyway. He's desperately trying to flip the house against Derrick so he's no longer on the short end, why not expose it to everyone? Worst case, it doesn't work and you're going home on Thursday anyway. Best case maybe it plants seeds of doubt in Cody, Christine, and Victoria, makes them paranoid, and they start to wonder if Derrick is more loyal to some Final 2 deals or Team America. Just a thought but I think if I was Donny, I'd put it out there this week...

Anonymous said...


Only Nicole volunteered not Donny. And I see why she would having been out of the house for a week and being able to eat whatever she wants. Plus she had to figure she was going to be picked anyway so maybe she could ingratiate herself with the others by volunteering.


Andy Tatnall said...

It'd be nice if any of this convo between Derrick and Donny were sincere on the part of either. But I think Derrick is just trying to break apart Donny and Nicole's alliance before it gets going to make it easier to get them both out, and hedging his bets in case Donny wins veto. And as for Donny, I think he's well beyond ever trusting Derrick... as well he should be, of course.

Ashley said...

I think Derrick talking to Donny trying to "clear the air" is just him trying to secure a jury vote. These people are so dumb!! Wake up! Derrick is going to win this show.

Brenda Reed said...

If Donny outed TA to everyone, wouldn't he lose the money he'd already earned through successful missions? I thought in previous seasons if they told anyone, they'd lose the money earned from missions. I could be wrong, probably am wrong... but not sure it would be worth the risk of telling everyone and losing the money if he's going to be voted out anyway. At least he'll have the mission money.

Jamie said...

donny is on to derrick, he wasn't buying any of his "clearing the air" talk.

Jamie said...

they are allowed to out themselves but not the other members. (i'm not sure if they're allowed to say if there's more members or not. i'd have to ask around for that.)

Andy Tatnall said...

Wonder what the odds are of the boys backdooring Christine this week. The only scenario in which I see it happening is if Donny pulls himself off the block. If Nicole or one of them wins it, there's a slight chance still, but it would be the kind of boat-rocking move they've not shown any particular taste for so far.

Anonymous said...


Unless there is some twist I think there is ZERO chance anyone but Donny or Nicole gets evicted this week.


Thebez said...

That is a Great idea. It really is his only option.


One reason 'this season is so predictable' is because people watch the live feeds and read various online blogs, and visit BB chatrooms, so the viewer is always better informed than the HG. "Expect the Unexpected" isn't for the viewer's benefit, it is strictly for the people in the house. We are privy to nearly everything that is or will be going on inside the house well before the houseguests do. The twists are for the people in the house as they are the only ones that have to deal with them. If you are looking for surprises, just watch the CBS episodes. If you watch feeds 24/7 how are you going to be surprised by anything. If it all seems so boring and predictable it is because you have been able to follow the conversations and strategy sessions of the players in realtime or recaps so you already know what's going to happen. If your favorite player or the people you hate aren't doing what you want it is because they don't know everything you know and they have very different motives..

Jamie said...

i disagree Craig. as a live feed watcher since BB9, every season has had moments of "ooo what's gonna happen?" except for maybe once this season.

even though i know what BB does (they stick to a few different formulas for the most part), and it's hard to surprise me, i have always been surprised every season. except for this season.

it's boring. lol theres no other way around it.

Ryee said...

if Christine won, and I was her husband.. I would be waiting for her on finale night with divorce papers and say "what's mine is yours, remember?" *with my most sultry Cameron Diaz look* and take half of her winnings.
I'm watching the feeds now..
Living Room Derrick/Cody/Christine/Frankie
Frankie (to Cody) *mid conversation* " could be because you are the most beautiful human .... ever."
Christine: "Possibly.." -.-

Elizabeth Berry said...

Is Pandora's box going on right now? The HGs are all saying Cody isn't back . . . 6:00pm

Jamie said... waiting here anxiously :)

Elizabeth Berry said...

Me too? You're blog is awesome - been watching it for years. Every day before I leave work I check it to see what happened for the day. Thanks for all the time you put in :-)


I don't know, the only things you can really count on every year are:

1. This is the worst season ever.

2. This is the most boring season ever.

3. These are the laziest houseguests ever.

4. Production is fixing the game for__________.

5. If they evict ________ I'll stop watching.

6. Those evil bullies are going to run the house.

7. I wish Dr. Will was here.

8. __________CHEATED according to rule#____ so _______ should be stripped of his HOH and production should give it to _________.

9. _______ is EVIL and must be sent home.

Ashley said...

I agree that we tend to get bitchy about the outcome of the show because of our frustration when things don't go the way we want.

Derrick deserves to be in F2 even though he is pompous. Frankie probably does but I really hate to admit that because I so dislike him.

Donny would also deserve it if he had made some moves in the beginning. Unfortunately, his strategy was to be an all around nice guy and true to his personality. That didn't work for him and telling the HG's that America will wonder why they picked on him certainly won't.

The fact of the matter is that the alliance formed by Devin, which included half of the house, stayed true to themselves long enough for them to always have the majority of the votes, allowing them to even vote out some of their alliance.

The problem is and always has been that the outsiders have been sweet talked into believing that they were included so no one made any moves against them before it was too late.

Since Derrick and Cody talked and they are unsure what Christine will do, IF Donny were to win veto, my hope is that they will decide to put Christine up as renom and vote her out and keep Nicole. It's what they are thinking anyway but probably only if Donny is gone. I don't see much likelihood of that happening but I can hope.

I have really hated the double HOH and hope they never, ever do that again. It's ridiculous to have HG's throwing comps!


Jamie said...

lol!! that, you're 100% correct on. :P people thought BB9 was the worst (with last year coming in as the 2nd worst), but this year has topped both of them.

and theres also a lot of hypocrisy every season. its not ok to fans to save 1 hg thats not their fav but will ask production to save their fav. happens every season.

Jamie said...

thanks Liz!!! :D

christie nicholson said...

I think I may be the only person who actually liked season 9 :) I won't say this year is the worst but it is very predictable.....I'm waiting for a week where the original alliance members aren't in control but doesn't look like that will happen in the few weeks we have left

Anonymous said...


Personally I don't agree at all that this is the worst season ever as there are some good to very good players and 1 great player left in the game. To me what matters most to me is that some worthy and hopefully the best players are there battling it out in the end.BB9 & BB15 were both train wrecks and definitely worse than this season thus far. Now if we end up with a Victoria/Christine F2 with Cody or Caleb also in there on Finale night I reserve the right to rethink my opinion LOL

I definitely agree on the hypocrisy which people are very quick to call the HGs out on but ignore their own. So many were up in arms that they thought BB changed the BOB comp to make it easier for Frankie to compete as 1 person and earn safety. Yet now I'd bet many of those same people are hoping that BB just so happens to have a PB this week that gives Donny or Nicole superpowers to keep them both safe.


christie nicholson said...

I think I may be the only person who actually liked season 9 :) I won't say this year is the worst but it is very predictable.....I'm waiting for a week where the original alliance members aren't in control but doesn't look like that will happen in the few weeks we have left

Anonymous said...


Are those rules about revealing Team America just something you distinctly 100% remember from early in the season? Or did you go back and rewatch an early ep? Or is it stated somewhere online? I definitely remember that it was up to them if they wanted to tell people or not that they were on TA but I don't recall the part about not being able to tell about the others. And I would definitely like to know how far someone can go as to say that there are others or how many others and if they are still in the house or whether they could hint who it is or say who it's not which could help determine who it is.


Angela said...

I have loved every season, including this one! The seasons that might seem boring to some people NEVER seem boring to me. I just love being the fly too much I guess.

Elizabeth Berry said...

Is anyone else really really tired of hearing Christine's laugh on live feeds?

Tony Akinremi said...

"Christine has a guilty conscious" No Derrick it's because they are fewer and fewer HG's to be on yet he block. The five are going to go after each other. With all Derrick scheming to be the last one standing. Wake up Cody and your BB wife Christine!

Liz said...


Andy Tatnall said...

I agree that this season is not worse than BB9 or BB15. Both of those seasons were filled with reprehensible players who were just painful to watch. This season has been a bit dull, but only because one side of the house played a great game, while the other side never even realized there was any game to play.

And while the dominance of Derrick and co. may not be all that interesting to watch, you certainly can't fault them for their strategy.

The main problem with this season, to my mind, was the drafting of too many players who were clueless about how to play.

Tony Akinremi said...

I'm just a fan of BB. Can't do any wrong in my book. The game is what the game is.

I agree with a lot of the comments on here BB and of course disagree somewhat. As an audience we have seen most of all BB has done. And this year maybe boring because it looks like the HG's have seen a lot and know a lot of the games. We have super fans and those that schooled themselves about the show. I think if BB brings in new players there should be a mix of those that know and those not allowed to know. Or the have to dramatically change the game. Make it more like other countries. Or change when things happen in the game that we as well as the HG's are thrown off some.

Gilbert said...

Yeah Cody always says he's gonna call someone out but he'll do it "next week" he's one of the lamest players ever

Christina said...

I remember Julie telling them individually, when they were chosen, that they could share the TA info or not, it was up to them to decide. I hope Donny does share the info... something needs to happen this week! I read Tim's (Christine's husband) twitter yesterday. He seems like such a great guy. He did let on that it was starting to upset him. He LOVED zingbot! She definitely does not deserve him.

Ashley said...

@Andy: I agree that we can't fault Derrick and the others for playing a good game. The crux of the matter is the others not being wise to it because we can see it. That is what makes us bitter, through no fault of theirs. The rest of his alliance goes along with his subliminal suggestions that he puts in their heads and we see that as floating along with him.


Joshua Robinson said...

I think it will be interesting when the only house guests left are Christine/Frankie/Cody/Caleb and Derrick. Then they will throw an endurance challenge at them and it will be a great HOH to watch, because they will all be scared of who each other would put up.

I am absolutely sick of Victoria. Donny is great at comps, but his social game sucks. And as bad as it sounds I wish Zach would have came back in over Nicole (who only knows how to talk out of her nose.) my reasoning behind ZAch is he was part of the Bomb Squad and Detinators. Therefore it would have been 6 extremely paranoid and manipulative people against each other at the end, which would have been more fun to watch.

Nicole Mouawad said...

Amen to that

Frups N said...

I agree with Craig Marshall about what feedsters can look forward to every season.

It's uncanny. The same whines EVERY season.

Ste ven said...

YES.. It would infuriate the HG. First, they'd be so angry that Frankie, with his sisters popularity, had gotten another 20K and maybe Derrick would finally get on someone's radar. I hope Donny realizes that he's allowed to expose it.. There might not even be another mission. He's got nothing to lose & theyd figure out theres no saboteur. Donny is pretty smart. I'm surprised he hasn't thought of this. He really has nothing to lose as he's not gonna be able to flip them, and Derrick & Frankie are not loyal to him. If BB really wanted to manipulate them, could have offered them another 10k if they're the F3

Ste ven said...

Everything Derrick does is strategic.. Whether pushing for noms, alliances or befriending people for eviction and jury votes

Ste ven said...

I dont think so. I think its up to them but he may not be clear. DR could "remind them"... Its his best move right now although D/F would likely deny it but the other HG might turn on them...

Ste ven said...

Sadly, Donny is the only one onto Derrick. He really isn't the country bumpkin he was characterized as... He's also mentioned that BB has refused to let him cut his beard so that the 'character' can continue. I wonder what would happen if he shaved without their permission

Ste ven said...

Are you sure not the other members. BB often makes rules up as they go... But if thats the case, it makes sense why donny hasnt thought of it

Anonymous said...

It's also because BB basically follows the same format, challenges etc every week. The double hoh was a twist but it kinda backfired since the hoh worked together. It's one thing in the beginning when HG were surprised about questions about which day on the house or things waking them up in middle of night etc. The challenges are pretty similar every year, so r double evictions. You can hear the HG talking & predicting what's to come or 'studying.' even their thinking theres a saboteur isn't that far off from team America. They need to shake things up more. Even the buy back after 4 jurors is something they expected. The unanimous house votes don't help

Anonymous said...

They need creative twists they haven't used on previous seasons to really surprise them. They expect pretty much everything cuz its the same patterns every season. Like the person above said, a hidden power of veto could shake things up. They have a whole year to come up with new twists and they're usually lame. Even if they copy what other shows do,... I think "expect the unexpected" isn't true. They expected the double eviction or the juror coming back or America voting on something or having to study the zombie alerts, or studying which comps happened on which days.. Shouldn't we have that stupid counting challenge soon?

Anonymous said...

Please offer Cody money and then unleash a special veto power for donny or Nicole to win. Something like Jeff had where you'd overthrow the hoh and be able to put up your own renom. That would shake it up.

Anonymous said...

If Donny was to expose TA it would be silly for him to fire that last bullet before they play POV since if he wins he'd have exposed himself for no reason.


Andrea Santangelo said...


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