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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Morning/Afternoon in the BB16 House

Good afternoon, BB addicts! Thank you so much for being patient as I worked this morning and into the early afternoon today. I just got home and grabbed a bite to eat, and ready to dive into the Morning/Afternoon post! :D Let's do this!!

Christine/Donny have been talking game for a long time now. (Currently at 1:44pm BBT, they're the only houseguests up.) Before I get into everything that's been exchanged between the two, I don't think Christine is taking any of their convo seriously and I wouldn't be surprised to see her chase down alliance members to tell them everything that was said..which is sad, because if she actually listened to Donny, it would help her game out.

My favorite line from the convo so far:
Donny: ""We" decided this, "we" decided that. "We" is going to come to an end, then you have no one to help you." (*Bingo!)

11:55am BBT:
Donny/Christine convo begins.

Donny starts off talking about Victoria. They both agree that it'd be horrible if Victoria actually won the game. Christine said she'd wonder how that happened, if ever did. Donny said he'd rather lose to someone worthy (eg: Frankie/Derrick) than to someone like Victoria. Without mentioning names specifically, Donny said that Victoria is basically wrapped around Derrick's finger so tight that not even "a pop star" could tear her away. Christine agreed.

*BB calls for inside lockdown, I'm guessing until tomorrow night's live eviction. This week's HOH comp should be endurance.

12:06pm BBT:
Talk resumes.
Donny mentions that all of his friends are voted out (which was like half the house). Christine mentioned that she feels like she did "dirty work" for some houseguests.

Donny: "There are some people that are everyone's friend, that's never been nominated yet. And they may never be because they're everyone's friend." (*Derrick. Christine knows exactly who he's talking about.)

Donny starts to plant the seed of doubt in Cody but asking Christine "who is Cody really loyal to?" Donny mentions that the last thing he wants to see, is a Derrick/Cody/Victoria Final 3 and how the fans wouldn't want that either. Christine also agreed. They both agreed it'd be like last season when Andy won and GinaMarie took 2nd place.

With the seed of doubt with Cody already planted, Donny goes in for the kill by telling Christine that Cody is truly with Derrick. He tells Christine that if Zach were to stay, Zach would go after Frankie and not Christine, though she thinks it'd be her VS Frankie on the block together.

12:48pm BBT:
Donny: "Zach is alone, I am alone, and I feel that you are alone."
Donny asks Christine to please don't use all the info he's telling her against him. She said she won't. (*We'll see.)
Christine: "Honestly I just don't see myself trusting Zach."
Donny: "And we don't have to. There aint' nobody else (to work with on that memory wall). Look around."
Christine: "Yea."
Donny: "Not him..not him..not her...not him.."(*looking at Memory Wall).

Christine asks Donny if he really thinks that Derrick would cut Cody to take Victoria to the end, Donny says yes because he can easily beat her. Donny asked Christine if she thinks there was a real Final 4 deal between Cody/Derrick/Hayden/Nicole. Christine says yes. Donny tells Christine that good players in the game make big moves that nobody sees coming, such as her/Donny working together.

He tells her that if he was in a big alliance and was voted 1st out (like they're going to do to Christine), he'd feel stupid. Donny said that after the show is said and done, nobody would be mad at her for making big moves. She agrees and says "It's just a game."

Donny mentioned that he tried to warn Hayden to not trust Derrick and now he's gone. He said while he was close with Hayden and they talked game, they were never in an alliance...nor was in an alliance with Jocasta. He tells Christine how happy Hayden/Nicole/Jocasta would be to hear that him/Christine are working together.

Donny: "You don't have to be the sixth person out." 

At 1:45pm BBT, Christine "swears on her life" that Caleb took the bone away from her and she can't wait until he sees that episode.  

They're convo ends at around 1:55pm BBT. Christine wonders how happy the live feed watchers are with them two working together. (*I'll believe it when I see it. If she doesn't tell anyone their talk in the next 24 hours, then I'll believe it.)

2:36pm BBT:
Feeds on fishies...

2:37pm BBT:
Oh look! That didn't take long! Christine is telling Cody EVERYTHING that her/Donny talked about. Unbelievable.

Cody is calling Donny a "f**king liar" and how Donny didn't think that they'd compare notes.

2:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

Donny: "If I don't win HOH, I"m gonna be on the block again and the numbers are against me. You're such a powerful player, when I go, I can help you no longer. The person that wants to see you get to Final 2. These people don't wanna face you in Final 2. I know there's numbers out there against you, like me."

Frankie: "Right. When I'm in power, I'm gonna keep you off (the block). I can contiue to keep you off the block, just depends on who wins HOH.."

Frankie: "You're an expert at this game, and there's only 1 student left in the game, in my opinion."
Donny: "They'd rather take Victoria to Final 3."
Frankie: "I know. I know."

Donny mentions that as a fan, he doesn't wanna see an ending to the season be disappointing like it was last season.

Donny: "If I'm gone, I can help you no longer."
They hug.
Frankie: "I got your back."
Donny leaves.

3:05pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Cody & Christine are Donny bashing. Christine is basking in the attention from Cody as usual.
Cody crawls on the floor and grabs Derrick's hand (he's sleeping).
Derrick is startled and said it was weird when he looked up and saw Christine in Cody's bed.

Derrick: "Dude what time is it?"

Cody/Christine crawl back into bed, talking and giggling. (*I'm not sticking around for this convo, I can't stand Christine's constant giggle-cackling.)

**Tonight's BB episode starts at 8pm ET as usual and it'll be the Zingbot Veto Comp with an appearance by Kathy Griffin. I'll meet y'all back here at 7:30pm BBT with a new top post. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Ryee said...

OMG CHRISTINE I KNEW YOU WERE GONNA BLAB. grrrrrr, really hoping Nicole comes back tomorrow night with HOH and her and Donny start doing some serious damage.

Brenda Reed said...

Looks like Christine's Cody crush is taking over her brain! She's such an idiot...

sunny said...

Yeah they've got your back Donny, so they know where to place the knife. Bless his heart he's the only one trying to make something happen.

Jamie said...

its so frustrating to watch Donny not only try to get an ally in the game (and fail every time) but that he's actually making VALID points and nobody is listening! It's sad on multiple levels. :/

Ryee said...

you're so right Jamie!! I just wanna jump through my live feeds and say "let's take these mother fathers down Donny"

Jamie said...

you and me both!! and LOL @ "Mother fathers"..I cracked up!

Alea Marie said...

The only one (well 2 including Frankie) that will look like a total & complete
ID 10 T will be Christine for not only her constant nauseating flirting with Cody, but for her lack of game strategy because she never listened to Nicole/Donny about Derrick & Cody!
Won't she be soooo pissed when she gets out of the house, back in the real world & watches the game only to realize how wrong she was & how many opportunities she had to make a game changing move to her advantage!!!
Her stupidity will not be rewarded! I reckon it'll be rough seeing any potential money she may have been able to win had she not been sooo up Cody's ass & instead kept her eyes on the ball (not Cody's)....
You're a real winner Christine!
Said NO ONE watching this show with morals!!!!

Angela said...

You couldn't have said it better Alea Marie!! I totally agree with you. I wish somebody would yell something outside the back yard, toward her, so she would have an inkling about what most of us think about her. But then again, I wouldn't want it to help her game. She might just be THE most annoying player EVER


These youngsters have had Donny pegged as "sketchy" since Day One. I don't know if it's the beard or what, and he's not really dealing with many towering intellects in the house, maybe Derrick has them all mesmerized that everything will be OK.

Anonymous said...

As a fan of BB I respect Donny for finally starting to get some work in and play the game besides winning comps. Perhaps Zingbot's zing about his awful social game has lit a fire under him. But as someone who's rooting for Derrick to win Donny and his logical arguments to all the other HGs against Derrick is really starting to get on my nerves! LOL. Donny's biggest problem is that he's making all these pleas against the only HG left in the house smart enough to listen and understand how useful Donny could be rather than making them to him. Here's to hoping Donny gives up on preaching to these schmucks and says if you can't beat him join him and try's to work with Derrick instead. That probably won't happen anytime soon especially with a HG returning this week but I can dream.


Christina said...

AMEN!! How can someone be sooo delusional?! Well, I guess we all know how much it might cost to rent Cody for the summer.... $500,000 ;)

Ashley said...

Christine was so hurt with Zingbot's comment and was so concerned about her husband and pastor. Well, sweety, I think you've been worse than ever now.

I was also glad to see Donny campaigning finally but as good as we've thought Derrick and Frankie are, they don't seem to get it that they are going to start voting out their own and better be getting an impartial HG who can help with their vote.


Ashley said...

Honestly, Cody and Christine giggling this afternoon while in bed was like two pre-schoolers.


Donna Morey said...

do you think that there's any real "team america" loyalty between them at this point?

slnc said...

True! Agree...

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