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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weds: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday to y'all! The Overnighter is gonna be short because (1) nothing much happened last night and (2) I have to work this morning. I woke up early to fill you guys & gals in before I had to leave.

Per Donny's advice to Zach yesterday morning (I covered it in the Morning Post yesterday), Zach campaigned to Frankie (12:17am BBT Cams 3/4). Zach brought up the good points that Donny told him: how Frankie is the next big target and that it'd be better for him to keep him this week. Frankie didn't disagree with him about that, but started to yell at Zach anyway for not being trustworthy, being a liar, throwing him (F) under the bus constantly (*when in reality, it's Frankie that's been throwing Zach under the bus) and then of course how Zach's "hurting his chances of feeding children in Africa".

Zach: "By saying that nobody wants to take you to the end?"
Frankie: "To (to the other houseguests), yes!"

Frankie said that even though he wouldn't win the $500k in any F2 scenario, he'd rather win the $50k to build schools in Africa. Zak said he doesn't know that he would or wouldn't win first place. Frankie goes over the votes of who wouldn't vote for him.

Zach: "I think it benefits your game more if I stay here."
Frankie: "I don't disagree with you, but if I didn't put you up, I would be the next person to go...Donny's a bigger target than I am because we've won the same amount of comps."

Frankie mentioned how Victoria has to go soon, too. (*This is thanks for Derrick's talk with Frankie last night in the HOH room who planted the seeds to get Victoria out sooner than later. Scroll down for that post, 6:52pm BBT.)

Zach continued to make his valid points, but it fell on deaf ears with Frankie. The only way I see Zach staying, is if he gets back in the game after being evicted via a houseguest coming back.

Speaking of Derrick's planted seeds, they seem to be in full bloom already! Frankie talked to Caleb/Christine last night (2:13am BBT) about getting Victoria out really soon.
Caleb: "Honestly, I'd love to see her go next."
Frankie/Christine would rather see Donny go first.

That's about it for last night. Oh, earlier in the evening another fan shouted something from nearby/on the CBS lot but nobody could make out what was actually said. They had to go on inside lockdown for a little bit as a result.

**I'll be back with the Early Afternoon post later on after I get home from work. (Nothing usually happens in the mornings anyway, just Donny up by himself in the backyard for a few hours.) See y'all then! :D

Stay tuned...
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Angela Foster said...

Really?? Did I just read that correctly what Frankie said?? Everybody is there for a game, honey. Some of them to help their FAMILIES.

I honestly doubt he'd use it on Charity.. he sickens me. I'm so done with him!

Andy Tatnall said...

"So-and-so made valid points, but they fell on deaf ears..."

Official Theme of BB16.

Anonymous said...

You didn't cover the convo with Derrick and Caleb in the HOH around 3:45am BBT. It was some great seed planting of staying loyal with a F4 of Derrick/Caleb/Frankie/Cody. And to cut Cody at 4 which is smart to push that as Frankie/Caleb have proven much better at winning comps so odds are it'd be Derrick/Cody on the block.

The best part of the convo was then Derrick explaining to Caleb how F4 works and making the selfless gesture of POV being used on him so that he perform the difficult task of voting out Cody. As if he would actually do that LOL. That's setting up a future total Dan S14 play right there where he tricked Danielle and voted out Shane instead of Ian.

He also talked to Caleb about how Dan beat Memphis in S10 on a 5-4 vote and only because he won more comps. Aka if you get the choice at F2 Beast Mode take me and you'll win since you're so much better at comps then me. When in reality Dan beat Memphis 7-0 in the only unanimous vote in BB history and it had very little if anything to do with comp wins. When Derrick left the HOH room Derrick even said to himself: "killer speech... killer speech"


Tony Akinremi said...

I wish America had a vote on who to evicted. I'd bet that It would be Frankie. I can't see anyone supporting this guy.

Zach shouldn't even waste his breath. He should just target Caleb and Skankopotomus and floater princess. I know their not fans of his but maybe they would want to start playing the game and not just wait to be the next evicted. :|]

Kern's Kreations said...

Can I just say how proud I am that Skank-o-pottomus is catching on? Lol, its like I've finally contributed something of value to the Big Brother world. ;)


Andy Tatnall said...

KK -- Now if only she'd catch on the way her nickname has.

KNicole said...

Did Cody tell anyone about his conversation with Donny yesterday?

Emry Kin said...

God I love the skano-o-pottomus nickname for Christine. I just realized how much BB16 has taken over my life. Momentarily I am sticking to just blogs until Thursday is done and over with. Don't care how much some ppl hate Zach-def going to miss him, I can't watch the outcome. :(

Stephanie Kitchens said...


Wow. I bet Derricks wife is so proud of him right now. He is doing such a great job. If that was my husband I would have a whole new found respect and attraction to him lol. I mean his manipulation skills are spot on. He is light years ahead of all the other jamokes in there. Caleb and Frankie are mostly there to look pretty and smile for the camera and I hope Derrick cleans the floor with them! I will literally stand up and cheer on finally night if Derrick gets the win. I do have a question though, I wonder how Drrrick can prove he is the worthy winner at the end when all of his amazing moves are behind the scenes. Besides the HOH wins.

Anonymous said...


She may after her long game talk with Donny this late morning/early afternoon. We shall see though,


Anonymous said...


I agree I'm rooting hardcore for Derrick more so than I have any other newbie HG since Dan in BB10. And I fear that as well about the Jury not recognizing how well he's played especially with the current finale format which Dan didn't have to deal with in BB10 but did and lost in BB14. However all the talk in the house the last couple weeks has been about how Derrick will win in F2 or if Derrick gets to F2 he'd have my vote. So that gives me hope. Now they might not be saying that for the right reasons. Perhaps it's based on him being everybody's friend and having a wife and baby and could use the money. But that doesn't much matter as long as they'd be getting it right in the end they can find out why they were really correct in voting for him later LOL.


PS I'm assuming your comment was directed at me and the name was just a typo as I don't see anyone named "Brain" in the comment section haha

Susie said...

We do that from day one with our Brian and like you he is a brain....

Anonymous said...


Believe me that's certainly not the 1st time that's happened with me either and most likely won't be the last. I just like to rib and bust chops. And thank you for the compliment.


Ashley said...

If Derrick should make it to the end, I'm sure he will be able to explain his actions to the jury.


michelaine said...

Derrick is playing an amazing game, no doubt. If I was his wife, I might begin to reexamine our relationship and wonder how much he has manipulated me in the past. You don't usually realize you're being manipulated while it's happening. ;-)

Me said...

I sadly think this is my last season for BB. Can't stand another season of immature boys. Wearing hats off to the side like they r 3yrs old. Ugh!! And yelling into the camera when they r talking to America. Ugh ugh!!! And some of those "costumes" they put on! Omg so immature. Time to grow up boys. We want men.

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