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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday: The Overnighter

Good morning & happy Saturday, BB addicts! Last night was rather boring in the BB house. Very little game talk and lots of Donny bashing from Christine (as usual) and Cody threatened to put Donny in a choke hold if he ended up in the jury house with Donny. I don't understand the Donny hate in that house, especially when he doesn't anything wrong to those houseguests.

In other news, Cody toyed with the idea of putting up Frankie as a renom but I think that's all it idea. Derrick hinted that Nicole is more of a threat than Donny because Donny's social game isn't good. I'll cover that convo in the Overnighter.

Let me go get my cup of coffee and I'll start posting below!

8:25pm BBT:
HOH Room
Cody said if Nicole wasn't there, he would've put up Frankie/Donny.
Cody: "I really wanna get Donny out. But if Donny comes down, I really wanna put up Frankie."
Derrick: "(Nicole's) gotta go (*if Donny comes off). They're lethal together...if you send home Frankie, that leaves Nicole/Donny on the wall, who you just put up..."
Cody: "And Caleb would pissed as f*ck."
Derrick: "You send Frankie home and (Caleb's) not board with it?..he's coming after you. I wouldn't do it."

Derrick thinks that next week is another Double Eviction and if he won HOH, he'd put up Nicole/Victoria and send Nicole home. Cody thinks Frankie/Christine would put them two (Derrick/Cody) up on the block together. Derrick doesn't think so.

Derrick's necklace is rubbing on his mic, causing interference.
BB: "Derrick, please move your necklace away from your microphone."
Derrick gets irriatated that he was called out and drew attention to him/Cody talking in the HOH room.
Derrick (to production): "You could've just told me that here in the bedroom. Douchebag."
Cody: "Frankie's gonna come up here.."
Derrick: "Awesome. Thanks."

Cody starts talking, again, about how he wants Frankie up as the renom, but worry that Caleb wouldn't be on board. Derrick says they can't let the duo of Caleb/Frankie get much further in the game together.

Cody: "I want Frankie out before Christine, because she'll lock in with us..not Caleb."
Derrick: "Yea. Yea, I'd agree with that. I'm even nervous about Nicole being here next week. Because Donny..we know is a great competitor, he talks a little bit of game, and socially awkward..where Nicole can convince people pretty easily. She's start telling ya stuff, swearing on God, I'd never lie in this game, I'm so cute and innocent.."

Derrick: "There's 3 duos in this game. If you put 1 of each duo up there on the block, you just got the blood of 2 duos on your hands."
Cody: "Right."

Cody wonders if Nicole would work with Frankie to get them (Derrick/Cody) out next week.
Derrick: "I think Frankie has a better chance at working with Jesus Christ himself than with Nicole."

A couple minutes later, Christine walks into the HOH room. Convo ends.

9:04pm BBT:
Dining Room Table
Nicole said she should have never came back in the game and that it's hopeless for the both of them. She said that Donny was so close to winning HOH and it would've been heroic if he did.

Nicole: "What are we supposed to do all day?"
Donny: "Well, we'll eat our ice cream and then go up there for awhile. It's very awkward. It's kinda high school'ish, ain't it."
Nicole: "Mmm hmm."

10:20pm BBT:
Booze Delivery!...the night before the veto comp?? Odd. Only Christine/Cody/Victoria drank.

12:16am BBT:
Dining Room Table
Nicole/Cody/Christine/Derrick/Caleb/Frankie (passing through)
Cody: "If I'm in the jury (house) with Donny, I'm gonna f*ckin' lock him in a choke hold."

They continue to talk about how they think he could be a doctor, Caleb *still* thinks Donny was in the military, etc.

2:10am BBT:
HOH Room
The HOH crew talked about how Victoria's cheek is still swollen from a wisdom tooth and what would happen if she had to leave the game to get dental surgery. They think it'd be good for them if she just left and went out of the game. Christine then bashes Donny.

Christine: "I personally hate him. And he's been coming after me since week 2. Let's get him out."

3:10am BBT:
HOH Room
They're talking about how Hayden didn't wanna hug any of them when he came back into the house. Derrick mentions that only Donny was happy to see the 4 jurors return because it helps his game, but it hurts their game. Derrick said he knows it's the game and it happens every year, so they can't really "b*tch about it".

Christine & Cody start bashing Donny again.
Cody: "God I want Donny out so f*cking bad this week."
Christine: "My goodbye messages are gonna be awesome from now on." (re: now that no more jurors will come back.)

Christine: "I cannot wait to DESTROY him in my goodbye message! Donny, I hate your guts!..I hate him."

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Today is the Veto Comp where Donny's BB life is on the line. I have to go to a wedding this afternoon and won't be home, but I'll have my cell with my and I'll update the blog via my cell with the winner of the Veto Comp, so check back later for the veto comp winner results. You can also get a 2 day free trail of the feeds by clicking here if you're just dying to know what's going on inside the BB house today!

Stay tuned...
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Shoba said...

Can someone please explain to me all the Donny hate? He really is just a nice man trying to play a game like everybody else. I liked Cody a little bug I officially REALLY dislike him now.

Ste ven said...

If they don't get Frankie or Derrick out, one of them will win. Cody and Derrick pairing seems genuine but then Cody is playing for second. If the F3 were them & V, I wonder if D would still take Cody. He'd likely win either way but V would be a guarantee. Next week will likely be endurance.. They're long overdue & F can win yet another Hoh. This week will be so boring unless there's a special Pandora box or power. The game is so predictable that BB needs some new twists. I still think something like a hidden immunity Idol could shake things up. Hide it while on outdoor lock down and then put a cryptic message on screen. If whoever stays in the house next week doesnt win hoh, the F6 will make it and then prob we gave cody/Derrick (victoria) vs frankie/Caleb... I dont know if Christine is with them or her boyfriend Cody... Regardless its always Bros b4....and the girl gets cut out first

EveG17 said...

They're all just jealous, because Donny is the only one left with a brain in the house!

KathyM said...

I think the donny hate is a by product of the HG becoming stir crazy. As much as I like Donny and Nicole I agree with Brian on how they blew their game withthat wasted HoH. Cody needs to make a big move if he has any hope of beating Derrick. I see even Jamie's getting bored LOL.
BTW Jamie - Thanks for introducing me to Signed up last year. Just earned $113 back from my back to school shopping.

Jamie said...

haha yea, it's a little boring at times. I actually enjoy the Overnighter's because there's usually a lot of stuff that happens overnight but nothing during the I'm sitting here for 8-12 hours everyday with nothing to really report.

That's awesome @ ebates!! I love ebates! I don't shop online too much but when I do, I use them and I get $30'ish checks every few months. They're awesome!

doug rodriguez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EveG17 said...

Wouldn't it be awesome if Victoria has to leave because of her wisdom tooth and big brother would bring Zach back! Pleeeeaaas :-)

Amy D said...

I agree. Donny of all people though? Sad.

Dena said...

I think they have so much Donny hate because he's a good guy and they try to tear him down to build themselves up. I hope they are super ashamed of themselves when they get out of the house and watch themselves on tv. I would be ashamed if some of those people were my family members.

Lauren Sisco said...

The returning juror should have come in as a second hoh

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Yes Christine, please be mean from now on in your goodbye messages because I doubt you need any of their votes if you happen to make to final 2. -_- I think Derrick is the only one who realizes that these people you vote out and subsequently talk trash too in your goodbye messages are the people who vote to decide if you take home 500,000. Silly people.

Anonymous said...

Yes, PLEASE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe they also talked about telling Victoria she should ask out of POV because of the pain she's in. That way she would be guaranteed to be 1 of the 2 HG on the sidelines while 3 of the other 4 who actually stood a chance to win a comp got to play in order to better keep Donny or Nicole from winning.

I'm not even sure if you can even do that. I know you don't have to play if your picked as Jocasta didn't earlier this season when she was on the block. But I don't know if you can ask to have your name removed from the bag.


breezingby said...

Wish they would switch the live feeds to the juror house, probably a lot more entertaining now that Zach is there.

Anonymous said...


I think if Victoria left the game this week they'd be much more likely to consider that this week's eviction and keep everyone else in the house safe. Then allow Cody to play in the next HOH as it wouldn't be fair to him to count getting rid of someone he didn't want to as his HOH reign. It would either be that or get rid of the next DE which i don't think they'd want to do since those are big eps for them. I don't think they'd just bring back Zach especially since he just had a chance to return and lost.


Anonymous said...


I was going to say the same thing about Christine thinking it's fine now to be mean to jurors since they can't come back when they are still the ones voting for the winner at the end. I guess she doesn't plan on getting there and hopefully she's right LOL.

The only evicted HGs you can be mean to are the ones evicted pre Jury duh. Although in BB13 they did sequester the 1st few evicted to be able to return to the house. So here's an idea how about you don't have to be mean to anyone you just kicked off a gameshow. I guess except under extreme circumstances where they really deserve it or at least if it's funny haha


Alea Marie said...

Now THAT & the hacker to Frankie's Twitter & Instagram would be some great Karma for that fool Frankie!!!!
Hey social media mogul, you're now done over 800k followers...HA HA HA!!!
Karma has come for you Frankie!

Alea Marie said...

Yep & I'd be even more ashamed if my name was Tim & I was married to that skankapottomus Christine!
What a dirt bag she is.
Way to show your true colors on national t.v. you assclown!!!

Alea Marie said...

Well she is a known
ID 10 T
Soooo, that comment from her should not surprise anyone...
I doubt she's a super fan too as a real "super fan" would know better than to say anything like that in a goodbye message to someone who will be a HUGE factor to your win, but then again she has made herself appear to be 2 fries short of a happy meal!

Rachel said...

They all say this is just a game so why do they continue to say nasty personal stuff about Donny??!! I don't get it! It's low class and shity hs behavior. If loser Cody is threatening to do harm to Donny he shld be kicked out! Totally pathetic! I can't wait for him, Chris and Frankie to get evicted and BOO'd when they walk out the doors and see how much America HATES them!!!! Quit bashing Donny!! Do they not watch the show and kno how America takes to that nasty behavior?! I pray pray Donny wins veto. I don't wana give those buttholes to get the satisfaction of getn him out! Or let America decide who goes nxt! Anything to save Donny and Nicole!!!! Fuk the rest!!!!!

Angela said...


Alea Marie said...

I hope that WHEN Christine is evicted by those she THOUGHT were in an aliance with her till the end and has to come out to talk to Julie that she gets boo'd as bad as Aryn did last season when she came out of the house.
I know that Aaryn's was way more justified because of her constant racist remarks, but The Skankopottamus needs to feel just how much she is "hated" by BB fans.
Her constant (and Cody's) Donny bashing is soo unnecessary & just shows how horrible of a person she really is.
Whether or not you're team Donny, it's all been cruel & mean spirited.
It's one thing to want him out if you feel he's such a threat to your game, but to turn it into a bashing contest when he's done NOTHING will such malice & ill intent toward you is more than sad....

Alea Marie said...


enb said...

All boo woo Cody and Christine whining because Donny is almost twice their age, but better then both of those fruit loops (I miss Zach, he just grows on you). Donny just see's through their crap and they don't like it. Hey Derrick guess what other people want to win 500k too.

Alyson Fields said...

Apparently, Victoria was found on the bathroom floor use to dehydration and pain from her wisdom teeth. The feeds cut off for a while but she is back now. She had to go to the hospital toget an IV and some pain Meds. Not sure if she'll be able to participate in the veto comp or not.

Christi said...

And to call him names and talk so poorly of him when you know his family.. And yours are watching. Trashy. If he was mean or rude i guess she could justify but it is just pure...trash... Cruel. I guess she will know what its like to be hated on when she gets out. Karma

Christi said...

It really changed the vibe without zach. Cody ..why Christine? Whyyyyy?

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think anyone will get booed when they're evicted from the house. There have been plenty of hated HGs in BB history as much if not more than anyone left this season and none of them got booed. Aaryn is the lone exception and she was a special case. She made national headlines for her racist comments and even she only received a handful of scattered but clearly audible boos not like this resounding response. Which I'm sure CBS was fine with because it fit the narrative they were telling on the show and it wouldn't have looked good if she came out to nothing but cheers.

This won't happen either but I think it'd be much better and certainly funnier if rather than boos if someone just came out to silence. They come out and everyone just sits there with there arms folded and don't even look at them. I'd love to see what the evicted HG would do and look like in that situation. Plus you know everyone in the house will be talking about it because they always listen and try to decide who got the best response with the loudest cheers.


Elizabeth Berry said...

Alyson what time was that BB time?

The Real Sports Line said...

Once you leave the house I would think it would be hard to return. Donny will go this week unless he wins POV and then it will be Nicole. Soon they will have to break the alliance and we will begin to see who is aligned with whom by their nominations. I really thought Cody and Christine were tight but apparently Cody will have no difficulty voting her out.

Alyson Fields said...

@elizabeth berry
I believe it was 11:12am BBT

Trish Sutherland said...

Jamie - keep up the great work. Appreciate it:). Brian, enjoy reading your posts. I agree with your take on the game. I am thoroughly disgusted just now reading the overnighter with cody/christine bashing donny. How old are they? 15? Geesh. They are in for a big surprise when they finally leave the house, hopefully sooner than later, how little fans they have! I prefer Caleb to those two and that's saying a lot when I didn't have the best opinion of him to begin with! I really hope Donny or Nicole can win this veto! I miss Zach already!

Anonymous said...


Around 11:15am BBT and feeds were down for around 45mins. Apparently a medic came in the house to examine and remove her.


Tanbucket1 said...

Hey CBS I think you need to kick Cody out of the game for physically threatening someone. That is what you did a few years ago. What is the difference? Everyone should post on CBS blog or on Twitter to have Cody Kicked out of the house!!

Anonymous said...

Who did BB kick out a few years ago for physically threatening someone? If you're talking about Willie Hantz from BB14 they didn't kick him out for threatening someone they kicked him out for physically assaulting someone as he head butted Chef Joe. And Cody didn't even physically threaten Donny since he wasn't there. He was just making some big shot idle claims in front of a group of others bad mouthing Donny. He wasn't actually serious about it.


Ashley said...

@Brian: There was someone on early on in BB history where someone had threatened someone in the kitchen with a knife and was pretty violent. But I agree that Cody is just talking and is in no way violent.


Tony Akinremi said...

@ Nancy that was the first BB when the knife incident happened.

@ Brian your right again. That is one of the issues I have with BBUS. Unlike other countries that allow the audience to express how they feel about HG's. I wish they'd allow the audience to Boo the Hgs during eviction ceremony and when they are evicted.

It seems like the HG's are just trashy and don't care what we and their families might think of them. I will love their convo with Jeff and how they will explain their behavior.

Anonymous said...


I'm aware of that but the poster I was replying to had said a few years ago so I assume they weren't referring all the way back to BB3. And in that instance a man held a knife to a woman's throat which clearly warranted expulsion. That is light years beyond Cody big talking to other HGs how he's gonna put someone who isn't present in a chokehold in Jury House.


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