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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Night BB16 Episode

Happy Sunday Evening, everyone! Tonight's BB16 episode will show the HOH comp that was played after the live show ended and then the Nominations Ceremony, where HOH winner Cody put up Donny/Nicole. The show starts at 8pm ET as usual, so make sure you have your snackies ready to go!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

4:33pm BBT:
All houseguests, minus Caleb/Derrick, are outside enjoying the backyard on another sunny Sunday.

Inside, Caleb is checking on Derrick who's been sleeping all day. Caleb tells him everyone is outside "just chillin'".  Caleb is talking about how he asked production to ask his mom to turn his phone service back on, but she can't because he didn't leave orders for her to do so before he went on BB.

Off topic...
You guys know that I'm a budget queen & how much I love to pass on things that I've found that actually work to save y'all money too (like Ebates). Now there's a new app I just found for your phone that I'm in love with called: Ibotta! It's an app that lets you scan receipts from grocery stores, places like Walgreens, stores you find at the mall, etc and you can see what kind of rebates they currently have. On the app, I just saw that Aeropostale has a rebate right now if you spend $50 in-store, upload your receipt and you'll get $10 back right into your paypal account. Freakin' awesome!! Those of you school shopping, you're welcome! ;)

Okie dokie, I'll have the chat room open as usual and will I'll see y'all in the comments section as well!
Show starts at 8pm ET! :D

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Anonymous said...

For those that care, which I'm sure is just about no one LOL, here are the roles for tonight's play as best I can tell as they keep changing:

Christine - Pao Pao
Frankie - Joey
Victoria - Amber
Nicole - Hayden
Caleb - Brittany
Donny - Devin
Derrick - Jocasta
Cody - Zach


Jamie said...

LOL!! Thanks Brian! Appreciate the info.

Christi said...

I thought america had to vote...or is it after?

Anonymous said...


This week for TA they choose their own mission and then America votes if it was successful and if they should get the $5K each for completing it.


Anonymous said...

By the way I'm a little surprised at all the Donny fans advocating to vote against giving TA the money since Frankie came up with the play idea. However are you failing to realize you're taking that same dough away from your main man Donny? I'm pretty sure Donny would much prefer you give him the extra $5K and find some other way to show your displeasure with Frankie. Besides we all know Frankie is using all the money he wins to build schools in Africa. What do you have against poor African schoolchildren? Not to mention you're taking money away from Derrick's family and we all know he doesn't take kindly to that.


Janely Castro said...

Honestly their probably still getting the money because Arianas fans won't leave Frankie out in the cold especially since he got his IG deleted not to long ago

Alea Marie said...

Yep, one would THINK that by not voting simply because the challenge is Frankie's idea that they're screwing poor old Donny too....
Some people just do not think things through...

Ashley said...

@Brian: Aren't we supposed to be voting whether we think they completed the mission? IMHO I don't see that what they chose is a challenge so not really a "mission" accomplished. I wouldn't think people should vote what they don't believe in just so someone will get some money. Am I thinking wrong?


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