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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday: The Overnighter

Happy Sunday Funday, BB addicts! Yesterday we learned that Cody won the Veto and the odds of him using it on either Donny/Nicole are slim to none. Unless Derrick makes a mid-week push to save Donny, he'll be getting evicted this Thursday. In other news, Team America got a new task per Donny: to make up their own mission and America will vote on if it passed or failed. Donny took the opportunity to try to get Derrick/Frankie to save him this week, but both declined as they felt it would go against what the other houseguests wanted and could damage their games. So as it stands right now, Donny will be going to jury this week.

Yesterday at 11:14am BBT, Victoria was found by Nicole laying on the floor in the bathroom by the toliet, sweaty and in pain, from her wisdom tooth coming in. She was sent to the ER and returned shortly after.
Nicole: "Oh my God, are you okay? You're all sweaty! I'm gonna go get help, ok? HEY DERRICK!"

The feeds went off & didn't come back on until 11:58am BBT. Around 2pm BBT, Victoria went back into the house from her ER visit. She said that they gave her pain meds and IV to rehydrate her. The houseguests wondered what would happen if her name would be picked for veto players, but her name was never drawn so she didn't play. 

At 1:10pm BBT, Caleb/Derrick talked in the living room and farmer Derrick started planting seeds to get Frankie out soon because they can't win against him in a Final 2 scenario.

Derrick mentions how many comps he's won this season.
Derrick: "He crushes HOH's. Straight crushes'em."

Team America discussed options for their Team America task. (6:46pm BBT)
Frankie wants to do a "Big Brother Broadway Play" (*head-desk*), but Derrick doesn't think it'll be enough to win the mission. Frankie says he doesn't think "saving 1 person" will be enough to pass the mission either. (Donny's idea to save him this week.) Other ideas that Frankie had was having a fake pet that everyone had to take care of for 24 hrs or starting a BB fraternity. Frankie/Donny talk about how it has to be done pre-veto ceremony (tomorrow).

A little bit later on (7:26pm BBT), Derrick & Frankie talked about how they can't save Donny as their mission because Cody/Caleb/Christine are too happy about Donny going to jury this week and it could get them (D/F) backdoored if they kept Donny this week. Frankie says today they will do the BB play for BB After Dark tonight.

At 8:08pm BBT, Cody and Nicole/Donny (picked via Cody), headed up to the HOH room to watch the premiere of CBS's new show "Scorpion".  (Cody won this in the veto comp yesterday, which was the Fold/Stay comp.) Cody picked Nicole/Donny to give them a break from being Have Not's. They returned at 9:10pm BBT and gave the rest of the houseguests the candy they got during the showing.

10:26pm BBT:
Living Room
Frankie's talking about choosing to be gay. (They were asked during their BB interviews about this, which sparked the discussion.)

Frankie: "(They) didn't ask me."
Derrick: "What is your opinion on it?"

Frankie: "I know there's science behind are born with genetic predisposition towards being attracted to other men...however, I believe that society can change you. It depends on how you've been raised...I think you can be born with the predisposition towards being a homosexual but the way society influences you as you're raised could make a person choose to go against their genetic markers.

Donny: "Whether I was 12...14...there was never a time I chose to be a heterosexual. I didn't choose to be a heterosexual. So I know it's not a choice. I didn't have to choose it, I was automatically that."

Frankie: "There's a problem with answering (the interview) question: because if you say that it is a choice, then it implies that the choice can be changed. However, if you say it is not a choice and you're born that way, then that implies that it can be tracked down to a gene in your blood and eliminated. So either way, it's very problematic."

Frankie: "I think it's both (born & choice). Many lesbians choose to become lesbians later in life."
Christine: "True."
Frankie: "Gay men, usually doesn't work that way. Usually they're like 'okay I know I'm gay'."

Caleb asks if that could be reversed: if a guy who has dated girls all his life, can choose to be gay.
Frankie: "I think Zach might do that."

12:46am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Derrick tells Donny it's "not looking good" for saving Donny this week.

Derrick: "I'm torn man, I'm so torn. I'm so torn."
Donny: "You said to me, and it is a good thought, America put all 3 of us together for a reason."
Derrick: "There's no doubt that people love you, and I should love you too."
Donny: "What's the big distrust that I've done to ya?"
Derrick: "There's been times where you have brought up my name. By various people."

Derrick: "I'll be honest with you. We all want that money real bad. Only 2 people are gonna win it."
Donny: "That's true."
Derrick: "And if I knew it'd get $50 grand by just sticking with someone to the end, I would do it. Because $50 grand to me, is life changing. But I really don't know the road map to get there. And at this point, 65 days in, it's wearin' on me. Because it's a lot of pressure, missing my family like crazy, and I'm doing this (crying) a lot more than in the beginning. And I just don't know what to do."
Donny: "I was Head of Household 1 time, and I wasted it. I put Caleb, so it wouldn't look..he put me up first."
Derrick: "Right."
Donny: "And I put Victoria up because that's who everybody else wanted. And I even hoped they won! I even coached them, 'good luck!'..people have been so paranoid (about me) and I've never done nothin' to none of them!"
Derrick: "Nobody's mad at you, nobody dislikes you, everyone in this house loves you. They're scared of you."
Donny: "How so??"
Derrick: "Because, have more heart than anyone in this house. You're an intelligent man, you're a great guy, and if you're in the Final 2 with somebody, and I'm not up there, I'm giving the money to you. Because you deserve it more than anybody in this house. Period. And if I wasn't competing against you for that money..(Frankie & Victoria walks in)'d be that guy."

Victoria walks out.
Frankie/Donny/Derrick talk about doing the Broadway play for the Team America mission. 
Frankie: "They want us to do something fun, simple, and give us this money." (*No we don't.)

Donny: "America chose the 3 of us, and America's gonna watch the 2 of y'all vote me out!"
Frankie: "If it comes down to that, then yes."

Donny suggest "Operation: Revolving Door" and to send Nicole right back out the door.
Donny: "I don't think that'd be hard to sell someone."
Frankie: "It can't be accomplished before the veto meeting, so it doesn't f*cking matter."

Donny keeps pushing to get Nicole out, Frankie is hell bent on doing this stupid play idea.

1:17am BBT:
Fire Bedroom

Derrick said his head is spinning "a mile a minute" and he's homesick. Donny said he wanted Derrick to know he hasn't given up but if it's time to give up, he'll hit the pavement. Donny said he respects Derrick's honesty in letting him know it doesn't look good for him this week.

Donny: "I can walk outta here with my head held high."
Derrick: "You're a good dude."
Donny: "You're a good dude, too, Derrick."

Derrick: "Aw man..I've never cried this much before in my life."
Donny: "It's emotional! But it's gonna be a big relief too one day."
Derrick: "Yea. F*ck."
Donny starts crying. (*Me too. This is really a bittersweet moment. Worth the flashback.)

Donny: "Our families are gonna be proud of us no matter what. And we'll like each other, no matter what."
Derrick: "100%."
Donny: "You're a good guy."
Derrick: "Thanks, buddy. You too."

Donny leaves.
Derrick's wiping away his tears.
**And that's it for the Overnighter. Donny's leaving. Donny knows it. Cody told Nicole that she's safe this week. Unless something major happens in the next 24 hours, I don't see anything changing this week. Today is Sunday Funday, so I'll see y'all back here tonight at 8pm ET for the Sunday night BB16 episode! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! (If you don't have'em, try them out with the 2 day free trial!)

Stay tuned...
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DeniseG said...

I'm glad Cody took Donny and Nicole to the show; just getting pizza seemed to reinvigorate them.

Kern's Kreations said...

I hope America votes NO to whether they earned the $ for this lame task. I haven't yet heard anyone say, "Hey, you know what this season needs? A freakin Broadway show! Heck yeah, that'd make the whole season worthwhile. Whoever thought of that should automatically win the game."
Such a stupid idea. It's almost like the forced upon us McRanda wedding last year. D-U-M-B!


The Real Sports Line said...

Cody needs to quit playing Derrick's game and take charge while he has the power geez this is so frustrating to watch.

KNicole said...

Frankie is being such an a hole to Donny. Derrick and Cody better take this opportunity to get him out. If not Frankie is going to strike first.

Catie Williamson said...

Nobody wants to see Frankie put on a broadway play. As much as I want Donny to have that money I hope America votes no for a slap in the face to Frankie.

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Hey all you Donny fans - still think Derrick is an a-hole who deserves less than zero respect?

Clearly he is a good guy who recognizes that Donny is also a good guy who unfortunately was on the opposite side of him in this game and is now a threat to Derrick taking home the money.

Olivia said...

As much as I love Donny and haven't liked the way Derrick had reacted to a couple of things (I'm giving him the stress of the game/house for his reasons for them)... if Donny can't win the game (I'm totally voting for him as America's Favorite) then I'm rooting for Derrick to win. He has run this puppet show from the jump. I want to see a Derrick/Cody Final 2 only because I don't want to see Caleb, Christine or Frankie get ANY prize money at all.

I want to see the bloodbath once they are having to turn against each other. Maybe then it will be the BB game (strategically) that we like to watch. I'm sick to death of the personal attacks/comments that are going on. IT'S A GAME!!!

Cindy Delgado said...

So when Donny didn't wanna do TA mission cause it would ruin his game, Derrick and Frankie right away wanted him out. Now it's ok for both of the to not wanna do a good TA mission and save Donny cause it would look bad for their game. Such hypocrites this season.

Olivia said...

I agree. I was unhappy with Derrick for a couple of reactions but I cannot imagine the stress of being in the house with the same people day after day after day. No news. No change in scenery. Being away from family and friends. I'd off someone in a few days. So I chalked it up to that. So easy to judge as I sit at home with my family, meet friends for dinner and a movie. Hug my grandson and not worry about who's plotting to take money from me while I'm plotting to take money for myself and my family. I just wish Donny and Derrick had paired up for real in the beginning.

Tanbucket1 said...

One act of kindness does not erase all the bad/negative things that Derrick has said about Donny. Sorry no longer a Derrick fan after the last few week

Micheala Sears said...

They need to get Frankie out NOW! This week would be perfect. Frankie tries to control the HOH every week and the way he was talking to Donny and Derrick was just rude. I feel he acts like he's gonna win some money because of his sister's fans. He reminds me of Rachel.

Lisa said...

Hey America, I got a mission for all you Team Donny fans. When BBAD starts to broadcast the play, I say we all change the channel or shut it off. Let them see then by viewers how many are Team Donny. When Frankie's gets out he can see how popular his play was.

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

But Donny can tell Cody that he spent all summer thinking he was dumb and that's okay because Donny's your favorite player and therefore can do no wrong? Ok - got it!

Lauren Sisco said...

Frankie went from being my face to making me sick.

Lisa said...

Hey didn't mean to start anything, I was just giving a comment like everyone else. Glad you got it

Angela said...

KK- you craaaaack me up!!!

Angela said...

I really thought it said a lot that in the midst of a crisis (Victoria being on the floor) who did Nicole call for? DERRICK. He is the one people turn to for most anything. He's a natural leader and I hope hope hope he wins!!!

The Real Sports Line said...

It will be interesting to see how many viewer's stop watching the show after Donny goes home. He has a really strong fan base. I also wonder when Victoria left the house for emergency care if anyone from the outside got a chance to share information or if it was possible at all.

Ashley said...

Angela: I caught that too that Nicole called for Derrick. There is no doubt that all the HG's respect him. In my mind, he does deserve to win for his social game and I honestly do think that he could win some of the comps that he hasn't. His game may not be the kind that I respect but it was good and obviously has worked.

I love Donny and if he had played a better strategical game early on, it would have been worse to see him going this week. I do hope he wins America's Favorite.

Donny can't continue to think that America voted for them to stay together as TA and expect that to get him to the end. Towards the end of the game, the F2 is more important. Clearly America also voted Frankie for TA and clearly he would not have been on the team had it been later in the game.


Ashley said...

@KK: You're right, no one was asking for a broadway show. That is not really a mission that is at all difficult to accomplish. All the HG's are willing to do that sort of thing and is not a challenge.


Rachel said...

We'll I'll be done watching soon like last season! I can not stand this bs!!! What a weak ass season!! Why the F won't BB make a way for Donny to stay?!? That way Frankie can get the F out and that'll make for good tv!!!!! This season sux! There's been NO TWISTS OR DRAMA!!!! Wtf wtf. TA is bs. No one wants to see a fkn show Frankie you turd!!!! Donny had a good idea for the plan and F was being a total dick! Who cares what the other house farts want it's their game! Totally annoyed. TEAM DONNY!!!
Fuk the rest!!!!
Production plz get involved!!!! BB has turned into a bad reality show. Shake things up!!!

Tjbrennecke22 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Mahaney said...

@Kim, the difference with Donny telling Cody he thought he was dumb is 2 important distinctions.
1st, he didn't bad-mouth him to everyone (true he may have used it as a point to keep Cody over Derrick or another, but never just said it to bad-mouth Cod.)
2nd, he was using the past tense. He was telling Cody that he was wrong for thinking it and no longer does. I agree it is a bit of a back-handed compliment but it was more an acknowledgement that Donny felt bad for his mistaken assumption.

Tjbrennecke22 said...

I totally agree Rachel. This season is lame and the house guests suck. There's no gameplay and they're all a bunch of immature childish idiots. Team Donny all the way! Derrick is so fake and we can all see through his bs lies and trying to come off as a good person.. Just wait until Donny watches this season and what pricks they all really were. Nobody has had his back this whole game. They are so cruel and he hasn't given them any reason to feel that way about him. If Donny doesn't win Team America im officially done with Big Brother.

Ashley said...

I sincerely hope that America doesn't vote for the broadway show to be "mission accomplished". Derrick said that the same people who voted for them to be TA will be the ones who are voting whether or not they accomplished their task. This is not a challenge, it's putting on a show, which they do the whole time anyway.


Molly Hoover said...

I find it funny that Victoria's wisdom teeth are giving her trouble. The wisdom is literally trying to burst out of her head. Get a clue, girl! And, why didn't production take advantage of an ER visit & take Cody to figure out why he seems to have so much snot in his head it requires him to suck it down his throat at shotgun speed? Just sayin'.

DeniseG said...

I like Donny as a person but he hasn't played a good game. Sorry to all the Donny fans, but he has won some TA money at least and I expect he'll win fan favorite.
I still like to see Derrick in final two. I think he's played a great game and maybe he's said a few things he'll regret but who doesn't?

What is funny is when Julie Chen says that it's the most twisted season ever. LOL!

Elizabeth Berry said...

I think it's going to be soooo funny to watch the HGs put on a show! Now, not $5000 each hilarious but none the less it will be fantastically funny :-)

Leah Pants said...

Yes exactly and that is infuriating

Tony Akinremi said...

How is impersonating other HG's a broadway play. Ugh!
This guy has no clue. Can't wait two see him next to Julie!

Donny calling Cody an idiot is spot on. Cody game seems to be play for f2 next to Derrick. And pretty much hand Derrick the check. I don't care how many HoH he has, has he made smart moves. No! He let Derrick rule his 1st HoH and pretty much is doing derricks bidding in this HoH. I know getting Donny might seem smart but he is going to evicted the best hope he had of winning against Derrick.

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