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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday: The Overnighter

Gooood morning, BB addicts! :D Happy Sunday Funday to y'all! As we learned yesterday, Frankie won the veto and Zingbot made his appearance to give the houseguests some good zings. Christine/Cody got the worst of it by commenting on how flirty the two of them are together. Christine made several comments last night about being worried how she's being perceived on the show. (I'm not sure if she realizes we can see everything on the feeds. lol) I can't wait to see all the zings on Wednesday nights episode!

Whenever Frankie won veto, the first thought through my mind was that Victoria would be going up & out this week. But Caleb approached Frankie last night in the storage room and said the group's on board with backdooring Zach this week. So, Frankie's plan is to backdoor Zach this week. He's pretty much as good as gone at this point. The good news is that Zach will have a fighting chance to come back in the game on Thursday, as well as Jocasta/Hayden/Nicole. Nicole has said she'd gun after Christine, while Hayden said if he came back he'd gun after Derrick/Cody. Jocasta, who knows. lol I'm sure she'd team up with Donny and he'd fill her in on what they should do. I am soooo looking forward to Thursday & next week, I can't wait!!

Let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting it below!
**Everything I post can be watched by using the Flashback feature on the live feeds!

11:04pm BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie is filling Christine in on the plan to backdoor Zach. Frankie wants to have a meeting to tell him before the veto ceremony.

Frankie: "I just want him to know that there's no hope and that this was a group decision."
They start bashing Zach right away about how much of a loose canon he is and then mention how they still have Donny/Victoria on the sidelines to put up in the future.

Christine: "We're not losing a number because Derrick's got Victoria wrapped around his d*ck."
Frankie: "The only thing is if (Zach gets back in the house), that'd be bad."
Christine: "I'd LOVE for Jocasta to come back!" (re: how bad at comps she is.)

11:25pm BBT:
Derrick is in the HOH room with Frankie/Christine. Derrick said he understands why Frankie would want someone (Zach) out when they tell him on a daily basis that he doesn't trust him.
Frankie tells Derrick he wants to tell Zach in a group meeting that he's going home and there's no hope of staying.

Derrick: "My thing is, I think he's gonna pull Donny/Victoria into a room and fill them on everything. Victoria (won't remember it) but Donny's like a computer and will download it all."

Christine/Frankie think Donny already knows "enough that it won't matter" what Zach tells him.

12:30am BBT:
Living Room
Zach is talking about how he loved the experience of being on BB but he wants his normal life back and get a girlfriend after the show. He's so happy he got on the show and won a trip to Germany. Victoria is worried she'll be hated. (This is because of Zingbot's zing to Victoria about now playing the game. She wonders if she's hated by fans.)

Zach: "Whenever I walk out that door, whether it's on Thursday or Day 90, I wanna walk out with no regrets."

Zach tells Victoria that her photography business will get bigger and she'll raise her prices because of how in-demand she'll be from the exposure on BB. He also talked about how happy he was to get to the point in the game where the table gets smaller, played in the Otev comp, and saw Zingbot.

12:32am BBT:
HOH Room
Caleb: "I think (Zach's) gonna flip his lid, tell some lies, or..honestly, he may not!"
Cody: "He's going to. He's gonna say something.."
Caleb: "You can be honest with him and say you don't trust him and that if (he) won HOH.."
Christine: "We'd all be scared."
Caleb: "Scared to death because he's lied to all of us, thrown us all under the bus, lied to our face.."

Meanwhile, back downstairs..

Victoria is telling Zach how hard it is to separate game/real life and that her life doesn't stop just because she's playing the game. She has morals & her religion.

Victoria: "In my religion, the worst thing is to talk bad about someone.."
Victoria goes on to explain that it's basically creating & spreading hate by talking badly about someone.

Victoria is worried that the people that recruited her are mad. Zach said that he doesn't think anyone from this season will be asked back for another BB season, though he hopes he gets asked back.

Back upstairs, Caleb is talking about how Hayden's not that smart but is good at physical comps. Christine/Frankie/Derrick correct Caleb and tell him how smart Hayden truly is and how good of a memory he has.

1:12am BBT:
HOH Bathroom
Zach and Frankie are talking about Lord of the Rings as Frankie takes a bath. Zach said that his ex=girlfriend loved Lord of the Rings and every time she'd talk about it, he'd leave the room. (*lol)

They talk about the veto comp. Zach said Frankie was amazing in it.
Zach: "You're a f**king beast, dude."

1:25am BBT:
Zach tells Frankie that Victoria will take getting evicted on Thursday okay.
Zach: "I think she'll take it better than you think."
Frankie: "Yea. She'll be fine. I just hope she doesn't get mad."
Zach: "Who gives a f**k? She doesn't help your game!"
Frankie: "At all."
Zach: "At all."

Zach tells Frankie how Victoria is worried about getting booed when she walks out the door.
Frankie: "They clapped for Nicole.."

2:48am BBT:
Backyard Couch
Christine was reading her letter from home & crying over the comment that Zingbot said about her/Cody being flirty. Derrick hugs her and tells her not to worry about it.

Christine: "There's a part (in my letter) where he says 'Don't forget about me'..he thinks I am or something."

Derrick tells Christine that the other day he was crying over a picture (of his family) and they've been away from their best friend/spouse for 60 days and how much they miss them. Christine agrees.

Derrick: "60 days of not being able to speak to them...this game is meant to break you."

Derrick is trying to cheer up Christine by saying that he feels the same way, she's playing a great game, and he's sure her husband is proud of her.

Christine: "I don't want him to be embarrassed..his parents, his siblings..."
Derrick tells Christine to ask production to not play her zing from Zingbot so it doesn't do damage outside the game. (Yesterday she mentioned how she doesn't want her family and pastor to see that comment.)

3:05am BBT:
Pool Table
Frankie said he's nervous to tell Zach he's going home on Thursday but it has to be done.
Cody: "He's gonna try to wreck you to me. I already know that's gonna happen."

**That's it for The Overnighter! The rest of the night was filled with the same stuff...Zach thinks Victoria is leaving, Derrick trying to calm Christine down, how Zach's gonna be pissed "by Monday" (they're gonna tell him either tonight or tomorrow morning that he's getting evicted). Usually I take Sunday afternoon's off but I might be back with an Afternoon Post if the houseguests don't sleep until 3pm like they have been. lol ;) If not, I'll see y'all back here for tonight's BB16 episode.

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...


That's very generous of you to include Jocasta as having a fighting chance to get back in the house LOL Not that I'd imagine anybody would seriously want that besides maybe the rest of the HGs still playing. If you put up a poll, which I'm sure you will later in the week, asking which of the 4 you want to come back she might not get 1 vote. Haha

That's why even though I like Zach I'm glad it looks like it's him and not another non factor like Victoria being evicted this week and competing to get back in. It will certainly add to the drama. Even just with all them out there in the BY could be entertaining. Remember last season with the evicted especially Candace going off on Amanda? It should be interesting what the evicted HGs say while up there and to who and how that affects the game.


Jamie said...

hahaha! don't get me wrong, I don't think she has a shot at coming back, but technically she will have a fighting chance. Will she beat Zach/Hayden/Nicole? It'd take a miracle and her homeboy is Jesus,

Anonymous said...


If Jocasta starts talking in tongues again up there forget about it all bets are off!


sunny said...

It's time for America's Vote.

America which house guest would you like to NOT hear speak for 24 hours:
Press 1 for Frankie
Press 2 for Frankie
Press 3 for Frankie

Thank you America!!!!!

KNicole said...

Lol. I agree

Anonymous said...

I think deep down Zach kind of has a strong feeling he's being evicted this week. Just judging by his various conversations last night. He seemed very reflective basically reminiscing about all the BB milestones he's reached like you would when you know it's over. Which is strange when he's not even on the block. He even mentioned "whether he walks out the door on Thu." Plus he said to Cody later "between me and you it would be smarter for him" referring to Frankie getting rid of him instead of Victoria. And he definitely thinks of Frankie as a smart player so he would probably expect him to make what he thinks is the smart move.


EveG17 said...

You forgot to mention that team America is in full mission and already have the teddy bear and the gator shirt and a third Item which I forgot what it was

Razldazlrr said...

Sunny - good one! LMAO

Yea, weird Zach keeps talking like that when he's not even on the block. It's humorous how Derrick isn't even mentioned, when he's the one running the show.

Christine is such a flake - she's worried about the pastor? LOL

Did I see somewhere that Victoria had some kind of problem with her hair and how it's all fake now? I can't figure out why she would be recruited for this show. That's the best they could come up with?

Jamie said...

Brian: you're right, that's why he told Donny to win the veto because he had a feeling he'd go up this week.

Eve: they got the gator shirt? that's hilarious! do you know when that was? I'll add it to the blog post.

Jamie said...

Victoria told a story weeks ago about how her hair fell out at one point and it's huge insecurity for her. (i dont recall if she ever said what the cause was though). so she has extensions on her hair now.

Christi said...

I hope if zach goes he comes back and him or Donny win hoh and do some damage. Frankie is being a puppet which surprises me. He is dumb to think he is not next. Perfect time for him zach and donnie to change this game.

Alea Marie said...

ELL O ELL!!!!!

Lindsay said...

Why even tell Zach?! What happened to the people on the block finding out during live eviction? I'm so over everything being predictable.

daryl42 said...


That Slingshot Life said...

I totally agree with you why would you tell Zach… he will lie lie lie and get you some blood on your hands

Anonymous said...


Zach and Frankie have been done truly working with each other ever since Zach found out Frankie wanted to blindside him out of the house a couple weeks ago. They've both just been faking it with each other since then in case the other won HOH. If you swapped this exact scenario with Zach having HOH and POV instead he'd do the same thing to Frankie. Who knows Zach may have even wanted Frankie to go home initially instead of Donny if he were HOH.


Well once Zach goes on the block there won't be much of a surprise for him on eviction night. He'll know he's obviously going up as the target or why else would he be put up on the block.


EveG17 said...

It was I guess half an hour after the backyard was opened again. Around 4am? Derrick did it. Victoria was a little suspicious why he is always walking out and in again. shortly after that Frankie took the stuffed animal.

EveG17 said...

Her scalp is bleeding, and that's why she has to pull them out, or live with the pain

Z said...

Do we know if the houseguest coming back into the house will be chosen by America or some sort of competition? If it's America's choice, I know Zach will come back into the house.


Zach pretty much shot his bolt last time he was put up, I'm not sure how much more damage he could do. He has been talking to Donny behind his alliance's back, assuring Donny that Frankie is totally running the house. Even if he came back in I think he would probably be frozen out.
Uh, Christine, who's wrapped around who's d*ick?

Luke and Leah Pounders said...

I believe it was around 4 am! Derrick took it while Zack was outside shirtless :)

Anonymous said...


We don't know for sure but just from a timing aspect I'd assume it'll be determined through a comp. If was a vote they couldn't open the vote till after Zach was evicted and then how long would they leave voting open and then get the winner into the house and then hold the HOH. It would just delay everything too much unless they were just going to only allow you to vote for a very short period of time which would be silly. Plus that's how they've done it in the recent past.


EveG17 said...

I'm pretty sure its gonna be a competition like last year

Jamie said...

hmm still trying to find it where Derrick took the shirt.

I found at 2am BBT where Derrick shows Frankie where he hid Victoria's robe, and they planned to take Zach's shirt because he was shirtless at that time and Donny would grab the bunny slippers in the morning from Caleb.

But all I've seen so far is Derrick walk around for about 5 mins or so looking for Zach's shirt but didn't find it.

Tony Akinremi said...

At Christi your right. Not sure why Frankie would do this to his game. Unless he figs that someone will take him to F2 because of how he's played.

Zach has already figured that he or Victoria would be up for backdoor this week or next. I believe he said something like that in the convo he had with Donny.

I'm glad Zingbot has put some thoughts in the HG's on how the public might see some of their actions in the house.

I'm kinda of glad Zach, Nicole and Hayden have a chance of coming back in the game. They now have a chance of either changing or at least screwing the detonators game. I'm shocked that Derrick Frankie haven't thought of this ruining their game.

Kern's Kreations said...

I didn't think it was possible for Christine to get any more clueless, and then *boom* she goes and gets more clueless.
Also, Victoria has already said bad things about houseguests in her DR and eviction times. So, why is she worried about it now?
Finally, I was on board with the mean girls getting booed last year, but typically I'm not. However, the more Frankie talks, the more I kind hope the live crowd humbles him a bit.


Christina said...

Jamie :) Derrick finds it at 4:01 am then goes to the storage room, shows it to the camera and hides it. I sat here and watched it last night and it just took me forever to find it!!
Have a great semi day off :)

Christi said...

I bet production is bored to tears during the day

Becky Hebert said...

Im so sick of Frankie and Christine..Frankie is arrogant and annoying. Christine's flirtatious behavior may be because SHES A NUDIST!! UGHH.please spare me the visual...GO TEAM DONNY!!

AmiLrn said...

Derrick nabs the gator shirt from the have-not room between 4 and 4:15 am on Camera 1. Hope this helps!

AmiLrn said...

I am sure they plan on showing the Cody/Christine zing because they made a point on the Sunday night show to have people talking in the DR about it and to actually show her rubbing on him.

Ashley said...

@ Christina, thanks for finding where Derrick found the hat. Now we know just how much searching it takes sometimes when we even see something ourselves and want to go back again. Thanks, Jamie, for all your patience. Super job!


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