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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Night BB16 Episode

Good evening, ladies & gents! Today on the live feeds has been pretty calm. Most of the houseguests slept in late and then did some tanning and a little bit of scheming in the afternoon. Frankie just told Derrick that they can "use Zach one last time" by blaming all the missing items in the house (Team America mission) on Zach. So Frankie plans to tell Zach tonight that he's getting evicted this week, and then tomorrow morning he'll write "Watch your stuff!" on the bathroom mirror and then blame Zach for the missing items.

UPDATE: All items are now hidden. 

Tonight's BB16 Sunday night episode will feature the Nominations Ceremony & BOTB Comp that Christine try to throw but Donny ended up winning without her, dethroning Derrick as HOH for the week and making them (Donny/Christine) safe this week. The show starts at 8pm ET as usual.

**West Coasters, you can watch online by click here.

If you have the live feeds, make sure to keep a close eye on them tonight for Frankie to tell Zach that he's going up & out this week. Should be some fireworks during that meeting. 

See you guys at 8pm ET! :D

Stay tuned...
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Tanya said...

I just saw Derrick and Donny sitting and talking about Donny not being the target this week. Derrick took those glasses off and I hadn't realized until I saw his fingers through where the lens are supposed to be, that they are fake lol. He wears them so much, I just assumed they were real.

Elizabeth Berry said...
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Elizabeth Berry said...

"Where's is Cody's hat song" 5:25 BB time -- with a sock monkey in tow

Funniest thing yet this season!

Ashley said...

Donny said he can't see without his contacts but I think someone said BB wants him to wear his glasses so probably took the lens out?


Alea Marie said...

Ohhh my, I had to chuckle a bit when Caleb picked up Frankie's picture of him & his sister then said "she's beautiful" & then not only see the look on Frankie's face, but also hear his diary room comment about what Caleb said & how displeased, worried, & frightened that made him (Frankie)...ha ha HA

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