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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Team America Mission

If you have the live feeds, then turn'em on!! The house is blowing up! lol Zach is pissed that his gator shirt is missing, Caleb's furious that his boots are missing, Cody is going nuts over his missing hat, as Frankie/Donny/Derrick are acting like they're worried their stuff is missing too.

Items took for the T.A. Mission:
*Victoria's robe
*Caleb's boots
*Cody's blue hat
*Zach's gator shirt
*Christine's teddy bear
*Frankie's glitter
*Derrick's baseball cap
*Donny's visor

Finally a Team America task that's fun to watch!! :D Enjoy the live feeds tonight, guys!!

Stay tuned...
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Elizabeth Berry said...

This is by far the best live feeds ever! If you don't subscribe then go on RIGHT NOW and spend $ to get them!! Start at around 5:10p and just watch and watch and watch -- a belly laugh never cost such a small amout

inari said...

It has just become an attack on Zach. There is no way in the world he will stay now.

Tony Akinremi said...

I love how they finally explained Christine Cody's relationship. I buy it.

Like Donny said: I'm not say anything I'm just saying. Love that Donny.

Anonymous said...

Are they blaming Zach for stealing? On BBAD, it sounds like they've got stuff back. So was there a neighborhood watch. If that's the case I hate when these ratings stunts affect the game play. The HG literally ate blaming Zach for some kind of BB sabotage twist. They're all around except for Zach. I feel bad. I hate producer manipulation

EveG17 said...

So when there bringing one person back, despite Zach, does that mean that team America is done? Or are they still caratanians in the jury house?

jermaine morris said...

Poor Donny, all his friends like Pao Pao, Jocasta, Amber all left! Now he recently became close to zach and now zach is leaving! Donny better win hoh next week and show all the other boys how it feels to be scared for their lives in the game.

Anonymous said...


It isn't really affecting gameplay since Zach was going home regardless anyway. If was already decided and everyone knew about except for Zach who they were going to tell tonight anyway.



Zach got caught absconding with the cueball, an offense punishable by death.

Tiffany Andrews said...

OMG. Okay, watching the Livefeeds is really making me feel sorry for #zackattack.

Everyone is accusing him and he's so innocent! Frankie is so gross going on and on and on blaming him and listing so many reasons why Zack has to the the Saboteur, its literally making me sick. I can not stand Frankie, or his lil shadow Christine. She's just there to reassure everyone is listening to the lies Frankie is making up.

I was never even a huge fan of Zack, but ever since the stuff went 'missing' everyone is being so mean to him! I don't think its fair at all!!!

Poor #zackattack :(


michelaine said...

Why oh why didn't they get rid of that stupid fnyebfhdgwbing knit cap? It's summer, idiots!

And did they eat the Skittles they picked out of that nasty, smelly, sweaty hat that you KNOW has never been washed???

Christi said...

I think its bs. He was going anyways but still bs of those three to push that on zack...again. I dislike derrick more and more. Good gameplay but don't like him. Jerks!! I hope Zack comes back and takes them all out.

Anna Jose said...

Where did the helmets come from?

Grandma in the south said...

I think Zack should get Americas player of Bb16.He has worked for it.Cast your vote for him.

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to so with producer manipulation. It has to do with zachs actions in the house. Because Zach is constantly sabotaging everyone they automatically thought it was him. Team America can't stand up and say no guys it's not him because it would give them away. Zach didn't help himself when he admitted it was him and then for for stealing the cue ball and trying to hide it in the garbage. If Zach didn't act the way he does they wouldn't have had such and easy time putting it on him.

Anonymous said...


I totally agree. Everyone in that house would naturally think Zach was the #1 suspect by far. TA didn't have to pin anything on him. Zach had pinned it on himself through all his actions throughout the course of the season. And then to top it all off while everyone is accusing him of stealing stuff he goes and steals the cue ball as a joke and gets caught. And TA has been having to hide performing these missions all season so no one finds out. If they are lucky enough someone else is getting blamed they can't exactly defend him and risk people looking for other suspects. Although you can say Frankie piled on too much that's who Frankie is so it's a natural reaction. And they all know Zach was and is going home this week regardless so in a way him being blamed is a humane thing game wise as his game is already ruined. If the blame had fallen wrongly on someone else that would've been a much bigger injustice to me then oh here's 1 more crazy thing Zach did this season before we evict him.



Zach's credibility has been shot for weeks now, he's a serial liar, lying to everyone in the house, being mean to all the girls (because they are less likely to punch him out), selling out the people in his alliances, and then squealing like a stuck pig when he gets called on it and it's time to pay the piper. Poor sad clown.

Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.

Dawn Matusz said...

The best part of this starts at 5:15 pm! Cody & Frankie go on a march through the house looking for Cody's hat. Despite Frankie being part of it, it was hilarious!!

Matthew Harman said...

I was wondering that also. Did they wear them in the dark room BOB comp?

Alea Marie said...

I am soooo using that from now on
"Don't let the door hit ya where that good Lord split ya"...

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