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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weds: The Overnighter

Hey BB addicts! Happy Wednesday! I just got home from work and ready to do the Overnighter. (I'll also be doing an Afternoon Post later on today, so check back for that.)  Last night there wasn't too much game talk, but there was definitely some worth noting. Zach is still going home tomorrow and he is now the only person in the house that doesn't know that. Derrick/Frankie finally told Caleb last night that they're voting Zach out tomorrow and Caleb's on board with the plan. (That was at 3am BBT. I'll cover that convo in the Overnighter.)

Let's get to the Overnighter, shall we?!

*You can watch everything I post below on the live feeds by using the flashback feature.

8:11pm BBT:
HOH Room
Hayden/Cody/Nicole...then Derrick.
Hayden said he talked to Donny and got his list of houseguests he'd like to see go, and the order goes: Caleb 1st, then Frankie, Christine, Derrick. Hayden was happy to hear that his last person was his hit-list was Derrick (because of their alliance of Hayden/Nicole/Cody/Derrick).

Derrick comes in and joins the 3 of them.
Derrick is saying how Zach "tried to make an alliance last night". (*He's talking about the Detonators alliance that was formed weeks ago, but they're letting Hayden/Nicole know about it before Zach gets evicted in case he tries to blow up their alliance on the way out.)

Sidenote: Nicole has heard 2 or 3 different versions of this story. The one Christine told her, she said the name was "The Detonators." The story Cody/Derrick told her, they said there was no name.

At 8:23pm BBT, Derrick is joking with Christine/Cody/Nicole/Frankie in the HOH room about his job.

He jokes that he could be a doctor. Derrick said Frankie asked him (Der) if he was a cop. (*lol)

During this convo, Christine is watching Cody give Nicole a massage and does not look happy about it.
Frankie leaves the HOH room a minute later.

Derrick said he's been in a lot of fights and "played a lot of Playstation 2" (which is Zach's code word for weed).
Derrick: "I've never been arrested, but the cops know me."

8:43pm BBT:
Living Room
Zach asks Frankie is he's safe this week and Frankie lies and says yes. (Frankie couldn't even look at him when he lied. You can tell he's having a hard time with this.)

8:50pm BBT:
HOH Room
Christine: "Derrick if you weren't married, would you have a showmance?"
Derrick: "If I wasn't married and didn't know my wife? I wouldn't be opposed to it but I wouldn't have sex on tv, though."
Christine: "But what if you were under covers and you weren't (shown)?"
Derrick: "Christine, I get it! If you weren't married, you'd f**k someones brains out. I get it." (*LOL!!!)
Cody: "WHOOOAAA!!!"
Christine laughs.

During this convo, Hayden is talking to Victoria outside in the hammock about how she can't trust Christine and that she (Chr) made up a rumor that Hay/Vic made out. He tells her to not tell Christine anything and also warned her about Frankie. (*Derrick's also been telling Vic the same thing, basically preparing her to have targets during the DE if she wins HOH.)

10:26pm BBT:
HOH Room
Hayden's been talking to Nicole for awhile about how Christine/Frankie must think they're dumb and that Christine is caught in all of her lies. Nicole said it's hard to keep track of Frankie/Christine's lies. A little bit later, Derrick enters. Hayden mentions how weird it is to him that Christine is always touching Cody. They then talked about the possibility of Christine/Frankie could do a couple of wonky votes and try to pin them on other houseguests.

10:54pm BBT:
Frankie has entered and they start talking about d*cks. (*This is a *must see* on the live feeds!! I haven't laughed that hard in seasons watching the feeds. lol Hilarious!!)

Hayden: "Imagine if you could suck your own penis."
Frankie: "I'd never leave the house."
Derrick: "I would never!"
Hayden: "I've had this conversation with people before..would you (Derrick) really never??"
Derrick: "Never."
Hayden: "Because, you jerk it..if you were able to suck it, if it was a possible thing.."
Derrick: "It is possible, people have done it."

Frankie gives us a visual.
Hayden: "But think about if it was possible for every guy."
Derrick: "I can whole-heartily say I would never suck my own d*ck. There's just something about it that's different."
Hayden: "But what if every body could be do it, it wasn't a special talent."
Derrick: "Okay and my response would be, I'd like to be able to die being able to say I never sucked a d*ck."
Frankie: "Me too. Me too. That's my goal." (*lol!)
Frankie: "That's been my goal for many years now."
Derrick: "As a straight man, and no offense to Frankie, but I've never had a d*ck in my mouth."
Hayden: "Neither have I."
Frankie: "Neither have I."
Derrick: "But you throw your own in there..."

Hayden: "If my d*ck was long enough, I'd suck my own d*ck!"
Derrick loses it. lol
Derrick: "No wonder why you've been working out Yoga."
Hayden: "I wouldn't jizz in my mouth.."
Derrick: "Eventually you'd would. You'd be like f**k it."

Frankie mentions that Caleb is on slop & should eat his own seamen because it's full of protein and sugar.
Derrick: "I'll stick to protein shakes." 

11:18pm BBT:
Hayden was playing with Nicole's slinky and he got both ends tangled up. Both Caleb & Derrick tried to fix it.
12:47am BBT:
Pool Table
Derrick: "Christine came to Hayden (and Christine) was like 'Can you try to convince Derrick to vote Zach out because I think he's gonna vote to keep him. Him and Cody."
Cody: "Upstairs?"
Derrick: "Yea. They said Christine said.."

Christine comes out, convo stops.

Meanwhile upstairs...
Hayden is attacking Nicole with kisses.
Nicole: "Hayden! Stahhp!! It's not that I don't want to..."
They eventually make out.

2:58am BBT:
Pool Table
They tell Caleb that Zach's going home this week. Caleb's down with the plan.

Derrick: "So what's your opinion of Zach?"
Caleb: "I mean, I think at any given moment, he'd throw any of us under the bus..if any of us where in front of his money, he'd get us out."

Derrick tells Caleb about how Zach tried to make the Detonators alliance.
Derrick: "He's gonna go home."
Caleb: "Hey, I'm down with it."

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! I'll be back with the Afternoon Post later on, so check back for that. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Kaski444 said...

Umm does Mrs Married Christine not know she is married. This is not the first time she is giving Nicole a stink eye in relation to Nicole and Cody or Any other female that gets attention from him. Does she not know her hubby is watching. And she is all giggly when interacting with Cody

The Twenty-Something Teacher said...

Not sure if my other comment went through or not, but here it is again: Has there been anymore feedback from Christine's husband regarding her blatant flirting? First that and now this convo- I would not be thrilled if I were her husband!


I'm sure this is the first time in her life Christine has had any attention from handsome guys like Cody so I don't want to blame her too much but Jacosta needs to have a talk with that girl about what is real.

Chris Provost said...

For the record, as a guy. If I could, I would not!! lol I am with Derrick on this one.

Razldazlrr said...

Craig - that's exactly what I said! LOL - Christine has never had a guy that looks like him pay attention to her. Hello - Christine - this is a game! I'm tired of her - she can go any time now LOL.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Yes, a few weeks ago he released something on his twitter about it. Not completely sure what it said. I just heard about it but I think it was along the lines of him not being too happy. How can you blame him? I wouldn't be happy either. Cody is so gorgeous that I'm sure it hurts even more because not too many men look like him lol

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Not everyone's spouses would be upset by Christine's behavior.

I can confidently say that if either my husband or I went on BB, we would have an agreement that we could flirt if we thought it would help our game (forming relationships, trust, etc). I'm sure we'd have a rule against any actual cheating (no kissing, no sex, etc) but cuddling, massages, being touchy-feelly, etc would be fair game.

If it helped us get to the end so we had $500,000 to share as a couple, a little flirting isn't a big deal, IMO.


I was wondering how long it would be before somebody tangled up that slinky because once that happens it is pretty much toast.

Chris Provost said...

Kim, with the actual report of Tim being upset. I don't think it was agreed upon. lol, I also wouldn't want my GF or Wife talking about our sex life on National Television. She is a strange cat, and to each, there own! I think this is how it is said lol.

Anonymous said...

Her husband definitely doesn't... And Cody was caught full frontal in the shower on feeds... Check gay blogs... Also Caleb.... And many guys can self suck if they're flexible

Chris Provost said...

By the way, when I use the term GF and Wife, I only have a GF. That wasn't supposed to look like I had both! lol

Anonymous said...

I think I would have the same plan/agenda as well Kim, if I or my spouse was on BB. I would just hope it didn't blow up in my face. I think the issue with Christine isn't just the flirting, its that she likes it. She loves the attention Cody gives to her and makes it her business to give it back. There's no strategic game move there, its a smitten girl who is crossing boundaries forgetting her husband and fam are watching every move. She has given Nicole that stank eye more than once when Cody gives Nicole attention. Her husband has to be embarrassed.

Jamie said...

lol @ Chris!!! nice save ;)

loveaustintx said...

Interesting Dan Ghessling BB First's

Became the first person to be in the final two twice

The first winner from a previous season to be in the final two

As well as the first person to play twice and receive no eviction votes against them in both seasons.

He also holds the record to play the game twice and only exit on finale night.

Anonymous said...

#1, ROFL on the self-suck. I believe that a majority of men WOULD if they COULD. Just sayin'...

#2, Christine is very young and married. Maybe she hasn't seen much of the world yet and just realized that Holy Cow There Are Other People in the World Besides That Guy I Married. Maybe she isn't happy at home. Maybe her husband's a dud or a jerk. Maybe she's just enjoying being free of her everyday life and not thinking about the consequences.

Having never cheated on my husband in 20 years, I CAN say that I've been approached by perfectly fit and charming men and thought about it. If you're not thinking about it when a guy like Cody flirts with you, then you're dead inside, IMO. Now, actually DOING it is a different story.

And yes, if me or my spouse were to go on BB, I'd have a Flirtmance_OK clause... just as long as the spouse in the BB house brings home the bacon. I'd even go so far as to tell my husband to paint his marriage as "on the rocks" to get sympathy/alliances--BUT NO KISSES OR REAL FONDLING DAMMIT! ;)

Unknown said...

A flirtmance is one thing... I think where Christine is crossing the line is in her outright jealousy. It is obvious that she is emotionally connected to Cody. That must be really hurtful for her husband to watch. I heard an interview with him and he steered clear of the subject. He sounds like the nicest guy btw :)
Jamie? Are you aware that the house has completely flipped? I turned my feeds on late last night, saw the tweets and shut them off! Here we go again... back to the same old game! I was looking for your insight on it all :)

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