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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Afternoon in the BB16 House

Good afternoon, BB addicts! Today's been a slow day in the BB16 house. I guess after all the game talking yesterday, everyone is tired today. lol There were a few things that happened that I'll post in this Afternoon Post and then start living blogging.

Sidenote: Craig in the comments section of the Overnighter posted something that I wanted to share with y'all that I thought was great! (I tweeted it earlier on Twitter, which is where I am when I'm not blogging).

"Derrick has an incredibly analytical mind, he's playing 3 dimensional chess while the others are playing checkers."

*thumbsup* to Craig for this comment!

1:30pm BBT:

Victoria is saying that outside the BB house, she doesn't wear as much makeup.
Victoria: "This isn't me in my normal life."
Hayden: "Can I do an impression of you?"
Victoria says yes.

Hayden goes to a mirror and starts acting like Victoria does. (She's constantly checking herself in all the mirrors in the house.)
2:08pm BBT:
Victoria and Christine chit-chatted for awhile in the backyard this afternoon.Victoria says that Zach acts crazy and that Cody updated Victoria on what's going on this week after her/Caleb separated from each other (Adam & Eve punishment). Victoria said that Hayden wants Jocasta out (*he lied to her) and doesn't know how Donny would vote.

Christine: "(Donny) said he'd vote Jocasta out if he had to."
Victoria: "Really! So they're not working together?"
Christine: "No, they're not...(Jocasta) would be so easy to get out any week we wanted."

Victoria said that there are bigger targets in the house and that they have to go after them otherwise they're gonna get to the end.

Christine: "Exactly!"
Christine talks about Zach trying to make deals with everyone and tells Victoria about the LTA alliance (Cody/Derrick/Zach).

Christine thinks that Zach's gonna blow up on his way out on Thursday. Vic agrees.
Christine: "I'd love it if it was 4-4 (votes) so that Nicole could (be the tie breaker)."

Christine tells Victoria to not tell anyone how she's voting and to say she's undecided. (*Vic has already told Derrick, her F2 partner, that she's voting Zach out.)
Christine: "If the vote was 4-4, 5-3, whatever..we could throw people under the bus."

Christine/Victoria start talking about how they both "hate Caleb so much" and want him out.

2:40pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
The 3 of them are talking about Caleb.

Donny: "We need to recruit Caleb. He could easily be persuaded."
Hayden agrees.
Hayden: "And you could be like 'I know you like competitors, I'm a competitor.' You should say that to him. I'd bring it once just to see what he says."

Donny said that he (Don) won 4 comps and none of them were against Caleb and he'd tell him that, plus that they put each other up so now they're even. Hayden said it'd be hard because Caleb's aligned with the other side and it'd be hard to break him away from that since he's loyal to a fault.

Hayden: "He's said that you two, Victoria and Jocasta has to go. As much as he doesn't like Frankie and Zach, he'd keep them here over you guys because he's so loyal it hurts."

Donny doesn't think he'll ever ask Caleb because he's scared Caleb would run and tell the other side of the house side and it could be bad for them. Nicole wants her name out of it. Donny said he wouldn't bring up Nicole or Hayden's name. Donny eventually says that he won't talk to Caleb about aligning together.

Hayden mentions how the only person that wants Victoria out right now is Caleb but that Vic is good to have in the house. Donny thinks he (Don) is #1 target in the house. Hayden thinks only a few houseguests are targeting him. Nicole said Zach wants her out, Hayden said it doesn't matter now though because he's leaving.

3:08pm BBT:
Cody finally wakes up.

3:45pm BBT:
Frankie wakes up.

4:43pm BBT:
Frankie takes a shower outside (it's better with the heat outside than a cold shower inside the house).
5:00pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Victoria fills Derrick on her talk with Christine earlier. She mentions how Christine thinks there's a guys alliance & how Derrick/Frankie/Caleb/Cody would vote Jocasta out and Zach would stay.

Derrick: "How would that happen because that's only 4 people and Nicole would be the deciding vote."
Victoria: "I want Zach out."
Derrick: "On Thursday when everyone votes Zach out, you'll know that Christine is lying to you."
Victoria: "Why would she lie to me?"
Derrick: "You could go up to Christine and be like I guess you were wrong about the guy alliance because everyone just voted Zach out."

Victoria said that Frankie just pulled her aside a little bit and asked how she's voting. Victoria lied & said she's not sure yet and has to talk to people. 

Derrick: "You trust me 100%. Vote Zach out. That's what I'm doing."
Victoria: "But you said you don't wanna be the odd man out?"
Derrick: "I won't be. I'll vote Zach out, you vote Zach out, I think Donny will vote Zach out.."

Derrick lies to Victoria and said he doesn't know how Caleb/Cody/Frankie are voting because they haven't said anything yet.

Derrick: "That's the best part is that Christine talking sh*t about me, to you. Not knowing how close me and you are."

Derrick is telling Victoria that Christine is lying to her and that he (Der) is voting Zach out. Victoria is dumbfounded that Christine would lie to her. Derrick said she's trying to get her close to her (Christine) so they (Vic/Chris) can work together. 

Derrick then preps Victoria to put Christine on the block if she wins HOH after she sees that Christine lied to her. 

Derrick: "..and if the votes are unanimous, then you'll know she lied right to your face." 

5:44pm BBT:
HOH Room
Christine just told Nicole that Zach tried to start (the Detonators) alliance LAST NIGHT. (*wow. lol)
She said it includes Derrick/Cody/Christine/Frankie and that Zach wants Hayden/Caleb out next week.

Christine: "Frankie said to wait to tell you, so just act surprised when he tells you later. Hayden is Zach's #1 target."
Nicole: "Did he say this in front of Derrick and Cody?"
Christine: "He said it in front of all of us. So they can back it up. So now Frankie, Derrick and Cody are pissed and want Zach out. Victoria, too. I talked to her today. So there's 5 votes right there."

Christine said that Zach's been caught in a lot of lies and now Frankie is on board with getting Zach out and that the boys aren't gonna tell Caleb to vote Zach out until Thursday.

They both leave the HOH room and go downstairs.

6:15pm BBT:
A look at the quad cam.
No game talk.
Victoria/Jocasta/Derrick are in the kitchen.
All other HG's are in the backyard.

Jocasta made Hayden spill his tea all over himself.

Donny is laughing.
Donny: "You just got teabagged!" (*lol!!!)

Everyone is laughing. Hayden was a great sport about it. :)

4:43pm BBT:
Nicole tells Cody that Christine told her about how Zach tried to start an alliance (the Detonators).

Nicole asks if Zach is for sure leaving. Cody says yes and that Victoria will do whatever Nicole wants, so she'll vote him out too.

Cody gets up to go running and as he's doing warm-up jumps, he twists his ankle.

Cody: "F*****K!!"
Nicole: "Cody!!"
Donny: "You hurt your foot? ...don't run if your foot is gonna swell up."

A few minutes, he's fine and runs with the boys in the backyard.

**Okay, I'm gonna cap the Afternoon Post here. You guys have a great night and enjoy the live feeds!! (*They're only $9.99/month for the rest of the season!!)

Stay tuned...
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KNicole said...

Christine is going to get caught and I can't wait!!!! She gets on my nerves.

Micheala Sears said...

Craig needs to put that quote on t-shirts and make millions! *twirls evil mustache*

Anonymous said...

christine can't hold it in any longer, she has to talk game, and constantly. she's been around frankie too long.

she has to know she's at the bottom of her alliances...why risk all the chatter when there's no reason?!

she is setting herself up to go, right after donny, if not before. her only chances now rest on winning comps, and a lot of them.

Linda Meaker said...

Regarding Derrick, I think he is playing the best game in the house. However, I do not like the way he keeps throwinng Donny under the bus. Since Derrick is a member of Team America, maybe he thinks America might have a vote in determining the winner. BB has done that before, right? We could all be on the receiving end of some Jedi Derrick mind tricks. Especially after his comments about Donny during his last vote. I'm suspicious and I'm keeping an eye on him ;)

Emilyglen said...

I have been always been pulling for Derrick, he is a fan of BB and I think his Police work is helpful for analytical thinking

Angela Foster said...

Seriously.. I liked Christine a little at first, but she is seriously stupid. Does she not know she's gonna get caught & told on? Even though Victoria gets on my nerves, she's not AS dumb as she may seem. But then again, Derrick is smart for having an "alliance" with her cause she'll just tell him all the dirt going on that people talk to her about.

I hope they go after Christine next week. She's getting on my nerves.. :)

Razldazlrr said...

interesting stuff - yep Brian - you are completely right - Derrick is playing a game and thinking strategy all of the time. That's one of the many reasons they shouldn't recruit people to be on Big Brother - they don't even know why they are there!
I wish Donny would get more game going - he knows what's going on but seems afraid to make a big move. I can understand it though with the stupid double HOH.

And Victoria saying she usually doesn't wear that much makeup? LOL - does she not think it looks ridiculous in the middle of the day sitting outside? geez

Chris Provost said...

Victoria is dumb! If I have to hear her say one more time that Jocasta doesn't communicate and that's why she lost the BOB that one time, I might lose it. She is the dumbest person on BIG BROTHER in a couple seasons. The conversation between her and Derrick where she doesn't know why Christine would lie to her. Repeatedly everyone has told her everyone lies in this game. But yet she is lost and doesn't understand. I would keep her around too, because she is clueless. I really think someone could tell her there is a Lion in the storage room when no one is in there and she would believe it!

Annette Darden said...

Derrick has been my pick from the start. I hope he can keep his stuff together! His play is very much like Dan's. Let's hope it serves him as well.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I'd rather her wear a ton of makeup then see another Gina Marie with crazy hair or a Porsche with the same track suit on lol. Victoria may not be my favorite but I do agree with her a little. You're in front of a lot of people 24/7 why not try to be presentable?

Punkinbugg said...

Cody and Nicole's conversation was critical: He said Christine was NOT out there when Zach tried to form the Detonators (and Christine already told her she was), so now Nicole knows that one of them is lying. And she's pretty sure it's Christine.

Anonymous said...

I took the day off from the blog yesterday mourning Zach's imminent eviction (j/k not really) and looked like I picked a bad day LOL. I actually was initially upset at the drop in entertainment value losing Zach would bring but I'm actually now totally cool with it due to the way it's been going down. As it appears we may be seeing the emergence of potentially the next great BB player in Derrick. He really is the closest thing we've seen to Dan(S10) who to me is the last truly superior newbie HG. He even has his own Memphis in Cody (good looking, like able, young, athletic dude who could be a good running mate winning some comps to help you out along the way but who you'd hopefully crush if you got to the F2 with him as you did most of the more difficult behind the scenes and strategic game work making him seem like your lackey). Obviously he has a long to go and must keep this going and finish it off with a victory in order to cement his status as one of the all time greats but he certainly appears to be on his way

The way he got Frankie on board with wanting to get rid of Zach and sniffed out how Christine's whole wanting to have split vote was a bad idea for them was tremendous stuff. Caleb is now the last piece to the puzzle to get on board however if they were able to do so for getting rid of Amber last week I'm not worried too much about doing it for Zach. The 1 negative though I have for Derrick is that I would've never brought up to Cody that comparison between the 2 of them and Dan/Memphis as that could eventually lead to the light going off in Cody's head that he's Memphis in that scenario and while 50K is a nice consolation that isn't his goal which may lead to him wanting to get rid of Derrick before F2.


Ste ven said...

They should do something so there's a HOUSE 'punishment' to cover the mirrors. Maybe they can't do that cuz of the 2 way glass for cameras but the HG would go nuts with no mirrors for a week

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