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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thurs: The Overnighter

Happy Live Eviction Thursday, y'all! Tonight we will see Nicole get booted out the BB door and then the houseguests will battle it out in the HOH comp. Last night, nothing game wise happened. Mostly just fun stuff.

Let's dive on in!!
**You can watch everything below if you have the live feeds by using the flashback feature.

10:23pm BBT:
Living Room
This is a great convo to go back and watch on the Flashback Feeds. It's adorable to watch to these 2 friends truly enjoy each others company. They also talked about game & how the houseguests are blind to Derrick. Also, Donny was FUNNY last night!!! (If you have the feeds, go back and listen to this impression of Cody's "baby voice". I laughed so hard, I nearly cried! lol)

Donny & Nicole talked about how flirty Cody/Christine are and how it's bizarre.

Nicole: "And people are okay with their relationship, it's really weird."
Donny: "I've always noticed it, but see, when you're in this game, you don't say things...they'd just be playin' with each others hair, rubbin' each others legs, and holdin' hands.."
Nicole: "And their dirty talk. It's so WEIRD!"

Nicole: "I remember Hayden said if he was married, he wouldn't be acting like that."

Nicole thinks that the guys will start fighting against each other and all Donny has to do, is sit back & watch them fall apart. Donny said he's the 1st target on their list (which is true, with Victoria being #2, though Derrick doesn't wanna get rid of her).

11:11pm BBT:
 Nicole was just sitting down to eat, when BB broke out an old favorite prank: scary faces in mirrors. (This time, it was zombies). Nicole saw one & freaked out! lol
Soon after, all the HG's were looking in different rooms of the house to find more.

11:24pm BBT:
Another zombie scare, this time to Frankie in the bathroom.
And now Victoria.
11:29pm BBT:
All HG's are in the Fire Bedroom, waiting to see more Zombies.
And they do & freak out some more.

11:42pm BBT:
Frankie & Christine in the Storage Room. Frankie sees another zombie and freaks out again.
12:00am BBT:
The feeds were off for a few minutes. When they came back on, Zach was repeating what was said over the loudspeaker in the house.

Zach: "Houseguests, this is a state of emergency."

BB kept doing this throughout the night, saying different things. All the sayings have something to do with a zombie plague/apocalypse in different states & cities. (For the HOH Comp, I'm sure.) A few minutes go by and BB lists off zombie symptoms & weapons to be used (HOH key, bunny slippers, machete, etc.)

12:52am BBT:
The HG's are going over everything and trying to memorize all the details that were said. Frankie went off by himself for a little bit to do his own studying before rejoining the houseguests in the living room to study more.

**And that's it for the Overnighter! Nothing much happened after that. Frankie got in trouble with BB around 1am BBT for trying to write down the stuff that BB said over the loudspeaker using a makeup pen. Tonight is the live eviction and unless Donny wins HOH, he will be the #1 target. If he wins HOH or veto, Victoria is target #2, though Derrick will do his magic and keep that from happening I'm sure. It'll be interesting to see who wins HOH tonight and what the rest of the week has in store. Can't wait!! :D

I'll see y'all back here tonight for the live show at 9pm ET/8pm CT. See ya then!!

Stay tuned...
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C.Montes (Cattyana) said...

Dirty talk? Whoa

Razldazlrr said...

yep, like I thought - Donny is going to lose out because he goes to bed too early - he should have changed his sleeping schedule for the game - it seems like he's sleeping when most of the game talk goes on and now the zombies!

how surprised is anyone that frankie was trying to cheat so he could remember the clues?

Anonymous said...


I know you said all the HGs where looking for the zombies and listening and going over all the info coming over the speakers but wasn't Donnie once again sleeping through most of this?


Jamie said...

he eventually woke up though because he couldn't sleep with everything happening.

honestly, I think Donny's checked out. He knows the house is against him and he's tired of being on the block every week. Can't say I blame the guy. :(

Alea Marie said...

Is Christine THAT confused about being married that she doesn't know whether to scratch her watch or wind her ass???

Unknown said...

I think almost everyone in the house had private convos about Cody and Christine last night. Christine didn't look too happy when Zach was calling them out. I think he is raining on her parade, lol. I think the wheels started turning in Cody's head though... in that house anything (besides gameplay) makes you a target. When they were all up last night, every single time Frankie would bring up Ariana, Zach would talk really loud about something else, it was hilarious!
Hoping and praying this HOH brings about some change!!

Andy Tatnall said...

If Donny has truly checked out, you'd think Derrick and Cody would go after a bigger threat before him, like Frankie and/or Zach.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know what is going on with the Team American thing? Did they turn down another one?

Catie Williamson said...

I do agree that Donny has checked out at this point. I'm not sure how much he cares if he wins hoh or veto. Heck, he probably wishes he was leaving tonight. If Donny wins hoh or veto and Derrick convinces them to not target Victoria then who will be the target? Christine? Frankie?

Catie Williamson said...

They turned down this weeks because Donny was already on the block.

Anonymous said...


The last TA mission they got this week was to get someone to volunteer to go up on the block and then vote them out. They got Caleb to volunteer to go up although not for that purpose but he came off when Frankie won BOB. When Zach won POV there was no way they could get Nicole to volunteer to go up next to Donny and there was no one else they wanted to vote out over Donny so they turned it down.


Amy said...

Thanks Jamie for what you do!
I want Zack and Frankie to do The Amazing Race! (Already thinking ahead lol)

Anonymous said...


I think the upcoming returning HG is the biggest reason whether Donny has checked out or not he's the next target. Because if they got rid of 1 of their own and kept Donny and then Hayden comes back then the numbers advantage isn't as great especially if say Frankie/Zach flip to the other side with perhaps even a Christine for turning on the 1 you evicted. Plus then Donny can easily check back in.


AuntRoniRocks said...

Anyone know if there is (dang) football on tonight again?! Just curious. My cable network doesn't let you know so it's a guessing game..

I'm sad to see Nicole go, and it is pretty lame that after a week of talking she couldn't find the right 'gotcha' to get them to change their minds... though I don't want Donny gone either so for me it is a lose-lose.. :(

Angela Foster said...

Wow, didn't know there was dirty talk between Cody and Christine. ANOTHER reason I wish she'd leave the house.

Seriously..If Donny doesn't win HOH this week, or POV and gets nominiated; I won't watch it the rest of the season. I like Derrick but something has got to give!

I feel like BB is just giving away free money!!

Anonymous said...


Well if Donnie wins HOH I'm not sure how much if any influence Derrick will have with him. But he'd definitely have to worry more about saving himself and Victoria going will not be an issue at all. If Donnie wins POV it'll totally depend on who HOH is as to who try to put the target on. If it were Frankie it'd probably be Zach. If it's Zach it'll probably be Frankie or perhaps Christine. If it's Caleb it'll probably be Christine. If it's Cody it'll probably be Zach or maybe Frankie.


Kaycee14 said...

Donny was awake for the zombies in the mirrors (pretty sure he was in the kitchen wNicole when the first one appeared.) And he had JUST gone to bed when the announcements started, so he would have heard them. He eventually got out of bed and joined the others, but looked pretty grumpy about it. :)

Kaycee14 said...

Probably Zach. Derrick is still annoyed that Zach outed the Detonators to Victoria.

Buhnessuh said...

I am hoping that Donny wins tonights HOH. I don't want him to go home yet!!


In their convo last night Donny mentioned to Nicole something about when its his turn walking out the door, saying goodbyes, he'd say something to Derrick, within earshot of the others, about voting for him in the jury and taking what they'd discussed to the other jury members, just to throw a monkey wrench into his game. I don't know if he'd really do it, but it might be something to watch for.

Tony Akinremi said...

Oh boy I hope Donny wins HoH tonite. May the force be with him.
I wouldn't mind if Zach or Victoria won either. Just want someone that will shakeup the house. Anyone that will not go after Donny and put some feat in Derrick and Cody and Christine and Caleb.

Tony Akinremi said...

@ Amy I too would love to see Zach and Frankie on the Amazing Race or even Survivor. Hope they get invited.

I'm glad the HG's are laughing about Christine n Cody relationship. Maybe now she'll behave more appropriately.

Thorn mitchell said...

Oh but he is doing it for the children of Africa. So its nit cheating if its for a good cause. Frankie Logic 101

Jezabelle said...

I'm just waiting for zingbot!

James said...

If Donnie has checked out, it is a real shame, because in no way is his game over. There have been too many people in BB that were not in the dominant alliance at this point and went on to win. Dr. Will comes to mind. Remember Ian was in a "fake alliance" Quack Pack and not the Quad alliance. They wanted him out next but he kept winning something every week that kept him in until the end. Remember in Survivor Vanuatu when the only male left Chris was with 6 girls in an all girl alliance and they all went after each other until Chris won. The last non-Detinator left will have just as much of a chance to go further because they will be full on turning on each other and looking for his vote to overcome the intra-alliance opposition.

James D.

AmiLrn said...

Awww Donny was in bed and missed all the clues???
I'm not a bit surprised Frankie tried to cheat - 100% in tune with his sense of entitlement.

AmiLrn said...

As long as Donny did hear the zombie HOH stuff, I still have hope for him. He seems to have a steel trap memory!

Dirty talk between Cody and Christine??? That is another level not ok!!!

ustay miller said...

U can do this Donny..... fingers crossed!!!!! Flip that house

Kaycee14 said...

Oops, I was wrong! Donny slept thru the first couple clues, Nic is trying to fill him in but the others are deliberately conversation-blocking them

Dawn Matusz said...

Is there a link to watch live with y'all? I'm on BB time!

Ste ven said...

Sad Nicole got evicted. Mad Donny didn't get hoh to shake things up. The double hoh again really screws up. Donny & Victoria, welcome to the block. Any chance theyd turn on Frankie if he gets dethroned. I want Nicole back in the house 🏡

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