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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Night Live Eviction

Good evening, BB addicts! It's here! It's here!! It's live eviction night!! :D Yayy!!! Tonight, we will see Nicole get evicted (should be a unanimous vote) and then the houseguests will play the HOH comp. I'm pretty sure we'll also get to see Caleb/Frankie/Christine's trip outside the BB house that they didn't get to air yesterday.

*West Coasters, you can watch online right here.

Show starts at 9pm ET, I'll see y'all then! :D
(As always, I will be live blogging tonight's episode for those of you on the go).

9:00pm ET:
Show begins...

9:26pm ET:
Time for the votes!

The Votes:
*Caleb votes to evict...Nicole
*Zach votes to evict...Nicole
*Cody votes to evict...Nicole
*Victoria votes to evict...Nicole
*Frankie votes to evict...Nicole
*Derrick votes to evict...Nicole

Evicted from the BB House is:

9:43pm ET:
Time for the HOH Comp!
*Caleb's out.
*Donny & Victoria are out.
*Zach is out.
*Cody is out.

The 2 Winners of the HOH Comp:

Team America Mission:
*click here to vote*
9:56pm ET:
Julie is talking to former BB winner, Rachel Riley.
Rachel: "They'll have to get rid of Derrick, if they don't want him to win the game."

Rachel hopes Nicole gets back in the house.

*Tomorrow is the FINAL BOB Comp of the season!
*ZINGBOT is coming this week!
*Next Thursday Live Eviction, no more dual HOH's & the 4 evicted houseguests "will have a 2nd shot at being a houseguest"!

Stay tuned...
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Ashley said...

Cody hotting himself in the face in his sleep on tonight's episode.... I had to rewind that a few times!! Sooo funny!

Fred Kilmartin said...

Please any one but, Frankie win HOH...

Carrie said...

Looks like another boring week :/

Annette Darden said...

Derrick should be able to knock off Frankie and be sole HOH!

jrt said...

The question now is, will Derrick put up Victoria (his supposed F2 alliance) in hopes of remaining HOH?

Catie Williamson said...

Omg, the zombie thing was cracking me up. I laughed so hard at Nicole. I'm curious who will go on the block this week. Not much of a choice.

Critter said...

This season is so disappointing:-( Very boring!

Shannon C. said...

JRT.....derrick will have frankie put victoria up, that way he still stays "loyal" to her!!!

Tony Akinremi said...

Oh that sucks. I wanted Donny or Zach to win HoH.
I'm glad Derrick is in HoH run. Now we can see who he will put up eviction. I'll guess Christine n Caleb or Zach.
I figure Frankie will nominate Vic/Don.

Actually this will be an exciting week.

Anonymous said...

I loved how before Derrick voted Julie said how Derrick has quietly orchestrated everything this summer. Also loved even more how Julie clearly set Victoria up to talk about Frankie being Ariana Grande's brother asking her what was the most surprising thing to her that happened in the house this week and she didn't even mention it instead going on some nonsensical rant about crying and lies.


Tashika White said...

so agree with Critter. This season has been such a dud, WORST SEASON IN BB HISTORY!

I mean Amanda was sicken last year with her behavior but there were some really great competitors to watch and root for in that season. Also the season before that Dan had me on the edge of my seat all damn season.

This season you have a house dominated by a single player (Derrick) and no one in that house even knows it. There's no way if he makes it to the end next to someone like Donny is he gonna walk away with the win, because ppl arn't aware that hes the one that decided their fates.

UGHH so disappointed.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I laughed so hard when Julie set Vic up and she talked about herself! You know she was wanting her to talk about Frankie. Hilarious. Rachel not rooting for Frankie was a surprise too. I guess not everyone is impressed with him having a famous sister like he thinks.

AmiLrn said...

Ugh@Rachel. The only thing she said that made any sense at all was that Derrick is playing the best game. And Nicole coming back isn't bad either. But sisters before misters?? Umm...Brendon!!!! Gag

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