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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thurs: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Live Show Day!! :D I have to work this morning, so I woke up super early to do the Overnighter because there was some stuff that happened last night. The short version is that Caleb sparked a talk with Derrick on possibly getting Nicole out.

 (7:07pm BBT Cam 2)

Caleb then went and talked to Frankie in the Storage Room and told him the same thing: Nicole is a bigger threat, they can beat Donny in a physical HOH comp, etc. 

Frankie was very much on board and even danced with excitement after their convo was over.
(7:29pm BBT Cam 3)

For awhile, it actually seemed to be going good, all 3 were on bored but they knew it would piss Cody off. Caleb went and talked to Cody in the HOH room and told him the 3 of them were thinking about keeping Donny and evicting Nicole because she's the bigger threat: Donny is smart, Nicole is both smart & athletic, and if tonight is endurance, she has a better shot a winning than Donny. Cody wasn't having any of it, though.

(7:38pm BBT Cam 3)
He was so anti-save Donny and wouldn't back down. Frankie ended up joining Caleb and saying the same thing..Nicole's gotta go. Again, Cody said no and wouldn't back down. Then Caleb started to back down.

Derrick entered the HOH room during all of this at some point and was with Caleb/Frankie in getting Nicole out at first, but once he saw Cody wasn't having any of it, he wasn't pushing as hard.

Frankie on the other hand, was. Frankie is sure that Nicole is gunning for him (and he's right).

After the HOH talk, Frankie/Derrick all talked and eventually, Frankie gave in.
(8:23pm BBT Cam 2)
So, after all of that mess, Donny is still leaving tonight. It's important to note that after all of this happened, Derrick went to Nicole and told her she's staying this week and to get her head into the game because she needs to win HOH tomorrow. (Derrick/Nicole have gotten close in the past few days and Nicole even told Derrick last night that if she won HOH, she'd ask him/Cody for advice on who to put up for nominations).

The houseguests have been on indoor lockdown since yesterday early afternoon, which is a great indicator of an endurance comp set up! I fully expect to see this seasons 1st HOH endurance comp available to us live feedsters (it'd be their 2nd HOH endurance comp of the season, with week 1 being the first one). Tonight's live show starts at 9pm ET as usual, so make sure to come back here about 30 mins prior for the link to watch online.

Oh..almost forgot..Julie will let Team America know on the live show tonight if their mission has passed or failed (though I'm 99% sure it will fail due to the responses all across social media last night). Julie will use code words: She will ask what the houseguests want as Have Nots Food. They will say "Apple Pie". If Julie says "Wish granted", then they know they passed. If she says "We can't do that", then that means they failed.

If tonight's HOH comp is indeed endurance, you'll need to have the live feeds to watch it. It's $9.99/month for the rest of the season and we still have 7 people left that have to eventually turn on each other and boy oh boy, will the sparks fly then!

See y'all tonight!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Tony Akinremi said...

We've been waiting fotdome sparks but that hasn't hsppen. When will these knuckle heads start playing own game.

If donny leaves let's hope nicole wins hoh, or visaversa.

Kern's Kreations said...

I gotta give it up to Derrick again. If he has truly swayed Nicole to trust him over whatever Hayden and Donny have told her about him, then he is masterful. IMO he needs to win HOH soon to solidify the $500k


Andy Tatnall said...

I thought Cody was on board with keeping Donny at one point before. Or was that only when he had the opportunity to backdoor Frankie or Christine?

Ashley said...

I can't wait to see how they act once they are told if they passed or not. I mean they can't get too excited about Apple pie or upset without it looking weird. Should be interesting. And who cares if cody isn't on board... They are the ones voting not him and he can't play for HOH this week... It's the perfect time for them to step up and start making moves.

Anonymous said...

They are 100% right that Nicole has a much better chance to win endurance HOH. Depending on the comp smaller girls usually have an advantage over larger guys. And I'm sure that's the type of comp they'll pick to give her a better shot. However Cody doesn't really care too much if Nicole were to win HOH as he feels he's in good with her and she wouldn't put him. Whether he's right or not who knows as I don't even think she knows anymore right now what she would do. Donny on the other hand he knows wanted him up with Derrick and tried to get him evicted last week over Zach.

While Frankie feels the opposite way about Donny and Nicole. So really this is coming down to Cody and Frankie both pushing hard with the alliance for what is personally better for their games with Derrick and Caleb vacillating back and forth in the middle. And right now it looks like Cody is going to get his way which should be a clue to Frankie that he's not that high up on the alliance totem pole as Derrick and Caleb are in a sense choosing to keep Cody safer as opposed to him.

1 other thing that could possibly come into play though is this secret code with Julie as to whether they failed their TA mission. Derrick and Frankie talked a lot about how it's good that they'll get some feedback from America and that if they fail it'll most likely be because we were pissed they didn't save Donny. Perhaps if they find out early enough in the show that they failed that could be enough for Derrick to get on board and flip the votes in Donny's favor. And that's all it will really take is Derrick saying lets do it as Frankie will be ready at the drop of a hat and I'm pretty sure Caleb will go along with anything as long as both Derrick and Frankie are telling him to do it. Now I don't think Derrick would blindside flip on Cody at the last second like that but it's at least in the realm of possibility. Although he'd have to come up with an excuse as he obviously couldn't bring up the TA vote.


Steve Robbins said...

If Nicole wins HOH, then lets hope she's smart enough to not actually become a puppet to the snake, the other snake, and empty-headed pretty boy.

Grah! It really does feel like the final 2 will somehow involve Victoria.

Brenda Reed said...

Tonight's show is either going to be delayed or shown on another station due to football. In Dallas, it's going to be shown on CBS sister station - KTXA channel 21. Be sure to check your local listings so you don't miss the show!

Brenda Reed said...

@ Kern's Kreations , I completely agree with you 100%.
@ Ashley, it's hard to believe they don't realize they NEED to start voting as they wish and not what's 'good for the group'. As the numbers are dwindling down, they're going to have to start picking each other off. Why not start now?! Grr... it is very frustrating to see all the mice following the pied piper Derrick.

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Ashley - they (mainly Derrick) care because Cody is his primary and strongest alliance. Derrick doesn't want to cause cracks between himself and the person he trusts the most and is most closely tied to in this game.

NerdfighterDeb said...

Why would they even go and talk to cody about saving donny? He's not voting, they don't need his approval. Yes he's an alliance member but they are going to have to turn on eachother at some point very soon anyway. Why do they insist every year if having complete agreement on who's getting evicted?

Amy said...

I hope Nicole is lying, if she doesn't put Derrick and Cody then she deserves to go back to jury, didn't she learn anything??

Anonymous said...


The deal with Cody wanting to backdoor Frankie was only if Donny won POV. In that instance he would've rather gotten rid of Frankie than Nicole as he trusts her more. Which makes it a bigger issue with getting rid of Nicole over Donny since he obviously trusts Donny even less than Frankie so that gap with Nicole is even wider there.


Razldazlrr said...

I swear so few of these people have been able to think for themself. So what if Cody doesn't want it? He can't win HOH. It will serve him right if Nicole wins and puts him up!
It's funny that some people think they are running anything in this house when it's all being done by Derrick.

Anonymous said...


Frankie and Caleb don't have much issue going against Cody but Derrick does as that's his closest ally in the house so he's not going to potentially blow up The Hitmen to make a move that's a toss up in his mind as to which is better as keeping either has it's pros and cons.


Anonymous said...


If Nicole wins HOH she's going to have to try to work with some people otherwise she's just a sitting duck unable to play for HOH the next week anyway so what's the point.


Anonymous said...

BB is on WLNY here in the NY/NJ area tonight.


Patty said...

I know that Cody is HOH this week and all the guys (besides Donny) are supposedly aligned but I AM so hoping that Derrick/Frankie will decide to keep Donny...I don't know why they really care that much about what Cody thinks this week bc he can't even play in the HOH comp!! I really would hate to see Nicole go though...tonight will be sad regardless!!

KNicole said...

The Donny save is not over yet. Said they would sleep on it and apparently Cody told Frankie he would be okay with it. Here's hoping ....

Dawn Matusz said...

That's what I thought when I read it! This cast is so group-thinky & such followers.

Anonymous said...

Jamie do you know why Derrick was upset for eating the hn tofu? I know he's not a hn but nicole and Donny don't like it. Nicole threw a lot of it away.

Angela Anderson said...

Seriously, wth? If they have the votes and they want to vote Nicole out DO IT. I personally want Nicole AND Donny to stay but we all know that won't happen. Who cares what the HOH wants. THIS IS BIG BROTHER.

Am I not the only one totally confused why BB picked spineless bandwagonners (sp?) this year? Jeez..

And yes I've been saying I won't watch it, and I haven't. But I've had hope they would keep Donny. Guess I should've stuck with my gut and knew they wouldn't. Oh well... busted season.

Ashley said...

I'm so glad to see someone stick to their belief as the reigning HOH. Good for Cody for standing up to them. Too bad he didn't put someone up so that he could be sure Donny went. As much as I hate to see Donny go, he is thinking what is best for his own game and he has a better chance with Nicole. As far as Nicole trusting Derrick again...who else could she really trust besides Donny?

It is in Derrick's best interests to take Nicole under his wing because as the HOH changes, he will need as many people as he can on his side. Once he knew that Cody was set against getting rid of Nicole, I could very well see Derrick standing down. He wouldn't want to alienate his closest alliance at this time.


Lauren Sisco said...

That's a good theory, I think they will probably get the code before they vote, Julie doesn't tend to talk to them as a group right after, and then it is hoh. Is this week fast forward?

Rachel said...

Agree!! She can't be that dumb!!??

Stephanie Kitchens said...

It never fails, every year people say it's the worst season ever.

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